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Sun 😃  
Suggested title: Was the Grandfather’s Name Lot?
Info-box:  
Sep20 Insurance Agent Returns
I remember her agreeing to not expose Salida to weed as I had proposed a day or two prior so she didn’t stay long after that.
Everybody said “Goodbye” and “Thank you!” and I heard the baby repeat, “Thanks a lot!”
No sooner had she left than I hear another knock. Before I could re-open the door Gab called me on my cell and asked who the guy on the porch was. I stepped outside and smiled and told her my old fire insurance agent had dropped by.
All he did was try to talk me into renewing the coverage but I told him my only goal right now is to get out of debt as soon as possible. He gave me another card, we thanked each other and he left.
On the 18th of September I was messing around with ATITN and got the idea to add the Baby Shark video to this week’s post. I got it working and it looks good, so I got up on the next editing alarm to do my weekly chore.
That day was appliances so I moved the toaster, microwave and bread box onto the sink counter, washed the exterior then returned to editing.
I had just sat back down when I heard a car door slam. On that visit Gab walked in by herself. She was dressed up and looked very professional. When she was seated in the green chair she told me she had come to smoke. I got up to roll her a blunt and while I was sitting at the table I decided I’d get high with her just for old times’ sake.
When I had the stuff out she came in and sat across from me. I had already emptied a wrapper and measured the weed and was rolling when she asked if she could finish it. I figured she wanted to lick her own blunt so I handed it across the table to her.
I looked at her pretty face and asked if she still wanted the two hundred I was going to use to replace her two tires and she nodded. She wasn’t able to do it that day though because she was on her period. I was grateful she told me and we decided to wait until the following Monday.
I told her I had the Baby Shark song stuck in my head ever since I watched the video to see the kids doing the mother, father, and grandma dance moves. I told her how I’d seen Aum do it and how Ave hadn’t. She said Salida isn’t really into that dance anymore either and thinks it’s probably because she’s grown older. Gab had seen it so many times she’s got the words and moves memorized. She added that Salida could even sing some of the Japanese words.
We were smoking by then and I could tell I was getting high. She told me the reason she was dressed up was because she’d gone to one of the local campuses to sign up for classes. The one she’d gone to that morning didn’t offer anything except nursing and she’s decided she doesn’t want that. She said the only thing that would happen was she would get $20,000 in debt then have to struggle for years of low wages to pay it off. She thinks she wants to look for something in management. I told her I think that’s a great idea.
Next I asked her how much the table she’d mentioned the day before was going to cost.
I almost fainted when she said, “Two thousand.”
I kind of muttered I would start saving for it. She wanted to go right then and pick it up and make payments. Luckily I was paranoid so I acted very reluctant to go anywhere. I suggested we put it on layaway but she didn’t go for that.
She did admit that she was high though which caused me to brag about my new formula blunts.
At one point she stood to zip her sweater a little higher. I had not been looking at her bosom but it did make me think of Shewchi. She started talking about the job she had where they’d given her her own office.

Mon 😃
Sep20 Hephzibah said to open it (Romans 6:22).
She got into her phone and looked for video she’d made the day she moved in. While she was swiping I caught a glimpse of some naked torsos. It looked like her so I said I’d like to see those.
She kicked her panties off her foot then came and reclined on the bed. She lay on her back, drew her legs up and spread her cheeks. I said, “Wow” and as I did, she opened her knees so she could see the look on my face.
She didn’t pay any attention to me and kept looking for the video. When she found it she described what the offices looked like.
I kept looking at her sweater and asked how she keeps the cuffs so clean and white. That made her smile and she told me that as a matter of fact she’d washed it that very morning. Then I noticed one of her knuckles looked kind of bloody. She said she was washing a dainty tea cup earlier and it broke when she put her hand inside it.
I told her I had a new bottle of hydrogen peroxide if she wanted to try it so we got up and crossed over to the sink. She opened it and poured about a table spoon on the wound and we watched it turn white. She’d never seen that before and said it kind of hurt.
I told her “That’s because it’s working.”
By then she was looking through her phone again. Remembering back to how she said she wanted a table I asked if she was getting stuff to furnish a new apartment. She said I was right.
I got up and finished polishing the appliances then as I was putting them back Sugar Bowl looked like she was engrossed in her phone. She also kept picking at the sore on her hand so I fussed at her.
She asked if I had any band-aids so I left off whatever I was doing and started looking for one. I was sure I had some in my feast bag but couldn’t find any so I went in the bathroom and dug around under the sink. While I was tearing through my junk I heard her turning on the TV.
I gave up on the band-aids and returned to the recliner thinking I should turn on the laptop and maybe write in real time. Before I could open it though she’d turned to the channel Jeopardy is on and I noticed they were about to ask the Final question.
She was kind of looking for something interesting and continued flipping so I told her to please go back to see if either of us could guess the answer.
It was a question about WWII so she didn’t even try but my first guess was, “Bazooka”.
I kind of suspected that wasn’t right though when he said, “1945.”
After a contestant gave his answer I couldn’t remember the name of the first atom bomb until one of them said, “Fatman.”

Tue 😃
She continued flipping through the channels and landed on a Bruce Willis/Wayon Brothers flick.
I just googled it and I think it’s called, “The Last Boy Scout.”
I sat here tripping and enjoyed having her chilling with me again in the green chair. At one point she sat on the side of the cushion like she use to when she lived here and looked like she was going to fall asleep.
She sat back up after a bit and began talking about withdrawing the cash for our deal so she could buy something but I stayed firm and told her I’m not going to pay until after I jack her off.
I didn’t say “Jack you off” I said “After the deal.”
She asked if I had enough cash on me so she could do her nails. I thought about it and remembered I don’t have any cash at all in my wallet. The only cash in the house is in Ave’s piggy bank but I didn’t tell her that. I asked her how much she would need and she looked on her phone and said she needed forty-five bucks. I gasped and told her there’s no way I could come up with that much.
As the afternoon wore on towards 4:00 I began to wonder how long she had her baby sitter for but I really didn’t need to ask because I was sure she would say, “’til 5:00.”
The TV started messing up around then so she said she was going to bounce.
We began saying bye and as she was going out the door we both said, “Peace out.” at the same time.
I hopped up and went to the restroom then when I emerged I noticed the last editing alarm was about to sound so I turned off the movie and went back to my regular schedule. The time was 3:37 and the last alarm sounded at 3:45.
Dude, walking to the mailbox stoned during the six o’clock hour was weird. I was still buzzing so I picked up the tablet and reset the alarms for the weekend schedule but when I did I remembered I wouldn’t get high again until 9:00.
Yesterday which was September 19, I started adding words to my journal instead of jumping on R&S. I was able to get some of the formatting done and was glad because I suspected Sugar Bowl would be coming through Squirrel Gate at any time.
I was editing and had almost finished my Thursday chore when she and Salida showed up. The baby came through first this time. She was wearing a dress and looked so pretty with her rosy cheeks.
They both looked nice as a matter of fact and Gab told me they were just back from shopping for a Halloween costume.

Wed 😞
Sep20 (Gal 6:9-10) Hephzibah said, “Scratch me”
I asked Salida what costume she was going to wear and I think she said, “Scary.”
Her mom said she wasn’t looking for a scary costume though, she wanted her to wear a Toy Story costume.
“Really?”, I asked, “Did they have one of Benson?”
She shook her head and said she’s going to go trick or treating as a cowgirl. I told her the ventriloquists dummy is my favorite character now but before that Jessie had been my favorite.
Salida grabbed the stick off the coffee table again and started hopping around the living room like she was riding a broom. I asked Gab if she wanted to be a witch but she said no she didn’t want her running around with a broom. Salida even has that evil cackle down which made us both laugh.
I got up to process another bag and Gab came into the kitchen and sat across from me. Salida followed us and went straight to the piano.
We both said, “No!” when she put her hands on the cover.
She cried but we told her to wait until I could open it.
She kept coming over and acting like she was going to open it herself but she didn’t actually put her hands on it.
I finished measuring the SFB (Special Formula Blunt) then opened the piano cover. When I handed Gab the bag she stuck it down the front of her pants (with Fuzzy) and explained that she didn’t want the baby to see her carrying it around.
When Salida started banging the keys I turned around and played a scale. She began playing one key at a time and even went up the keyboard but didn’t start with middle “c” like I’d tried to show her.
While she was occupied with that I sat back down and finished rolling all the powder. I ended up with enough joints to last me til Monday but if Gab comes before editing time today, she’s going to have to wait until I’ve ground some shake.
After awhile Salida wanted me to pull the bench out so I did and after she sat, she started playing and we noticed her using one of the pedals. I found that adorable and wondered if she’d ever seen anyone play the piano before.
Gab got up afterwards and said they were leaving.
This time she didn’t have to threaten to go without Salida, the baby followed her out saying, “Thanks, Mr. Chi!” and “Bye”.
Again, as had happened the day before, they left just before the last editing alarm.

Thu 😃😞😁
I never did do the ceiling fan mirror though. I put the Windex away then jumped in and read through next week’s post.
Today is September 20. I was drinking my 2:00 water just before editing when I heard a car through the kitchen window. I groaned because it meant I would have to make another outline.
On my way to the recliner I heard, “Shave and a haircut”.
I wondered briefly if it was Olga but then the door opened and I saw Salida come in. First thing I noticed was that Gab had brought in several bags of fast food.
We said, “Hi” to each other then Salida said, “Hi, Chi!”
Gab corrected her and tried to get her to pronounce a “G” but she kept saying, “Chi!”
Gab turned on the TV and spread food out on the ottomon for the baby.
Meanwhile, I went to Headquarters and got the sand bucket so I could officially do my Friday chore. Like I indicated before, Gab had to wait while I processed the weed so I could give her a SFB bag.
First I had to grind for powder (klink! SOS 3:6). I was hoping I could grind a week’s worth but the weed is still a little damp and I wasn’t getting as much as I was hoping for which meant I had to grind even more.
I listened to Gabby trying to get the baby to eat but it sounded like she wasn’t having very much luck. A minute later I heard her saying she wanted to come and play the piano. Gabby was probably finishing her own food by then but eventually she escorted Salida into the kitchen. I got up from processing weed and opened the cover for her.
Once the baby and I went back to what we were doing, Gab returned to the living room and continued watching TV. I kind of listened to what Salida was playing on the piano and when I heard her striking keys in sequence I turned and showed her where Middle C is again.
I also remembered her mother still has my charger. When I reminded her that I want it back all she would do is thank me for letting her borrow it. She also informed me that she had not come in her car, she was driving her sister’s.
I kept listening to Salida and I saw her rubbing her finger on the letters of the name of the piano like I showed her so I attempted once again to teach her that it was “Middle C”
She hasn’t quite gotten it yet.
I eventually finished my Friday chore and gave Gab her brand new bag of SFB. I guess the baby got tired of pounding on the keys and began playing with the Ren and Stimpy dolls.

Fri 😃😞😁
When Gab had her bag she laid the fan control on the table. She said she’d taken it away from Salida because she kept playing with it.
“She probably keeps picking it up from the table because she thinks it’s a phone.”, I guessed.
Gab said she didn’t think so. She said she thinks it’s a remote control because she kept pushing the buttons and when Gab was surfing the channels, Salida thought she was changing them. After that she started talking about leaving.
Salida however didn’t want to go so Gab headed for the door alone saying, “Bye!”
All Salida did was start crying and wouldn’t leave until I told her, “Goodbye!”.
Later, on the 20th I’d just turned the TV off and literally had my hand on the doorknob to check the mail when MM knocked. I became very upset but I opened Squirrel Gate and let her in.
I told her I needed to check my mail but sat back down and waited while she went up to Headquarters to yoink roachies. She told me she’d been with her sister the past few days and had not smoked.
She only stayed a few minutes then left. I put my shoes on and followed her outside. She kind of hung back at the end of the driveway so I caught up with her and we walked together towards her grandmother’s house. She told me she was going to Austin the next day.
We said our goodbyes in the office parking lot then when I got to the mail box I changed my mind and stopped her before she drove past. I told her I wanted to give her a doobie for her trip. She drove me back to the trailer and I got one of the j’s from the Fossil Tin.
She sat in the green chair to smoke and I, thinking I could wait and check the mail Monday, tried to do a little formatting on the laptop. She asked if I needed another lid but I told her I have enough for now.
I’m trying to make it to the first of October because that way I’ll know I can give Gab a blunt everyday with at least two lids a month. It all depends on when I have to buy the next one though.
Anyway, MM told me she wouldn’t be back for three days. She smoked the j very quickly I noticed and I had not even been able to format a single paragraph. She stood and offered to drive me to the mailbox so I agreed and set the laptop next to Monsieur Frog.

Sat 😃😞😁
We climbed back into her car and when she stopped parallel to the mailboxes we told each other, “Bye!” then I told her to, “Have fun.”
Turns out all I got out of the mailbox that day was one junk postcard.
On the 21st of September, Gab came in at around 11:00. I got up and made her a bag.
Salida came over and acted like she wanted to sit next to me but I didn’t encourage her. She went around to the other side of the coffee table and made a stinky face.
Gab was watching a show in Spanish about poverty in South America. When I looked she began telling me what the people (who were digging for scraps of food in a landfill) were saying. She said the 12 yr old girl they were featuring had been traded to a man for a cow then no sooner had she said it than a cow appeared on the screen! Next she said they were reporting that the 12 year old had already had a baby and had brought it back to her mom’s.

Sun 😃😞😁
Suggested title: Sod Off, Peeler
Info-box: Play With Her Deal
Today, which is Sep22 I was editing between the first and second alarm when I heard my phone go off. I looked and saw I’d received a message from Gabby and she was on her way over to do the deal. I turned the AC on then jumped in the shower.
Afterwards I was able to go into my bathroom and give myself an erection. It was the third one that day. While I was in front of the sink I fantacized about her coming in and making me come before we laid on the bed so she could come.
She didn’t though and after I’d returned to the recliner my wiener was actually shrinking.
When the door opened I warned Gab that I didn’t have any clothes on. She came in and I noticed something didn’t look right so I asked. She said she wasn’t feeling well.
“We can do the deal some other time.” I reminded her gently.
She wouldn’t put it off anymore but she did say she felt like she was getting a cold. She sat in the green chair and asked for a roachie. I nodded but before she got to the hallway I told her she could have my 9:00 j. She said she would smoke it so I got up and fetched it for her. When I handed it to her I walked past the green chair naked and got the lighter and green ashtray from Headquarters.
She asked if she could turn on the TV and I told her she could then I got up to prepare a SFB. I got a plastic bag from the cabinet then returned to the bedroom. I measured the weed at my mother’s desk so I wouldn’t have to parade around in the nude and afterwards rolled another j.
I returned and sat in the recliner when I noticed she had not turned on the TV after all. She had something playing on her phone and even though we continued listening, I still have no idea what it was.
She just said it was an ‘artist’.
After a bit, she put the joint out and said again that she didn’t feel very well. I repeated my offer to postpone but she wouldn’t do it. She asked what the deal was so I told her we were to both take off our clothes, she was to sit on me and let me play with her until she comes.
She got up but didn’t strip in the living room this time like she usually does, she went into the kitchen and got undressed behind the counter where I couldn’t see her.

Mon 😃😞😁
Before she removed her skirt she asked if she could leave some of her clothes on but I wouldn’t go for that. She emerged completely naked and asked how I wanted her to sit. I’d been picturing her sitting across my lap with her head on the right so I could use my left hand to make her come but she seemed to want to sit with her head facing the other way. She probably thought her monkey wanted to watch her back spider as she climaxed.
When she was on me Boo-Boo was practically in my face. She covered it with her hair though. When I looked at Shewchi it was covered also. I had to brush the strands of hair off her nipples but I made sure I put monk-monk lip on Boo-Boo. I was ecstatic when both of them stood up.
I removed all the hair from her bosom and observed how her boobies don’t droop. There are no wrinkles and they appear to stick straight up. I swear I saw stretch marks where they attach to her chest. I stretched my neck after that and was actually able to kiss Boo-boo with my mouth.
When I rubbed it, I noticed Shewchi didn’t jiggle which suggests her teats are very firm. About that time, she got my attention and urged me gently to get started. I asked her to wait though because I needed some sugar.
She said, “Okay” so I put my paw on her waist where it belongs and squeezed her.
When I put my finger on her clit she fired up her playlist and watched the screen while I was pleasuring her. I looked down at the video a couple of times and asked what it was about but I still have no idea what she was looking at. She said the name of the artist but I guess I never heard it before so I don’t know who made the video.
She didn’t really seem to want to talk and that kind of disappointed me because I’d been imagining playing with her and both of us having fun.
The house was still not cooled down so the fan was oscillating and at one point I detected an odor that I didn’t recognize. Also, when I rubbed my hand between her legs it felt like her pubic hair was matted.
After only a minute or so she claimed she had come. I didn’t believe her but I let her go.
When she got up she asked if I’d come and I said no. I wondered what could have made her think I had and decided her butt might have got wet from the clear lubricant I’d been discharging all morning while trying to achieve an erection.
She returned to the kitchen and I went to put the first load of clothes in the dryer. I also finished making her bag and got her money from my wallet.
I stayed naked because I wanted to JO. I was horny too so I didn’t try to cover myself as I went about my activities. I put the bag and the money on the perch then sat back down in the recliner. When she was dressed she came around the counter and asked if I was going to make myself come.
I said, “Yep” and we both smiled.
She got her stuff and said she was going to bounce.

Tue 😃😞😁
She thanked me then said, “Have fun!” and “Deuce!”
I said, “Peace out” as Squirrel Gate was closing.
I watched and noticed she hadn’t shut it all the way so I had to get up and close it.
I went to the back bathroom to give myself the happy ending. The orgasm felt real good and since I hadn’t come in a couple of weeks there was minimal pain.
When I emerged I looked at the clock and saw I still had a couple minutes left to edit so I read through this week’s post then published it on WordPress.
Today, which is the 23rd, I was watching Judge Judy but had got up to use the restroom and wash my hands when Gab came in. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her carrying my charger and extension cord. She took them into the utility room and asked where she could set them. The light in there doesn’t work so I told her just to throw them on the washer and dryer.
I sat back down and when she came out she headed for the foyer but then asked for weed.
I said, “Frog’s butt” so she circled around behind the recliner and party lamp like I do when I don’t want to get in the wind, and retrieved the bag.
She wondered why I was putting it under Monsieur Frog’s butt so I told her that when I was processing weed earlier something told me she was going to bring my charger back.
We chuckled then started saying goodbye.
On her way out she said she would be coming here in the morning and would not have Salida with her.
Later I got a text from MM asking if I had the money for a lid. I answered but got a reply from Gab. I don’t know how that happened exactly but the phone must have been set on the wrong number or something. I could have tapped the log icon.
“Have what?” she asked.
I apologized and told her I thought I was replying to MM’s text. I answered her’s next and said I would have sixty by the second.
While I waited to hear back from MM I got another message from Sugar Bowl asking if we could make a thousand dollar deal.
I been thinking about it (It’s Post-Febreze right now) but I don’t know what else we could do. I’ve only come twice since we started doing all this. I can’t think of anything that we haven’t already done and/or seen.
Yesterday she tried to get out of doing her part of the deal at the last minute so I’m starting to believe she just wants the money. If true then that suggests a pattern and I’m sure she’s going to continue to do that just as the psychologist predicted.

Wed 😃😞😁
Sep24 1o Hephzibah said, “Put foot”; “Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is near” Matt 3:2
Today is Sep 24 and after I came back from my walk, I answered Gabby’s text. I told her I’m going to ask that she abide by our ‘stop asking for money’ contract that I paid her $300 to agree to. I told her straight out not to come over anymore. Afterwards I was afraid she would ignore my text and show up anyway.
I was about to get up and drink my 12:00 water when the door opened and she came in.
My heart sank and I said, “Ohhhh, Gab…”
She asked for a drink first which I thought was very strange but motioned towards the counter. I wanted to talk about the money I gave her and remind her that she took it and agreed to stop asking.
After she set the cup upside down in the sink she came out and bent over the fan a few times. I couldn’t tell what she was doing but I figured she was trying to cool off. She didn’t agree that we had a contract so I told her she agreed when she took the money. She moved across the living room and stood in front of the east window.
“You said you were going to start saving money for the table.”, she argued.
“I don’t want to fight”, I said. “You broke the deal.”
I think she got it but then asked if she could keep coming over to smoke which is exactly what she did when I gave her the deal money just prior to her trip to Cancun. We were both crying.
“Gab, I know you. You’re going to do like you always do and keep asking for money if I keep allowing you to come over.”
She asked for a blunt. I don’t want her to think I’m giving in so I told her she could have the roachies.
She came out of Headquarters after awhile and headed straight for the door. She asked if she is supposed to come back on Jan01, 2021 and I nodded. That’s what I wanted in the first place which was several years and ≈ $29,000 ago.
Neither of us said, “Peace out” we both just said, “Bye.”
When I checked the graveyard tin later, I saw she had left only one roach. It rested in exactly the center and was positioned to look like her boyfriend’s penis.

