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Sun 😃
Suggested title: They Will Bubble Over
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Jul17; talking to the new shed guy
I wanted to make sure we understood each other so I asked the son to tell me if the remaining contract balance was $350 and he said, “Yes.”
They were acting like they wanted the whole $850 so I told them I didn’t have anymore cash. I made a writing motion in the air and asked if he would take a check and he indicated that he would. That meant I had to fill out a check on the Sabbath.
In the memo I put “build shed and haul trash.”
I carried it outside and asked the son to make sure his father understood what I’d written on the memo line. I heard him read it to his dad in Spanish then I saw Gabriel nod in agreement.
I also asked if he was going to finish that same day but he shook his head and replied, “Tomorrow.”
He asked me to join them in a taco but I rubbed my belly and told him I’d already had breakfast. I thanked him though and he thanked me back then I remembered I still needed to text Olga to tell her not to worry about withdrawing any more cash.
Later the crew knocked and asked which direction I wanted the door of the shed to face. I told Gabriel I wanted it to point South like the old one. I noted the time and it was 12:58.
At 9:27 that evening I got another knock and this time they wanted me to have a look at the completed shed. I told them it looked good then asked the son if it was waterproof.
Gabriel nodded his head and said, “Yes.”
I asked if he would give me a bid on waterproofing the area of the porch roof that joins the trailer. I showed him the damage the rain has been doing to the doorframe and steps. The way I understood his reply was that he would look at it the next day. I was relieved because that meant I could find out how much he would do it for then perhaps make arrangements to go to the bank and get more money.
By then he had not cashed the $350 check I’d written, but I was thinking I would easily have $600 left in checking. In fact I did some more calculating and concluded that after he cashed the check and all the bills were paid I would still be looking at a balance of around $383.05. After doing the math, they had me unplug the charger and when I heard the truck leaving I turned off the porch light.
The next day, Jul12, I was watching a story on Sunday Morning about Martha Stewart and heard Gabriel arriving in his pickup. I didn’t open the door but I could hear him starting to work around the shed. I noted that the time was 9:39 ().

Mon 😞
Later I heard him up on the roof and at 10:00, when I went to sit outside and wait for the 10:15 fruit cocktail alarm to go off, I saw him working on a ladder.
I had already started making an outline and was writing in real time so I put, “I guess he’ll let me know what he’s doing before he leaves.”
If I found out he was waterproofing the area of the porch that joins the trailer then I’d offer $250. At 11:01 I wrote that I could hear him on the roof with a water hose so I wondered if he was looking for leaks.
When I spoke to him he told me it was very messy up there and pointed at the clumps of dead leaves and debris that he had dislodged. I was afraid he would step on the wrong part of one of the sheets of tin and come crashing down on my head while I was sitting out there but I didn’t move. He probably has a lot of experience doing what he does. I just know I wouldn’t attempt anything like that at my age. I already wrote about the time I climbed onto the roof to remove broken limbs and how I had to crawl around on all fours facing up.
Later he knocked on the door so I went out and checked on the work they’d done. He had me look inside the shed and I expressed concern when I saw sunlight streaming in around the bottom of the walls. Upon closer inspection I noticed that a lot of the siding had not even been bolted to the floor.
He promised they would return and that there would be no water leaks when the job was completed. I groaned aloud however when he said they were returning to work on it the following day. They’d originally told me it was only going to take two.
I asked him if he needed more money. He said he was expecting only $125 and I quickly agreed. It’s because I was pretty sure he’d caulked above Squirrel Gate which meant he was only asking half of what I was planning to offer.
He told me he was going to rake the yard then pick up all the ‘basura’ around the porch and shed before taking off but I told him not to worry about it. I’m expecting the office to remind us to rake our leaves any day now. The time was 11:38.
The next day, which was Monday, Jul13, I didn’t see any of the contractors at all that morning. I did go out and look to see if they had caulked though. I saw white material, which I assumed was caulk, smeared along the facing where the porch roof joins the trailer. I saw some on both ends which suggested that he’d caulked the entire length of the porch.

Tue 😃
Jul20; hephzibah keeps saying open it (Lk 13:10-17)
“I’ll find out for sure when it rains.”, I thought.
It was late in the afternoon and I was watching According to Jim when I heard a knock. I opened the door and Gabriel was standing there. I didn’t say anything I just took the end of the cord he was holding out and plugged it into the surge protector where I have the party lamp and radio connected. At 5:13 I noted that I could hear him working on the shed.
During the six o’clock hour I checked the mail then sat on the steps until 6:15 like I usually do. Gabriel had to go to his truck for something and on his way he asked me if I wanted a bottle of water.
I told him, “No, thank you,” since I’m already up to 80 oz per day now.
When the alarm sounded I came in and did my usual editing routine. I was still writing when I heard him leave and it was just before the 6:40 alarm went off. I turned on the AC at 6:43 and brewed myself a third cuppa cafe. I was thinking he’d gone home but then remembered his drill was still plugged in.
I was putting stupid stuff on the internet when he returned. He knocked, so I unplugged the cord, opened the door and handed it to him. He motioned me outside and told me to look at the shed. I actually smiled when I saw that there was no more daylight streaming in under the wall panels.
He’d apparently caulked everything so I told him, “Thank you.” and “Now no water will leak in from underneath.”
“Nope.”, he replied confidently.
I wrote out a check for $120 and after he accepted it I asked about sealing the porch roof. Apparently he’d already started on that because he told me to call him if it rains and I find a leak.
He also offered to pressure wash the outside of the trailer for free. I thought he meant the whole trailer but he was pointing at the dirty siding under the porch. I asked how much would he charge to do the entire outside and he quoted a bid of $60. I still had my old checkbook in my hand so I showed him the calendar.
I don’t remember how to say “August” in Spanish so I pointed to it and asked if he’d do it on the weekend of the 4th.
“I’m out of money.”, I kind of muttered.
He said he would.

Wed 😃
Only thing is, I realized later, the 4th falls on a Tuesday this year not on a Saturday. I was probably pointing at Aug04 of 2016. I wrote down the time we stopped negotiating and it was 7:34. Later I did the math again and looks like I only got enough left in checking to cover rent and that’s about it.
On the night of Jul16 I started having vivid dreams. I wrote down some of them the next morning which would make it Jul17.
The first thing I remember was wearing white pants and they had a green stain on one of the legs. That’s the only part that stood out so I looked it up and read this:
“If in your dream the trousers you worn is stained or unmade, it has something to do with your ways of life. To dream of stained trousers, reminds you that you are unprepared over certain things. Let this reflection serve as a reminder that in order to avoid future pitfalls, learn to be ready over any circumstances that may come along the way. It is better to be prepared always than be caught off guard for it may result to undesirable end.”
I also dreamed I was driving backwards in medium to heavy traffic. I remember having to avoid some tractors too. They were mowing between the two lanes of traffic.
“To dream that you are driving a car in reverse suggests that you are experiencing major setbacks in your goals. In particular, if you drive in reverse into a pool of water, then it means that you emotions are literally holding you back.”
“Represents the path of life, if you travel with another or others , are those who are close to us , whether that or those people got off the tractor, means to stay away from us, if someone rises means that person can be close to us in the future , unless later in the dream all the tractor go down , then it means that everyone took different paths. Sometimes it relates to our work, for example: If we dream we have a very good tractor, means good luck in our work or our work projects.”
“If you dream of a beautiful day, when summer sun warms the body and you feel the fresh clean air, you see a large field of grass and clearly understand that this is a hay harvesting, you might want to discover the meaning of such a dream.

Thu 😃😞😁
In fact, this is a good and noble dream, and it has the corresponding interpretation. In short, if you mow fresh long grass, it tells that you will avoid different kinds of woes and scrape. You possess such features as agility and the ability to make the right decisions, and it will lead to the great success. But if you accidentally wounded another person or an animal with a blade of a scythe, it tells that such negative qualities as lying, cunning, resourcefulness and selfishness will bear fruit, in other words you will have troubles on your fault. It is common that such a dream promises irreparable harm.”
I saw Vladimir Putin in one of my dreams also. I remembered seeing him when someone on Yahoo! Answers brought up his name.
“To see a leader in your dream represents that you will rise to fame due to your efforts. You will earn lots of money, get rich and you will use opportunities. Also, to dream of a leader suggests that you will achieve your goals for a short while. Alternatively, dreaming with a leader may imply a person that you respect and follow”
Today is Jul21. It is editing time and I only need two and a half more days to have NEXT week’s quota. Technically, I don’t have to write anything until 6:15 Wednesday but since I’m on self quarantine I been kind of panicking over something else to write about. I was thinking I’d wait until 4:00 this afternoon when I turn on the TV then outline my viewing schedule. I was going to write down which shows I watch but something else came up and now I have not one topic, but two.
The only question is when I’m going to start the outlines. Again, technically, I’m supposed to read through all the posts at least once then I allow myself to jot down topic sentences for any future outlines I need to work on. Now that I got that out of my system I think I’ll read through everything once then start making an outline. Toodles!
No, hold on a second. Actually I wanted to go on Yahoo! Answers and see if I had anymore responses to a question I asked this morning. I did check and I think I found the one I’m going to select as my favourite. I also answered a question on the Royalty Forum that I wanted to look at but so far the number of answers hasn’t changed.
Yay! I just completed Thursday’s quota so now I don’t have to worry about word numbers until this Thursday.

Fri 😃😞😁
Every year after hatching season I often hear baby grackles squawking and following their mothers around. It’s like they’re too lazy to look for bugs on their own.
This year I saw one literally chasing it’s mom through the air making that “I’m hungry!” squawk.
I also heard all the other birds laughing at her. I noticed that when the birds laugh they don’t laugh at the babies just about each other.
On Jul21 I got up to drink my 12:00 cup of water and looked out the kitchen window. I saw that there was a baby grackle just standing on the concrete near the little black table. That made me laugh especially when I saw its huge feet. A minute later after I’d come back to the recliner, I heard it squawk. I figured the mother was in the vicinity so I jumped up to see how she would react. I got to the window just in time to see her poke a bug in the baby’s mouth. I laughed again then made the woodpecker sound on the perch.
While I was knocking I wondered, “Where is Woody anyway?”
I hadn’t seen him in awhile. Also none of the birds laughed like they usually do when I made the woodpecker rapping sound. I thought that was kind of strange too but I blew it off and returned to the living room and sat down.
Then I heard another commotion. Something was making a squawking sound but this time it sounded like a cat alert. I jumped up to look out the kitchen window and saw Woody perched upright at the very bottom of the Deacon Tree. It was him raising a ruckus. I looked a little closer and saw that the baby grackle was still standing on the concrete floor too, no more than two feet from the woodpecker. It kind of looked like he hadn’t even moved.
Woody climbed down to the ground and got closer to the grackle. It was one of those moments when I wished I had a camera. Even if they stayed put while I came in and grabbed my phone though I know from experience that the pictures don’t turn out very well if taken through a window screen.
I waited around until the 2:05 editing alarm sounded. Usually I would sit on the steps but I didn’t want to interfere with whatever was going on under the Deacon Tree.
When the 2:55 editing alarm went off I got up to drink a cup of water. I peered through the screen and looked down onto the concrete floor and saw that the grackle was still there but this time when he saw me he hopped up into the bread tree.