Thu 😃😞😁
This morning I was in the restroom when I heard my phone clunk. Thought it was probably gmail from Quora but after I came out and looked I saw it was from Gabby. She claimed she had the shirt I been using to open and close the privacy door with and wanted to return it. She also asked for a blunt and offered to give me $3.00.
I didn’t say anything except “Unner frog butt.”
A little later I was putting stupid answers on Yahoo! when she came in. We smiled and greeted each other and she asked what I was doing. I told her I was putting stupid stuff on the internet. She walked over to Monsieur Frog’s table and got the SFB bag then started making excuses about not actually having the shirt.
“I’ll try to bring it next time.”, she promised again.
“She’s just saying that so she can come get another blunt.”, I thought to myself but I said, “Okay.”
She didn’t stay long she headed for Squirrel Gate a few seconds later and we started saying, “Goodbye”.
She thanked me and I said, “You’re welcome.” and then she was gone.
This afternoon (Sep26 still) I was watching the news and heard a loud car radio in the driveway. I knew it had to be MM but after awhile when she didn’t come in I wondered if it was one of the noisy neighbors. Eventually she knocked and I groaned but got up to open the door.
Man, I hope she doesn’t think I’m going to start giving her weed again. I think she comes here after work to wait until she has to pick up La La but I really have no way of knowing what she wants. When she was inside she asked if she could have a roachie.
I was glad she didn’t expect me to roll one so I nodded, “Yes.”
When she came out of Headquarters she said, “You don’t have any.”
“You probably smoked all of them.” I replied sarcastically.
She sat quietly in the recliner and listened to music on her phone like she usually does. We didn’t speak and I think it’s because neither one of us felt like talking.
At 6:00 I changed the channel then got up and turned on the AC. I’ve been having to turn it on earlier these past few days because it’s been shutting off after 10:00. I worried too that I wouldn’t get to check the mail but I haven’t been getting anything important anyway.
I was also fretting about needing to start a “Saw two of the girls” outline at 6:15.

Fri 😃😞😁
Finally she got up and returned the green ashtray to Headquarters where I’d already set it and the lighter on the white table for my 6:45 j.
On her way out I told her I would contact her when I got the sixty and she said, “Okay.”
She had left too late for me to check the mail so I turned the 6:15 editing alarm on at 6:13.
I was able to finish the outlines before the third cuppa cafe alarm sounded but I didn’t finish either of the first drafts.
This morning (Sep27) I got another text from Gab. She asked for a blunt and added red heart emojis. I researched them and found out they are not romantic they’re more like ‘agape’ love.
I put the phone down and went to get my stash. I set everything out but only made one bag for her. I was going to do my Friday grinding chore while I was in the mood but thought better of it and waited until editing. I put the bag under Monsieur Frog then went back to putting stupid stuff on Yahoo!
Later she came in with the baby and after we said our hellos she mentioned that she’s still sick. I asked her if it was her throat and she said, “Yes.”
She also at one point lost her voice.
She said, “I sound like a man.”
I laughed and she said she wishes she had gargled with the hydrogen peroxide the other day when I told her that’s what I do when my throat begins to tingle.
She told me she’d brought a shirt for the privacy door then slid it into the door knob hole.
She asked for water then went into the kitchen. I didn’t see her drink any but later I found the cup upside down next to the water dispenser.
Salida went into the dining room and grabbed the Ren and Stimpy dolls. She brought them back into the living room and I saw her take them out of the boxes and let them fall to the floor.
“Trash!” I heard her say.
Next she walked up to the recliner and handed me the Stimpy Doll so we could play together. I asked her what she’d named them but she didn’t say anything. Gab said she never names her dolls. She put Ren up on the arm of the recliner and began talking so I put Stimpy in front of him and started making cat noises. Gab was in a hurry again and when she indicated that she was leaving, Salida started crying.
Gab told her to put the toys back but she yelled, “No!”.
That made me laugh but Gab walked over to the piano and called her again.

Sat 😃😞😁
“We’ll play next time.” I told the little girl.
She carried the dolls back to the piano and let Gab return them to their boxes. They headed for Squirrel Gate next and began thanking me. Gab told me I’m the only friend she has right now but I didn’t say anything.
We all said, “Bye” a couple more times then Gab and I told each other “Peace out” as the door closed.
Today is September 30 and I am down to my last bit of shake so I decided that since today is payday I’d go ahead and get cash for weed and a haircut. I need to get my haircut before the feast which is why I withdrew more money this time.
When I got back I fired up the skillet and texted MM to inform her that I need two bags. She texted back a little later and said she would come by.
It was after 5:00 and I was watching SG-1 when I heard her knock. I got up and opened the door and the first thing I noticed was how nice she looked. I thought it kind of odd because that’s the best I’ve ever seen her looking right after work. I didn’t ask any questions though.

Sun 😃😞😁
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Info-box:  
She didn’t come right in she looked like she wanted to take a selfie on my porch so while she was doing that I turned and headed for the bedroom.
She asked if she could have a roachie and I said, “Yes” then pulled six twenties from my wallet.
When I returned she was just coming up the hallway so I handed the money directly to her instead of setting it on the counter like I usually do. She sat in the recliner with the green ashtray and started playing with her phone. I thought it was kind of rude since it was drowning out the TV but I didn’t say anything. When she paused I asked her if she’d heard about the people dying from ‘carts’ lately. She said she has heard and it’s because they’re buying contaminated THC.
She got a call next and when she answered she jumped up to return the ashtray to Headquarters then headed towards the door. I turned to wave bye and she told me she will be back then exited still talking on the phone.
Today is the first of October. This morning I was reading questions when I got a text from Gabby. She texted that she was close by and needed a blunt. I sent her a frog emoji.
I was still only reading questions on R&S when she came in. I didn’t put the laptop down I left it open and stayed here in the recliner thinking I’d record in real time. The first thing she did was take the rag out of the doorknob of the Privacy door she’d brought earlier. She laughed and asked if I’d tied it.
“Yes, but it’s too short to pull the door open and closed.”, I informed her.
She removed it then put the old one back. I asked her if she had to wash it because she used it to remove the clamps from the battery terminals but she said no. She says she has a washer and dryer and just wanted to wash it for me.
She came over to Monsieur Frog next and got the SFB bag that I’d put there yesterday after processing the last of the shake from my ‘preggers’ lid.
I had managed to pound enough powder for two joints but if MM doesn’t bring my new bags pretty soon I’ll be smoking skunkweed again. I’m not going to roll joints from the little bit of shake I have left, I’m going to contnue my experiment.

Mon 😃😞😁
Oct02 Hephzibah said to open it. (Col 1:15-16) I hope it’s about arrogance
Gab turned from the table and went right back to Squirrel Gate. She said she’s taking Salida to school and then wants to look for a job.
We both said, “Bye” and I said, “Have fun” as she exited.
Neither one of us said, “Peace out.”
I was glad she’d come because it gave me something to write about during the six o’clock hour.
Yesterday, which was the first, I was supposed to have met with the lawyer again. I put a reminder in my journal so I wouldn’t forget to walk over there at 12:15 but I got a phone call from his office saying he wasn’t going to make it. The secretary said he was cancelling the appointment but would call me sometime today which is Oct 02.
This morning I was on the internet when I got the call. The secretary told me to hold while she transferred me. I had to sit for about 5 minutes waiting for him to come on the line.
When he came on he asked how I was doing and I told him I’m fine but he said I didn’t sound fine. I went off on him again about being harassed by the legal system. I asked him why I had not gotten a speedy trial like the Constitution guarantees and he told me it doesn’t guarantee a speedy trial for civil cases.
When I tried to find out what the holdup is he sounded like it was my fault so I muttered, “Blaming the victim.” under my breath.
I thought he would say it’s the other lawyer who’s been asking for more time but he didn’t so I got his name and asked if I could file a complaint. I requested he stop calling and emailing as well and please just let me know when the trial is but he refused to do that. Looks like they’re going to continue to harass me and now I’m thinking it’s pure arrogance.
Later I was looking at the lawyer’s profile on his law firm’s webpage when I got a text from Gabby. She asked for two blunts but I told her that would be impossible. MM still hasn’t brought my lids and I’m down to less than 5 teaspoons of shake. I got up and prepared her bag then sat back down to answer questions on Yahoo! After awhile Salida walked in.
I got her to say, “Good morning” then Gab and I exchanged greetings.
Here’s some shocking news: the baby came over to the coffee table! Before she could raise the extensions though I started playing with her and held down the one closest to me.

Tue 😃😞😁
I smiled and she kind of smiled too then went off to do something else. Her mother came over to the table and extracted the SBF bag from Monsieur Frog’s butt then said she was bored.
When she walked back across the living room to the green chair, I said “You can watch TV.”
She picked up the remote and turned it on while Salida went to the plastic football and got the ‘broom’ stick. I asked her if she was going to sweep but she just hopped on it and played like she was a witch. Gab tried to get her to make the evil laugh again but she wouldn’t do it this time.
When Mom put the stick back the baby went over to the glass table and picked up the Beatles mag. Gab took it from her then they sat together in the green chair. The baby thought it was reading time and Gab did open the magazine but Salida didn’t let her read she just wanted to look at the pictures. I asked Gab about it and she says she’s learning to associate words with pictures when she reads to her.
They didn’t stay long and this time Salida headed right for Squirrel Gate when her mom said it was time to leave.
I got her to wave and say, “Goodbye” then Sugar Bowl and I said, “Peace” and “Peace out.”
A little later, still Oct02, I had to call AT&T again. Yesterday when I sat on the steps waiting for the 6:15 editing alarm to sound I tried to open the TV Guide app like I always do but it froze and displayed an error. I discovered a little later that I had totally lost the internet.
I tried the banking app next and it froze too so I got on my goPhone web account and soon was in touch with a representative. They asked a few questions then read me an address. I wasn’t sure why he did that but I kind of wondered if they were passing me the address of whoever had hacked my phone. I don’t know for sure but I thought whoever was using it had burned all my streaming data.
I barely used 5g of the hotspot last month if that’s what you’re wondering.
I looked up the address but only got a Google earth map picture. After a few minutes the rep had me turn the phone off. I lost the chat box we were typing in but the internet came back up. I’m still getting wifi errors though, which is annoying.
This is the third of October. This morning when I checked my phone I saw a gmail from Yahoo! They had sent me a suspension warning but didn’t give a link to the answer they claim violated their TOS.

Wed 😃😞😁
I’m still trying to break my internet addiction so I’ve gone back to doing lessons on the W3C website. While I was copying code, I heard my phone clunk so I looked and saw that Gab had texted. She asked if she could come by and get a blunt so I answered with a frog and smiley face emoji. I set my lesson down and hurried to the dining room to process weed.
Remember yesterday I said I only had about 5 tsp of shake left? Yeah…I was way off. I still needed a 6:45 j for today so I started off by taking the shredder and pounding the pitiful amount of shake that was left. After taking out two tsp for Gab I had just enough to roll one last doober.
I was already back into programming when I heard a car in the driveway. I said to myself I bet Salida comes in first and that’s exactly what happened.
When I saw her I smiled and said, “Hi, Salida!”
She smiled and said, “G!”
Gab said, “Hey, G” then told Salida to say, “Good morning.”
We watched as the baby headed straight for the coffee table again.
Gab laughed and said, “She’s looking for the stick.”
I had moved it so she wouldn’t be able to find it so she started playing with the extensions again. I told Gab I’d returned the stick to the utility room where it had sat for decades.
“I think Mom might have used it to move wash around.” I conjectured but really have no clue as to how it got there.
Gab went into the utility room to see what I was talking about and noticed the box I’d put Olga’s dog stuff in when she moved out.
“I had a boyfriend who gave me a care bear.”, she said.
I told her I didn’t know it was a Care Bear Box but Faron must have given one to Olga some time. We agreed it could have been the same year and laughed.
Gab extracted the SFB bag from the frog’s butt then sat in the blue chair. The baby went over to the glass table and picked up the magazine then sat on the floor to look at the pictures.
Gab said she was thinking about getting tamales from the shop we stopped at a few years ago but saw I still had the laptop open and said, “The baby probably wouldn’t finish one anyway.”
She asked her if she was ready to go and we both laughed again when she said, “Yep!”.
We began saying our farewells and as they were going out the door I told Gab to text before she shows up again because I’m out of weed. As they closed Squirrel Gate, she said she would.

Thu 😃😞😁
Today is Oct 04 and this morning when I walked I took the turnaround tree route. After breakfast I was about to sit down and go on the internet when I got a text from Gabby. She told me she was on her way to the tamale shop and asked if I would like one.
I told her, “Sure” but reminded her it had to be chicken.
She asked for weed too so I set the laptop down and tore open the last few roachies I had left in the graveyard. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough but I wound up with two doobers. I used every last little bit including the trash that’s been accumulating in the Fossil Tin. I put one under the frog’s butt then sat back down in the recliner.
I got onto Yahoo! after deciding I was just too lazy to work on my JavaScript project. I drank my cranberry juice and got up to put the cup back when I heard a baby’s voice through the kitchen window. I knew it had to be Salida and sure enough she came in a moment later with a big smile on her face. Gab came in right behind her and the first thing I noticed was that she was empty handed. She said when she’d gone to the window to pick up her tamales the lady told her the card had been rejected.
I said, “Awww.” and asked her if she wanted me to go with her.
She didn’t exactly jump at the chance but said she would take me if I really wanted to buy something. We ended up not going and I was glad since I’m sure I don’t smell very good with all this horrible heat and humidity.
By then Salida had crossed the living room and was climbing onto the high-backed chair I use to prop under the door knob at night. I was impressed because usually she goes straight to the coffee table and messes with the extensions. Gabby seemed impressed too and it was like she’s been talking to her about her behavior or something. When she was seated I told Gabby she probably wanted to read the Beatles Magazine and she laughed.
Salida did climb down after that and came over to the table. When she lifted one of the extensions I showed her the hole where her hand goes then showed her how to lift it. She watched me then raised one of the other ones by herself. Gab and I both praised her for learning so quickly.
Next Gab asked me if the weed was under the frog and I nodded, “Yes.”

Fri 😃😞😁
She wondered out loud why there wasn’t a SFB bag and I told her I am completely out of weed now. I told her I’d rolled the last two but still wanted to at least give her a joint. She went to the cabinet and got a plastic bag so she could take the stink-weed out and recycle it. She acted like she might stay so I offered to turn on the AC but I could tell she really wanted to go home and watch Soaps or something.
Earlier, while I was watching the news I had researched ‘Incels’ and wondered if they had a special song for their group. I got on the internet and brought up “I’m a Creep” and started playing it wondering if that was their theme song. I asked Gab if she knows what an ‘Incel’ is and she said she’s heard the term but wasn’t sure what it means.
The baby came and stood in front of the recliner to watch the video and said, “What’s that?”
I told her the singer was holding a mike but I don’t think she knows what it’s for.
After the creep song played YouTube started playing, “You’re the one.”
I wasn’t expecting that and I’m sure my face turned red but we listened for awhile and I think I heard Gab make two kissy sounds. After only a few notes though they headed for the door. I told Gab to be sure and text before she comes next time because I might not have anything to give her.
She said she’ll check then we said, “Bye” and “Peace out” and I got a goodbye wave from Salida.
It is still Oct04. Dude it feels so weird not sparking my 6:45 j. I have the skunkweed joint but I decided to hold on to it in case of an emergency.
Yesterday I got a text from MM. She said she had my bag but since it was showing it had come from a new number I didn’t answer. She told me she had got a new phone and asked me to change her contact info. I did put in the new number but I never returned her text. It’s because I’m kind of upset she let me run completely out of weed.
Today, which is Oct07, I was watching SG-1 when I heard her knock. I got up and opened the door and saw her standing there with a brown paper bag in her hand which I assumed held my two bags. When she came in however she only gave me one. I was already annoyed and reminded her that I gave her $120. She began to argue that she had not counted it but insisted that I had not asked for two bags. I told her stop with the crap, because I know she always counts it. She blamed me and said I should have told her I wanted two bags.

Sat 😃😞😁
I told her just give me two three finger bags and we’ll be cool. She answered that she will. I didn’t feel at all chatty but she asked for a roachie. I couldn’t believe she did that. I told her the reason I wanted two bags this month was because I had completely run out. She said she will text her guy and bring me another bag.
She left without saying, “Goodbye.”
This morning which is Oct08 I locked Squirrel Gate when I got back from walking Las Tres Palmas. I didn’t want Gab walking in unexpectedly. I knew she would come wanting a blunt and I was really dreading processing the new bag. I was thinking if she knocked I would ask if she will trade sex for weed.
I was still putting stupid stuff on the internet when I heard “Shave and a haircut.”
I walked over and asked who was out there.
I heard, “It’s Olga”.
I unlocked the door and let her in and the first thing she did was ask for lunch money. That didn’t surprise me. The girls almost never come unless they want something and my daughter is no exception. I told her the only cash I have is in Ave’s piggy bank so she followed me up to Headquarters.
“Is that the girls’ college fund?” she asked.
I told her how I had started putting change in the piggy bank after Ave was born but then another one popped out so I guess they’ll have to split it when I’m gone. While I was opening it she must have heard all the change because she said she didn’t want to have to pay with quarters.
“Can I have the card?”, she asked, “I’ll bring it back.”
I didn’t tell her I don’t trust her with the card anymore but I did say I’d been putting my one dollar bills in there since I use to use them to get water. I dug a bunch out and she began counting. I asked if 10 would be enough but she didn’t stop counting until she reached 12. I returned the pig to the bay window ledge and on the way back to the living room she told me she’s started her online college courses.
I told her that’s great but then she said she had even bigger news. She said she’d been promoted to admin. I expressed how impressed I was and asked what she was doing. She said she is in headstones now which made me smile but I didn’t make any Morticia jokes. She went on to say she’s making a little more money too and works from 8 to 5.

Sun 😃😞😁
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Oct10 (Psa 28:1-2)
That made me feel better because her odd working hours always made me worry about her driving around at night alone.
I figured she wanted to go eat somewhere so I warned her not to count on me letting her raid the grandkids’ college fund everyday. She suggested we have lunch together periodically when she’s doing whatever she’s doing now in the town she graduated high school from.
She also mentioned she was going to take the plastic bags with her old clothes from the middle closet.
She asked about the Feast and I told her I won’t be renting a room this year. She asked why not but I didn’t want to get into the Noahide Covenant. I asked if Sam was going. She said as a matter of fact they were going to take the kids to the beach this Saturday and asked if I would like to go.
I said, “Sure” and told her to text what time.
I also told her to have Sammie text me if she has any questions such as, “Was I planning to borrow her car?”
She told me to change her phone number next. I laughed and told her MM had changed hers too. She said she already knows because MM had told her to change her contact information the night before.
I made her do it for me because I had a little trouble when I tried to change MM’s. She got it working then after a bit got ready to leave.
We said, “Bye” and she was gone.
Today is Oct10. While I was editing yesterday I got to read through almost 4 weeks’ worth of posts and came across two places in the narrative where I’d asked MM for not one bag but two. I picked up the phone to see if I’d put it in the text I sent her but I wasn’t able to find any.
I was getting more and more upset that she’d stolen an additional sixty dollars from me and was fuming about it when I heard a car in the driveway. I was naked because I’d taken a shower after I walked and was still trying to cool off. When I heard the car I worried it might be Olga. I didn’t even bother trying to cover myself though I just sat and waited and after a couple of seconds I heard a knock.
I went over to the door and asked who it was. I couldn’t believe my ears when she said it was MM. I called through the door that I wasn’t dressed but she started acting like she couldn’t hear me.
She kept saying, “Hunh?” and “What?”
I figured she was here with my second bag so I opened the door just wide enough to put my hand through.

Mon 😃😞😁
She said, “Oh…” and placed the bag in my hand.
I looked out so I could thank her and noticed she wasn’t expecting what had just happened. She probably thought I was going to let her come in and yoink roaches but as soon as she saw I had no intention of covering myself she turned to leave.
I told her, “Thank you.” but she didn’t say anything and hurried back to her car.
Yesterday I got a text from Olga. She was telling me that her and Sam were not going to go to San Antonio after all and asked if I wanted to go with her and the girls to do something. Later she sent another text and told me Sammie wouldn’t be going with. She didn’t say why but I figured it might be because Sam had church. I told Olga just to text me what time she was coming.
Today, which is Oct12 I got a text saying she would be here around 11:30. I thought that would be good since it would give me time to smoke my 11:00 blunt.
“See you on the other side.” I texted back for old times’ sake.
This morning was pretty cool so I decided to wear my Bernie ensemble. I was showered, dressed and toked up by the time I heard the knock. I went to Squirrel Gate and opened it to ask her to hold on a sec’ but she said she needed to get the jackets Sammie had left the last time they said they needed extra room in the back. I motioned her to come on in but she said I would have to retrieve them since she had the girls in the car.
I got them then headed out. I waved at the girls and as I was getting in I handed Olga the coats. She tossed them somewhere in the back.
We all said, “Hi” and I started trying to find out what the plans were.
Olga asked me if I wanted to go anywhere so I asked Ave where they were going and her and Aum both said, “The park.”
On the way over Olga said the park was close to where she works so she would drive by so she could show me.
While we were shooting the breeze I heard Aum say something in half-English and half-Spanish which down here we call “Spanglish.”
I asked Olga if she’s around people who speak Spanish and she said, “Oh, yeah. Daycare.”
She fired up the playlists too and played her favorite song then Ave’s.
I wanted her to play, “When I come around” for me but by then we were getting close to the cemetary.

Tue 😃😞😁
We went to one I didn’t even know existed but I told Olga I probably went there on a field trip in high school. It had a track so we all got down and headed for the hill that’s in the middle of the grounds. I told her that was unusual since there just are not that many hills in the southern tip of Texas.
We followed the trail to the top and after we crested I noticed a rope on the other side. I had to chase Ave when she acted like she was going to run to it. I didn’t think it was safe though because from where I was standing that side of the hill looked very steep.
I finally figured out what the rope was for so when Ave got near I got her to say, “rock climbing.”
She told her mother she wanted to go, “rock climbing” but Olga said we should start from the bottom.
We walked back down then I watched Aum while Olga showed Ave how to climb to the top. Ave didn’t bother with the rope though she practically ran back up the steep side of the hill and got to the top before Olga could even pick up the rope. I wanted to watch her climb using the rope so they came back down and on the second attempt, Olga followed Ave back up the rocks holding onto the rope. Ave did hold on with both hands but only for a second.
After the second attempt to get Ave to rock climb we were told that the park was closing. The girls still wanted to play so we loaded back up and Olga drove us to the side that was still open.
When we parked Olga spotted a haunted house. She wanted to go but we learned it wasn’t open yet. She found out it would open after dark so she asked if wanted to go but I said no.
We walked over to the playground next where they have slides and swings. Olga set Ave in one while I put Aum in the other. After they swung for a few minutes Ave headed to the big slide. She didn’t get to use it though because Olga wanted them to play together on the little kids’ slide.
Aum climbed up by herself but she wouldn’t go down the slide she just wanted to play with the steering wheel they always have on those slides. While she turned it I got her to make engine noises and showed her how to press the button in the middle like she was honking the horn.

Wed 😃😞😁
Ave started singing, “The wheels on the bus go round and round.”
I heard Aum start singing along and she sang “All around the town.”
I was watching her the whole time and once she climbed down but when she wanted to play bus driver again she asked me to pick her up and put her back on the slide. I asked her if she was getting tired but she insisted she was not. She climbed back up by herself but when she went to the play steering wheel she laid her head down on it. Olga noticed too and said she was getting tired. She announced it was time to go and asked if I was hungry. I told her I was so we headed to McDonalds.
On the way over Aum was playing with her clapping hands toy and I heard her say, “Water.”
I turned to look and she was rubbing the palm of the top one. I figured she must have been thinking the surface was so shiny it looked wet. I told her it wasn’t water it was the reflection.
I heard her try to say it but all she could say was, “fec”.
Olga asked if we should get pizza and when the girls heard her they both said, “Pizza!”.
We were close to the McDonalds by then and when we passed the intersection I walk to I suggested we go to the Pizza Hut I use to take her to when she had a friend in the town she graduated from.
We entered and found our own table and after we ordered a large with pepperoni and hamburger we sipped our drinks and waited. The waitress brought the pizza after about 15 minutes but it looked like it had been under a heat lamp. It was too hot to eat and had grease all over it. Ave scarfed her two slices down but Aum just ate the pepperoni off hers. I ate two slices of the hamburger but stopped because I was afraid it was going to upset my stomach. There was only one slice of hamburger left on the table after we all got done and Ave kept telling her mother she wanted it. Olga kept shaking her head and would not let her have it.
When the waiter asked if everything was all right Olga got a box for me to carry home.
Ave was sitting next to me and I heard her say, “I’m pretending”.
When I looked she was trying to see herself in the spatula. I commented she was trying to see her reflection. She said she wanted to be a server so I had her put the last slice of pizza in the box the waitress had brought me.

Thu 😃😞😁
I also learned Olga and Sam are fighting now which really made me feel bad for them.
The waitress set the bill on the table but Olga would not let me see it. She paid then we went back to the car.
She played, “When I come around” for me.
While we were talking I heard Aum say, “Como estas?”
I couldn’t believe it but then Ave said some words in Spanish that she’s picked up as well.
Just before we got to the driveway, I heard Ave ask her mother if Grandpa was going to go to her house.
I told them I was tired and I heard one of the girls ask me if I was going to go, “night, night.”
I told them I was.
Olga also told me she’s doing her classes on line but has to get her basics out of the way first.
She parked in the driveway and we started saying our goodbyes. I told Olga to come during lunch whenever she’s able.
When I sat down to edit and do the outline I looked at the clock and it said 1:59.
Today is Oct14 and this afternoon while I was watching TV I got a text from Olga. She said she was coming after work to get her clothes from the middle closet. I had made her promise not to open the bags and throw everything on the floor and she did so I told her to come on.
I was watching “According to Jim” when I heard, “Shave and a Haircut.”
She came in and went straight to the munchies cabinet and asked if she could open the Cheese Puffs. I said she could so she brought the bag to the green chair.
We started talking and she told me she was working hard and her boss had given her another 50 cents per hour raise. That was really good news. She only ate a few Cheetos then put the bag back and went up the hall to look at the plastic bags. As she was pulling them out she told me she would leave the ones that didn’t have clothes in them and I told her that would be okay.
I had her unlock the back doors of the car and started hauling them outside. We managed to get them all in somehow then when we were back in the living room she asked me if I needed anything.
I told her I’m kicking around the idea of having my toilet replaced and was thinking about going to Home Depot to find out how much it would cost.

Fri 😃😞😁
She said okay so she’s supposed to come after work either tomorrow or the next day to take me.
After that we hugged, she said, “Goodbye” and left.

[Oct01. Already? lol Oct02 just took my first sip and it’s perfect. It’s a beautiful evening waiting for 14 minute alarm to sound. The breeze is cool. I can hear crickets. There is a quarter moon I can see through the lattice, rising in the West. I can see a star below it and it’s the first one this year. The nightingale sings from Olga’s swing tree. Oct03 I’m editing differently these days. I just now finished formatting the two daily quota paragraphs I wrote during 6:15 editing. Tomorrow I’ll put this week’s post in the can and maybe get some files ready for Sunday. Been hearing thunder all day. Mosquitoes as big as bombers. I was going to watch TV thinking there would be a lot of new shows on but I checked the TV guide, (as always) and there’s not much on. I still set all the alarms and right now I’m waiting for the third cuppa cafe first sip alarm. Well I’m just off then lad to put stupid things on the internet. I’m waiting to turn on the AC at 7:00 since it’s been shutting off too early before I crash. Oct05 I’m following my regular weekend schedule but without getting high. Last night I watched Gomer Pyle and couldn’t believe all the memories it brought back from when I was growing up in the sixties. Still haven’t been able to watch the Three Stooges or the Flintstones. It’s 9:59 and the AC hasn’t shut off. I was afraid I turned it on too late when I noticed at 7:00 that the thermostat had hit 91° It just turned 10:05 and it clicked off. Oct09 I turned it on at 7:25 last night and it clicked off at exactly 10:00. The temp when I turned it on was 89° I can’t believe I’ll have to change scYears already again. I told myself I would be doing that before you could say, “Jiminy Cricket” Oct10 Dude, I’m fucked up but I needa tellya it’s Thursday and sometime I like to work on programming. Today is Oct11 I sat outside and waited for the 1:00 alarm to sound. There are still mosquitos but while I was sitting there the wind shifted around to the north at 12:54. I’m in the middle of editing right now but I started hearing strong gusts so I opened the back bathroom window just to hear the wind howl. It’s supposed to get in the fifties tonight so I guess I’ll have to sleep under the bedspread.]
[Still the 11th…I just felt a cool breeze blowing through the trailer. I’ll close everything then cash. Oct12 Dude, that last can of Febreze lasted two months I usually only spray three or four short bursts. It’s just a matter of time on one of these frosty morning I reach above the privacy door and check the thermometer from when Sugar Bowl lived here. There was nothing on Yahoo! this morning so I’ll finish writing later I already got my daily quota. I keep adding details btw Oct13 I’m already in November. Won’t see the reflection story until November. wow]


Sun 😃
Suggested title: Mo Flew Right Past My Head Singing
Info-box: new_car_battery;
Sep17 Sugar Bowl is digging around in ‘er monkey’s cabinets; Hephzibah said to open it (Mic 6:14; Hephzibah said, “Humble.”)
She had gone over to the cabinet to grab a plastic bag by then and I heard her ask for a wrapper. I told her that I was, as a matter of fact, about to open a new Swisher Sweet package so I could roll myself another Sunday blunt and I’d just let her have the other one.
I had the linoleum knife in front of me so I asked her if she wanted me to slice it open and put the tobacco in the sand bucket for her but she said, “No, it’ll dry out.”
“That happened to me yesterday!” I exclaimed.
They do tend to come apart if the tobacco has been extracted and you wait too long before wetting it.
When she came back towards the table I looked in her eyes and told her how nice she looked.
We told each other to, “Have fun” then said, “Peace out” at 1:15.
Sunday, September 15, I watched Family Guy. Actually, I’d changed the channels after the news, wondering how nasty it was going to get but had fallen asleep before I could find out.
I was awakened suddenly by Gab and Salida coming through the front door.
Gab noticed what was on the TV and asked if I was watching “Family Guy.”
I told her I had already seen the news and cartoons were the only other shows on.
I fell silent and waited for her to tell me what she wanted. Salida started playing around the coffee table like she usually does and her mom sat in the green chair. That baby always comes to the table and raises the four hinged folding extensions. When she’s done with that, a lot of times she’ll start messing with the radio. I always have to dial it back to 94.5 after they leave.
Anyway, she never said what she wanted so I dragged myself up and trotted off to get my stash. Her and the baby sat in front of the oscillating fan and tried to keep from sweating.
When I opened the Fig Newton tin I noticed I barely had enough shake to give her the required two teaspoons. I don’t know why but I never even thought about giving her one of shake and one of powder, I just spooned the remainder into a plastic bag.
After I added the stogie I arose from the table and looked to see what they were doing. They were still trying to stay cool but as I walked towards the counter Salida got up and started to come into the kitchen.

Mon 😞
Gab laughed and said the baby didn’t want to leave.
I thought that was amusing and when I looked I noticed Salida seemed to be heading towards the Ren and Stimpy dolls. She didn’t make it all the way to the dining area however she stopped in front of the open utility room door.
I told Gab I had been turning the AC on and letting it run longer but she said it was too hot right then and they were both sweating. They trundled out through Squirrel Gate just as Family Guy was ending.
The next day which was the sixteenth I had just sat down at 2:05 to edit when I began noticing noises and as I turned to look, Gab and the baby came through the door again.
I’m falling way behind in my writing and editing so I kind of got upset. I’ve often described myself as paranoid and when she came at exactly 2:05 I suspected she’d done it on purpose. I didn’t move for awhile after they entered and when I spoke I tried not to sound upset.
Gab announced that she’d decided to let me buy her a car battery after all. I agreed but wanted to get the blunt bag thing out of the way first. While I rolled I warned her that she might not want me in her car seeing as how I hadn’t showered or washed my hair.
As they got up to leave, I asked her to give me a minute and I would be out shortly.
On the road she asked which store I thought we should go to so I told her I use to take Olga to the one in the next town. She said she didn’t have much gas so asked her phone where the nearest Walmart was located and got directions to a store that’s south of us. It’s one I use to take Olga to and I’ve forgotten why we stopped going but that’s where we headed.
The GPS didn’t give us the route I use to take so it took me a minute to get oriented but we made it to the store and Gabby parked in the auto department parking lot.
Since we had no idea how long it would take to have the battery replaced I went in so she wouldn’t have to turn her car off. I walked to the desk and after I explained the situation to the clerk she told me there would be about a three hour wait.
I went back out and talked to Gab and decided to just buy the battery and let one of her friends replace it.

Tue 😃
We returned to the battery display but weren’t able to find any for her car so we had to go back to the parking lot, raise the hood and take a pic of the old one. That didn’t help us though since the battery Gab had was a used one that didn’t match the model of her car.
The clerk told one of the mechanics to go with us on the third attempt and we ended up with a battery that cost $119. I carried it to the trunk while Gab put the baby in the car seat and we left.
On the way back Gab said she was hungry so I asked if she wanted to go to the Luby’s we’d seen a few days before. She said it would be nice but decided to settle for take out instead.
We happened to be near the DQ Olga use to work at so she pulled in there.
I ordered the steak finger basket for old times’ sake and Gab ordered nachos for herself and chicken for the baby. While we waited I told her we use to take the kids there when Olga was growing up. The total came to about twenty bucks.
On the way back, as she crossed the railroad tracks, she laughed about seeing me walking my rail car route and said she’d told her sister about the episode.
She also mentioned that she had applied for a job but I don’t think she said where.
Now she wants to take online classes instead of attending college. She believes she can finish much sooner. I told her that was great and that when I started attending college I loved it.
When we arrived back in the driveway she went ahead and turned the car off so we could eat. I carried some of the bags in and turned the AC on. I’ve been telling her that I’m able to run it longer now because my bills have been much lower than expected. I followed her and the baby to the dining room table and watched as she set the food out.
She told Salida to sit down and eat her chicken but she wanted to finish the chocolate ice cream cone. I noticed that when she did sit, she didn’t eat solid food all she did was lick the ketchup packets.
I tried to eat but my order was way too hot for me to put in my mouth, even with the gravy. It took several minutes to cool down before I could take a bite of the steak fingers.

Wed 😃
Gab and I talked about the kids. She began to relate how she had given birth. She said when her water broke her mother took her to the ER. She didn’t get a C section she said she went ahead and gave birth naturally. At one point however she admitted that she started begging for an epidural when she could no longer stand the pain.
She says they had to give her stitches too which explains the scars I’ve noticed when I look closely at pictures of Fuzzy.
Salida finished licking the ketchup I opened for her then took her mother’s phone and laid underneath the table to watch a movie. None of us finished our food but Gab got up and helped me straighten the mess. I put my leftovers in a plastic container then asked Sugar Bowl if she wanted to borrow one as well and she did so I gave her a sandwich container.
She opened the piano next and I heard her trying to remember the duet I taught her all those years ago. I played a few notes of “Heart and Soul” then Salida crawled out from under the table and started banging on the keys with us.
Gab picked up the half eaten ice cream cone and stood it up in the freezer then hung the coupons she got from DQ under one of the magnets. Salida kept banging on the piano and I heard Gab say she wanted her to learn how to play. After that she started getting ready to leave.
I told her to go ahead and see if the car would start while I got the baby away from the piano.
She ran towards Squirrel Gate saying, “Bye!” but it took awhile for Salida to actually believe her mother was going to leave without her.
I followed them and a second later heard the battery clicking. I went to the trunk and dragged the charger out then handed it to Gab so she could hook it up while I plugged the extension cord in. While we were doing that, Salida played in the yard.
We heard the beep 89 seconds later and the engine turned over the first time she tried starting it. Before they left, we talked about going back to Walmart in order to turn in the old battery. I put the charger and cord in the trunk then made her promise to text before we returned to the store.
She was standing with the car door open so she could tell me, “Thank you.” and, “Goodbye” then we said, “Peace out.”

Thu 😃
When I got inside, the clock read 3:51. I looked at my checking account and saw I’d spent $166 that day.
The steak fingers didn’t upset my stomach so I decided I’d go ahead and finish them at 5:00 instead of snacking on chips like I usually do.
That same day, which was Sep 16, I got a text message from Olga asking that I buy her lunch. I must have been snoring when the message came in because I didn’t know she was trying to get ahold of me until much later. I texted back and told her what had happened and she cancelled but I’m not sure why.
I was watching the news reports about the Saudi Arabian oil fields being attacked and heard a knock. When I opened Squirrel Gate, Olga asked if I thought it was MM. I laughed and told her that as a matter of fact I had.
I also wondered why she showed up after cancelling our lunch plans. I had finished eating the food I got from Dairy Queen so I wasn’t hungry, by the way. She shrugged and said she’d just get something from Stripes so I turned off the news, put on my shoes, got in her car and we left.
When we got to Stripes I wanted to pay for her food and gas so I handed her my card. She said she would only charge one piece of sausage and $5.00 worth of gas but didn’t say why. I waited in the car and after a bit she came back out and said she needed my PIN.
I just looked at her and said, “You forgot your birthday?”
She pointed out once again that I’m the one who didn’t know when her birthday was. We laughed and I gave her the PIN. I’m not sure what was going on. I don’t know if she’d eaten lunch already or what. When I asked her about the little sausage she’d brought out she told me she’s on a diet.
Back in the driveway as we were saying our goodbyes I told her that I still want Ave to finish the weather picture but I don’t like going over there on the Sabbath. She answered that she wasn’t going to have the kids on a Sunday until the 29th so I said I’d stay in touch.
The next day, Sep 17, I started getting text messages from Gabby. I turned the AC on then tried to catch up a little on my writing and managed to do two days’ worth of quotas.

Fri 😞
By that point, I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t have to go with her to get the refund for her old battery.
I thought I heard her car in the driveway but she didn’t get out she called my cell. I asked her why I had to go and she said they might want to see the credit card I used for the purchase. I’ll admit I hadn’t thought of that so I told her I’d be right out.
When I looked in the backseat I saw Salida but she didn’t pay any attention to me.
In the car though she said, “G!”
We laughed and Gab said when they had first pulled in, the baby wanted to get down.
We headed to Walmart again and on the way Gab talked about how great the new battery is. She said the AC seemed to be working better but I couldn’t tell the difference.
That day we took the route Olga and I use to drive when we’d go to Walmart. On the way we passed a furniture store and Gab said they had a table she wanted. I didn’t say anything because I still believe she should keep her part of the ‘stop asking for money’ deal.
When we got to the Walmart she was able to park closer to the door and then it dawned on me that someone had to tote the battery back to the automotive department. I got the receipt then she popped the trunk and handed me the old battery. Is it just my imagination or do those things actually weigh more than they did when I was her age? Her and Salida stayed in the car while I carried the battery inside.
There were two customers ahead of me talking to the clerk when I arrived. I didn’t want to hold the battery so I kind of propped it up on the side of the desk that extends out so the people who are waiting to pay can stack their merchandise.
After a few minutes those customers left and the clerk told me to set the battery on the floor. I did but my glasses fell off my shirt collar when I bent down. Fortunately the lenses didn’t pop out so I just picked them up and hung them back on my collar.
After I gave her the receipt she had to find another manager in order to get me the refund. When the register was open she counted out $12.99 and handed it to me.

Sat 😃
I returned to the car and put the cash on the console. Gabby thanked me and when I’d deposited the coins in their proper compartment we headed back towards the house. On the way she started telling me how I should cosign for a Mercedes.
I said, “Check with me in Jan 2021” but she said she needs it done in March.
She also claimed that she will be taking classes and will soon start a new job.
We got back to the driveway and everybody got down. The baby played in the living room while I prepared Gabby a bag. She came and sat across from me and continued trying to convince me to buy her a Mercedes. She said we could negotiate a deal for the $2000 table and that’s okay with me but I know she ain’t going to make no car payments and probably won’t let me kiss Boo-Boo either. I’m not going to make no $425 car payment every month. Not now anyway. It’s too much of a load. She needs to be patient and let me pay off my debt.
Does not the Bible in one place state very clearly that we mustn’t “Owe money to any man”?
She talked about a cookie recipe she has on her phone next and later when she was going through her pictures I thought I saw Boo-Boo and Fuzzy.
I told her about how when I went to my mother’s funeral service I made coconut macaroons.
She kept bringing up the Mercedes and claimed she could get the car payments down to $250. She wouldn’t say anything about a deal though.
She kept fidgeting with the bag after that so I continued rolling weed and now I got all the 6:45 j’s I’m going to need til next Monday. I like to roll while she’s here to show her how Monk-Monk keeps ‘isself busy.
She also talked about one of her old bf and that surprised me but later she said, “Sometimes it happens.” with that evil smile.

Why I Gotta Be the Bitch

Sun 😃
Suggested title: Why I Gotta Be the Bitch
Info-box: play_with_her_terms; borrow_charger
Sep12 …processing weed for Sugar Bowl…
After she told me that I wondered if she’d noticed I was upset.
Actually I was kind of upset because I been waking up with wood these past few days and playing with myself but never reaching the ‘point of no return’. I have to keep reminding myself how it makes me feel at sunset when I have to ‘wipe everything the unclean Oaf sat on.’
I was also a little perturbed because I had not started phase II of the ‘preggers’ lid. I’d kind of been hoping that Gab would come and sit with me while I ground the buds. I got to pull some apart the last time she sat with me listening to me talking about my experiment.
Since she’d told me one time that she doesn’t bother to grind when she processes weed I wanted to measure how many teaspoons of the torn apart bud I had. I was thinking if I have 30 or 31 I might just put those in the bag with a tsp of powder or stink-weed.
That reminds me. I gave her the rest of the stink-weed yesterday and I keep forgetting to go back and do another ‘tearing’ phase.
I didn’t get to propose anything after all because I saw that by then she was getting ready to leave. When I handed her the bag we high fived then looked over to see what Salida was doing. She had come into the kitchen with her mother and was standing by the piano which kind of worried me because I remember La La use to raise the lid and I’d get scared to death she might let go and smash her fingers. Salida wasn’t messing with the keyboard cover however which was a big relief. Then I noticed she was looking at the Ren and Stimpy dolls.
“You can play with it if you want, Salida.” I called out.
We watched her but she didn’t touch them so Gab went to see what she was doing. When she got to the piano she picked up the Ren doll and I asked her if she remembers that cartoon. She said she does remember and I think she said they’re on YouTube now.
They returned to the living room and we started telling each other, “Bye.”
The baby said, “Thank you.” and “Goodbye” as her mother had taught her, then they left.
Before Squirrel Gate was even closed though Gab came back in and asked for roachies.