Sat 😃😞😁
“He must be about ready to fly.” I thought.
Later that afternoon, I did go outside. I knew that if there were still any birds around they wouldn’t pay me no mind. While I was sitting there I heard yet another ruckus and then observed the mom land on the shed. Hearing their old feet scraping on the tin roof always amuses me.
She was making the sound birds make when they’re looking for their baby. I heard Hephzibah say the little grackle is probably a female too (Heb 3:4). Next, the mom flew out of sight into the middle of the backyard. I don’t know if she found the baby or not but I assume she did because it grew very quiet all of a sudden.
I’ve started worrying about how I’m going to get next month’s groceries. Payday is Friday but I’m already down to my last water dispenser. For sure though I have to go to Stripes tomorrow and score eggs. I’ve only got one left right now. I’m also wanting a bag of Cheese Puffs and a couple of pies too, if they have any. Tomorrow I guess I’ll have to start boiling my own water again. I guess I’ll do it while I wait for the 1:00 ‘first snack’ alarm to go off.

Sun 😃😞😁
Suggested title: Some Assembly Required; The Culture We Knew Has Vaporized
On Jul22 I pretty much stayed cooped up all day. At 2:05 though I made myself sit on the steps and wait for the editing alarm to sound. All of a sudden I heard a ruckus on the far side of the breadtree then saw the mother grackle fly in. I guess she had brought the baby a bug or something because she followed her around the tree and they came closer to the porch. I watched the mom walk around in the yard like she was looking for bugs but the baby stayed put beneath the breadtree.
Next I saw the little grackle come out from under the leaves, stretch its neck, then fly up into Olga’s swing tree. I was surprised to see it fly but then almost immediately I heard Woody start squawking like he was fussing about something. I wondered if he was fussing at the young grackle for landing in his tree. I also wonder if that was the baby’s first flight?
I’ve still been working .php exercises on the W3Schools website between bouts on R&S. On the night of the 21st I played around with my blog template until the AC shut off.
A day or so before, I had learned I needed something called “Form Validation” if I wanted the comment box to work like it’s supposed to.
I found some programming that was free and downloaded a couple of the files. I kept thinking I was close to getting the template working so I turned off a re-run of Judge Judy, sat back down in the recliner and continued experimenting with the new code.
I was still working on it during the six o’clock hour and even skipped editing at 6:15. I also forgot to turn on the AC. By the time I realized I hadn’t set an alarm it was already a few minutes too late.
I looked for code in some of the “Try it” exercises but really didn’t get much help. W3Schools discourages “form validation” because, according to them, it’s very vulnerable to hackers. I did however find a set of exercises with stuff that looked promising. I noticed that when you hit the submit button on one of them it shows a message I call a ‘scroll down’. It looks cool and very up to date.
I was still unable to find any validation code that sends an email though, so I googled it. I actually found a couple of sites that provide free code but when I plugged the new lines into my template I kept getting a webmaster error. I stayed with it though and finally found part of a program that didn’t generate an error when I hit ‘submit’.

Mon 😃😞😁
I went to Freehostia and while I was signing in I noticed a “webmail” tab. I got in and found the earlier email I sent myself from my gmail account, but nothing from my blog. I tried it a couple more times in case the messages were being held up but no new emails appeared. I went back to the validation program and started going through it line by line. Eventually, I received my first comment email. Not sure what I’d been doing wrong but whatever it was doesn’t matter now does it? I got it working.
When I received that first email, I noted “Dude, my blog template ‘comment validation form’ started working at 8:44.”
I went back to W3 and plugged the new code into one of the other ‘try it’ exercises to see if I could block the webmaster ‘thank you’ message. I didn’t think I needed to be told twice that the form had gone through. By that time, the scroll down ‘message sent’ box was working very well. I never got the ‘Webmaster Thank You’ messages to stop showing up though.
Turns out it’s okay because when you hit the “Back to Blog” link it refreshes the page and erases anything that may have been typed into the text boxes.
I went ahead and turned on the TV when the alarm sounded but I didn’t watch the new episode of House Hunters, I muted it and kept working on my template. I still needed the number of comments counter to work. As it turns out though, the number that appears on the blog isn’t a tally. I think the blogger enters the count manually onto his own page. That means I can put whatever number I want.
W3Schools calls it a ‘badge’ but I’d still like to find code that will keep track of the actual count.
I also worked on the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons and got them working before Family Feud came on.
On Jul23 I wanted to check out how the template would look on my phone so I sent myself an email with the link.
When I clicked on it and tried the buttons, I had to send myself a “Houston we have a problem” comment.
It’s because when I clicked the ‘Read more’ button on the Father’s Day story, I got a “Message Sent” scroll down box.
I jumped onto Freehostia and opened the editor to see if I could figure out what was going on. The problem, once again, was with the functions. Turns out, the number for the ‘Read More’ function1() was the same as the the Submit function(). I added a two to the third function() and it’s working now.
The next comment I sent myself says, “Problem Solved! :)”

Tue 😃😞😁
While I was on Freehostia I needed to tidy up a bit. I still had form validation files from those other free code websites littering my directory. Afterwards I went back to open the template on my phone but the browser I was using (Firefox) had not updated the page. I switched to Chrome and was able to get in and everything appears to be working fine.
I remembered my tablet too so I went to ATITN, clicked on the blog, and saw that it also functions properly.
The email I sent myself said, “tablet woikin fine oof.”
After that I just put stupid stuff on R&S. Yesterday when I was on the forum, there were so many funny answers I was literally crying.
Yesterday which was Jul25 hurricane Hanna started inching south towards our area. On Friday they’d said it was going to land in Corpus Christi then later they changed it and predicted landfall at Kingsville. I charged my phone, tablet and laptop before crashing just in case they were wrong again and the power went out.
I got up at the usual time and turned on the TV but there was nothing about the hurricane. Later I was channel surfing and saw a new hurricane trakking map on a Spanish Channel. It was showing that the eye was forecast to pass right over the town I live in.
I expected to see an evacuation order too but they never announced one. Later, the CBS weatherman appeared and verified the adjusted path. He also said they were expecting floods up to 19 inches and wind gusts up to 70 mph.
First thing I thought was “Yep, better get ready for the lights to go out.”
I googled ‘how long will food last in the refrigerator after the power goes off.’
The first source said it would only last a few hours but the food in the freezer might still be good as long as there are ice crystals present. I took the thermometers I had hanging in my room and the middle bedroom and set one in the freezer and the other in the fridge.
I came up with another idea too and thought, “Why don’t I google the minimum refrigerator temperature food will be good at if the power goes out.”
During the last hurricane, which was Dolly, the electricity in my trailer was out for three days. I don’t remember if I ate anything out of the refrigerator though.
At 10:36 I started hearing the rain hitting the roof but I continued doing my regular routines. I was putting stupid stuff on the internet when I began to wonder what the thermometers said so I got up and looked. The one in the bottom said 48° and the one in the freezer showed 12°. The time was 11:05 AM.

Wed 😃😞😁
At 1:45 I got a text from Sammie asking how I was doing. I told her I’m fine. She said they were doing okay, too.
After that I went and sat outside to wait for the Sabbath 2:05 ‘liked videoes’ alarm to sound. By then the wind was starting to pick up a little.
At 2:59 I set the alarm for 14 minutes then sat outside again. While I was out there I felt a very strong gust of wind. That worried me so I carried the packed trash can to the shed. I set it inside because I didn’t want it to get blown off the porch. I was worried about the temperature setting in the refrigerator too so when I came back inside I tried to crank the temperature dial lower but it was already at it’s coldest setting.
edit: Today is Sunday, Hanna has already passed through here and the time is 1:40. The lights are coming back on. I just saw the modem light up. Yay! I got the internet. Better plug the charger in, Oaf. Yay! the party lamp came on. Now back to my narration..
The temperature setting in the fridge has been set as low as it will go for I don’t know how long. I’m just hoping I didn’t mess anything up when I started cranking the dial up and down.
During the six o’clock hour I had to wait for the 6:15 mac and cheese alarm. I wanted to sit on the steps (which were still very dry by the way) but the rain by that time was coming in sideways. There was a cool breeze blowing as well so I made up my mind that if I was able to sit outside again I was going to wear my red, long-sleeved shirt.
I continued watching the news throughout the day. The eye of Hanna was due to pass a little north of here around 11:00. There was already some outages being reported near the beach by then. I was composing an outline in real time and noted that the lights started flickering as I was typing that last sentence.
I remembered to check the hotspot on my phone and when I turned it on I was able to bring up the internet. I would learn later though that it was operating off the Spectrum wi-fi.
At 8:30 I was doing my 8:30 editing when Squiz called. She asked if I wanted them to come get me so I could stay at their place.

Thu 😃😞😁
I told them thank you but I was planning to stay here since the news was saying that when the hurricane made landfall it would be downgraded to a tropical storm. She said okay but told me to call if I changed my mind.
Later I was putting stupid stuff on R&S and heard a loud bang. It sounded like a shotgun blast. I wasn’t real sure what it was but when I went to the porch to look I noticed that the old, broken shutter outside my bedroom window had been blown off. I also saw lightning and heard another very loud bang and wondered if it was a transformer. I noted that the time was 9:23. I also noticed that no water was falling through the porch roof when I opened the front door which meant Gabriel had stopped the leak.
I kept seeing blue flashes too so I looked out the kitchen window and noted that some of the trailers northwest of me looked dark. Then the wind began coming very hard from the south and there was what I called a ‘light show’ going on here inside the trailer.
I wrote that “I saw a lot of blue flashes and heard a loud noise like electric wires were being rubbed together.”
I got up and looked out the kitchen window again and could see that the telephone wires were indeed being blown around very violently which might account for the blue lightning. The time was 9:53.
The next day was Sunday, Jul26. I remember being awakened in the middle of the night to the sound of the wind whistling through the bathroom window. It sounded just like a norther. I looked at my dad’s clock but it wasn’t showing the time so I knew I had no power. I got out of bed and when I was brushing my teeth I was surprised when I felt warm water coming out of the faucet as though the water heater was still running.
I dressed and opened the front door to see if there were any leaks. The steps still looked relatively dry and there was hardly any standing water in the middle of the porch. I looked around the yard next and there were downed limbs everywhere and some of them were quite large.
I came back inside and looked out the front bathroom window and saw more limbs. I also noticed that a street sign that had probably been ripped off it’s pole was lying in the front yard between the driveway and the swing tree. It was heavily damaged but I could still read the name of the street.
It was still sprinkling too but I wanted to look around so I put on my mother’s jacket, went around the yard and shot some pictures.