Mon 😃
Sep13 the parable of the Pearl of Great Price.
I nodded and she went up to Headquarters. When she came out she opened her hand and showed me that she’d only taken two blunt roachies. I told her they were good and she would get high. She said she would continue trying to find a baby sitter so she can come and chill.
We said our last ‘Goodbye” some time between 11:00 and 11:30 I think.
On the 10th of September I had just turned the AC on, was in the middle of editing, writing as fast as I could, when Gab burst in.
She loudly announced her arrival then said she was ‘down’ to smoke.
“I was afraid this was going to happen.” I said disappointingly.
“I have once again been too lazy to roll. I thought you were going to come help me this morning.” I said in kind of an accusing fashion.
She said she wasn’t able to come but I’ve forgotten why. I began remembering if I had enough shake and stuff left to roll a blunt with and when I checked I was glad to see that I did.
When I sat at the kitchen table she came in and took the chair across from me. I told her how I was planning to do an experiment with the stems and asked if she thought I would be able to boil water off in the microwave. She said I probably could so I made up my mind to try it. I don’t know when I’m going to feel like actually doing it though.
I was wrapping up the blunt rolling when she reminded me that she likes to keep the wrapper and weed separate. I put my tongue back in my mouth, apologized and handed it to her. I thought she probably wanted a plastic bag as well but I was too lazy to even get up and get it.
Next I asked if she’d left the engine of her car running and she said she had and thanked me for letting her go. On her way out she opened the front door and asked if I would loan her the battery charger.
“No way!” I exclaimed.
She promised she would return it so I reminded her about the cloth doorknob she had taken from the Privacy door.
With the door still open she said, “I washed it!”
I told her there was no way I was going to let her take it.

Tue 😞
She continued to stand with the door open and I started thinking she was doing it on purpose to make me give her the charger. Neither one of us spoke and finally she left.
I called out, “Sorry” but heard no response.
We didn’t say, “Peace out!” but I did record the time because I wanted to set the 6:45 j alarm. I still had two minutes.
On the morning of the 12th of September I took the rail car route.
When I arrived at the pedestrian intersection and looked towards the motel I remember thinking “Atonement is less than a month away.”
I turned around at the light pole and headed back and had only walked a few yards when I heard a car honk its horn. I’m still trying to drown out hostile noises so I didn’t even look to see if it was somebody I knew.
Then I saw a car turn into the parking lot of the nursery and drive under one of the old signage. I still had not recognized the vehicle. The driver honked again but I continued walking then began to wonder if it might be Olga. I looked up and saw it was Gabby waving at me from behind the wheel.
I smiled and approached the passenger side window. She seemed very excited about finding me but I started explaining to her that I was on my 30 minute walk and needed to finish.
She had just dropped off her sister she said and told me to hop in. I repeated that I needed to finish my walk but she said the reason she stopped when she saw me was because she wanted to smoke.
I opened the rear door and squeezed in behind the front seat. Salida was sitting in it and had slid it all the way back. I sat kind of sideways and didn’t even try to hook my seatbelt.
On my return trip to the trailer I asked Sugar Bowl if she wanted to make a deal for buying her a new battery and two new tires. She said she was interested.
Back inside she mentioned her and Salida were about to go to breakfast so I offered to make her coffee since I would be in the kitchen preparing for breakfast anyway. She nodded so after I briefly described how I make it I went to the stove and started brewing a cup.
While we waited for the water to boil, I went and got the stuff from my mother’s desk to build one of my special blunt bags. Gab jumped up and went to the restroom.

Wed 😃
After I’d put the weed and extra stogie in a plastic bag for her I took a piece of paper from the middle drawer and wrote down the terms of our deal. I wrote it down so we wouldn’t have to negotiate in front of ‘listening ears.’
Gab returned from the restroom and came to the table to get her bag. I had placed the piece of paper with the deal on top of it and when she saw it she picked it up and began reading. After she’d confirmed that it was a deal for a battery and two tires she agreed.
Here are the terms: 1. We both undress 2. I sit in the recliner 3. She sits on me and 4. I play with her until she comes.
By that point the coffee was ready but after I handed her the cup, she wanted to take it with her.
I told her there were some above the refrigerator but she was already looking through the cabinet where I keep all the other coffee cups I’ve been collecting through the years. It’s also where I found our plastic “k” cup and the clear plastic cap I started my special blunt rolling project with.
I heard her say, “Wow” so I looked and saw she had found one of the Pronto cups she gave me back when she was my insurance agent.
She rinsed it then emptied the white cup of coffee into it then prepared to leave.
I asked her if her car was starting and she said she had gotten stranded at the meat market the day after I declined to let her take the charger.
I was afraid something like that was going to happen so I got the charger and extension cord out of the utility room again and put them on the back of the green chair so she could take them with. She was getting Salida ready to leave by then and asked me to load the equipment.
When I’d placed it in the back seat I heard the baby asking her mother something and watched as Gabby turned around in the driver’s seat and gave her a sip of coffee. I didn’t know Salida drank coffee so I commented on it and Gab told me she likes to dunk her cookies in it when she gets a cup.
We started saying our byes and she repeated that she would text so I can turn on the AC. I want it on so that after we’re done with the errands we can chill in a cool house.

Thu 😃
Sep15 (Eph 5:1-2)
I kind of want to ask her, since she doesn’t work, to start bringing Salida over when she wakes up and just chill here. That would give me a chance to process weed and try to come up with more experiments.
I also wondered when she intended to do the deal since the baby has been coming with her almost every day. I guess I’ll have to add twenty more bucks so she can hire a sitter then bring Boo-Boo over for Monk-Monk to put ‘is mouf on.
After she left I remembered she said she had the cloth Privacy Door doorknob with her and it was clean.
“Now she’s got that, my charger and the electric cord.”, I sighed.
On the 12th I was in Headquarters puffing on my 6:45 j when my worst nightmare came true. Someone started knocking on the door.
I thought it had to be MM but the way she was knocking so quietly it reminded me of her Tío. I got up and opened the door then went straight back to hitting my joint. She followed and I listened for the door closing but didn’t hear anything so I asked her if she’d closed it. She turned around and checked then assured me that she had.
As soon as she came through the bead curtain she asked for a roachie. I told her sure then asked that she give me the graveyard tin lid since I only had the green ashtray out and needed something to put the roach in.
She seemed quiet that day for some reason and I thought it was strange. When she laid down on the divan she didn’t speak or even turn on her music. I wanted to make conversation so I asked her if she remembers waiting in Headquarters for her ride when she was going to high school. She said she did and then I remembered she was the person who first added stars to the starfield. I told her I missed it and that I only threw it away because all the stars were falling off.
She still didn’t talk and after a minute I thought she was falling asleep. She did mention that she had to apply for help with her light bill and that she still had not got a raise.
I didn’t know what else to say so I just said, “As long as the kids are happy. That’s all that matters.”
After I finished my j I got up and returned to the living room.

Fri 😃
When I left she was sprawled out on the divan.
My third cuppa cafe, first sip alarm sounded so I took a drink and she still had not come out. I took the opportunity to jump on Yahoo! and see if anyone else had answered a question I’d posted earlier. I got a very good response from a British user and I was going to choose it as best answer but decided to wait awhile since Fireball had answered too and I always award her BA.
Eventually MM came up the hallway and exited without saying anything. I started wondering if she was drunk or something because she seemed so out of it.
The next day which was September 13 I kept hearing a noise outside then I heard someone approaching the door. I thought I heard Gab pulling Salida up the steps but I wasn’t sure. The baby came through first though and I noted she was real quiet and wasn’t talking. She didn’t say hi or anything to me.
Gab asked how my morning was going. I told her I was researching stuff on Quora. She said she’d changed her mind about the battery and tires deal but would do it for cash. I still can’t believe she’s asking me for money again. I didn’t say anything but the reason I was buying her the stuff was so she’d have transportation.
I got up to get the weed but only after complaining, of course. Before I made a bag for her I asked if she wanted to roll it. She waved me off and let me do all the processing.
I measured out a teaspoon of shake and another of powder in the Fossil Tin lid then asked Salida to bring me the wastebasket. It’s because I felt too lazy to get up and get the sand bucket and I still needed to open one of the wrappers and take the tobacco out.
Gab got up though and brought it to me.
She said they don’t call it a ‘wastebasket’, Salida calls it ‘trash.’
I sliced the stogie then put it in the bag with the weed then threw it on the table and said, “Ta da!”
She came and got it and at first said she wanted to smoke. She changed her mind though and said she was going to take it with her instead.
I asked her about her battery and she said it was holding a charge so she didn’t really need me to buy a new one.

Sat 😃
She looked at me to see if I wanted to get her one anyway but I was thinking, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”
I hadn’t taken a shower or anything either so I told her I would text at 3:00 and see if she was going to need to replace it.
Her and the baby headed for Squirrel Gate after that. I followed them onto the steps to see if the car would start and it cranked right up. We gave each other a thumbs up and they left.
I decided not to text after all because I knew she wanted to see if the battery was going to keep it’s charge before asking for a new one. I’m still worried about my charger though and I’m afraid she won’t return it.
The next day which was Sep 14 (and the Sabbath) I had just finished eating my can of chicken breast and was washing the Ritz Cracker container when I heard a clattering coming from the porch.
I thought, “That’s Sugar Bowl” and sure enough she walked in.
She asked why I had not texted the day before and I told her I thought we’d agreed that we were going to wait. It’s because I was thinking it’s totally up to her to decide when we would do the Battery deal.
“Were you planning on doing it today?”, I asked.
She told me she couldn’t since she was with her sister and that they’d just come from a meeting at church.
Next she asked for a blunt. I told her for the millionth time I had been too lazy to roll so she would have to wait while I got my stuff together. She came into the kitchen and sat across from me.
She looked nice and was wearing a skirt which is a very rare sight for women these days. All of a sudden she seemed to be in a hurry but I have no idea why unless her sister had texted and told her to get a move on.
That’s when I remembered I already had one rolled. It was my Sunday 11:00 blunt but I offered it to her and she practically pulled my finger off snatching it out of my hand.
She got up immediately afterwards and started saying goodbye.
As she was exiting, my 1:15 ‘end of acclimatization’ alarm sounded so I jumped up and turned it off.

Salty Nuance

Sun 😁
Suggested title: Salty Nuance
Info-box: breach_of_contract; fix_a_flat
Sep09 …MM fishes new formula blunt from butter dish ashtray…
While she toked up I went back and got the sixty out of my wallet so she could score me a lid. I handed it to her then continued eating.
She came over to the counter and started talking about a new guy she met. She was going to go and tell her sister, who was waiting for her at her grandmother’s, all about it but first she wanted to fill me in on the details.
I listened and she sounded excited so I pointed at the window above the sink and told her not to talk so loud since it was open. When she got done spilling the beans I told her I’d seen the squirrel on the shed a few minutes before she arrived.
We started talking about the kids next and she mentioned that her and La La had gone to Olga’s a few days before. She said La La and Ave had hit it off.
She called Olga “blessed” (Psa 29:11; Klink!) because of her daughters.
I told her we’re all blessed by those kids and then she said La La is doing very well in school. She said her teachers tell her she is very advanced. I told her I know La La is smart.
I asked her if she was stoned after smoking the second half of my 11:00 blunt but she didn’t answer the way I thought she would. She didn’t seem messed up either and explained that she had not really smoked all that much.
She headed for Squirrel Gate telling me, “Thank You.” and after I thanked her she said she would be back.
As a matter of fact she did come back and it kind of surprised me since she very seldom returns with the lid the same day I give her the money. She did stay in character though because I heard her knocking just as I was setting my mac and cheese bowl down on the coffee table.
I thought it was going to be Gab at first but I should have known it was MM just by the fact that she’d once again shown up at exactly the wrong time. I didn’t fuss at her this time though since I knew I was getting another bag. That meant I didn’t have to keep wondering day after day when she was going to bring it.
When I opened the door she said, “Look, I’m pregnant!”

Mon 😞
Sep10 Mat 13:45-46
“I’m not surprised.” I said sarcastically since it wasn’t the first time.
She lifted her shirt and pulled out the bag and the first thing that stood out to me was its size.
“Come to Papa!”, I joked.
It looked like quite a bit more than the usual three fingers she often brings me.
She waved it under my nose and said, “Look at it!”
I took it from her hand and closed the bag and told her I know it’s good because I could smell it.
I kind of suspect she knew as soon as she came in that I was busy but on this occasion she decided not to take up any more of my time.
We told each other, “Thank you.” then she left.
Later on Sep 7 I was watching Forensic Files when I heard another knock.
This time Gab opened Squirrel Gate and started singing her name out loud like, “It’s Gaaaaaaaaaabby!”
Since she came in singing I thought she might have Salida with her but she told me she had come alone. I continued watching TV to see what she would say but she remained silent as she took a seat in the recliner. Once she was seated however she asked for two blunts.
“I’ll smoke one of them here.”, she added.
I got up from the green chair and went to my Fossil Tin to retrieve the two bags I’d already measured weed into the Friday before. She got up and fetched the green ashtray then came back into the kitchen to roll herself a blunt.
I told her that MM had just left and she asked what we’d talked about. I told her MM really wanted to tell somebody she’d found a new boyfriend.
Gab said she knows all about the new boyfriend and added that, “He’s not my type.”
That made me wonder, “What’s your type?” since MM had said the guy had money.
While she rolled she must have seen me looking down the front of her sweater because she pulled the zipper up at one point and continued rolling.
“Bye Boo-Boo!” I thought. “Bye!”
She kind of grinned then picked up her phone and started answering text messages. I sat quietly while she texted then a few minutes later she confessed that she was stoned. I looked at the ashtray and observed that she was extinguishing the blunt she’d rolled and there was still almost half of it left.
I think she had stated earlier that she was driving her mother’s truck so she asked if I had eye drops.

Tue 😃
I told her I still don’t but would add some to next month’s grocery list. She jumped up and said she was going to watch television so I followed her back into the living room. A second episode of Forensic Files had started and it looked like one we hadn’t seen before. She only stayed another minute though then announced she was leaving.
She got up and said, “Thank you.” then headed for Squirrel Gate.
She opened it and was about halfway out when I heard her say she’d forgotten her keys. I wondered if she was going to forget them because she’d set them on the arm of the recliner when she came in. I moved them on my way back into the living room so that when she returned they wouldn’t be hidden under my arm.
“You were telling me I forgot them weren’t you?” she asked as she picked the key chain up from the coffee table.
We laughed and then as she exited we both said, “Peace out.”
The time was a few minutes before 8:00.
On Sep09, I got a text message. I was surprised when I saw it was from Gabby. I was even more surprised when I read she wanted $40. I couldn’t believe she broke our deal. It’s now a day later and I still can’t believe it.
I thought about keeping her away from here until Jan 2021 but I didn’t say it because I still want to do sexy stuff. When she sent that text I know she would be aware of the fact that our deal would be off but didn’t on the slim chance she was planning to give me something. I texted back that she would have to take me to the ATM to get cash.
I was reading answers on the internet when I began hearing a strange, clattering noise outside the window. I knew it had to be her but I had no idea what was making the noise. I jumped up and opened the door but I didn’t see Gab I saw Salida standing at the bottom of the steps. I smiled then became aware of where the strange noise was coming from. Gab told me she had to connect a compressor to one of her tires. I asked her to hold on a sec’ so I could run to the bathroom.
When I came out they were already seated in the living room. Gab was in the green chair and the baby was next to her leaning on the arm rest, looking at something on the coffee table.

Wed 😃
By the time I reached the recliner, Salida had the fan remote in her hand so we took it away from her before she did any more damage.
We didn’t hang around here very long, Gab wanted to get going so we filed out and after I’d locked the front door I could literally hear air coming out of the tire she’d just inflated. We quickly piled into the car.
Gab inserted the key and turned it but all we heard was that clicking sound a battery makes when it’s dying. I remembered I have a charger but I couldn’t remember if I’d loaned it to Tío or if he’d ever returned it.
I came back inside and found it was still in the utility room so I picked it up then opened the bottom drawer of the black plastic storage container and pulled out the old extension cord.
We hooked it up and I held the hood while Gab positioned the clamps on the terminals. The charger display informed us that it would take about half a minute to charge so we waited and when we heard the beep she turned the key again and it started.
I picked up the equipment and just threw it into the living room then hurried back out glancing worriedly at the bad tire again. It was very low. I climbed in the passenger seat next to Sugar Bowl and we took off for the ATM.
As we got to Las Tres Palmas I could see that Wells Fargo was busy but when she drove in we just happened to get into an empty lane. She pulled forward and as she has done for years, dropped me off and I walked to the ATM. I withdrew exactly $40 then set it next to her in the console when I was back in the car.
She had to run an errand and kept talking about being hungry. I wanted to take her to the chic-filet we use to go to but it has moved. She decided to go to Whataburger so she could get Salida something but said she would wait until after she finished her errands.
As we were passing the auto shop next to the Planned Parenthood I asked her why she doesn’t take the wheel there and get it patched. She seemed interested but she didn’t want to take it to that one. She stayed on the street the Stripes is on but didn’t stop at the store close to the house, she continued on to the one I use to stop at sometimes when I went to MMM’s.

Thu 😞
While she was inside I got Salida to ride the fluffy toy horsey she had on the floorboard. She put it on the back seat, climbed on and started making whinny noises. I was still laughing about it when Gab returned.
I tried to find a fix a flat place on the route I use to take to attend University but nothing came up so she got an address to a Firestone shop. After running her errand her GPS took us there.
There was an empty bay when we drove up and the mechanics directed us to go ahead and park in front of it. While Gab talked to them I went into the office and found a place to sit. Her and Salida and one of the guys she was talking to came in a minute later and told me they would charge only $25 to repair the flat tire. I agreed so they went back into the garage and started working on it.
A few minutes later though he returned and said they couldn’t repair the one she’d brought in because it had been damaged. I’m not sure but I think I heard him say it had been damaged by a boot. That sounded so odd though and made me wonder if she ever loans her car to anyone. If we had asked for a replacement tire I would have had to pay for two so we decided to let them look for a used one they could give us.
Salida was all over the place and wouldn’t come when Gab called so she had to get up and spank her.
She explained that she’s become short tempered lately which surprised me because in all the years I’ve known her I’ve only heard her raise her voice once and that was when La La lived here.
Soon I saw her signalling me so I walked over to the stools and gave the clerk my green card. He wrote me a receipt for $25 after the transaction went through and we thanked him.
I checked my bank account later and noticed that taxes had been added. I was satisfied we’d gotten off pretty cheap so it was ok. Plus, the people there are very nice. We both thanked them again as we went out the door and when we got to the car I noticed that the engine was still running. It’s because Gab had told them about her battery when we pulled up.
While she decided which Whataburger to go to she started talking about hotel rooms and the reason was because she wanted to let Salida wade in the swimming pool.

Fri 😃
We went to the Whataburger in our old neighborhood where there’s also a Luby’s. When she drove into the parking lot I told her that my dad had come with Mom and I to that Luby’s the day Olga left the hopipo.
Gab wanted to go but I felt too funky after not showering in about a day and a half. We went to the drive thru instead and she asked if I wanted anything. I told her I’d already eaten breakfast.
“I wanted to eat before you picked me up.” I explained.
The food was about $12.00. I think I paid with a twenty that I had left over from somewhere. On the return trip we talked about getting high around the kids.
I asked her about CPS and she said there had to be police involvement for them to come to your house. I told her I’m still glad Olga didn’t take up smoking weed.
We came back into the trailer and Gab took her Whataburger bag over to the glass table. I went into the dining area to process weed. I’d promised Gab her regular bag and I remembered I had just enough for one blunt.
I was glad they were here so after filling a bag for Gab, I took out the new lid and started pulling buds apart. Eventually Gab came into the dining room and sat across from me in one of my mother’s high-backed chairs.
She looked at the stems I was discarding and asked if I was going to use them. I went off on this long story about doing an experiment and asked her what she thought and then she told me she just wanted to glean more weed before I threw them away. I laughed and noticed she had pulled enough bud for at least another doober. She suggested I make brownies out of the THC I extract from the stems.
I told her I was going to boil them in water so she suggested I make tea. After awhile she started acting like she was preparing to leave. I was done with all my bud so I put the pieces back in MM’s ‘preggers’ bag then set it on the table. I put the stems in the Fossil Tin along with the joints I rolled for Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s 6:45 j’s.
We started saying good bye and I followed her into the living room where she hurriedly straightened things up a bit. When she went to move the ottoman, I told her to leave it and I would put it back but by then she’d already set it down.

Sat 😃
She said she was going to return the next morning and do my stem experiment with me and that gave me a little hope. If she’s here I could grind the bud while she boils the stems or I might put them in the microwave or whatever and I wouldn’t have to do everything myself.
“Her not showing up wouldn’t surprise me though.” I thought when she said it.
She kept thanking me for helping her with her bills and tire repairs.
I kept telling her, “You’re welcome.” and then she made the baby thank me as well.
“Thank you, G” she said.
I followed her out a little ways to make sure the car would start.
I saw her finish putting Salida in the back then watched as she opened the passenger side door and cranked the engine. It started right up and I saw a happy look on her face.
“I’ll text you before I come.”, she informed me.
She said she might even be back that afternoon but I’m writing this the day after and she hasn’t returned.
Since I had not drank any water I poured myself two cups then waited out on the steps for the 2:05 editing alarm to sound. I added up how much I spent that day and it came to around $80.
I took the Firestone receipt out of my Hawaiian shirt pocket and put it with my keepsakes.
During the morning of September 10 I was answering questions on R&S when I heard a baby’s voice through the open window. Next, I heard a faint knock so I knew it was probably Salida. Before I could answer though, Gab came in.
When she opened the door I wondered if she’d replaced the battery so I listened and heard the engine running. I stood up and went to the back to get her one of my ‘special’ blunt bags with 2 tsp of weed and a stogie.
I commenced measuring in the kitchen and Gab watched the baby. While I did that we started talking. First, she told me her phone had been disconnected and that’s why she had not texted before she came.

Temptation Manipulation

Sun 😁
Suggested title: Temptation Manipulation
Info-box: my_new_formula_blunt
On the last day of August I began getting texts from Olga. It was a Saturday and she said she just wanted to get out and maybe take the girls somewhere. She’s never done that before but I decided I could go if she wanted to come get me and told her to just text what time.
After thinking about it for awhile I remembered I wanted Ave to draw a picture of the weather like Sam and I had discussed earlier. I texted again and asked Olga to tell Sam to make sure Ave had the art supplies she would need to complete the project.
Olga answered and said Sam was coming here so I thought maybe we were going to go get supplies together but when it looked like Sam wasn’t going to show, I told Olga I would pitch in ten bucks if she wanted to take me.
She answered saying she and I could go get them together. She called a little later wanting to know what time I needed to be driven back home. Since I knew I would have to turn on the AC, I asked to be brought back before 7:30 so it wouldn’t keep cycling on and off.
After some calculating I realized 7:30 would be too late because if I turned it on at 2:00, the two hour difference might mean it would cycle off sometime between 4:00 and 5:00.
I told her I’d made a mistake and she seemed kind of disappointed but I wasn’t sure why. Later I began to wonder if she wanted me to watch the kids while she did something else.
At two I turned on the AC and took a shower, then, since she still had not honked, I started the outline. I heard the horn closer to 2:30 than 2:00 so I threw on one of the shirts they bought me, grabbed my wallet, locked the front door and rushed out to the driveway to see if the babies were in the back. The car seats were empty however and when I inquired she let me in on what she was planning to do.
She said Sam was watching the girls so she could score the ingredients to make soup. She also had a list of stuff Sam wanted her to bring including the inevitable bottle of wine.
We took off north to the town the university is in and on the way we passed all the places I remember from back when I use to feed Sugar Bowl.

Mon 😁
We stopped to get gas so I offered her the ten-spot but she told me to keep it and went into the store by herself to pay. She left the radio playing and I heard a song by Nelly I use to listen to back in the day when her and I drove all over Texas.
Thinking about you thinking about me thinking ’bout us what we gonna be
After she pumped gas, we headed over to Walmart. It was so packed inside that I suggested we try HEB. She really didn’t want to go to HEB I don’t think because she hesitated when I mentioned it. I wondered if it was because she knows where everything is in the Walmart and not the HEB.
We did go but it was also packed and that’s when I remembered it was Labor Day weekend. I kept offering her the ten so we could score art supplies but she kept telling me to hold on to it. She said I could buy the stew meat for her soup though and I agreed but I reminded her that if she was going to share the soup with me then it had to be beef.
When we went to find a sprinkler for the girls, one of the managers showed Olga a shelf model and said he would take fifty percent off if she decided to buy it. We threw it in the cart then headed for check-out. While Olga did that, I went to the school supply aisle to see what they had.
I got a box of markers and a tablet but couldn’t find a portfolio to keep her artwork in. After Olga went through, I paid for my stuff and then we headed back to her townhouse. When we were parked, I started carrying stuff to the door.
I knocked and Ave opened and I heard her say, “I love you, Grandpa.”
Olga began making her soup while I grabbed Ave and showed her the art stuff I’d brought. When she understood what I wanted her to do she said for me to do one first and then she would attempt it.
While I colored, Sammy came over to give me the magazine she’d said she wanted me to have. It’s a copy of Rolling Stone’s Beatles Albums edition. The photos are quite stunning but I set it aside so I could work with Ave. After I colored the sky and horizon I made her come and start a drawing like she’d promised.

Tue 😁
Olga was cooking her soup by then but she took the girls upstairs and put them in bathing suits to play in the sprinkler while Ave was still trying to complete her assignment.
Before everybody went outside, I made her bring up “Baby Shark” on the big screen.
I got Aum off my lap then watched them sing along with the video. I noticed Aum doing the little ‘grandma’ move.
We all went out onto the lawn next and Ave started playing in the water. Aum didn’t jump right in like her sister did. In fact, she avoided getting wet for quite some time. Sam was watching them and she kept getting wet too which she complained about because she had people coming over and didn’t want to ruin her make-up.
We found out why the sprinkler we’d bought was half off. It didn’t spin like it was supposed to but we weren’t sure if it was a defect or because the water pressure wasn’t strong enough. When Sam’s friends showed up, Olga came out to dry the girls off and get everybody fed.
Inside, she set bowls out for us and warned that the soup was still very hot. Ave kept running around and asking when the pizza was going to be delivered so I asked her to come to the table and finish her drawing.
She brought it into the dining area and started working on it then I heard Aum say, “I want to color.”
We made Ave tear a sheet from her tablet and put it down in front of her sister.
I asked her what color she wanted and she said, “Blue.”
I gave her a marker then told her to draw a sun. She tried to make a circle but it came out as two loops. Ave showed her how then we all finished our soup. I never saw Ave eat any of hers but Aum picked up a spoon and dug right into her bowl. It was very hearty by the way.
Ave kept asking about the pizza and finally I heard Olga tell her that it would arrive soon. She finished her drawing before it came and when I asked her to show it to me I told her it had come out good.
While I was finishing my second bowl of soup she ran to find her mom to show her what she’d done. She came back shortly and told me to put it on the fridge. I didn’t even know Olga had refrigerator magnets but when I went to look I saw two with Ave’s and Aum’s names on them.

Wed 😁
I took down Ave’s and hung the drawing under the freezer door.
The pizza guy finally arrived and Olga let the girls eat before driving me home. Sam offered to watch the kids while Olga dropped me off but we loaded them into the car and headed back. On the way, Olga brought up “Thunder” again and I looked through the rear view mirror at Ave but she wasn’t dancing. In fact she didn’t look very happy and I think it might be because she didn’t want me to leave.
I was surprised when we turned into the park entrance and heard Aum begin vocalizing. From what I could gather she knew we had arrived at Grandpa’s house.
We started telling each other bye as Olga parked in the driveway. Before I got down, she told me to text if I needed anything. I looked in the back seat one last time and told the girls bye then turned and waved from the porch. Ave was looking at me but I couldn’t tell if she was waving or not.
When I came inside, the AC had cycled through which was perfect so I turned the thermostat off and covered the vents in order to be ready for the next cycle.
On the evening of Sep 04 I was working on Freehostia when I began to hear the nightingale singing outside the east window. I been thinking about putting arrows with links to the previous and next week’s posts so I won’t have to keep going back to my 3rdQuarter page every time I need to view a different post.
All of a sudden Gabby burst through the front door and since I was not expecting anyone it startled me. She seemed very cheerful. We greeted each other as she came and stood in front of the recliner to finish telling me what she wanted but I asked her to hold on a sec. It’s because I’d just got a new shade of green off W3Cschool’s color wheel and wanted to see what it was going to look like as the new background for my information box.
She said, “Okay” then went over to the glass table where I put the Rolling Stone magazine Sam had given me. She asked if all the Beatles were dead. I told her George Harrison and John Lennon had died and she said she remembered hearing about John being murdered.
When I returned to last week’s post I didn’t like the shade of green I’d selected because I kind of wanted a color that reminded me of marijuana. Later I was able to change it back to blue and now I’m satisfied with the way it turned out.
After Gab was seated in the green chair I started explaining my new weed strategy and told her the blunts I was rolling were pretty bad ass.

Thu 😁
I got up and extracted the plastic bag I’d prepared for her and when I came back into the dining room I saw she was standing between Monsieur Frog’s table and the counter. She was holding the febreze can for some reason but I didn’t ask her about it I just held out the bag so she could confirm that it had shake, skunkweed and one of the Swisher Sweet wrappers in it.
I told her again that I hate rolling so it’s better for me to give her the weed and the wrapper in a bag and let her decide what she wants to do with it.
“You like to roll, right?” I asked her.
She started singing, “I like to ROOOLLLLLL!”
When she had the bag she made me give her a ‘high five.’
Next she smiled real big and informed me that she was coming early next morning and was going to spend the day with me.
She asked what time I get up but when I said, “Between 5:00 and 6:00” she admitted she would not be here that early. She said it would probably be closer to 11:00.
I asked her if she wanted me to have the AC running and she said, “Yes.”
She was still smiling as she began to leave. I didn’t even bother asking her to text first because I’m pretty sure she doesn’t do that anymore. Before she went out Squirrel Gate she untied the ‘doorknob’ cloth from the Privacy door. I’m not even sure what we’ve been using all these years, but I always thought it was an old shirt of La La’s. Gab pulled it out of the doorknob hole saying she needed to borrow it but would bring it back.
“Yeah, right.” I thought to myself, “I’ll never see that thing again.”
She saw my reaction and laughed and swore up and down she would return it.
I laughed too then we started saying, “Bye” and as she went through Squirrel Gate we told each other, “Good night.”
While the door closed I said, “Peace out” then saw on my phone that the time was 8:30.
Yesterday, which was Sep 5, I got up and even though I was expecting Gabby to come I did my usual stuff.
At 8:30 I took the turnaround tree route so I could pick up some wrappers from Stripes on the way back. After I ate breakfast I sat and rolled two of my new special formula blunts before jumping on the internet. I call them SPB’s (Special Formula Blunts) because I’m measuring the amounts of shake and skunkweed I’m putting in before I roll.

Fri 😁
Sep07 (Jam 1:6-8)
At 10:00, still thinking Gabby might show up, I shut the windows and turned on the AC like I promised. While the house was cooling I took a shower, dried off really good then started writing an outline in expectation of her arrival.
At 11:43 however, she had not shown up and the AC blower had died down. I turned the thermostat off but later heard a car door slam. It sounded like it had come from the driveway but when I got up and looked out the bathroom window there were no cars.
This morning, which is the sixth of September, I had already started putting stupid answers on R&S when I heard a car engine. This time I knew it was Gabby because it sounded so close I thought it was coming from inside the front bathroom.
I’ve kind of been thinking about using something smaller than the plastic cap to measure with seeing as how the last two special formula blunts had come out a little too fat for my liking.
Then I thought, “Hey wait a minute. I’ve got measuring spoons!”
I jumped up and pulled the silverware drawer open hoping to locate them before Gab burst in. I did find them and was holding them in my hand when she came through Squirrel Gate.
“Hey, G! Whatcha doin’?”
She was wearing a cap again and I wondered if she’d been at the gym but I told her I was looking for something to measure weed with. She said she had not come yesterday because she’d had another flat tire.
I told her she needs to replace her other two before they go flat and leave her stranded somewhere.
She said, “Thank you!”
I continued talking about my blunt rolling experiment and asked if the last bag I’d given her was enough.
“Perfect!” she declared.
She said she didn’t use the Swisher Sweet cigar I’d included though. I think she said she’d used the shake and skunkweed to roll a fatty.
“Wait til you try my new formula blunt.” I said rubbing my hands together.
Later, while I was digging out my stash she said she needed to use the restroom and headed up to the front. I figured she must have had Salida with her again and would have to look out every once in awhile to check on her.
When I had my bags I used the cap to see how much it held compared to the teaspoons. Turns out it holds more than 1/3 of a teaspoon.
By then, Gab had emerged from the restroom and had sat across from me at the dining room table .

Sat 😁
I gave her one of the new formula blunts but she wanted more so I asked her to take a bag with the teaspoon measurements of weed.
She said, “No” like she knew it would hold less so I gave her a bag I’d measured out with the plastic lid the day before.
I bragged about my new measured blunts telling her I couldn’t even finish a whole one. She laughed.
As she was leaving, she started thanking me like she usually does. I wanted to ask her about the way she was dressed so I told her she looked like MM when she comes from the gym. She said they had indeed been working out together.
She got up to leave and we said, “Bye” and “Have fun.”
I stayed seated at the table and didn’t even attempt to record the time. I was glad I’d found something new to measure with and after a few trials I was kind of looking forward to Friday’s grinding chore.
I returned to the recliner without hiding the evidence in case I needed to go back and look at something else.
Yesterday, the 7th of September, I was stuffing chicken breast in my mouth when I heard a knock. I stopped chewing for a second expecting Gab to come in but when the door didn’t open I figured it must be Olga. It wasn’t her though, when I opened Squirrel Gate I saw MM standing on the steps.
She came in and noticed I was eating so she asked if I’d made rice. I picked up the white bowl and told her no I was eating canned chicken. She didn’t come right out and ask but I kind of guessed she was here to smoke so I mentioned that my 11:00 blunt had been kick ass. She went up to Headquarters and fished it out of the ashtray then I watched as she lit it.

Color the Moon Purple

Sun 😁
Suggested title: Color the Moon Purple
Info-box: Nike_Ball_Episode; severe_abdominal_pain
Aug23 Still Aug 22 and just back from drinking…
I came inside and set the 6:45 toke alarm then ate the Big Mac. It must have absorbed some of the alcohol because I started feeling like I wanted to toke up and get back on my schedule.
Sure enough, I smoked then sat on the steps and freaked out like I usually do. I came back inside and texted the girls and told them how much fun I’d had. Sam texted right away but I had to wait a little while to hear from Olga. They suggested we do it again.
I felt well enough to have my third cuppa cuppa and took the first sip at 7:47 which is only about an hour later than normal.
Aug23. Dude, I’m trying to come up with a system where I don’t have to worry so much about running out of weed. I’ve still got sixty in cash to give to MM for my second lid this month but I’m going to wait until she contacts me.
My first strategy was to process skunkweed so to start things off, I went up and grabbed the graveyard tin. Before I sat down to tear the roachies though, I set the timer. I gave myself two breaks during phase 1 so I could cool off and finish my cranberry juice but it still took about an hour and a half.
Right now at 2:45, I’m between the first and second editing alarms. Since today is Friday and that’s when I’m supposed to grind, I started on the second part of my plan which is to tear the buds into small enough pieces to fit in the grinder. I pulled all that were left in the bag apart and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of weed it produced. It’s probably going to make 4 or 5 grinders full.
When I did grind it I had myself a lot of powder.
I was hoping I’d be able to start rolling blunts while doing the chore but I forgot step 3 which is chopping. I’ll do that during the last editing break at 3:20 but even if I do, I still won’t have any blunts rolled. I just hope Gab doesn’t show up.
Maybe I’ll feel like tackling plan 4 (actual blunt rolling) this coming Sunday morning if she doesn’t visit before then. I’m kind of kicking around the idea of alternating my blunt rolling with plan 5 which, of course, would be cranking out my 6:45 doobers.
I just finished chopping and now it’s 3:30. I won’t have time to roll any blunts today but technically I don’t have to because I can always make Sugar Bowl wait while I roll.

Mon 😁
Aug28 (Isa 42:6-7)
The only thing wrong with that plan is that many times she’ll ask for a blunt and then after I roll one she wants shake too. It’s almost as though she doesn’t like the way I roll or something.
The last time she was here, I did tell her that there is no way I can give her two blunts worth of shake everyday. I did add that I’m working on a strategy that should eventually keep both of us happy.
On Aug24 I wrote about what I call the “Nike Ball Episode” intending to submit it to the magazine, High Times. Aver.
I’ve been on Quora lately reading ‘author’ blogs and that’s what I was doing when Salida walked through the door. I looked over and saw the little girl entering the house carrying a basketball.
Her mother was right behind her so we waved and said, “Hello” then I watched the baby clip-clop across the carpet towards my recliner.
She must have noticed I was looking at the ball as she came in because she put it in my lap. I thought she wanted to play catch but when she turned and ran back into the middle of the floor, she didn’t clap like kids do if they want to play catch instead she looked up at herself in the ceiling fan mirror. I couldn’t get her attention after that so I began recalling fondly how I’ve watched her mother grow up under that mirror.
Ever since she was 16 she would come over with my daughter and her friends and bring me bags of weed. My friend is very pretty so I couldn’t help but remember more than just her handing me bags.
After she was seated, I asked if she could give me time to roll her a blunt.
“Blunt.” the baby repeated.
I laughed and told her my baby’s first word had been “bitch”.
Gabby said they were on their way to breakfast so I took that to mean she had time to wait.
I dragged the paraphernalia out of my mother’s desk then sat down to roll. I glanced back into the living room and it appeared that Gab was holding onto the baby, so I asked her to bring Grandpa his spectacles.
Her mother handed her the glasses then she ran through the kitchen towards my chair but dropped them before I could get them in my hand. She picked them up and tried handing them to me again but the same thing happened.
She picked them up a second time, handed them to me and after I said “Thank you” again I finished processing the bud.
Afterward, I carried the blunt out to Gabby and warned her as she took possession of it that it was still wet.

Tue 😁
She smiled politely and made me go back into the kitchen and put it in a plastic bag. I also had to add the second cigar from the Swisher Sweet package before she would accept it. She uses that second ‘stogie’ as I like to call it, to re-roll the blunts I give her and turn them into one big fatty.
After her bag was full I thought I heard her ask for a “G”.
I couldn’t believe she wanted money so I acted like I heard her say, “roachie.”
“Good luck,” I replied.
I followed her and the baby up the hallway so I could keep an eye on her while Gabby looked through the ‘roachies’ in what I call the “Graveyard Tin.”
She emerged a few seconds later thanking me and telling the baby to say, “Bye!”
I waved at both of them as they stepped out onto the porch and like always we ended the visit with her flashing a “Deuce!” and me saying “Peace Out!”
The time was 11:02.
The next day, Aug 25, I posted my journal online then smoked my 11:00 blunt. I came in and got on Yahoo! but had to use the restroom so as I was washing my hands I heard someone knock. I had barely finished drying when Gab walked in.
She had Salida with her again so we all began saying, “Hi” and “oohing” and “ahhing” over the baby.
First thing I told Gab was that I could only give her one blunt.
“I know G….” she said, stretching out the last syllable.
I set my stuff on the table and heard Salida saying something to her mom.
“She’s tired.”, Gab explained.
While I rolled, she got up and took the baby to the middle bedroom to put her down I think. A minute or so later she came back out and sat across from me at the kitchen table. She seemed very talkative, and after I rolled her a blunt she asked for more. I hadn’t even wanted to roll in the first place so I groaned and begged her once again to please take roachies. She looked so disappointed though that I ended up offering to roll her a joint but only if she would take skunkweed this time.
She looked at the bag with the black, burned out, second-hand marijuana in it and said it was nasty. I managed to talk her into taking some though and then, as usual, she wanted the other Swisher Sweet ‘stogie’ as well. I winced and handed it to her then watched as she put it in the plastic bag with the rest of my weed.

Wed 😁
Aug30 Hephzibah said to open it (Matt 19:5-6)
Next, she started talking about ‘dro again but all I could think was, “Why does she need ‘dro when she’s already scored two blunts off me?”
She keeps saying she wants to bring some here but I always argue that the weed MM gives me is sufficient as far as I’m concerned.
About then Salida came into the kitchen. Gab held onto her and told me she had lost her sitter and that she doesn’t have any friends. She sighed and said she’d wanted to give her sister a twenty so she could come watch TV with me like old times. I told her that if she does get to come to at least give me time to cool the house down. I went on to say I’ve been turning the AC on earlier these days.
I keep fussing at her about texting before she comes so she put my number in her phone and called me. When we heard it ring she hung up. After that she started getting ready to leave and as they were walking back out to the car she told the baby to thank me.
l have no idea what time we said, “Peace out.”
Today is Aug 27 and I became quite ill last night. The ulcer symptoms that have sent me to the hospital a couple of times returned suddenly. I recognized them and could feel the pain coming on as soon as the discomfort started. It began to set in just before my third cuppa cuppa alarm went off at 7:05. I couldn’t do anything about it so I poured the coffee in the sink and went to bed.
It hurt all night but I did get up and poop at one point because I have this belief that sitting up may alleviate pain. It doesn’t though and moving to another spot doesn’t either that’s just geography. I tried to vomit and I did heave a couple of times but nothing came out.
I discovered though that if I changed position sometimes, I would feel fleeting relief.
Everytime that happened I thought, “Thank You, God for taking away the pain.”
I think He put that potential, called “narrative construction”, in us when He created the first man.
I had a horrible night and then, to top it off, I awoke and noticed I’d left the AC on. I groaned even more when I found out I’d done that because I was afraid it would take forever to cycle through and all I wanted to do was stay in bed and try to sleep.