Fri 😃😞😁
7k neighbors also have huge limbs down
7l can hear one bird chirping
7m think it’s the nightingale
7n still under heavy wind and rain
7o found out what loud scraping noise heard all night
7p skirting in back was being blown in and out
7q Sam says her power is off as well
7r messing around until 10:15 fruit cocktail alarm sounds
7 trying to find things to do to stay upbeat
7s started 15/40 while the batteries last, schedule at 11:15
7 open laptop and write for 25 minutes
7 sit outside for 25
7 listened to nightingale
7 turn on the radio rest of the hour
7 not written in stone
7t just got a message saying we’re under a tornado warning until noon
7u lived here all my life and can’t remember the last time that happened
7v electricity just came back on
7 been without power for probably 13 hours
7w first thing I want to do is look at the thermometers I set in the fridge
7x the one in the bottom was at 60 and the one in the freezer was at 40.
7 everything in the freezer is thawed
7y turned on the ceiling fan
7z guess I’ll go back to my regular schedule.
7aa first think I gotta do is boil more water

1 Jul27
1a it is oppresively humid
1b googled do I have to throw away all my food if the fridge was off for 14 hours
1c every source said yes
1d a couple of sources said frozen food can keep in the freezer for up to 48 hours
1e decided to empty fridge
1f kept killing carpenter ants yesterday
1g checked mid bdrm last night
1h ants were pouring in
1i sprayed ant and roach heavily
1j decided to walk
1k needed to go to dumpster
1l checked mid bedroom first
1m hundreds of dead ants
1n went outside
1o several feet of skirting had been pulled out
1p also saw Deacon Tree limbs in neighbors yard
1q fixed skirting best I could
1r pulled trash can from shed
1s came back in and loaded two trash bags
1t was able to carry two bags and trash can
1u had to switch hands several times
1v saw my sparrow buddy at the dumpster
1w sitting on the edge of sliding access doors
1x did not fly away until I told it to get out of the way
1y well I whispered to it
1z dropped off trash can
1aa headed for Stripes
1bb needed eggs, filters and hopefully beef bologna
1cc hoping to make it until Friday with what I have left
1dd already at shopping mall on back street
1ee remembered mask
1ff returned and got it
1gg put it on before entering store
1hh lots of cars parked but no customers
1ii saw friendly cashier talking on cell
1jj got everything
1kk cashier motioned me to come to counter
1ll after I paid with green card
1mm “We don’t have any bags.”
1nn guess he tells you only if you can carry items out
1oo picked up stuff
1pp left mask on
1qq came back inside
1rr going to have regular eggs toast and hashbrowns
1ss also will have lemon chicken at 3:59
1tt if I survive I’ll eat frozen hamburger patties too
1uu did outline
1vv I’m way ahead in my journal
1ww second cuppa cuppa alarm just went off so lataz
1xx ugh gotta do laundry too

2 Jul28
2a waiting for Olga
2b bringing Sam’s cats at 7:00
2c their apartments are leaking
2d dreamed of holes in my socks. Aver
2e “Socks in a dream are symbolic of coziness. The person who dreams of socks adapts to the needs of others and is very empathic. Having holes in socks though, makes the imagery different. It suggests that a person may be tired of being the one to compromise and adapt and needs to assert himself in the relationship.”
2f time is 7:24
2g heard knock
2h it was Olga wearing a mask
2i brought two kennels
2 heard cats meowing
2j already had hallway and bathroom lights on
2k she made me put rugs and curtain in middle bathroom
2l said they poop in litter box
2m told her she could let them out
2n heard her close the door
2o said she needed to get to work
2p Sam or her is supposed to pick them up this afternoon
2q about to put stupid stuff on internet at 9:38
2r exercised indoor for 30 minutes
2s walked through house except for front bathroom
2t haven’t heard a peep
2u wish I would have opened window
2v and turned off light
2w Sam texted during news
2x said her landlord had not shown up
2y asked if the cats could stay overnight
2z told her I haven’t heard a peep out of them all day
2aa she thanked me and said to let her know if there’s any problem
2bb Jul29
2cc yesterday when I walked in the house the cats didn’t make any noise
2dd this morning one of them started meowing
2ee played with it
2ff tried to sneak up to the bathroom
2gg bet you a nickle Sam is out of town
2hh it is the six o’clock hour
2ii just finished editing
2jj noticed I had a text
2kk it was from Olga to inform me ‘they’ were coming to pick up the cats
2ll they arrived as I was sitting outside
2mm they had stopped at Stripes for alcohol
2nn fussed at them for not telling me
2oo Sam ended up scoring me some Cheese Puffs and butter
2pp Olga and I stayed on porch and chatted
2qq Sam came out after checking on cat
2rr we just talked about stuff
2ss around 7:40 Olga looked like she wanted to leave
2tt Sam kept telling her stories
2uu talked about home loan
2vv told her about offer from VA
2ww neither of the girls showed least interest in living together
2xx tells me a lot
2yy like they must be doing fine
2zz finally she came in and put cats in their carriers
2aaa I came in and said bye to them
2bbb they didn’t pay any attention to me
2ccc exactly the way I wanted it to end
2ddd Sam wants to get together and drink
2eee did not encourage more drinking
2fff I think she’s going to take me to San Antonio next Father’s day
2ggg we all got virtual hugs
2hhh stood on steps and waved goodbye just like the old days

3 Jul28
3a was sitting on steps waiting for 7:00 alarm to sound
3b heard a vehicle in the driveway
3c saw Gabriel’s pick up
3d he jumped out and waved, “Hi”
3e I waved back
3f he said he was here to clear the limbs
3g I just nodded
3h asked if I’d had any leaks
3i I stood to talk but he continued hacking away on a limb with his machete
3j pointed at Squirrel gate and said, “No leaks! Thank you.”
3k he nodded and continued hacking
3l had to come back inside for fear of getting hit by chips
3m was about to note time when I heard a knock
3n it was Gabriel
3o stepped outside and he was waving, goodbye
3p I returned the wave and said, “Thank you.”
3q right now it is 7:07

Sun 😃
Suggested title: Against the Tall, Slender Stems of the Weeds
Info-box: new_shed;
Jul12: Gal 5:16-18; Waiting for the girls to come eat with me
I didn’t hear from Sammie till later but I did start making plans. I was hoping that if she got here before Olga left work then she might be able to help me not only place the order but set a delivery time as well. I could also turn on the AC and shower if and when she messaged that she was on the road. She texted at 4:17 and informed me that she was about to hop in the shower and then she would be on her way.
I answered and said, “Come on in.”
She arrived carrying two bottles of wine. When she asked, I told her I didn’t want to drink but said she could open a bottle if she wanted. I also told her where I kept the corkscrew, but she said she’d brought her own.
At 5:30 I wrote that Sammi is “in the green chair” on her phone setting up some kind of church meeting.
While we were waiting for Olga, I decided to ask her the question I’d come up with to kick off the day’s activities. After she finished setting up her church meeting I told her to follow me into the middle bedroom. When we were inside I showed her the dead ants and asked if she knew what kind they were.
She moved in closer to examine the bodies then took pictures with her phone.
She googled a description and “Carpenter ants” came up.
Her guess as to why they were all dead was that they had died of thirst. She learned from the link too that they often live in electrical outlets.
“Aha!”, I exclaimed then told her about the electricians who had been in there recently replacing the plates.
About then we heard Olga come in. I opened the bedroom door and told her where we were. After we explained why we were in there, we talked about what we were going to eat. We ended up deciding to go to Subway and using the drive thru.
We got in the car and they began to think about which store we should go to. Olga mentioned a street one of the H-E-B’s is on so I asked if there were still long lines. They said they didn’t think so and agreed to stop if it looked like we could walk in.
The store we wanted to check was the one I use to go to when we lived at the old house.

Mon 😃
Sam turned into the parking lot and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that there were no lines. There were a lot of people though and every one of them was wearing a mask. I told the girls I’d like to check to see if they had hamburger patties and bologna so we drove around to the side where I use to always park and believe it or not the old space was empty.
I really wanted to go in and get the stuff myself but the girls advised me not to. I asked them if they’d score me some patties, beef bologna and toilet paper. Olga said she could use her stamps to buy the food but she’d need my card for the TP. I told them I still had some cash but when I took out my wallet there was only $4.00 in it. I handed Olga the bills and told her to buy as much as she could.
They put on their masks and headed for the entrance. I thought it would take forever so I turned on the radio and waited.
It didn’t take near as long as I thought it would and soon I saw them returning to the car carrying a couple of bags.
They told me they’d scored three packages of hamburger patties, three packages of beef bologna and two rolls of toilet paper. I expressed surprise and wondered out loud why the store never has what I need when I order online.
Sammie said they don’t always tell you if something is available. The only reason I could think that they might do that is because they like to keep a certain amount on the shelves or maybe they don’t even check the shelves.
After that we headed for Subway. We needed to find a store with a drive thru so we ended up at the one next door to Bens old garage where Olga and I use to get our cars inspected.
When we circled around to get to the window, Sam stopped at the menu and got in a fight with the person who was supposed to be taking our order. She kept telling the server that she needed time to read the menu but the girl acted like she couldn’t understand. Sam became impatient so we decided to just put on our masks and go inside.
Olga warned Sam that the person she’d been arguing with might still be mad.
I made a joke and said, “She’s probably going to spit on your salad.”

Tue 😞
Jul13; (psa 119:111)
Sam didn’t agree. She said the girl wouldn’t recognize her voice.
Olga laughed and said, “Oh, yes she will.”
Inside, there was one customer ahead of us but soon Olga and Sam had their salads with everything on it. When it was my turn to order I told the girl behind the counter that I wanted the six inch roast beef.
“We don’t have roast beef.”, she informed me.
I ended up ordering turkey instead. While she prepared my sandwich, Sam and Olga picked up crackers and dressing. Olga also got a cookie. She asked me if I wanted one but I shook my head no. When we had everything, I paid the bill then we returned to the trailer.
At home we sat around the dining room table and chatted. They answered my questions about work and the grandkids. They both finished all their salad then fought over the solitary chocolate chip cookie they’d scored at Subway. Sam said Olga was supposed to split it with her but all she left was some crumbs. As far as what I got, I didn’t think the turkey sandwich was all that great. I’ve had better.
When I came back to the recliner they got up and followed. I opened the laptop, went to Youtube and fired up my Beer Drinking Music playlist.
edit: Dude, while I was adding that detail to the outline I got a text from Sam asking me the name of the playlist. I told her what it was and she said she liked it. I told her I’d made (populated?) it with the songs I liked that Olga use to listen to when she was growing up.
After Sam and Olga finished fighting over the green chair I asked them if they’d taken any pictures at the beach on Father’s day.
They said they had not so I asked Olga if I could have a copy of the “Here is where you’re going when you die” snapchat video.
Sam sent it to me along with several others they’d made. They’re mp4’s so I don’t know how I’m going to post them to ATITN.
We listened to the music and continued yakking. They told a lot of Covid-19 stories. Olga said they’re so busy at the funeral home that they were thinking about renting a morgue truck. After a while I glanced over at Olga and she didn’t look like she was feeling too well so they began to get ready to leave.
Sam went to the kitchen and grabbed one of the bottles of wine she brought and left the other one in the refrigerator.

Wed 😃
Olga and I talked about not hugging but Sam said her and I could. Olga stopped her though so we fist bumped then I elbow bumped Olga. We talked about meeting up again and I suggested we use Grub Hub next time.
They nodded in agreement, then we all said, “Love you” and “Goodnight.”
Right after I wrote about them leaving, I noted that “Sammie just texted that she still has ‘Whatever You Like’ stuck in her head.”
Next the AC finished cycling through so I got up and turned it off at the thermostat then went to see if there was any trash left on the dining room table. The time was 8:16 so I didn’t get to do any editing that day.
On Jul10 I was opening the window in the back bathroom and got creeped out when I noticed the yardman standing there. I stopped him as he was walking past the light meter and asked if he could find someone to haul the junk from the shed for $300. We agreed that whoever he found to do the job would unload the shed, put the stuff on the porch, tear down the shed, then haul the trash and the old shed away. He said he would try to find someone after he spoke to Marge.
Later, around noon I think it was, he knocked on the door and told me he had found someone who was interested. He said it’s the guy the park uses when he and his co-worker are too busy doing other trailer park assignments.
When he told me the contractor planned to start on it that very day I grimaced because it was Friday and the Sabbath was going to begin at sunset. I agreed though to let the contractor start clearing out the shed at 4:00. He said the guy would haul the junk away the next morning. Since I wouldn’t be able to help, I offered an extra hundred for taking everything out and setting it on the porch. I added that I would pay cash. The yardman said he would tell his guy.
I didn’t have the $400 so I needed to go to the ATM but since it was noon by then, I called Olga on the off chance that she might be at lunch. She answered and said she would be over in a few minutes.
She came and picked me up and on the way, I told her I’d give her twenty for helping me out.

Thu 😃
Then I asked if she had anything in the shed and she told me that she did. I told her I was sorry but I needed it taken out because I was paying a guy to tear it down.
When we arrived at the Wells Fargo, the drive thrus and ATMs were very busy so it took awhile to get to a machine. When we had the cash, I offered Squiz the twenty but she wouldn’t take it. She told me I could buy her lunch some time.
When we were back at the trailer she hopped out and looked in the shed. She even started dragging some of the stuff out that was hers. After a few minutes though she said her boss was calling and she had to leave. She promised she would come back after work and pick up her stuff while I sorted through the boxes. I felt bad that she had to come back since it was Friday and she might have had other plans. She seemed to really want to get her belongings though.
Later in the afternoon, before any contractors showed up, I started thinking about hauling the junk out and stacking it on the porch in order to get an idea of what the job would entail. It was one of the hottest days of the year and it made me kind of feel sorry for the shed guy. I decided I would turn on the AC at 3:30 if I needed to cool down.
By 3:34 I came in and wrote in the outline that I’d hardly made a dent in all the junk that had been accumulating in the 25 years since my brother and I put up the shed. I turned on the AC and took a few minutes to rest.
At 3:57 I heard a knock on the door. It was the contractor and he introduced himself as “Gabriel”. He claimed that he was going to get everything done that day including hauling all the garbage away.
I wanted to make sure we had an agreed upon amount so I held up four fingers and he nodded.
At 4:38 I wrote that Gabriel was going very quickly. He was actually tearing the walls down and stacking stuff on the porch at the same time. I also noted that he seemed like a very friendly fellow. Although his English was limited, we managed to strike up a second deal for a new shed. He agreed on a price of $450 for the materials and $300 for labor.

Fri 😃
I was feeling generous after seeing what a fine job he was doing, so I told him I’d throw in an additional hundred if he would put the old stuff in the new shed once it was sorted.
The revised contract looked like this: 400 + 450 + 300 + 100 = 1250. I still needed to get another$650 in cash though in order to pay the entire agreed upon amount. I was pretty sure I had enough in checking to cover everything. I also asked for his phone number in case I needed anything else done around the house like purchasing and placing new steps.
He was loading up the porch pretty fast so I started moving stuff to the front, getting it closer to his truck so he would know what needed to go. First thing I learned though was that Olga and Faron had mixed a lot of their stuff in with mine, so I had to wait.
I had a hard time talking to Gabriel so I started using the Google translator and I think we agreed that there would be two loads of trash. About that time one of his partners arrived. While I had the phone I turned on the camera and took a couple of pictures.

shed in pieces

The eyesore lies in pieces on the ground.

They show the shed in pieces because by that time, none of the walls were left standing.
I used the translator and told him most of the boxes belonged to Olga and I was waiting for her to go through them. He told me not to worry about it.
While I had the time I did a quick calculation and I think I might still have around $500 in checking after the shed project is completed and paid for. If true, then it meant I would be able to order groceries a day before payday like I usually do. I’d still like to walk to H-E-B one of these days, get my stuff, then take a Lyft back home but I don’t know when, if ever, I’ll be able to do that.
Olga texted around that time and said she was coming.
I told her she should back her car in and park on the north side of the porch so she could toss her stuff into the trunk. When she arrived I waved her in.

Sat 😃
As she was going through the junk, I found a hat she wore when she worked the counter at Dairy Queen while she was a teenager. She was employed for only a short period of time before she was fired. I showed it to her and told her I was going to keep it. I asked her if she could remember when she worked there and she confirmed that it was while she was still in high school. I brought the hat in and set it on the window ledge in Headquarters.
She eventually loaded all the stuff she wanted to take but before she left I told her I needed more cash. She offered to drive me but I inferred that she probably did not want me in her car. I really smelled bad. She was nice enough to offer to get the money with my card and was aware that she would have to go to a different ATM because of the $300 daily limit on the amount of cash I’m allowed to withdraw.
She went to another bank but then had to text me to ask for my PIN again. While she was gone, I continued moving junk around and when I got everything into one area, Gabriel and his partner started going through it looking for things of value.
About then Olga came back and told me she’d been able to withdraw $300. While I was still counting my money to see how much I had and how much I would need, Olga promised to come back the next day if I required more. At that time I was $350 short which meant that even if I walked to Wells Fargo, I would still need fifty bucks. I thanked her and told her I’d let her know.
The next day, which was Jul11, I was putting stupid stuff on the internet when I heard a knock. It was Gabriel and his son. He’d brought him because he speaks English and would be able to translate for us. The first thing they said, while stuffing breakfast tortillas into their mouths, was that they were going to finish hauling the trash off. The son also told me they needed the $450 we’d agreed upon so they could score material for the new shed. I went ahead and gave him the rest of my cash which was $500.

Sun 😃
Suggested title: The Broad, Breadtree Leaves
Info-box: olga_grocery_text; w3schools_website; mysterious_bugs; thats_not_a_bug; thou_sluggard; olga_texts_about_lunch
Jul04; Spectrum App errors
Again though I’ve learned that if I click on it a second time it usually lets me in.
Most days I watch Judge Judy on the local channel and it’s been coming in pretty clearly. Yesterday I was able to watch Judge Judy, Mom, then the evening news without using the Spectrum app.
At 9:00 I like to watch Family Feud for half an hour then look through the cable channels for something I haven’t seen before. The other night I watched a new episode of House Hunters International. They featured a wonderful couple looking for an apartment in Spain and I was glad I got to see it. They happened to be showing a new episode of Cash Cab too but I’m going to have to wait for another night to see that old favorite. They haven’t been broadcasting any more and now I’m wondering if they only show new episodes once a week.
In addition to those cable shows I’ve been tuning in to The Five in the afternoon and Judge Jeanine on Saturday night. They always bring back a lot of memories as well. I’m going to try to keep cable for at least a year but it feels like I’m sort of indulging myself. If they raise the price I’m definitely going to turn the equipment in.
Today is Jul04 but night before last I started getting texts from Olga. She asked if I needed her to pick up my groceries. I told her I already got them but I didn’t tell her I decided to order because of the new shelter in place rule.
She kind of fussed at me. Aver
“Why didn’t you let me go this time??” she demanded to know.
That surprised me so I reminded her that she had not set up an account.
“Of course I did.”, she replied.
She didn’t say anything specifically about her food stamps. She did let me know that she definitely would have picked up my groceries had I asked. I don’t like to bother her but I didn’t say that. I calmly told her that she can come at a later date and we’ll order from here, providing she uses her account.
She said she plans to come next week as a matter of fact and she’s going to bring food.
“Yay!”, I answered.
After that we told each other, “‘night.”
I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m so afraid she’s going to ask for money.

Mon 😞
Jul05; (Rev3:19)
I shouldn’t worry so much though, right? It’s been awhile since she’s asked for cash. Next time she comes we can look to see if they have hamburger patties and whatever else kind of food I might be running low on. If I need water then I can order that too and try to get the amount up to the minimum required to place a curbside order.
I’d even be willing to buy $35 worth of frozen, ready to eat patties if they have any by then.
Right now though I think I’ve got enough to last me until payday. When we were texting each other I asked her to let me know if she goes to H-E-B so she can pick me up some beef. In fact, by the time she comes I’ll probably be about out of lemon chicken too so we can maybe add that to the list as well.
If she tells me she doesn’t need money then I’m thinking I could order us some food from Grub Hub. It must be hard for her to leave work during lunch, wait in line at Chic Fil A then rush over here to eat with me. Plus I’m thinking that if I let her order what she wants then she’ll be more likely to finish everything on her plate.
Today’s the fourth and I’m supposed to already have an outline that will produce at least 215 words for me tomorrow during the six o’clock hour when I have to write. Nothing exciting has happened though. I guess if nothing of note takes place before then I’ll just blab about my routine or write about the new blog template I’m playing around with on the W3Schools website.
The only reason I’m writing right now is because I wanted to see if I could finish my quota without an actual outline and apparently I can’t. I only got 206 words and the 8:55 end of editing alarm just sounded. Okay make that 220.
Today is Jul05. Lately I been going to the W3Schools website to learn how to program a blog. I found one that looked fairly simple and started playing around with it. First thing I did was paste some pictures from my WordPress media library into it because that’s a fairly easy thing to do. The rest of the code, I learned as I went through it, is pretty standard across all types of HTML programs.
Next I noticed that when I clicked on the template’s “Read More” button, nothing happened.

Tue 😃
The blog template itself didn’t even include code for the button which would explain why it wasn’t functioning. I went back to the school homepage, used the search box and started looking for a similar program. I copied and pasted a procedure from another template then found a ‘try it’ exercise with program language I perceived might blend in with the button coding I required. I actually got one working, but it took awhile.
I thought once I had the code for the top button in the ‘style’ section, all the buttons would work but that’s not what happened. I had to go line by line to get the second one to do what it’s suppose to. When any little change was successful, I’d save a copy to my computer.
Eventually I got the two “Read More” buttons functioning. That happened this morning as a matter of fact. I worked on the program after posting last week’s journal to ATITN and it was a nice distraction from writing stupid stuff on R&S.
Now I’ve moved down the template to the footer. It shows a “number of comments” box but they don’t appear to be working either. When I typed in a comment it didn’t save it to an actual file. The program code does show a filename though and I was glad when I saw it had the familiar .php extension.
I studied that language a few years ago when I was doing my “HTML for Dummies” book and writing my bible quiz program. It’s probably going to take awhile to whittle it down to where I can save blogger comments and add a counter.
After I signed up for an email address on Freehostia I included a way to contact me on my new template. I added the address then tried it but as of now nothing has shown up in my ATITN domain mailbag. I could just use one of my gmail accounts though since I’ve never actually gotten any hits on my website. While I wait for the new address to start working there’s a couple more things I want to do with the template.
Besides making the “Submit” button in the comments section work, I need to do something about the formatting.
I want the page to be consistent and look as professional as possible. Don’t worry though, I’m not going to obsess over it and stay up all night trying to get it to run properly like I use to.
After that I can hopefully add links to the “previous” and “next” buttons.

Wed 😃
That should keep me occupied and maybe I can take a break from writing stupid stuff on the internet 24/7.
The new ‘writing is a process’ modification I put into affect is working pretty well too. As of now I am not behind in my journal. During editing I’ve been reading all the way through the current week’s post then initiating the next day’s outline. I try not to rush, I’ve been making sure I leave myself plenty of time to read through the entire post twice. In fact, I finished this outline before the last editing alarm sounded and that was my goal.
Dude, the 8:55 ‘end of editing’ alarm just went off.
Today is Jul06. This morning I got up a little later than usual. I remember having a lot of vivid dreams but I don’t remember any of them. By the time I got out of bed I was thinking I would just drink one cup of coffee then go ahead and walk at 8:30 but later I changed my mind.
I really wanted to drink both cups of coffee then walk back and forth inside the trailer again since I’m having to remain indoors.
I watched the news, then at 8:30 I turned on the stove and set the five minute skillet warming alarm. On my first pass I opened the windows in the hopes of getting some cool air flowing through here. When the alarm sounded, I put the rest of the rice, beans and diced potatoes I’d prepared last night into the hash brown skillet. After that, I reset the 5 minute alarm and did another walk through.
I turned around in the front bathroom then walked into the middle bedroom and noticed a lot of dead bugs lying on the floor. They were strewn across the tiles under the window that faces east. I wondered how they got into the house so I went to Headquarters to see if they’d left a trail. I checked the base board and closet but there were no bugs. I returned to the middle bedroom thinking I could use the whisk broom and sweep them up but then changed my mind. I’ll get to that when I do my bare floors chore in a couple of weeks.
I was kind of curious why they were all dead. Did they get in somehow and then weren’t able to build a nest? Did they get poisoned somewhere along the way?