Thu 😁
Luckily I heard it click a short time later so I was glad that I was able to turn it off before it started up again.
I decided to stay in bed and fast. By noon I started noticing the pain was subsiding but I didn’t feel anywhere near well enough to go back to my regular routine. Once though, I did get up and sit in the recliner but fell asleep before attempting any of my normal activities.
When I woke up I vomited into the wastebasket and that made me feel a little better too for some reason. Afterwards, I crashed in bed under the ceiling fan and stayed there for most of the afternoon. By 4:45 I woke up feeling no pain.
I watched Judge Judy then drank my 5:00 cup of water. At 6:00 I even felt like checking the mail and when I opened Squirrel Gate, I saw a mockingbird on the porch sitting under the black table on its brace.
At this very moment my head is hurting a little and I still feel slight discomfort in my durn belly. I’m starting to worry that it’s going to flare up again. All I can do though is continue fasting.
After toking up I went out onto the steps and saw another mockingbird near the bread tree. When I sat down I noticed a very small yellow breasted bird flitting about in the lower branches. It flew up onto the lattice and played peek a boo then flew back out again and turned towards the driveway.
Before I knew it he was back in the lattice and then all of a sudden it flew under the porch and landed right next to me on the step railing. I looked at it closely thinking it might be a parakeet but I still don’t know. When I’d first seen it, I thought it was a robin.
Now I feel a slight headache as I’m about to take a sip of my third (well actually first) cuppa java. By 7:18 it was gone.
That brings to mind one of my favorite sayings: “The comfort of routine.” and now I’m even feeling like I could have some fun.
Later, after spending time on the internet, I noticed my headache began coming back.
On the morning of Aug 28 I took Las Tres Palmas route and on the way back I found a ten spot lying on the ground. I thought it would be okay to pick up since I might have been the person who dropped it in the first place during one of my trips to and from the ATM.

Fri 😁
Gab had told me about buying blunts with THC added and I think she said they were two for $5 so I figured I’d give it to her and she could score us a couple and maybe even let me try one myself.
I was still working on my rolling strategies that day so after breakfast I did an experiment. I found the plastic K cup Sugar Bowl and I got from Walmart a few years ago for my Mr. Coffee brewer. We shopped for it because I needed an alternative to the “k” cups which were becoming far too expensive.
While I was digging around looking for something I could use to measure skunkweed and shake with I found a small cap about the size of a thimble. I set them on the table then pulled out my stash in order to roll us a new kind of blunt.
I first emptied the tobacco from the stogie wrapper into the sand bucket then measured out the amount I normally do to roll a joint. I found out very quickly that the plastic K cup is way too big to measure weed with. I tried the small cap next and learned that it’s a tad big also because when I rolled myself a skunkweed j, I ended up with a fatty. I measured and rolled a joint first to ensure that each blunt had at least two doobys worth of weed in them. I figured I’d tamp the next amount down a little and see what happens.
Next, with two cap fulls, one of shake and one of skunkweed, I rolled a blunt but it too wound up being a fatty. It looked very tempting though so I put it away to spark up at 6:45.
I did the same thing for Gabby’s daily blunt but after measuring and adjusting I put the weed and the stogie in a plastic bag without actually rolling anything. I did it like that thinking she could roll it however she wanted.
The bag is under the Frog’s butt but Gab hasn’t been back since. Just as a side note I did smoke the new type of blunt and it worked real good at getting me high and making me trip.
Aug30 I checked my bank account and I have enough to pay off OneMain but I think I’m going to wait a couple more months.
I had another ulcer like flare-up yesterday and it was even worse than the first. The pain was excruciating. I wanted to die. I was sick from about 4:00 in the afternoon until a short while ago and I still don’t feel all that well. I’ve made up my mind that I’m going to have to walk over to the VA.

Sat 😁
Still Aug30.
Remember I said I wanted to die?
I kept repeating, “I’m in excruciating pain, Father. Please have mercy on me.”
Next time I might have to shoot myself in the head to stop the relentless pain.
I did go to the VA by the way. They didn’t let me see a doctor though nor did they give me anything for the pain.
I told the worker who interviewed me that I felt a 4 on the pain scale. I also made sure to say I was afraid I was going to have another flare up. I carried pain killers for acid re-flux that I’ve been keeping in the freezer since my last attack but she told me not to take those. I thought she would at least renew the prescription but she didn’t.
Now that I feel fine I’m kind of glad I made it through two episodes without calling an ambulance.
Going back on schedule at 3:42.
Post Fabreze. Dude I didn’t brew my third cuppa cafe but now I want it. I keep reaching for it on the coffee table and it’s making me laugh.
This afternoon I saw what looked like french fries on the porch floor.
Now Dude, all of a sudden I want waffle/bolgna sammiches and then I’m going to check the TV schedule.


[Aug01 (already?) Dude my oneMain balance will drop below $2000 by payday. I’ve got to be patient though. See ya lata loozaz Imma sit outside for 14 minutes before I watch TV. I was looking at the new schedule and when I remembered us watching Get it Girl one time she reminisced about watching that woman’s show at work. I remember watching it with her sometimes. It’s not the view it’s another one. I gotta add that episode to the outline. Aug02 Post Febreze. Capital One is changing my due date which will give me about $150 more to spend than July. I think Gab just wants me to take her to Academy so I can let her buy something. Olga mentioned school supplies and I tried to give her ten but she refused it. I have to get a lid. Dude I have to get two lids. lol I just thought of that. The girls have been very helpful. The LG tablet is about to bite the dust. I’m going to miss that old thing? It shut off this afternoon after displaying a temperature warning. So now I’ve lost the red Acer the Dell laptop and tabletop the Galaxy SIII and finally the LG tablet. It got me to Durango Dude without a hitch. I gotta write more and catch up. The Gramerly sight gives me higher score when I submit short paragraphs. Here’s the link to the night Gab spent the night. I just realized it was under the dream catcher. It needs major revision it’s too mushy. I’ll turn it into small paragraphs and edit on Gramerly. Aug03 Let them instruct Jacob in your judicial decisions And Israel in your Law Post Fabreze. I found where Gab spent the night now I want to find references to our first meeting. I started in 2009 but there’s like only two files lol. I remember her playing “I Just Came to Say Hello.” for me or so I thought. I regret taking one of her wrist bands that year. I’m a perv. Waiting for the AC to cycle through. I turned it on at 6:15 while the thermostat was reading 95° It just shut off at 10:08 which means I can set the alarm to 6:07 tomorrow. That’s good because when the Sunday Scalloped potatoes alarm goes off at 6:15 the AC will already be cooling. Imma rool up the sidewalk lad and see yez manana.]
[Aug04 I almost forgot but the other night I saw a lighning bug on my mother’s aloe vera. By the numbers. Today while I was editing I got two posts exactly 430 words and this weeks total came out to exactly 3010. Dude I had the AC alarm set for 6:07. I sat on the steps and waited for it to sound. I rushed in and closed the windows and stuff and just as I was about to turn it on the temp changed to 96°. Can’t remember seeing it that hot. The heat is oppressive. Thinking about going back to turning it on at 4:20 like I use to. I’d prepare Headquarters at the same time then try to get it to shut off at ten after closing the vents. Well I guess I’ll skip the coffee and just read last week’s post. Aug05 Dude, I got that dread cloud over me again today. I need scream therapy. I can’t function in those situations. I’m way behind in my writing and I’m bummed about last week’s post. It’s very choppy. Technically I’m okay as far as editing but I should have done Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s paragraphing. I had an appointment with my lawyer so I’m aight. It’s 8:29. About to spend 14 minutes on porch. I’m falling asleep trying to read questions on Yahoo! Aug10 Dude my electric is 102. I’m going to start turning on the AC at 4:20 like I did for probably the last decade. Just off then lads to traipse onto Yahoo! 5:30 96° 9:57 AC alarm set for 5:32. (9:59 on Laptop) Aug12 Gab just left. I came on to comment about my outlines. I’m actually catching up. I’m about to start the week of the 25th. When the 25th rolls around I’ll know how much I still owe oneMain. Turned the AC on at 5:00 according to the phone. Temp: 96° today was really hot, humid and miserable. Watching new Dateline I think. Dude, Sunday when I posted my journal the bible lesson icon was displaying an error. I wasn’t stoned but it took me a while to figure out what was going on. Turns out lol I had not copied the logo into Aug folder on Freehostia. I also had to keep hitting the refresh icon because the page wouldn’t update. I just noticed I got a 77 for the clean up on aisle six episode and it also says I wrote very clearly. I got a check mark for clarity. Well just off then to sit on the steps my last 14 minutes.]
[Aug15. I dreamt about singing “You’re the One” last night and now I wonder if I was singing it aloud? I was nailing it, Dude! It’s the six o’clock hour and for the first time in a long time I have 0 outline PgUps. Right now I don’t know what I’m going to write about next. I don’t have to panic though since I’m up to Tue of the week of the 25th which is the last full week of August. Aug16 You think that’s something, eh? Last night I dreamt monk-monk had ‘is paw where it belongs which is on Sugar Bowl’s waist. We both enjoyed it in my dream. I ain’t got to do no journal writing until the 21st of Aug. I’m still trying to maintain my quota and if that’s true then I have it for tomorrow too. (Oaf takes last sip of the swill he calls ‘is third cuppa cafe”) recipe for steamed rice: You can produce fluffy, tender steamed rice on the stovetop by adjusting the amount of water you use. Aug17. AC ran from 4:20 and shut off a couple of minutes ago at 9:20. Takes first sip of third cuppa caca. There goes the alarm (9:24) It was chilly in Headquarters at 6:45. Reminded me of winter. The shadows are lengthening btw. Dude, remember it was cold and Gabby told me I was biting Boo-Boo and Shewchi? I’m going to have about three hundred left over this month after all my bills. I haven’t paid Capital One though since they moved the due date to next month. I don’t know why but I bet they benefit whatever the reason. I wish Gab and MM would accept the fact I can only buy two lids every month. I still hate to roll but I did roll four blunts last week. I had the two blunts Gab wanted but I’m only giving her one at a time. Saw the squirrel in the neighbor’s yard. It’s miserable weather. He was being very still until a male grackle landed near Olga’s swing tree. I thought about turning on the faucet. There’s probably water nearby. I’m sure the neighbor’s have water out. It’s 9:57 I’ll just tidy up a bit then cash. Aug18 Waiting for the AC to click off. It’s been very erratic these past few days even though the thermostat has been reading 95°. I’ve been sleeping later lately. Dude the AC just clicked off at 9:34. Thinking about leaving it on and covering the vents.]
[Still Aug18 Anyway I been getting up around 7:00 or 8:00. On weekdays I’ve been walking a little later but only by a few minutes. Sundays I have to be up by 6:30 to make my first cuppa caca then watch Tomorrow’s world. The Nightingale just started chirping. I’m seeing if I have enough words for this week’s and next’s but I’m about a day and a half short and I’ve nothing to write about. The way I’ve been editing and writing the last couple of weeks is working out pretty well I think. Last week I focused on scoring more than 79 on my Gramerly account and I did a couple of times and I think my style is improving. I started editing the week of the 18th and Dude, it’s very choppy. I think I got Monday’s post pretty much down. I pasted one of the episodes into my Gramerly account and scored an 80 and there were no issues. I also got the clarity check. It was the first one this week so I’m optimistic. Aug19 What Hymn Will Satan be Playing in Hell? I’ll put out the fires of hell with my spit. Aug20 haven’t made any outlines in past three days. You have to make outlines, Oaf if you want to keep writing. Made myself record Instacart episode. Thinking it will get me to the end of August. One more thought. I’m writing during the second editing time which is 6:15 on weekdays and 8:30 on the weekend. Yesterday I kind of missed writing although I dread doing it whenever I do have an outline. Today I did the Instacart episode so I could write this evening. Hey, I just remembered something else. I can never finish before the third cuppa cafe alarm sounds when I write from an outline. Still needing to practice patience, aren’t I? Ain’t no big thang. Post Febreze. Depends how one looks at it I suppose. I had to delete the whole episode. I still got time to come up with another. Last night I had to keep covering up with the sheet. It gets very cool under the ceiling fan when the osculating fan is running. Aug22 did all three outlines. Wrote up to September first. I’ll know my oneMain balance by then. I got another call from a nice loan officer. I turned down the offer for more money. Told her my dream is to pay off my approx $10,000 debt then perhaps start a business. Well just off to put stupid stuff on R&S if they let me that is.
[ Still Aug 22 Had to use the phone this morning. Manana I start processing two lids per month. Fer sure. Aug 23 Last night the blower shut off at 9:59 on the tablet. May have shut off more than once like when I was taking 14 min on the steps. Doing same times tonight. I only changed a couple words today. This week’s post is going in the can. Signed into Quora. I’m interested in author groups like people writing their first book. There are groups like that but I don’t know if I could get into one of them I’d probably have to move to Ct or somewhere way north. Murder She Wrote. Aug24 Dude, the third cuppa caca alarm went off and while I was in the kitchen brewing I heard a lot of noise outside and on the roof. I think it was hail and rain and I listened to it like God was playing. It was dark and I didn’t want to open Squirrel Gate because the AC was running. I turned it on twenty minutes early since it’s been shutting off at around 9:20 the past few nights. Today it got up to 95° again so I’ll write down what time it shuts off. Awww…it shut off just now at 9:51. Well, imma rool up the sidewalk, lads and call it a night. Aug26. I just finished editing and I counted the words and I have all of this weeks, all of the week of Sep 1 and even Monday Sep 8’s. Gab and Salida came by again. She says she lost the AC in her car. I gave her a blunt and a joint’s worth of stinkweed. I think she broke my fan. Aug28. Sugar Bowl we gotta sell this stuff. I am FUUUUUUUUUuhuhuhked up. My blunt didn’t go out once. It built up I was buzzing like a mother fucka when I smoked about like 1/3. Dig? Aim for the center Dude, I told you how Gab or Salida broke my fan? I’m so glad Sammie got the remote working when she put it together that night. Thanks. Aug31 Keep you caca down there. Hephzibah said its on God’s shirt. Learning Where you shit goes. Sometimes it gets so hard.]

[Sep01, 2019 already? Dude, I’m tripping. You know you’re in heaven when your five year-old starts telling you what to do. I will police them Post post-febreze. Dude, I’m stoned and tripping. Just off then to read last week’s post. Toodles. Aww the AC turned off at 10:04. Turned it on during the six o’clock hour when it got up to 81° I forget what time that was. Anywayz Imma cash. Sep02 Dude, I’m about to start on the week of the 15th. Dude, whatever song that is they’re playing outside has got me crying like a baby. They’re playing beautiful music. Thief in the Night 568. Yes, be sure to decipher your code for us later, Oaf. Googoos not picking up the name of the song. I’m just glad it’s not too loud. Reminds me of SNL. I’m on the porch for 14 minutes. There’s a party going on still at the pretty neighbor lady’s. I can smell a grill too. The white guy is outside too. It’s so cool. Then when I was looking for stars I saw lightening in the darkening western sky. Just noticed the moon through the lattice. Just came back inside and it’s fresh in here. Sep03 I’m gonna unearth those jewels so they can you know fly into God’s nose. Pat likes that. Dude it’s a beautiful day although right now it’s raining and the mosquitos are as big as Stukas. My shameful twenty years as a teacher. Dude, I’m formatting my posts and I’m already halfway through the month. It’s because I’d put the second durn belly episode in the fluff post and forgot. Sep04 Dude, retired teachers are getting a bonus so looks like I’m going to be able to pay off OneMain this month. I should save it for the feast but if I pay off One Main that’s going to free up $650 a month. You sir are allowed to be as annoying as possible. It’s not you actually it’s God creating everything as we move along. I picture Sugar Bowl with her leg up and and that girls TOES thank you , Jesus perched up on the wall. Her head is under the Dreamcatcher where this all started when she removed her badge. She’d found a monkey. Hephzibah keeps saying, “With wife.” Imma boot ta toin on da AC but there’s a psychological element to this whole cooling the house down and getting high thing like I’m my house is my castle. ” Such that he begins in his personal living space on the upper floor and ends in the shared prehistoric roots of all mankind.”]
[Still Sep 04 I notice it when I don’t turn it on before I smo.’ You put the first next week’s arrow on Aug18 post, Oaf. Sep08 Just finished next week’s post. This time two weeks from now I’ll be getting ready to go online and read it. I haven’t had any pics to post lately. I wanted a silhouette of the squirrel on the roof of the shed but I didn’t have my phone. Could have used it this week when I told MM that’s where I got Olga’s nickname. MM said, “It’s been around forever.” Aww the AC clicked off 4 minutes late again. I turned it on at 6:29. Imma cash Sep10 Just got off the phone at 11:03 after paying off ONEPAIN! YEAH Dude, the account is already showing a $0.00 balance. Gab just came in with Salida Dude, Gabby is very aggressive. I wouldn’t let her take my charger because she never brought the door cloth back. She said she was washing it. Oh, ok I get it. duh. Yeah, daz kewl my sister from another mister lol 🙂 Oaf will be right back with a translation for all you officianados. lol Imma helicopter into hell like watching a bean fall from the Deacon Tree. That’s like a screw more than a helicopter though, right? They had a look alike contest today on Judge Judy I just saw this on R&S “Because they want to do something to them” Remember I told the psychologist I want something with every female? That describes my life exactly. Come out of her ye saints lest ye be lured into the seductresses net and become stuck there and unable to move. We know what happens next. Sep11. Post Febreze fresh out of Headquarters. When I was passing the middle bedroom door I remember how I like to open it on Saturday and Sunday them smo’ and look at the posters and puff and pass. Nostalgia is comforting no matter the season. Nostalgia of the Seasons Dude, it’s the eleventh and all my bills are paid except for Merrick and groceries. Payday I can send a thousand to my next biggest credit card. I might be done in seven months, I think. Sep12 Dude I’m about to start the week of Sep29 already on ATITN. I’ll be in October, (Atonement is less than a month away) around Monday. Sep13 Yes Oaf infact you will probably be starting October tomorrow evening when the 8:30 weekend editing alarm sounds. Gab sat in the blue chair and said we could jackoff.
[Still Sep13. I’m thinking seriously about doing it. Boo-Boo say, Here little monkey come see where you lip go. en español. Aver. Boo dice: Aquí pequeño mono ven a ver a dónde vas. According to some opinions, punishment is the same whether the individual transgresses with knowledge of the law or is ignorant of the law. Man I remember when getting the 430 quota was all I worried about. Now it’s 24/7. Coping Mech: 45/55% I’m at 5/95% Dude, I didn’t check the milk this morning. I even went to Stripes and got more wrappers for Sugar Bowl’s lips. I bought a quart of milk last time I went to HEB and got the one with the oldest freshness date. I didn’t want to open it til tomorrow when I make mac and cheese anywayz. I’m seriously thinking about renting a car and smoking during the Feast. DUDE! I should go to the Motel6 in Corpus again. I remember watching the first episodes of The Goldbergs and Mom. I remember that Feast like it was yesterday. Right now I’m remembering setting the editing alarms in the morning before coffee. Read Quora Writer’s Block question and added this comment to a reporter’s answer. Aver “I feel the same way. I have specific times during the day when I must write but most of the times, after an episode, I sit down and make an outline. I’ve been doing that for about a year now but it wasn’t until lately that I’ve become a stickler for the truth which you’ve made me realiza adds salty nuance to my stories.” I found two posts with exactly 430 words today. That’s a record I think. Not to mention the 3010 words for this week’s post. Until I went to the repeated words screen that is and ended up with like 2999 after using synonyms. Well just off to check TV schedule. AC 9:23-9:56 Dude it was 79 when I toked up and it reminded me of winter. I would have my red long-sleeved shirt on if it was that cold in the winter or maybe even under the bedcover. Just now when I washed my third cuppa cafe cup I plunged it into the sink and on my hands it feels exactly like it does in the winter. That’s so wierd. The temp was 90° when I turned it on. I remember putting away my long-sleeved shirt in March? Okay Imma cash. I’m getting better at sleeping late. Hope I can sleep until at least 6:21. Sep 15Well Oaf let me tell you that you came pretty close.]
[still Sep15… I been formatting whatever I wrote during the last editing period. By the time it has to go in the can it’s already been read at least seven times. Yes! it’s 10:00 on the dot and the AC just clicked off! I turned it on at 7:00. It shut off and I put the vent covers on and let it cycle through again without touching the thermostat. Sep16 Asked a question about the age of the female who talked about breasts and womb while Jesus was on His way to the cross. I guessed she was in her twenties but another person said she was probably in her sixties. The psychologist said it was probably the woman who washed His feet with her hair. I was fantasizing about an answer like that. I’m very anxious. I’m writing a lot now. I’m about to finish the week of Sep29. I could write all day long and still not catch up. Sep17 Did two day’s quota but I’m alread up to week of Oct6 Hold on Oaf let’s record pgups! Think that might be something we could work together on? umm…yeah, Straight Pat we’re back up to 18 PgUps which is where we were when you first sat down to write. lol I wrote at 6:15 and only used about 5 PgUps which means I’m three days behind. Dude I got $700 left this month. I want to start saving money to give to Olga and Gab. My goal is 200/mo/each but that’s going to be hard I think. I already give MM about $240/yr so I’m not going to worry about her. Sep19. I’m writing more, not jacking off, and weening myself off the internet. Quora claims my answer regarding FWB got like 30,000 views. Okay but I only got two comments and neither one of those even made sense. I wrote and formatted this morning and just now Post Febreze I did it again. It’s still only 7:44 and I got me sum MUNCHIES! Kewl. Scarfed me down some bologna white bread and Ritz crackers. Thought about eating cheetos too but I already had a bunch of those after Judge Judy. I been messing around with the title bar and information box of Sep15. It looks really good I think. Sep20 I made myself sit down and write this morning. The only thing is I had to take a nap first. I’d rather sleep than go on R&S nowdays. I got up at 12:30 which is about the time I get off the internet anyway then started in on the 18 PgUps I had.
[still Sep20…I wrote for about an hour and a half and I’m glad to announce that right now at 2:47 I have NO PgUps. Afterwards when the editing alarm sounded at 2:05 I heard a car in the driveway. I groaned because I really need to get this week’s post in the can. Gab and Salida just left but I’m going to wait until the six o’clock hour to do the outline since I don’t have any more writing to do. Dude, last night I used the tablet to go off when I needed to turn the AC on and the blower stopped again at 10:00. However I gotta admit the tablet is two minutes off now since it’s no longer connected to the internet. Hey if I’d used the phone to tell me when to turn it on it would have turned off at 10:00 anyway, right? Sep 21 God’s looking down upon upon is SERVAMPT! and blessing oaf as fast as He can. EXPLAININ in simple language what BLESSIN means. Amen! Dude I FINALLy got to smo’ then I was admiring my SFB when a seed rolled out of the suck end. I felt it hit the palm of my hand. YES! YES! Time warp. Jn 8:36. Feel Boo-Boo on your Chin Sep22. I been waking up in the middle of the night and sometimes I feel like I’m freezing. Then I think, if this really was winter it would be even harder to get up and go to the restroom. When I smoked my 9:00 j it was really cold in Headquarters. I thought of winter. I remember the guy who installed the AC saying, “You’re going to love your AC.” That was what 2010? Sep24 AC turned on at 6:30. What if washington holds most of the stock in the media companies. The employees would be required to say EXACTLY what Herr Geobbles allowed. I’m all caught up in my Journal. I did it just now when I came out of Headquarters. Sep25 Post Febreze. Something is terribly wrong. I’m about to stop writing so much. If I do then I’m probably going to stop doing chores everyday. She Seems to Think So Sep26 Last night I read a post from when Gab lived here and she was chasing bugs around the kitchen with a wrapper package. 9/21/14 Sep27 Dude I’m at the end of October in my journal. I’m definately past the feast. that reminds me I gotta show up at the lawyers Tuesday I think. Then GAD! that blasses Oaf say He gun blass Oaf n ALL ‘is babies. Of course, Old Fellow. I shall expect a translation on my desk by 8:00 AM. Dismissed!]
[Sep28 just read about the woman who washed Jesus’ feet. It’s kind of erotic. Jack Me Off With a Fig Leaf Hephzibah said boner. Post Febreze. I’m still down about my internet addiction. I could write more or edit more or just watch TV but I’ll keep putting stupid stuff on the internet. Also I already got this week’s post ready to go. I could have it up in the next twenty minutes but I like to do it Sunday morning. I even thought about editing fluff. On Saturday nights I get to watch the clock to see when 10:00 comes around. I don’t think the AC has ever turned off at 10:00 based on the laptop clock. Okay it’s 9:59 so it has to shut down within the next two minutes to be counted as a 100:0 shutdown. oops clocked just changed. got less than a minute now. Awwww! it just shut off at 10:01:34! 5:49 turn on time tomorrow. Lataz! I can hear a nightingale. It’s been singing at 8:30 from Olga’s swing tree when I take my 14 minute break on the porch. It’s already night time by then. Sep30 I’ll wipe where the unclean Oaf sat when the third cuppa cafe alarm goes off or should I wait until I get up to clean the cup? Stay tuned. Boo-Boo was scraming, “MONKEY!!! COME FIND ME!!! YOU KNOW WHERE I AM!! Then I look at shew chi and she was saying, “Look Monkey! She hasn’t taken off her bra but you can already see me! Then I look and shewchi is under Sugar Bowl’s hair like Boo-Boo whose nipple I kiss and put in my mouth. Oaf I’ve decided not to try to edit this fluff after all: 3 Sep21 Sit on Me So I Can Smell You Episode Editing note: I’m so far ahead it ain’t funny. I think I’m into the middle of the Feast now. Anyway I’m going to leave this fluff in and see what it looks like when I start editing. Today is Sep21 Oaf. Are you at the Feast? Well I looked at the Holy Day calendar and it looks like the 13th is the day before the feast which means I’ll probably be moving over to the hotel that afternoon. Actually, come to think of it, the 13th is a Sunday so that will be good. I’m going to try to hold onto the 500 I got in checking right now for meals and a hotel room. Dude! Click the back arrow on week of September eighth and watch the smiley face. Dude, I never read these.]

Sun 😃
Suggested title: A Wiggle and a Jiggle Can Make the Night Complete
Info-box: oblong_seat; drinks_at_don_pepis
Aug22 (SOS 3 Klink!)
I looked at her sitting in the green chair, got her attention and asked if she had time for me to process a little of the shake I’d ground the Friday before. She nodded so I turned to the piano and took out the chopper. While I was doing that, her and Salida came into the kitchen.
Gab said, “I’m bored” and I’m sure she did it so I’d remember the day she sat on my bed and said those very words.
Salida watched as I brushed the powder into my John Wayne tin so I asked Gab if she knew what I was doing.
She said, “Probably not”, so I said, “Aw.”
I told her about Ave and how she seemed interested in drawing. Gab said when Salida gets markers she writes on the walls. I laughed and said that’s what Olga use to do and pointed at the wall under the Beatles poster where she use to scrawl big circles with her markers. I didn’t spank her by the way, but our housekeeper did yell at her.
Gabby kept thanking me for the weed I was giving her and I kept saying, “You’re welcome.”
She prepared to leave and when she had everything, including the bag with a blunt and some shake, she and the baby headed for Squirrel Gate. I told her I’m kicking around the idea of scoring two lids a month so I don’t have to worry so much about running out.
She said, “Okay. I’ll be back next week.”
Not sure why she’s going to wait a week but she might be thinking I need to roll a bunch in preparation for her next visit.
I stayed seated at the table and didn’t record what time we said, “Peace out” but it was probably about 12:15.
Before I hid the evidence I made myself roll two blunts. Dude, they came out real nice so I hid them in an empty wrapper package thinking I’d smoke those next weekend.
Turns out, I saw two of the girls yesterday. Later, while I was watching Judge Judy I got another knock at the door. I figured it had to be MM because it was late afternoon and she usually gets out of work about that time but when I opened the door I saw my Squirrel standing there.
We said, “Hey” then she told me she was off work and had stopped because her last assignment had been somewhere nearby.
Inside we started talking and catching up so I mentioned that Sam has been texting me.

Mon 😃
I told her she probably wants to know if I need to go anywhere or else she just wants us to go have drinks. I said the last time I spoke to her we’d talked about going to Home Depot to replace the toilet seat and Olga volunteered to take me right then.
I asked her if she was sure since Ave and Aum would have to be picked up from daycare. She assured me though that she would have time so while she went out and made room for me in her car I went up and removed the broken toilet seat.
On the way out of the park she mentioned she was starting classes in January. I asked her where and she said she would be taking them online and that her company was going to pay for it. She says she’s excited and I told her I’m glad.
She’s going to become a Funeral Director and said once she completes the course, she will also be able to ’embalm.’
While she was parking at Home Depot she pointed and asked if I remember going to the McDonalds when she was growing up. I told her of course I remember us getting food every Friday just before cruising to see Freddy. I wondered if she wanted to get food right then but she said she wasn’t really hungry. I told her I wasn’t either since I’d just scarfed down my chicken patties a few minutes before her arrival and could still taste ketchup in my mouth.
Before we went into the store she talked about her friend Sammy. She says she has completed her sex change operation but is having health problems. I asked her if the woman she’d come to the Easter egg hunt with was her wife but she said they’re not actually married.
We walked into the Home Depot and walked to where the toilet seats were at and the first thing I noticed was that Gab had been right. The oblong seat was just about $21. Olga laughed and pointed at some that were even cheaper. I chose a beige one then we headed for check out.
I’m paying with cash now since I withdrew a hundred from the ATM that morning. My plan was to use sixty for another lid so I could roll more but judging by the way I been spending lately, I’m not sure how much I’ll have. No biggy though because right now I have plenty of money and all my bills have been paid.
After we left, Olga said she needed to go to the Dollar Tree.

Tue 😃
We loaded the box into her car then decided to walk.
Inside, I noticed they already had Halloween merchandise so I wondered out loud if they had any thing with Benson on it. Olga didn’t even know what I was talking about. I reminded her we’d just seen “Toy Story 4” and she said they probably couldn’t sell Disney products.
We walked around the store and Olga started picking up what looked like office supplies.
When we got to the school supply aisle I asked her what I could buy for Ave and she said, “A sharpener.”
I couldn’t find one though so we ended up getting her a pack of pencils.
I saw a young girl looking at the candy and told Olga I miss chocolate. She didn’t know I’d stopped eating chocolate but volunteered to share with me if I wanted. We found some Little Debby cupcakes and after that I followed her to the register.
Olga paid for her items then I set the pencils and cupcakes down and pulled out my wallet. When I got the total I found I was 3 pennies short. I asked Olga if she had any so she dug around in her handbag and was able to find some so I paid and then we left.
We waited until we were in the driveway before opening the cupcakes. We said cheers and stuffed our faces then after we got out and hugged, Olga told me she would message when she found out from Sam what time she could stop by for drinks. I told her that would be great then remembered I was having a problem with the Messenger app.
When it’s active it displays an icon on whichever screen you’re looking at and it gets annoying having to move it out of the way all the time. We came back inside and Olga disabled the icon then I made her send me a message to make sure it didn’t pop-up again. She texted Sammie on my phone and when we were sure it was gone she got ready to leave.
Sam actually answered before her sister was out the door and Olga told me it’s a go for drinks this evening.
After she was gone I tried to make myself get up and install the new toilet seat but remembered my weekly chore is bathrooms so I put it off til then.
I’m finishing up the two outlines and am happy to report that the commode is ready to be used again. Still haven’t heard from either of my daughters, though. I’m going to post this then follow my regular schedule.

Wed 😁
On August 22, after editing, I was stuffing chicken patty in my face when I got a text message from one of the girls.
“I’ll pick you up in 20” it stated.
I thought it was Sam on her way from work wanting to grab a couple of drinks. I answered and asked that she honk when she gets here so I can finish getting ready if need be. At first, I kind of panicked since I had not eaten or showered but I went ahead and finished my chicken then jumped in the shower.
In the middle of washing my hair I heard the horn. I didn’t look out the bathroom window or anything I rinsed myself and got out of the tub so I could try to dry off before I heard the knock. I went ahead and put on clean clothes then looked outside and realized it wasn’t Sam who’d texted, it was Olga. She was standing outside her car with something in her hand and when I told her I’d be out in a sec’ she asked if she could put whatever she was holding in the ‘fridge.
On her way in she started telling me she’d just come from a boring training but I couldn’t stand in the door and listen I still needed to close up the house and turn on the AC. While she was opening the refrigerator I stuck my wallet in my back pocket then went to the thermostat. When the air conditioner started I locked the front door and got in the car.
As soon as I was sat down I noticed that same old cowboy song was playing on the radio again and we both laughed. Olga drove straight to the bar at don Pepis. I asked her if she was off and she said she was but she still had to pick up the kids from daycare at 6:00. We found a table next to the wall and started drinking while we waited for Sam.
Before she joined us though, I bounced my question of the day off Olga. I had researched telepathy and found out it is a real thing now. I told her how thoughts can be traced and during the research it was discovered that some of them seem to ‘disappear.’
Olga told me about a character on ‘Stranger Things’ who can move objects with her mind but she wasn’t sure what that was called. She ordered us some chips and salsa and a bowl of soup and we’d just about finished everything when she spotted Sam coming towards the table.
When she sat down we greeted each other then I told her to tell the waiter to make our martinis a little stronger next round.

Thu 😁
After she was seated I bounced my theory off her which states that the thoughts the brain doesn’t finish might be connected to body language. I told her I remember from an episode of ‘Brain Games’ that our brains are huge organs but they are quite lazy. I meant like when we talk we can already tell what the other person is going to say just by their body language. For example, I was talking to Sam and reading her face at the same time so I used that as an example. I told her that as we were speaking I could tell she agreed with me so my theory is that once my brain reads her body language it starts doing something else.
Now though, I’m thinking that could be a bad thing because we might become close minded if we convince ourselves that we’re always right.
By that time I was feeling a pretty good buzz so I told them about an idea I have for a YouTube video. MM is always showing me videos she edits so I’m thinking about having her edit one where me, her and Ave are walking towards the track and we spot some corn cobs laying on the ground.
“Hey, look!” I tell Ave, “There’s a corn cob!”
Ave hurries to pick it up but before she gets there we hear a cackle then see some Hillbilly character dressed in long johns, run across in front of us and scoop it up. MM could show his back with his long johns unbuttoned as he disappears towards the High School. Dude, it would be even cooler if there were a bunch of band students playing banjos in the parking lot and a row of porta-pottys.
I got the idea from a corn cob that’s been laying on the ground close to the turnaround tree for quite some time. When I saw it I associated it with Hillbillies.
Olga and Sam laughed and said Ave has been talking about making a video but she doesn’t want the Hillbilly’s butt crack showing. Maybe we could show two lying on the ground because in Sam’s version he would run in, pick up the corn cob but put it in his mouth like a pipe. Now I’m thinking why not have two then he could put one in his mouth and the other in the waistband of his long johns? I just realized something. If we do that then the flap doesn’t have to be unbuttoned.
The video would be even cooler if one of the porta-pottys had smoke coming out of the vent.
Before we ordered another round, Olga said she had to leave. She got up to hug everybody bye then asked for my house key so she could get whatever it was she’d left there out of the ‘fridge. I felt bad that she had to make another trip but I went ahead and gave it to her after she promised she would be right back.
While we waited we drank and talked about Sam growing up and taking care of Olga.

Fri 😁
She said Mom always tells her that Olga is still her favorite daughter. I told Sam I had no idea any of that was happening while we all lived together. I did tell her again that I’ve always known she was going to be all right because she’s very intelligent.
After three martinis I was really feeling buzzed. I remembered something I heard on Tomorrow’s World the Sunday before and told her to see if she agreed. The presenter seemed to be saying that the Worldwide Church of God had evolved into the Laodecian church and she agreed with me.
I’m not sure what made her say what she said next. She told me I should work with Ave because she’s expressed an interest in drawing. I told her I’d find out how to submit a drawing to one of the local TV stations that features kid’s artwork during their forecast and let her send one in.
Sam said we should have a movie night and I told her I already have a movie in mind that I think she would like.
She asked which one so I told her “Every Which Way but Loose” by Clint Eastwood.
She’d never heard of it but she has heard of Clint Eastwood. I don’t remember if she mentioned seeing any of his movies though. She said we could watch that one then another one Olga thought I might like. I’ve forgotten the name of it. When I told her the title of the Eastwood movie she said she has a magazine she thinks I’ll like but didn’t give me any clue as to which one it might be.
After our third drink she asked for the tab since she still had to drive. When our waiter set it on the table she grabbed it before I had a chance to see how much it was. I happened to have a five dollar bill on me that day so I used it for the tip.
When the waiter returned, she disputed the number of drinks it was showing. He adjusted it in her favor and we appreciated that so we came up with a tip that totaled 20%.
On the way to the car I talked about how I often walk by don Pepi’s when I take my pedestrian symbol route. I told her I always enjoy the smell of tortillas cooking in the morning and how it makes me hungry since I don’t eat breakfast until after my 30 minute walk.
As a matter of fact something had happened that very morning. As I was walking past, enjoying the smells, I saw a bunch of ducks in one of the back parking lots.

Sat 😁
I told Sam they were bigger than the ones I’ve seen down here and these were brown. I wondered if the restaurant was raising them for their menu but Sam said she really doubted it since they would probably have a very wild taste.
When we were in the car she asked if I still wanted a Big Mac and I told her I did so we went back to the McDonalds at the shopping center with the Home Depot. We didn’t go inside, she drove up to the window and after ordering, I paid.
She also took us past the Outback that’s been shut down for about five years now. The family use to meet there on Passover (Olga was born on Passover) and I remember her and I meeting there one year and trying their mint jelly with the pashur lamb.
We drove back to the house and in the driveway I climbed out and we told each other, “Goodnight.” and, “I love you.”
While I was going up the steps Sam got out and reminded me that I’d left my Sprite in the car.
She asked if I was going to drink it but I told her, “No it has too much sugar.”
I took it anyway so I could pour it down the drain and dispose of the cup.
We waved, “Bye”, once more then she left.

Sun 😃
Suggested title: God Has a Mold of the Universe
Aug14 (Hephzibah said, “Put Foot[Zech 4:6]” and “Move it”)
I went into the kitchen to drink my 12:00 cup of water without saying anything about smoking. When she sat, I told her to move the fan towards her if she wanted. When I saw her clicking her key pad I warned her that if MM showed up she was going to want to smoke the blunt I’d been saving just for her.
“I’ll smoke with her.”, she replied.
I got the blunt but she didn’t wait for her friend to appear, she sparked it up. I was speculating about them texting each other so I still have no idea what MM’s plans are. I did think about digging out my 6:45 j roachie and taking a couple of hits but then decided against it since it would barely give me a buzz. I turned on the Dolly fan to keep myself cool then went back to work on the laptop.
I wanted to talk to her about the lawyer’s appointment but she was still doing something on her phone. She didn’t seem to want to talk but she did answer my questions. She said the other guy is a loser and just wants me to pay to have his car fixed.
I still don’t understand why nobody will talk to me about the million dollars I think he owes if he loses. She said just go ahead and try to defend myself when I get to the trial. I told her I’d e-mailed legal aid and that they had sent me an answer. The lawyer advised me to tell the jury how I’d been abused by the ambulance chaser and try to make them understand what I went through. Gab seemed to agree.
By then I could tell from the look on her face that she was stoned.
Right after that she announced she was leaving and we both said, “Peace out.”
Yesterday, on Aug 12 I was sitting here and heard a car outside. I groaned because I knew it was going to be Gabby and I had not rolled anything. When Squirrel Gate opened Gab didn’t stick her head in she let Salida come in first. The beautiful baby girl with rosy cheeks put the smile back on this old geezer’s mug.
I didn’t even wait for her mom to ask, I jumped up after saying, “Hi” and dug out my stash.
Before I sat down to roll I went to the Munchies cabinet and asked Salida if she wanted some chips. She came over so I figured that meant she did so I handed her one of the plastic containers of potato chips.

Mon 😞
I remembered I needed the sand bucket from Headquarters to put the wrapper tobacco in and wondered how I was going to get past them without anyone getting a whiff of my stinky butt. I passed the green chair on the way up but I walked behind the recliner and Monsieur Frog’s table when I came back so as not to ‘get in the wind’.
I spread the stuff out on the table and Gab and I played with the baby. I asked her if she knew any Spanish and Gab got her to repeat a phrase she’s been teaching her. I told her about Aum picking up a few words too at her day care.
She began telling me about her radiator next. She said she was getting an engine overheating warning light.
“Ooo, Gab” I said in a worried manner, “You need to add water.”
She said she doesn’t know where the water goes and can’t get anyone to help her. I told her I don’t have a hose but we could fill the water cooler jug I’ve still got in the utility room. She agreed so I got the 5 gallon jug and we went outside. I turned on the hydrant and when I had put in about a gallon I carried it to the car. She had the hood open and was holding it up and removing caps at the same time.
“Multi-tasking.”, I observed.
I took some caps off too and stuck my finger in to see what was in them but none of them looked like they were holding water. I turned to see if the white guy happened to be in his yard but Gab poo-pooed that idea. She found the water cap herself and after removing the cap I began pouring the water.
“It sounds empty.” I said.
I poured what I had in the jug but it didn’t fill the receptacle so I had to go back and get some more.
Salida was on the porch with us and she got up to follow me to the hydrant but her mother made her sit back down on the steps. The second round of water filled the radiator and we closed every thing up. I wondered what to do with the remaining water and Gab said to throw it on her car but I didn’t want to do that so I used it to water my mother’s aloe vera. We started saying our goodbyes then and Gab thanked me.
I said, “You’re welcome” then we both said, “Peace out” at around 1:00.