Thu 😞
I spray Raid every once in awhile but can’t remember the last time I sprayed in Olga’s old room. The only other source is my roach motels but they’re all in the kitchen and utility room.
By that time the last alarm sounded so I returned to the stove, stirred the rice and beans then put the lid back on. I didn’t plate them because I was hoping the steam would build up and add a little moisture. It’s because the night before, when I ate the first half of the batch I made, the beans were very dry.
Next, I set the five minute alarm to warm up the little skillet for my eggs. While I waited, I did some torso twisting. I haven’t been eating eggs on toast lately. I let the bread run out and have been substituting waffles. It’s because I need to finish those off. As a matter of fact, I’ve still got some from last month.
They’re kind of hard to work with. Most of the time when I put them in the toaster they don’t brown properly and I have to toast them twice. The second time, after I push them back down, I wait until they smell right then take them out. Let’s just say I’m getting mixed results. Sometimes they’re burned and sometimes they’re still just a soggy mess.
I finished the eggs, toasted the waffles best I could then checked on my rice and beans.
When I took the lid off there actually was some steamy moisture but it didn’t help very much. After I spooned them onto my plate, I could tell they were still very dry.
I’m thinking about adding something to them (Ro-Tel?) when I have to re-heat. I wonder what dill would taste like? I thought about using ketchup too but I only eat that on French fries. I’ll do a little research and see what I can come up with.
It’s still July sixth. Today is the first time this year (I believe) that I had to turn on the AC during the six o’clock hour. After calculating what time to turn it on and posting it to my AC_file, I had to jump up immediately and close the windows. It’s because my ‘turn on’ calculation time came only ten minutes after the last editing alarm sounded and it takes a little while to close all the windows.
Right after editing I had already started the 20 minute alarm that I like to set for sitting outside.

Fri 😃
I knew it would get cool in here pretty quickly when the AC came on so I brewed my third cuppa cuppa and enjoyed it. I can’t even remember the last time I did that.
Well, today is Monday so I need to find an earlier post on ATITN that includes a Youtube video. Monday nights is when I open a text file and start working on the next Sunday’s post.
Today is Jul07. It’s editing time and after a little calculating I learned I only needed 85 more words to have all of Sunday through Thursday’s quotas. I was going to make an outline but I don’t think I’ll have to now because I might be good all the way up to tomorrow night.
I was going to talk about something that happened this morning while I was walking through the house but I only need 22 more words.
I’ll finish with, “Yay! I don’t have to write anything until Thursday night!”
On Jul07 I continued walking through the house instead of taking one of my routes. That morning when I walked into the middle bedroom I saw something unusual on the floor. I thought it was one of the dead ants but it appeared to be larger than the others so I assumed it was a different sort of insect. I bent down and picked it up to get a better look, and discovered it was a roach. Dude, I cannot believe I’m still finding weed in the house. I wonder how long it’s been there and how did it wind up in the middle of the floor? I chuckled a bit then tossed it in the trash.
Sometimes, as I’ve stated before, I get tired of reading questions on Yahoo! answers. Lots of days I’m on there from about 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM. It’s mostly fun, like on the seventh when I got to read and answer some very amusing questions. There were a lot of funny people that day and many seemed to be making real contributions to the debate. Still though, I started thinking about doing something else and I knew I had to work on my php comments project so I went to the W3Schools website.
I opened a new folder like I did when I started the Javascript course then jumped right into the exercises. I still copy the code to a text file then paste it into the the school’s ‘try it’ window in order to see if it runs.

Sat 😃
I’ve gotten pretty good at not making any typing errors and that day they all ran with no problem.
As of now I am up to the ‘functions’ exercises.
Later I went out to sit on the steps where sometimes I observe ants. I’ve written about the lines of cutter ants I’ve seen but that day I watched as one came across the concrete floor and approached Emily’s old steps. All of a sudden I saw something circling it and at first I thought it might be a dust devil. I looked closer though and saw that a very tiny spider was running round and round the much larger ant. I wondered what it was doing and it appeared to be trying to trap it.
I began to see the web it was spinning cover the abdomen. I couldn’t really see that clearly but it looked like the ant was trying to sting it in order to defend itself. If that was true, I surmised, then it might explain why the spider started at the rear.
I really don’t know how the ant fought off the attacker but eventually I did see it getting away. Its back legs were still entangled though. I guess the itsy-bitsy spider had bitten off more than it could chew. I never really got a good look at it and I still don’t know where it went.
I searched Youtube and found a video of a cutter ant and a spider and learned that the ant doesn’t have a stinger in its tail but it does have a disproportionately large set of very sharp mandibles attached to its head.
On Jul09 I was putting stupid stuff on the internet when I got a text from Olga. I’d been kind of expecting it since she’d already indicated that she was planning to bring food. Indeed, the message was sent to inform me that she might be available to eat with me that day.
I didn’t bring up the curbside thing, I told her to text me early so I could order from Grub Hub. I asked her what she wanted and she told me salad would be fine.
A little later she texted again and said she wouldn’t be able to come during lunch after all and asked if Sam could maybe join us later. I told her that would be nice.
“Sam can help me order.”, I thought to myself.
She told me she would have her call at least an hour before she comes.

Hold On

Sun 😃
Suggested title: Hold on
Info-box: mal_4_2; mmm_water_bill; HEB_July; process_modification
June 24: Sammie, Olga and I are riding around the beach drunk on Fathers Day
I’m not sure but somewhere along the way, Sam must have said she needed something to wear in the water because I kind of remember her talking about a bikini bottom. I also remember them mentioning a nude beach. I’ve lived here all my life and I still don’t know where the one they keep talking about is at. I did comment that I wouldn’t get in the water by myself though.
Again I have no recollection, but Sam must have had Olga stop at one of the shops along the way to pick up something she could wear in the water. It could have been the one I bought the Jolly Roger beach towel from when Olga and Chelz were still in high school.
Olga found the access road and turned in. As we approached the surf, we could see people running around outside their vehicles. There was a pick-up truck parked about 25 yards from the ocean and it had it’s headlights on. Olga parked a couple of vehicles down from it and we jumped out. I walked to the water but was having trouble standing up so I made my way back to the car and sat down. That must have been around the time I heard them talking about Sam trying on her new swimsuit.
The next text I wrote was at 12:29 AM and it said, “Olivia and Sam are in the water.”
Sam came back after changing and opened one of the bottles of wine. I remember us passing it back and forth.
Next I noted; “Sam says her pants are on inside out.” and, “Olga just took a swig off the bottle of wine Sammie bought me.”
A minute later I wrote that “Sam is doing cartwheels.” and I do remember watching her spinning around upside down in her bathing suit.
Actually I should say she “attempted” to do cartwheels because she was trying to do them from a stand still.
I kept saying, “You need to get kinetic.”
I remember saying the word over and over but what I meant to say was, “You can’t do them while you’re standing still. You need to use momentum.”
At 1:07 I texted that, “The bottle of wine sits in the sand. Olga is lying down.”
I remember seeing her stretched out and I thought that was so odd. Why would anyone want to lay in the sand with all their clothes on?

Mon 😃
Jun28 ; Hephzibah said to open it (Job 6:14).
Eventually we decided to leave. Olga drove back to the hotel where I kept the Feast but because it was so crowded I didn’t want to try to get two rooms. We turned around and headed for the causeway. Before we got to the bridge though I told them I needed to make one more stop. Olga found a Stripes and I remember staggering through the door and asking the clerk where the bathroom was.
I don’t remember Olga or Sam following me so I must have been the only one who needed to go.
I do remember Sammie and I falling asleep on the way back. Well, I should say Sam fell asleep but I was pretty much passed out in the front seat drunk.
Next thing I remember was waking up in the driveway. We all got out and hugged, then I lurched towards the steps and somehow managed to make it to the front door without falling. Olga didn’t back out right away, she left the car running with the lights on so I could see. I also don’t remember if I waved as they were leaving.
Inside, the first thing I noticed was that the trailer was very warm. I didn’t even consider turning the AC on, I just wanted to get out of my clothes and crash. When I woke up, I felt a horrible hangover. I made myself get up though just to see what the thermostat said. It was 6:30 in the morning and it was already 89 degrees in here.
I went ahead and set the coffee alarm but when I went back to the restroom I experienced a couple of dry heaves. I got up, returned to the coffee table and turned the alarm off. I was still feeling unsteady so I went back to bed.
The second time I awoke, I got up because I knew I had to start an outline plus I needed to drink water. It was 12:47 but I still did not feel hungry.
I composed an outline then texted Olga a link to the song, “Closing Time.”
Later I got a message from Sam saying she had a lot of fun. I texted back that I did too.
I watched TV and right after I drank my five o’clock cup of water I started throwing up. I ended the day going to bed at 10:00 without eating anything.
Today is June 28. I had to do three loads of laundry this week so I started washing after I posted last week’s journal online.

Tue 😃
I had become engrossed in listening to this week’s post on the text to speech app and almost forgot I was supposed to be doing the wash.
During my regular editing time I put the last load in the dryer then sat back down in the recliner and opened the laptop. I don’t recall why I did it but I remember lowering my chin and becoming light headed. Idk, maybe I was trying to see something (a roach perhaps?) over the top of my glasses.
It’s happened before but the dizziness usually passes very quickly.
I closed my eyes and tilted my head all the way back but the room was still spinning. After awhile I got up and walked around the house a couple of times. I started feeling a little better but then I felt a wave of nausea come over me.
I closed the laptop, sat back down in the recliner and went to sleep. When I woke up I didn’t feel dizzy or light-headed so I stood to see if I was actually okay. I noticed I was still a little nauseated but remembered I needed to finish the laundry so I went to the utility room and took the last load out of the dryer.
When I carried the basket to my bed to finish folding I looked at the clock and it was 3:47 which meant my editing time was over for the day. I folded the clothes, put them away then came into the kitchen to drink my 4:00 water.
While I was rinsing the cup I heard a bird through the kitchen window. I pulled back the blinds and looked out onto the porch and saw Woody on the concrete floor. He appeared to be checking out the Deacon Tree. I watched as he twisted his neck and peered up into the boughs. I guess he didn’t see anything so he hopped around the bottom of the tree trunk, scratching and pecking the ground. I was fascinated so I continued observing until he climbed the tree and disappeared out of sight.
I let the blinds fall back onto the window sill then became aware of a cool breeze blowing through the living room window. It felt good so I set the timer and sat on the steps for 14 minutes.
I felt fine by the time I came back in. It was already well past my ‘turn on the TV’ time so I watched an episode of The Goldbergs. I didn’t feel like eating the lemon pie I’d bought to snack on though.

Wed 😞
It’s 8:47 right now but a little while ago while I was watching Press Your Luck (the host is so beautiful and funny) someone knocked at the door. I got up and opened it and was very surprised to see MMM standing there. The first thing she did was signal that she wanted to keep her mask on and maintain social distancing. She didn’t seem to want to come in though so I stepped outside to find out what was up.
First, she thanked me for the donation then told me that her mother had been cremated. She said she’d come by to ask if my rent had increased.
I told her mine had not. She however said she’d received a huge water bill. She wanted to know if I’d been charged $60 this month. I told her I hadn’t but related how one of the yardmen had misread my meter a few months ago. I had her wait while I came in and fetched my rent statement thinking we could maybe compare readings.
After I’d found it, she followed me around the back of the trailer and I showed her what I meant by “comparing readings.”
She studied the previous amount on her mother’s statement then asked about my back steps. I’m glad she did because it reminded me that I was supposed to buy the ones her mother wasn’t using anymore. She told me she would check to see if they were still there, read the meter, then call me.
I thought she was going to leave but she turned around and said she didn’t have my number. I had to come back inside and get my phone. I couldn’t find her in my contacts so she gave me her number then made me call. After she answered, we hung up and she asked if I needed a bag.
I told her, “No” and, “I’ve quit”.
She asked why so I explained, like I did to her brother, that it was getting too expensive. She told me how much an ounce costs but I repeated that I have no intention of ever smoking again. I was kind of curious about how much a pound costs though. She told me she has no idea then took off back across the street to check on the steps and the meter. The 8:55 ‘end of editing’ alarm just sounded and I still haven’t heard from her.
edit: she texted some time later and told me that the steps were no longer there.

Thu 😃
Today is June 30. I needed to order groceries since everybody’s been getting Covid-19 alerts and being told to remain indoors. I’m afraid there are going to be food shortages so I opened July’s grocery file then went online. I used my H-E-B account this time because I wanted to see if they had any fully cooked frozen beef patties and macaroni and cheese in stock. I used the search box and both items came up. In fact they had everything that day except TP and scrubbing bubbles.
I checked out, signed up for food delivery then winced when they froze my checking account for $243.06. The one thing I didn’t like about the order was that the earliest I could get delivery that day was between 10 and 11 PM.
I wrote in my outline in real time that the emails they were sending did not contain any substitutions.
I watched my usual Monday night TV shows at 9:00 then heard the AC click off at 10:01. I left it on because I knew I would be running in and out a lot as I lugged my groceries inside, and I wanted the house to be nice and cool when I crashed.
After Family Feud, I turned to the Food Network and watched Chopped for old times’ sake. I noted at 10:42 that the AC had been clicking on and off quite frequently. Finally I got a text from the delivery person saying he was on his way. I didn’t want to forget to social distance this time so I grabbed my mask from atop the cabinets then crammed it into one of my pockets.
A few minutes later the driver called on the phone and said he was at the mailboxes and needed to know where to turn. I told him that if he makes a left at the office, he should be able to see my porch light.
I put on my mask and went to the edge of the concrete and waited. When he drove up I waved him into the driveway. After he parked, he emerged wearing a mask and asked where to set the bags. I told him he could put them along the skirting and on top of the old steps if he wanted.
This guy seemed a little careless. He kept grabbing bags out of his vehicle and I noticed they were ripped. I watched horrified as some of my items literally fell to the floor.

Fri 😃
I stood and waited until he set the bag with the eggs on the steps then began hauling the stuff into the house.
A few minutes later he told me he’d unloaded everything so I said, “Thank you.” and he took off.
While I was putting the stuff away I noticed some of the items I’d ordered were missing. There was no bologna or mac and cheese and no frozen patties. There was nothing I could do about it that late at night so I opened the laptop and as soon as I did I saw that I’d just received an email from the store showing my receipt.
I looked it over and the items that were missing were all labeled “not available.”
The new total was $199.21.
To top it all off I heard the AC click on again and right after that, I went to my checking account and saw that it was still frozen at $243.
This morning I looked and it still has not been corrected. I’ve been checking periodically but it hasn’t changed. Good news though, I did get paid.
Dude it’s two minutes until the ‘end of editing’ alarm sounds and I got Wednesday’s and Thursday’s quotas already in the can.
Today is Jul02 and it looks like I’m going to need two outlines. I need one for today at 6:15 which is what I’m working on right now and another for tomorrow at 6:15 which I will do later. I should have done the one for today yesterday but I ended up having to do it this morning after I came back from walking.
I fired up the hash brown skillet, set the five minute warm up alarm then jumped right in.
Since I’m supposed to be sheltering in place again this month I kind of wanted to go back to walking up and down inside the trailer for 27 minutes. I decided to get out and walk to Las Tres Palmas though.
When the 8:30 alarm sounded I grabbed my hat, mask and phone and took off. I know I’m supposed to wear my mask in public but I took a chance. I was pretty sure no one else would be wearing one.
I didn’t really look but the people I did see were not wearing a mask. When I got to the berry trees I found some lying on the sidewalk and they looked tempting but I only crunched two. The third one I left in the middle of the sidewalk for my return trip.

Sat 😃
As I approached the intersection I saw an injured bird lying in the grass near the curb. It appeared to be a very young grackle. It didn’t look afraid but I tiptoed past anyway and made a mental note to check and see how it was faring after I turned around.
On the way back I saw that it was still lying in the grass and hadn’t moved. I commenced doing the woodpecker clucking sound I like to make whenever I’m entering another bird population’s environment. I do that in order to alert the inhabitants that I pose no threat. All the poor grackle did as I passed was kind of glance up at me.
When I got to the sidewalk I stepped on the third berry and even though there was a vehicle driving into a parking space just on the other side of the trees I still got a nice crunch when I pressed down on it with my foot. To put it more scientifically, I was able to distinguish not only the sound of the gravel but the response from the berry as well.
The next thing I recorded in my outline was that the skillet warming alarm just sounded. I got up and opened a package of Ore Ida hash brown patties, threw two in the skillet then changed the alarm to nine minutes.
I did get another bag of diced potatoes from H-E-B the other day. I’ve grown fond of those but I’m going to save them for Sunday night when I make rice and beans.
Okay, all I need is one more topic to make this a 1a to 1z outline so I’ll end by saying “one down and one to go.”
Yesterday, Jul02 I only needed 197 words to complete two week’s worth of posts. I decided to try to finish up with things I’ve been doing “tv-viewing-wise” since installing the cable.
Actually, most of the time I don’t even use the Spectrum app. The reason is because I’ve been getting a lot of network errors. Today, for instance I clicked on the app and it asked for my password. I exited the program, then when I was back to regular air TV I brought the app up again and was able to get in.
A lot of times I’ll go to the listings, click on a program and get a “channel unavailable” error.

Sun 😃
Suggested title: The Spirit of Grace
Info-box: maskless_haircut; staring_squirrel; happy_fathers_day;
June 18; Olga and I are enjoying the lunch she brought us.
I told her how good it was and she seemed to be glad that I liked it.
We started talking so I began the conversation with a question about Ave. I asked her how she’s doing. She assured me that the baby is fine. I asked her about work too and she said everything is going well. She told me her goal right now is to become totally independent. Hearing her say that made me smile and I told her I was glad.
She brought up Father’s Day next and asked if I wanted to join her and Sammie on Sunday to maybe have drinks. I asked her if the bars are open and she said they are. They don’t want to take me to a bar though, she said they intend to drink at the hotel where we usually go.
I told her I’m glad she invited me because that will force me to get a haircut which I will try to do tomorrow. While I was poking potatoes in my mouth I asked her if she wanted to try one with the mustard powder I got yesterday from H-E-B. She agreed saying she likes to try all kinds of spices so I got the shaker from the cabinet and we sprinkled some on our fries.
After that she talked about her life. One of the things she mentioned was that she’s going to put off marrying until she’s in her thirties. I’m glad to hear her talk like that so I said a lot of women these days are doing the same thing. I advised her not to pick up a guy from a bar and not to date anyone from work.
By then it was getting towards one o’clock so she said she had to go. She stood and started gathering the trash. I told her to leave it and we said our goodbyes. Before she disappeared through the door though I reminded her to text me Sunday and let me know what time they were coming.
Today is June eighteen. I needed to set up an appointment with my barber so when the 8:30 walking alarm sounded I took off for Cedar Hut. When I arrived, the door was locked so I went ahead and took the turnaround tree route then tried the door again on my way back. It was still locked.
After breakfast I called and the lady answered.

Mon 😃
The way she spoke, I got the impression she remembers me.
She told me Eddy already has a 1:15 appointment but I could get in at 2:15. That means I won’t be able to start editing at 2:05 but that’s okay. I set my one o’clock alarm so I can shower and wash my hair then I’ll follow my normal routine until two when I’ll head over to the strip mall.
I put stupid stuff on the internet until one o’clock, then had my first snack. After that, I sat outside until one fifteen. When I came back inside, I set the alarm, then listened to the radio until one forty. I took a shower, washed my hair, then changed into some clean clothes.
I didn’t walk to the Cedar Hut right away, I sat back down to see if my hair would dry a little. After I set the 2:05 editing alarm, I leaned back in the recliner, but I almost fell asleep. I didn’t want to chance missing the alarm, so I sat up and forced myself to stay awake.
When the alarm sounded, I jumped up and walked to the barbershop. I cautiously opened the door, didn’t see anybody, so I slipped in and took a seat in the waiting area.
When someone did appear, I was relieved to see she wasn’t wearing a mask. She turned and went to the back then I heard her talking to the lady who cuts my hair. When she popped out, I was glad to see she wasn’t wearing a mask either. I got up from the chair and made a motion towards my back pocket where I was carrying the mask Olga gave me, but she shook her head.
We talked as she worked on my hair. I learned she would like to take a cruise, but I told her I’d rather go on a scenic railroad ride. We also talked about life in a trailer park.
She seemed to be in a bit of a hurry, so I got up as soon as I thought she was done, and headed for the cash register. I pulled out one of the twenties Olga brought me, paid her, and after she told me to have a nice Father’s Day, I came back to the house and started editing.
I was looking forward, since today is Thursday, to having Word Counter proofread this week’s Post and let’s just say, I’m going to need more practice. It sounds okay, but I’d like to learn how to make it come alive.

Tue 😃
Today is June twenty. This morning I went to sit outside for fourteen minutes, and after I was comfortable, I began hearing a mockingbird squawk. I figured it was one of those two young birds I see quite frequently chasing each other around the backyard.
Staring Squirrel
Then I noticed the noise seemed to be getting closer. I looked up into the tree and that squirrel I’d named Sandy was right there looking straight down at me. Even though I could see one of the birds diving at it and making a lot of noise, the squirrel just laid in the fork of the Deacon tree ignoring them and watching me. I reached for my phone, clicked on the camera, and snapped a pic. It didn’t move so I tweaked the angle a bit, then got an even better shot.
After sharing it with Word Press, I peered through the lattice and it was looking at me kind of funny. I pointed up at it, and laughed.
“Oh Crap!”, I suddenly realized, “that thing looks like it’s going to jump on my head.”
Just in time though, the mockingbird persuaded it to move somewhere else. I could still hear the birds fussing but they had moved out of sight.
When the alarm sounded, I came in and ate my bowl of fruit cocktail and right now I’m about to log onto R&S.
Today is June 22. Yesterday morning I got a “Happy Father’s Day” text from Sam.
I replied, “Thank You.” then didn’t hear anything else from her until later. They called me on the phone and asked what time I wanted to be picked up.
I asked them what time the bar would open and after they told me, “Five o’clock”, I recommended they come get me at 3:30.
When they asked where I wanted to eat I thought of the Lubys we use to take grandpa to after Olga was born. They agreed and said they would be here at three thirty. The question I wanted to ask this time wasn’t about the Bible, I wanted to get their opinion on the text to speech apps I’ve been experimenting with.
I also wanted to go through and edit this week’s post at least once before they got here so I set the alarm for 1:20. I started editing after it sounded and didn’t stop until I’d read through the entire post twice.