Tue 😃
Later after the six o’clock hour I was on the internet when I heard a car engine and it sounded very close. When I heard the door slam I thought it was MM but Gabby came through Squirrel Gate. She asked if I had weed and I told her I still had a blunt since I’d rolled two in the morning when Salida was with her. I grabbed it and the green ashtray then came back up the hallway to put it on the coffee table.
Before I gave her the lighter I tried to take a hit off my 6:45j roach. It was very short and I joked about burning my nose but I managed to take a couple more hits.
I took the back way around Monsieur Frog’s table again so she wouldn’t get a whiff of me and when I sat down she began coughing. She didn’t explain she just started saying bye as she put out her half-roach.
At the door she turned and said, “Tomorrow’s my birthday.”
I looked over and smiled and she left saying, “I’m 26.”
We both said, “Peace out” at 7:41.
On the 13th I was watching the news and heard someone knocking. I hadn’t noticed a car in the driveway so I had no idea who it might be. When I opened Squirrel Gate MM was on the steps. She wasn’t smiling but I noticed she looked nice. She pulled out an envelope and began to explain how it had taken awhile for her to get the right lid.
She said her dealer had given her one the day I gave her the sixty but MM refused to take it saying “Mr. G doesn’t like a lot of shake.”
She added it was because she knows I like big buds. She removed the lid from the envelope and let me inspect it and I confirmed that it does appear to have a lot of shake. The amount of shake is only secondary to what I mainly judge a lid by though. I tend to judge it more on it’s strength. It looks to be about three fingers which is good and looks to be about the size she usually brings me.
She threw the envelope on the coffee table too and asked me to dispose of it and I said I would. She didn’t say anything about roachies or about wanting to stay so I thanked her then she hurried back out the door.
On the morning of Aug 14, I decided to walk the Railroad Car route. At 8:30 I grabbed my phone and my hat and took off.

Wed 😃
As I was locking the front door I heard the noise of the mower nearby and groaned because usually when I’m walking towards the entrance of the park and the yardman is cutting the grass I worry about getting hit by flying rocks and debris.
When I turned up the street at the end of the driveway, I spotted the mower and observed the yardman cutting around a tree next to the curb. I groaned again and was about to take off my cap and cover my eyes like I have to do sometimes when I’m outside but all of a sudden I heard him cut the engine.
It was like something passed between us but neither one of us had said a word. I didn’t even have to raise my hand which made me feel appreciative. We didn’t look at each other the whole time, I just kind of smiled and walked on by. I heard him rev the motor again when I was at a safe distance.
Dude, I copied and pasted this into my Grammarly account without editing and it showed no errors. I also got a check for clarity. The grade I received was an 80 at first but I changed the structure of one of the sentences and the final grade was 82.
As a matter of fact I notice I get higher scores for shorter posts and I wonder why that is. Maybe it’s because the longer the post, the more errors it contains?
On Aug 15 I began worrying about running out of water. When I bought 15 gallons in July, I thought I was drinking exactly 64 ounces a day like I’m supposed to. If I was indeed drinking that much it would come out to about 15 gallons per month. I noticed I was going through them very quickly so today I poured my usual hourly amount into my water cup then grabbed the measuring cup. Turns out I’m drinking closer to two cups per hour and that surprised me because I didn’t know my white coffee cup held that much.
When the doctor put me on 64 oz per day he said, “I want you to drink more as you go along.” so it’s not a bad thing. He didn’t say how much more though so I’m going to stick to what I’m doing right now.
I did a little calculating and since I don’t like to be tied to the Water Mill I decided to order a month’s supply of water dispensers from Instacart like I did before I switched to the gallon jugs.

Thu 😃
I had to place the order yesterday and ask that it be delivered today because the weekend’s coming up and I won’t be able to walk to the Water Mill on the Sabbath. I also like to order a day before just in case whoever is delivering needs time to find 12 dispensers of the kind I like.
I ordered three more jugs of cranberry juice as well because the minimum amount they will deliver for is fifty bucks. As far as the cranberry juice goes I cut back to half a coffee cup of that since the doctor put me on one cup per day.
This morning I had to get rid of all the empty gallon jugs to make room under the counter for the dispensers so I hauled them to the dumpster. I no sooner returned and was firing up my hash browns when I started getting updates from Instacart.
Originally, when I placed the order I requested it be delivered between 10:00 and 11:00 thinking I would be done cooking breakfast by then and wouldn’t have to worry about the delivery guy showing up while I was stuffing my face. That didn’t work out the way I planned. In fact, I was halfway through my egg sandwich when I heard the dreaded knock.
I opened the front door and the driver smiled and said, “Your place is hard to find!”
I told him, “I know. The drivers always get lost.”
I walked to the back of his vehicle and did a quick inventory and saw he’d been able to get everything I ordered so I helped him carry the jugs to the steps. I thanked him and he left but I finished eating before going online and looking at my checking account. I wanted to see if instacart had un-frozen it. I thought they would show the transaction had been completed since they’d already emailed my receipt.
I guess they wanted me to rate it then add the rest of the $80 (the frozen amount) as a tip. They hold on to it probably thinking I’ll give them the whole $80 so I won’t have to keep worrying about it. I can’t tip the guy $17 though it seems like a lot. I could take taxis both ways for less than what they charge. They also said it can take up to 7 working days for the transaction to go through. Sounds like that company isn’t doing too well so maybe I’ll look for another delivery service. Dude, I could prolly get my water delivered by Walmart. I wonder how much they charge?

Fri 😃
Aug22 (Psa 139:14 Klunk)
Last night I was about to close the laptop and kill time until my last 14 minutes out on the steps. Lately I’ve been sitting outside then I come in and shower. After that I wait for the 8:59 TV alarm to sound with the lights off.
This time Gab burst in while I was still on the internet and it scared me. She rushed over to the middle of the floor and the first thing she said was she’s in a hurry. I looked at her wondering what was wrong and she said something about a light and her car. I guessed she meant the engine light was still coming on but she didn’t elaborate. She asked if she could have two blunts or maybe a blunt and a nug but I was firm and told her I’d only give her one blunt.
I jumped up and went to the back bedroom and while I was opening the Fossil Tin she asked for a wrapper as well. When I came out, I didn’t see her so I thought she’d gone up to look for wrappers but I don’t keep them in the cadenza anymore. She probably went for some roachies so she and whoever she was going to smoke with could break down the blunt I rolled and turn it into two.
I put the plastic bag I keep the new lighters and papers in on the kitchen table and called out to her that I had the wrappers. She hurried over and grabbed the weed and the package then thanked me.
She turned and headed towards the front door saying, “Peace!” and I said, “Peace out” at 8:18.
I continued putting answers on the internet until 8:30 then sat outside like I’d planned, for 14 minutes.
Yesterday, Aug 22, I was on R&S when I began to hear noise outside my window. It sounded like a baby so I thought Olga was here with the grand kids. I heard a knock then the door opened but it wasn’t Olga or Ave, it was Salida. She was smiling and holding some toys in her hand.
After Gab and I greeted one another I asked Salida what she was holding so she came over and handed me a little action figure. I thought it was Robin but a minute later I remembered Robin isn’t green and when I said it out loud, Gab told me it was Green Lantern. The toy had come with what looked like a base but when I tried to fit the feet into the two tiny holes they didn’t line up.

Sat 😃
Gab said the little round thing wasn’t a base but didn’t tell me what it was for. She asked for a blunt next and I laughed when I heard Salida repeat it. I told her I had fully intended to process a bit of my stash that morning but had once again been too lazy. I got up though and went to my mother’s desk to fetch the one I’d rolled for her a day or two before.
I took it to the green chair and handed it to her then noticed Salida wasn’t in the room. I asked Gab if she’d gone up to Headquarters and she said she probably had. I needed to get an ashtray from on top of the cadenza so I asked her if I could show Salida the rat. She gave permission and we both went up to see how she would react. Salida, it turns out, wasn’t in Headquarters though, she was playing on the bed in the middle bedroom.
As I passed the doorway I told her that’s where, “Mommy use to live.”
While Gab was telling Salida to come to the front, I opened the doors of the cadenza. When I had the baby’s attention I removed the rat and held it out towards her. She reached for it but not with her whole hand. It looked at first like she was going to pinch it but she ended up not touching it at all. Gab and I were delighted of course and just laughed.
She didn’t run away so we told her it’s a rat and then I whipped out the skull. When she saw that, she screamed. I thought that was a bit much and when I looked enquiringly at Gabby she said she’d seen skulls like that during Halloween.
“Oh, ok”, I observed, “So that kind of reaction has been learned.”
Gab agreed and said, “Yeah…”
Speaking of fearful episodes, guess what Gab asked for next? That’s right, she wanted more weed. I made a point of acting reluctant but it didn’t faze her so I begged her to take roachies. She shook her head so off I went once again to find my Pappy’s Fig Newton tin.
When I got the top off, my worst fear had come true. I didn’t have enough shake for even one more blunt.

Sun 😃
Suggested title: I was Glad When They Said Unto Me…(Cor 1:18-19)
Info-box: At_the_lawyer’s; Another_Mockingbird_Story
Aug 08 Getting Weed for Sugar Bowl
“Dr. Buzz-kill strikes again.” I thought to myself as I returned to my mother’s desk.
I bagged up the little bit I had leftover from Friday. There wasn’t even enough to call a wato but I carried it out to her and noticed she was still sitting in the green chair. She was laughing about something on the show but I have no idea what they were saying or doing.
I went ahead and sat back down then she started acting like she was going to leave. I reached over and removed my roachie from the green ashtray and took a couple more hits while she was still here. Something seemed to have made her happy and I wondered if it was because I gave her weed. During the next commercial, she said she was going to bounce.
When 9:19 came she thanked me then we both said, “Peace out.”
I started missing my third cuppa cafe and, technically, I could have brewed a cup but I decided against it at exactly 9:23 which would have been two minutes before the first sip alarm.
She came again the next day which was Aug 05. I was on the internet answering questions when I heard her knock. She didn’t wait for me to answer the door she just burst in like she’s been doing lately. I wasn’t exactly glad to see her though. I knew all she wanted was more weed.
This time I kept the blunt and gave her my 6:45 j. We talked a little bit about the shootings at Walmart (I told her I always wait in the parking lot) then she suddenly started complaining that her tummy was upset. She got up and went to the bathroom and when she shut the privacy door I thought she was going to poop. While she went up the hall, I reminded her about the broken toilet seat but she didn’t say anything. I don’t think she used the bathroom, I think she just went up to check on Salida through the window.
A little later she emerged, shut the privacy door behind her, and then we said, “Goodbye.”
I set the 2:05 editing alarm so I would remember to walk to the lawyer’s office after she was gone. When I heard it go off I showered and washed my hair. I dried off a little, put on clean clothes, grabbed my wallet and my hat then took off.

Mon 😁
Trust me it’s been unbelievably hot these past few weeks but I’ve been drinking about a gallon of water every day and felt confident I could make it.
At the corner where I turn to go to HEB I texted the secretary and told her I was on my way. I did it because I was kind of nervous about how long it was going to take to get there. A minute or so later I heard my phone ping and I knew it was her but I didn’t bother trying to read it.
When I arrived at the Chase building I got on the phone again and went to my g-mail account to find out which floor I needed to go to. The elevator door opened while I was still looking so I went ahead and got on.
A gentleman who was also taking the lift asked me which floor I was going to but I still hadn’t found the address so I told him, “Thank you. I’m still looking.”
About the time we reached the 14th floor I found what I was looking for and after the other passenger exited, I pressed the button to go down to the 12th.
Inside the office, while I was taking a seat, the secretary came out and asked if I wanted water. I thanked her and she went over to a box with some bottles in it that were sitting between the offices and asked if I preferred cold or room temperature.
I thanked her again and said, “Room temperature.”
Just about the time I was removing the cap the lawyer came in. I opened the door so he could get his dolly through then after we’d greeted each other I dashed to the restroom. I splashed cold water on my face, got a paper towel then returned to my chair.
After a moment or two, he called me into his office. The reason he’d asked me to show up, he began, was to inform me that our case is ready. The first thing he told me was that he’d gotten a deposition from the cop I’d spoken to the day of the accident. He went on to say that he agreed I had the right of way.
I was kind of curious why he wouldn’t show up at the trial and the lawyer said it’s because he wasn’t sure of the time or when he was going to be called so he was unable to tell him when to appear.
I’m still upset and when he asked if I had any questions I asked again if there was any recourse.
He keeps telling me, “No.”

Tue 😁
I kept saying the guy probably won’t show up.
I did a little research and googled, “do you have a right to confront your accuser?” and I think what it said was, “Yes, but if he doesn’t show up the judge may dismiss the case.”
While I was researching legal questions I also asked if I could be arrested for calling someone an asshole.
It said, “No.”
I wonder why I’m being treated like this. It has to be because of our “blame the victim” culture.
The lawyer kept telling me to be sure and show up and not let him down. I feel gratitude for the $200 cash he gave me for transportation before the first court date so I promised I would appear. He told me to expect an email from his secretary Dora but not until he gets the final date. He said right now it is scheduled for October 21st.
When he said, “October” an alarm went off but I estimated that the date he’d thrown out would probably be a little late for the Feast of Tabernacles.
We told each other, “Thank you.”, then I left.
When I got home I was sweating like a pig but I looked at the Holy Day calendar and discovered that this year the Last Great Day falls on the 21st.
Later in the afternoon Gab returned and she was looking good. As she came in to have a seat she said she had time to chill.
I turned the fan towards her then noticed she was sitting on the edge of the cushion and I think it might have been because I had my bath towel draped over the back. I’d put it there to protect the fabric from the immense amounts of sweat still pouring off me after my trip to the lawyer’s.
I asked if she would like a fresh towel and she said, “Yes, thank you.”
After that I told her I was too lazy to roll anything and that I’d spoken to the lawyer again. She didn’t say anything and I began to wonder if she even remembers my car wreck.
She was looking at the TV and asked if she could change channels so I nodded. She flipped the remote and stopped on “Family Guy”. She asked me if I liked it so I told her I don’t because I think Seth McFarlane is using his cartoons to brainwash kids.
After a few minutes she got up to get the graveyard tin then toked up. She was looking at her phone and enjoying the cartoon so I didn’t try to start a conversation.

Wed 😁
Later she asked if I would roll a blunt if Sondra came over so I dragged myself out of the recliner and assembled my weed paraphernalia. Processing weed was the last thing I wanted to do but I kept my mouth shut.
While I set the stuff out on the kitchen table I began thinking she was probably right.
I thought, “A: If I’m rolling for everybody I won’t have to watch that stupid cartoon and B: I could get my other chore done which was rolling my 6:45 j.”
We both heard Sondra’s car pull up and Gab jumped out of the green chair and ran outside. When they came in we greeted each other then they sparked up the blunt. They mainly smoked, talked and watched the cartoons. Sondra seemed to like “American Dad” too but I still don’t understand how mothers their age can stomach it. Come to think of though it’s probably because cartoons keep the babies occupied.
Me, being the excellent host that I am, made a genuine effort to join their conversation. First, I asked Sondra if she was still attending church. She said not really but she did go the Wednesday before.
They talked about the oppressive heat next but I resisted turning the AC on because I knew the alarm was about to sound and I was hoping they would wait. They really wanted me to turn it on though and turns out, they were lucky because I had actually planned to modify the turn-on time due to the unexpected rise in temperature.
Sondra was standing by the dining room chair I use to put under the door knob at night so I asked her to read the thermostat. When she said it was 96° I asked her what time it was. She didn’t say anything so I looked at the tablet and it said 5:52 which happened to be the modified time so I went over and turned it on.
Sondra and Gab talked a lot like they always do when they visit.
They also called each other, “Bitch” a lot.
They smoked the blunt then started saying, “Bye, bye.”
I looked at Sondra and asked if she felt better. She looked back like she didn’t know what I meant but then assured me that she did. She made a beeline for the door and got to Squirrel Gate before her sister but kind of fumbled with the doorknob. Gab showed her how to open it and as they went out the door, we told each other to have fun.

Thu 😞
It was about five minutes after six when we said, “Peace out.”
On the sixth of August I had just sat down at 6:15 to do my editing when MM showed up. I was annoyed again that she’d come at exactly the wrong time so I told her as she came in that I was very busy.
“Doing what?”, she asked.
I told her I was writing but she didn’t ask about what, so I dropped the subject. She walked over to the coffee table and set a bunch of pencils on it.
I kind of glanced at them and thought, “Uh, oh. She’s going to want money for school supplies.” but I kept my eyes on my journal.
She went up to Headquarters to yoink roaches and when she emerged she apologized for coming at the wrong time and interrupting what I was doing. I stopped her before she left and told her I had sixty bucks for a lid. I had it because I’d walked Las Tres Palmas route that morning and had gone to the ATM.
I got up and went to the bedroom to get three twenties from my wallet. I handed her the bills and it seemed to perk her up a little.
We each said, “Bye!” and as she passed through Squirrel Gate she said she would be back.
Later when I got to walk to the mail box one of the mocking birds flew off the telephone lines above the street and started fussing at me. I turned and faced it to see what he would do but that didn’t deter him.
When I had my junk mail, I tried to swat him with my cap just by watching his shadow but he wasn’t actually flying close enough to get hit.
Later, I was outside and watched him do the same thing to a cat that was sitting under MM’s grandmother’s rubber tree plant.
On the seventh, I decided to take the pedestrian symbol route so I could mess with the mockingbird again. I walked out from under the porch but at first I couldn’t see him. Then as I passed the Grandmother’s porch I heard him squawk. I turned and waved my cap at him a couple of times then when I turned back towards the mail boxes he changed direction too and began attacking me from the west. I wondered if he knew I would be blinded by the sun but really couldn’t tell what he was thinking because of the angle of attack.
When I returned from the mailbox, he continued coming at me.

Fri 😃
I played with him and stopped in the middle of the street to see what he would do but he kept aiming at my head. I picked up a few tiny pebbles off the edge of the street and the next time he flew towards me, I tossed them at him. He flew up and landed on the white guy’s antenna and that’s where he was when I walked back under the porch. I played peek a boo with it and we continued looking at each other.
To end the episode, I pretended like I was throwing more rocks but he didn’t even flinch he just looked at me like, “You’re going to have to do better than that, Oaf.”
Later that afternoon the TV alarm sounded so I started watching “According to Jim” then Gab walked in. We greeted one another and she asked how I’ve been. I told her I’m doing all right then said basically all I’d done that day was walk.
She asked for a blunt next so I got her one that I’d rolled a couple of days earlier. I started to get the ashtray too but I didn’t see her in the living room so I imagined she’d gone outside to check on Salida. Then I heard her doing something up in Headquarters. She emerged with the ashtray and the lighter in her hand then took the blunt I was offering.
She asked if she could leave Squirrel Gate open and keep an eye on the baby. I didn’t want her to do that so I told her I was about to turn on the AC. I made no move to actually turn it on but I did try to explain my reasons for turning it on every day at a certain time. I told her a little bit about my 10:00 experiment and to back up what I was saying I related how the blower had stopped the night before at exactly 10:00.
I asked if she intended to smoke here and she said she did because she didn’t want to smoke at her mom’s house.
She kept opening and closing Squirrel Gate and I couldn’t think of anything to say so I asked if she’d started looking for a job yet. She said she had not so I suggested she be a bank teller. Her answer was that they make less than $10 an hour but added she might apply for an account manager’s position. I thought that would be a great idea but she re-stated that she doesn’t want to work.

Sat 😃
She put the roach out then went to the kitchen to get a napkin and a plastic bag. I wondered if she’d taken roachies when she was in the front but now I think she probably just wanted something to carry the rest of her blunt in.
She came out of the kitchen and said, “Thank you” and I laughed because she said it at the same time an Asian woman on the television was saying it.
She said, “Bye” and I said, “Peace out” a little before 5:41.
When I had to check the mail I picked up some little rocks in case Mo had guard duty again that night. As I came out from under the porch, I looked up at the telephone line but there was no bird. I continued walking and before I got past Gramma’s car port I heard him.
He began squawking so I let him come at me a couple of times before I tried defending myself. I threw the little rocks in his direction but he didn’t fly away, he kept attacking and maintaining a safe distance.
On the way back from the mailbox I saw him above me on the telephone wire. When I was underneath, I looked up and saw him silhouetted against the outline of the crescent moon.
“Man that would be an excellent picture for my blog.”, I thought.
I pulled out my phone and aimed it upwards but I didn’t get Mo or the moon in the picture. I did notice though that he appeared to have yellow feathers which made me wonder about his age. Actually though I don’t know if the young ones would have yellow feathers on them or would it be the older ones? I wanted to try again the next night but I haven’t seen him since.
On August 9, 2019 I was answering questions on the forum when I began hearing loud music through the open bathroom window. I groaned thinking it was MM but then I remembered she was supposed to bring me a lid.
I jumped up to answer the door but before I reached it I heard, “Shave and a haircut.”
I was still hoping it was MM but Gab opened the door. Playing music real loud isn’t like her so I began to suspect MM had put her up to it. I told Gab I thought she was MM and I was waiting for a lid. Gab looked at her phone and started texting.