Wed 😃
It was about 2:35 by then so I turned on the radio and waited for 3:00 to arrive. I took a shower, put on the shoes and shirt they’d given me, then around 3:45 I heard them knocking.
When they were inside we chatted a little while, then during a pause, I explained about my journal and told them that I would like their opinion on something.
I’d already pasted the episodes showing MM crying and the squirrel staring so all I had to do was fire them up and motion the girls over to see what I was talking about. After playing both clips I asked which one sounded better. Sam and I agreed that the proof reader on Word Counter sounded more professional.
They both said they liked the stories I’d written. Olga said she liked how I’d noted that my work tee shirt was still wet after MM left. She also lamented that I’d not named the staring Squirrel after her. I told her I don’t like to use people’s real names on the internet.
As they headed for the door, trying to decide whether or not they should put on their masks, I asked if they knew anybody with Covid-19. Sam said she knew several people who had tested positive.
After that we jumped in Sam’s car and took off for Lubys. On the way over I told Sam that I’d come across something I wrote in 2001 about her high school prom. I explained that I had written that I didn’t want her to attend and I kind of wanted to apologize for that. She informed me that Mom had bought her a dress and even though I’d grounded her she’d gone anyway. I was glad to hear that and told her I was happy she got to attend.
Sam forgot where she was going and we ended up passing the H-E-B I walk to. I was looking for long lines but didn’t see any. I did however observe a bunch of kids standing under the portico. I asked Sam if it’s legal to stash your brats outside while you go shopping. She said yes but it’s nothing compared to the eighties when parents would just leave their kids wherever.
She told us about one father who use to make his daughter stay in the car while he was working. She said he would leave her food and water then disappear for the rest of the day. The father came out one afternoon and the baby had rubbed poop from her diaper all over the inside of the car.

Thu 😞
When we reached Lubys we saw a sign informing customers that they were temporarily closed due to the pandemic.
I started trying to think of someplace else we could go and began looking around. I happened to spot a Dennys just up the street and it was one Olga and I use to eat at while I was teaching.
The girls made me put on my mask before we got down. As soon as I was inside I scanned the area and saw we were the only patrons wearing one. Sam explained that once you’re seated you are allowed to remove the mask.
We all wanted water and when our waitress brought our glasses to the table she asked if we were ready to order. I built a hamburger, the girls got eggs and salad.
I asked them what was going on and Sam told me a little bit about what she’s been doing with the kids. In addition to her home schooling she says she’s been having to write lesson plans for her grade level at middle-school.
When they were scrolling through their texts she noticed the picture of the frog I’d sent her. She became excited and said she wanted to see if she could find it. At first she couldn’t, so we zoomed in.
“Yay!”, she exclaimed, “There it is!”
I explained it’s kind of hard to see because people don’t expect it to be so small.
Olga cleaned her plate and I had to comment on it because I’ve never seen her eat so much. We joked about licking all the crumbs off then asking the waitress where our food was at. When we were finishing, I told them I had some cash and asked if I could leave the tip, but after taking out my five dollar bill they said they would not hear of it. While Olga was at the register Sam and I donned our masks once again then we all took off for the bar. I looked at the time and I believe it said 5:04.
When Sam found a place to park we all put on our masks and headed for a side entrance. That day though, the door was locked so we had to walk around to the front. The first thing we did when we got inside was look for a bathroom. Sam was acting like she didn’t remember where it was but her and Olga finally found the ladies room and I went to the men’s.

Fri 😃
I came out and kind of waited for the girls but they took a long time. I stood around in the lobby then after awhile I went and sat at the bar.
The bartender asked what I wanted so I smiled then informed her that two more people would be joining me.
The girls finally came out and we went to a booth. While we waited for our first drink we talked about Olga’s dog. Sam asked why I couldn’t take ownership so I explained once again that I don’t like pets. Sam took out her phone and showed me pictures of her cats, then Olga took hers out too and showed me more pics of Pup-Pup.
We started drinking heavily almost immediately. I used the opportunity to find out what was going on in their lives and I learned a lot that day. We talked about things we’d never discussed before like why Sam doesn’t have any kids. First she told us she wanted to have children but when Olga challenged her on it she changed her story admitting that she really doesn’t. I still think she does though.
Sam talked about watching Ave and Aum and showed me videos she’d made. One showed Aum wearing high heels and playing teacher. Another showed Ave working on a laptop but actually all I saw was her pounding on the keys.
They of course took lots of pictures of the three of us and added captions to some of them like “Happy Father’s Day”.
I kept telling them how much they look alike.
We also talked about Mom. Both girls admitted there were problems with their mother growing up. I told them I was pretty much unaware of most of the issues they were throwing out at me. They didn’t believe it though, they said Mom told them I knew. I also heard Olga admit that she lived with Faron after she left my trailer.
I always suspected they’d moved in together especially after seeing them on the porch of the trailer I named “Three doors down” one time when I was “learning to walk again.”
I did ask her why she and her boyfriend stopped taking college classes. She said by then they wanted to start focusing on becoming good parents.
I have no plans to get drunk with them again but if I do I wish we could talk about the time I took Olga to the ER.

Sat 😃
She made me go in with her and I heard the doctor ask when was the last time she had sex. First of all, I was totally shocked anyone would ask her that and, secondly, up until then I had not connected her tract infection with sex.
Now I’m wondering if she made me go in with her because she wanted me to know she was sexually active.
I forget what else I learned but I do remember getting very inebriated. One time I got up to use the restroom and could barely walk.
Time flew while we were drinking and before any of us realized it, the bar was starting to empty out. We kept the liquor coming as long as we could though. Finally, the girl bringing our drinks warned us that it was closing time.
Olga wanted to rent a room but Sam talked her into leaving the hotel and looking for a bar that was still open. They named a few they like to drink at but then decided not to go to any of those because there would probably be a lot of people. I staggered out of the hotel bar and we ended up driving to the beach.
I took out my phone a little after ten and started sending myself texts to remind me what was going on.
The first one says, “I’m messed up, thank You Jesus. Olga is driving and she’s sober enough to get us to the beach.”
The second one said, “Waiting for my daughter at 10:18. Thank you jesus. We just need to get to the island!”
I’m not sure where we were when I typed that but now I wonder if it was when they’d stopped at a liquor store. On the way, Sam said she wanted to check into the hotel I use to stay at when I was observing the Feast.
I also remember Sam asking if I knew where we were at. I looked around and told her where I thought we were but they laughed and informed me that my guess was several miles off. When Olga got us to the island we saw that the hotel was crowded and the parking lot was full. I told them that in all the years I’ve stayed there I never saw so many cars.
Sam wanted to go see the ocean next so Olga drove around looking for a beach access sign. They wanted to find the one we went to last time we were there.

Sun 😃
Suggested title: Kissed by the Rain,Warmed by the Sun
Info-box: sign_up_for_cable; sqrl_takes_green_card; mm_shows_up
Jun10; Back on the Pedestrian Symbol Route
I walked at a steady pace like I always do but I don’t think I made it to the motel, I think the alarm went off just as I was passing the ATM sign. I never use that bank by the way, it always looks empty and kind of creepy.
I reset the timer as I was turning around then headed back to the house. You aren’t going to believe this but it sounded again just as I’d stepped through Squirrel Gate. I hadn’t even taken my hat off yet.
Dude, I’m getting way too far ahead in my journal. I’ve already got all of next week’s done and I really don’t even have to write anything until Saturday the 13th.
I got two new episodes I need to document though, so I’ll try to keep it short. In fact, I’m thinking I’ll do 215 words right now and then try to write the other 215 tonight after the 6:15 editing alarm goes off, which is what I’m supposed to do. I shouldn’t be writing right now, it’s two oh five, so I ought to be editing but I’m afraid I might leave something out which, unfortunately, I’m quite famous for.
Anyhow, I got another letter from Spectrum begging me to sign up for cable. They’re starting to wear me down, especially since I constantly have to keep changing channels. I have to change stations a lot when I’m attempting to find one that doesn’t go wonky on me at exactly the wrong time.
The latest offer was to bundle internet, and TV, for 45.99 each per month. Since I can’t find anybody to install an air antenna, I decided to take them up on it.
I called the number on the card but they told me there was a long line and I should speak to a representative from my account page.
I got in and opened the chat box, and the first thing I asked was, “If I take the 45.99 bundle guarantee for one year can I pre-pay?”
The lady never did answer my question, and I ended up with the $145 per month plan.
She did promise to send me a card and told me to keep it in a safe place for when I need to return the equipment. What does that tell me?

Mon 😃
It suggests that they’re going to go all “Frog in a frying pan” on me again.
Well, I ended up writing 334 words which means I’ll have to try to keep the second episode down to approximately 100 words.
Olga texted me while I was putting stupid stuff on the internet and said she was on her way. I had not showered, so I asked her to take the green card and just get the cash herself. Before she got here, I straightened the mattress cover on the green chair, and set the Winnie the Pooh bear, a candle MM left here, my green card, and a sticky note with my PIN number on it, in the seat cushion.
She knocked then came in and we greeted each other. She walked over towards the chair and asked about the ceiling fan lights. I told her I keep banging my head on them then started to explain why I’d chosen the toy and the candle.
She informed me MM had to go to another funeral home due to the fact that the place she works at raised the price for cremation. She said she’s still going to try and raise funds for the family though.
She asked me if I was interested in attending the viewing but I declined. I’m afraid they’ll try to get more money from me which is all right but I happen to know that MM’s grandmother had a boyfriend. When I told Olga, she commented that he’s probably an alcoholic and broke.
“Yep.”, I said, although, I really have no idea.
She was in a hurry to get back to her job and asked about returning the card. I told her to withdraw a hundred and try to get tens so I could give MM’s family fifty and Olga ten then maybe get a haircut with what’s left over. I also remembered to ask for a mask and she promised she would bring me one after work when she returns the card and the change.
The last editing alarm is about to sound and I can hear the rain starting again.
Now it’s the six o’clock hour. I came on to update the latest Squirrel episode.
Well first of all let me tell you what happened after I wrote earlier about hearing rain hitting the roof. A terrible lightning storm passed overhead and blew the lights out.

Tue 😃
Believe it or not I sensed it was going to happen so I jumped up and started microwaving my hamburger patty while I still had electricity but it didn’t even get halfway done.
I tried sitting on the porch to catch the cool wind but the rain was blowing sideways so I had to come back in. When it subsided, the wind died down too so I went back outside. Dude, the humidity is really, really bad plus I got attacked by swarms and swarms of mosquitos.
I remained in my directors chair until about 5:45. When I looked through the living room window and noticed that the party lamp was lit, I came back in and watched the last of the news. I also stuffed the hamburger meat on waffle sandwich down my throat.
While I was resetting my Dad’s digital clock, Olga called. She said she was going to stay at work late and asked if it would be all right to drop the card off tomorrow.
I told her, “Sure, whenever you want.”
She informed me that she’d given the fifty to MM through Facebook but that’s all she said. Maybe she’ll tell me more tomorrow. She also said she’s going to try to drop the card off before she goes to work.
Right now I better check my bank account. brb. Well that little episode cost me $103.
When I turned the TV off I went back out to feed the mosquitos.
I saw two Yellow-Breasted Chats flying around above me in the telephone wires but they weren’t making any noise. Next I heard the mockingbirds fussing so I started looking for something to throw. Usually when I hear them squawking like that I know they’re signaling the presence of a cat. When I stood up however, I didn’t see any.
I heard something on the roof of the porch though and when I looked up I saw a squirrel’s tail hanging over the edge of one of the sheets of tin. The two mockingbirds kept diving towards it and I watched as the squirrel climbed down the post holding up the north end of the porch. He didn’t come all the way to the concrete floor though he stopped about midway then turned around and scurried back up onto the roof.
Today is Jun11. I was throwing my usual three fistfuls of diced potatoes into the skillet when I heard a knock.
I knew it would be Olga and I’d already opened the window over the sink so I yelled, “Come on in.”

Wed 😃
I didn’t hear the door open so I hastily covered the potatoes then hurried through the living room. When I opened Squirrel Gate, Olga was standing there with a handful of bills. She also had the green card and a couple of masks.
She gave me two twenties and the card then held up the masks.
“Which one do you want?”, she inquired.
She was offering me a plain grey and a very flowery one. The colored mask looked kind of like hers so I pointed at the plain one.
“I knew you’d choose that one.”, she said handing it to me.
“I just need it to get a haircut.”, I explained.
She told me she needed to get to work so I thanked her but after she turned to go to her car I remembered I still hadn’t spoken to her about the groceries. I don’t like using her food stamps so I’m thinking maybe I’ll start walking to HEB again and bringing my stuff back home in a Lyft.
“I’ll let you know about the groceries.”, I blurted out.
She smiled and said she got a $900 credit on her EBT account this month.
“Wow!” I exclaimed, “How come they keep giving you food stamps?”
She said she didn’t know but it’s probably because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
“Aha!”, I exclaimed.
She said I can use $300 if I want so I told her again that I’d consider it. I’ll probably let her pick up my order but if I have to give her that much cash then I hope she’s willing to make two trips every month like I’ve been doing.
It’s because right now I only got one more dispenser of water plus I’m about to run out of Land O’ Lakes margarine and blueberry waffles. Anyway, I’ll talk to her about it.
I was snoozing, waiting for the 2:05 editing alarm to sound when another knock woke me. I opened the door to see MM standing there. She looked really upset, and told me she wanted a hug, so I put my arms around her and she started bawling. She’s gone now, but the front of my school tee shirt is still wet from her tears.
She told me she had just come from the funeral service. She sobbed as she talked about holding her grandma’s hand while she drew her last breath. She showed me a picture and said she saw a tear fall from her eye. She also mentioned that the grandmother had always planned to be cremated.

Thu 😃
Apparently her family was about to get together at don Pepe’s. She didn’t invite me but before she left she thanked me for the donation. She remembered something else too so she stopped, turned back around, and said she was going to be visiting me more often. She says she really misses her grandmother.
I answered, “I understand.”
Later, I started getting equipment from Spectrum. First, Fedex delivered an envelope containing a cable card. I called the Samsung help line to find out where I was supposed to plug it in at and was informed by the representative that these days the cable provider usually puts the plug right on the modem.
Later when I was going to check the mail I found a box on the step. I set it inside on the foyer then after editing, I tore it open and started reading up on how to do the self installation. After I unpacked everything I discovered that the new modem they sent and the old one I been using are identical. I hooked the old one back up then flipped the TV on to make sure my Spectrum app still worked and when Andy Griffeth appeared, I called the help line.
The person I spoke to said he doesn’t know why they sent a new one. He did a cursory check, then informed me that the old one’s completely up to date. He told me I could return the equipment I’d just received so I assured him that I would. Before I let him go, I asked that he email me the location of the nearest store.
I guess I’ll ask someone to drive me there one of these days.
He also told me that the reason my monthly bill increased to $145 was because I’d signed up for the streaming ‘Silver Package.’
I’ll look online when I get a chance to see what extra stations I’m supposed to be getting.
I just located the TV guide on the laptop. The agent I spoke to earlier had mentioned HBO and I did see a lot of those. They were about the only thing different from the old Time Warner listings though. I did notice that they’ll be showing new episodes of House Hunters so I know what I’m going to be watching when I turn the TV on at nine.
Today is June sixteen. Last night Olga sent a strange text. She asked if I wanted their dog. That was totally out of the blue but I answered that there’s no way I can keep it here.

Fri 😃
I did ask what had happened.
She said they found out that it isn’t “Kid friendly.”
I asked her what her plans are and she says she hopes she can find a good home for it. I was sympathetic and told her I hope it works out.
Later I texted and asked her if she wanted to use her EBT card to buy me some water thinking she’d order it then we could go get the cash to pay her back when she delivered it.
“I don’t really like using your card to buy my groceries…”, I hinted.
She understood and this morning I got a text saying she wasn’t going to be able to come at noon to set up the account like I’d asked her to. She said she doesn’t need the money but added that I could go ahead and order the water if I wanted. I was of course surprised that she turned down cash but didn’t argue about it.
I went to my HEB account and ordered the 9 dispensers of badly needed water, some butter sticks, a shaker of mustard powder (for my diced potatoes) and cranberry juice.
When HEB texted that they had received the order I forwarded it to Olga so she would know which numbers to use. I also screen shot the map of the pick-up location which included instructions on what to do upon her arrival. I shared that with her in an email.
Around five o’clock I got a phone call from a strange number. I answered thinking it might be Olga, and it was. She said her phone had died but assured me that she’d received the information she would need to pick up the order.
I turned the lights on in the kitchen, opened the cabinet doors under the counter then waited for her outside.
This time it took longer than usual. I don’t know if that was due to heavy traffic or what. We lugged the stuff in then chatted as I put the groceries away. While I muscled the dispensers onto the shelves under the counter, I thought about how surprised I was that they’d sent all nine this time.
She told me more about the incident with the dog. She said the trouble began when it had nipped Ave’s face. I was very concerned and warned her that she should get rid of it. She mentioned that she’d told Faron and the first thing he said was that it needs to be put down.

Sat 😞
She took out a picture of Ave’s cheek and says she didn’t think it was all that bad. She didn’t take her to the doctor, she said she treated it herself. I examined the cheek for bite marks but all I saw were scratches.
I came to the recliner and went online next thinking she might want to set up her own HEB account but she didn’t really seem interested in doing that. She said she’d like to come tomorrow at lunch and bring us McDonalds. Right afterwards though she admitted she may not actually have the time. I told her to bring me a big Mac if she could and after she promised she would try, she headed for Squirrel Gate.
“I have to get back.”, she said, “Sam has the kids.”
I thanked her and said, “Goodbye.”
When she answered, I wished her “Goodnight”, as well.
Today is June seventeenth. I wrote yesterday how Olga promised to bring something to eat from McDonalds but this morning while I was putting stupid stuff on the internet I started getting texts. I thought it was to tell me she couldn’t get away from work but she wanted to know if I like Chick-fil-A. I answered that I do like it and said it would be nice if I could have one of their chicken sandwiches. I told her to please not bring anything too spicy though.
She said, “OK” then promised to be here sometime after twelve.
I didn’t turn on the AC or shower because I know a lot of times she’ll say she’s going to come but isn’t always able to get away.
I think it was half past noon when I heard her knock. I had to get up and unlock Squirrel Gate because I had not gone walking or sat outside that morning. She came in carrying a bag of food and headed for the dining room. I stopped her however and invited her to sit in the green chair under the fan. She kind of hesitated so I busily began clearing everything off the small glass table I’ve been using lately. I had to move the coffee table to make room under the fan for the recliner.
She was carrying her salad in one hand and my bag in the other. She passed it over to me as she took her seat. When I opened it I saw that she had indeed scored me a chicken sandwich along with some fries. I dug right in and the chicken tasted delicious.

Sun 😃
Suggested title: Ghosts, Lots of Ghosts
Info-box: stuffing_diced_potatoes; cheese_puffs; mm_grandmother_passes_away
Jun04; Electrician is installing the new ceiling fan
He told me I was going to get a lot of air from now on when I’m in the recliner. I sat down and tried it and he’s right. I told him it would be great if I didn’t have to carry the oscillating fan around with me any more.
The time is 4:14.
I came out to charge the laptop and right now someone is working on the back door but I don’t know why.
Ummm….maybe they’re spraying WD-40 on the lock, Oaf?
I noticed the TV had been plugged into the wall behind the table I set it on so I unplugged it then got the multi socket plug from behind Aunt Tom’s desk. That thing has been back there for maybe twenty years. Mom installed it while we were still married.
I came back into the living room and disconnected everything from the extension cord. One of the workers came over and helped me plug the electronics in and now the modem, TV, and antenna are all connected into one outlet. The extension cord that ran across the carpet from the surge protector is gone now too and for the first time in years I don’t have to worry about tripping over it.
I checked all the switches and discovered that the hall light and the light in the middle bedroom still weren’t working. The lead electrician came in so I mentioned it to him. He flipped the switches and he couldn’t get them to come on either so he and his helper are trying to fix it right now. The time is 4:47.
They still haven’t been able to get the hall light to come on. The boss just told me he’s going to have to stop by tomorrow. I told him I’m sorry he has to come back out but he said we’ll do the paperwork before he leaves then promised he would pop in real quick in the morning and replace the fixture.
He also said he’d sprayed the back door lock and it’s working now. I tried the key in the top lock but it doesn’t work, it still only unlocks the front.
He brought his iPad over to Monsieur Frogs table, knelt down next to the recliner and we talked about how much they’re going to charge me. I think I’ll still have about a thousand left when they take everything out.
I asked him for a card and he says he will bring me one in the morning when he comes to fix the hall light. Oh crap the AC snapped on again. The time is 5:41.
Dude, I just checked the Word Counter and I’m already 300 words into the week of May14!
I checked my account again too and I got $1018. 03 left. The company charged me 90 + 780 + 877.08 = 1747.08.
I hope my SS check covers my last three bills again this month. If it does, I can look into getting a TV antenna from one of the local businesses that advertises good reception, even in poor weather.
I kept hitting my head on the new ceiling fan while I was rooling up the sidewalk so I had to remove the globes and bulbs. I’ll try to get use to ducking so I can put them back in-I hope. Also one of the switches in my bathroom that was working when the electricians left doesn’t work anymore.
Today is Jun04. I was watching Crime Watch Daily when I got a call from one of the secretaries at the electric company.

Mon 😃😞😁
She informed me that a tech was on his way.
I told her, “Thank you…” and, “I’ve been expecting him.”
I was of course stuffing hash browns in my mouth when I heard the knock. I was a little annoyed but I got up and opened Squirrel Gate. I’m kind of upset because of the new switch in the bathroom that’s already broken. Anyway, the electrician was his usual optimistic self and I tried to be nice but I wasn’t feeling any enthusiasm.
I told him and his helper, “Good morning” when they greeted me but turned right back around and finished my potatoes.
The lead guy asked what was up with the ceiling fan. I told him how I’d started bumping my head on it last night after they left. I let him know that it’s my fault and not his.
I was halfway through my egg on toast sandwich when he notified me that the hall light was working. I looked and smiled when I saw it burning again. He set the business card I’d asked him to bring last night on the coffee table then we told each other to have a nice day.
I checked my bank account to see if he’d charged me for coming out but it’s still showing $1018. When I sat down to put stupid stuff on the internet I checked my gmail and he’d sent an invoice showing a zero balance.
I also found a service plan brochure next to the card. Last night while he was on his knee next to the recliner he said he was going to sign me up for the plan but I been thinking about it and I’m not interested.
The reason I say that is because well for one thing they hadn’t even finished wiring yesterday when the light switch in the middle bedroom stopped working and I already wrote about the switch in the back bathroom.
If I email him I’ll tell him I’m not going to sign up for the plan because it looks like I’m going to be right back where I started. The lights have alreday begun going out again.
I gotta admit though, when I saw everything working I got very nostalgic.

Tue 😃😞😁
I remember when I use to smoke on Friday at 9:00. I’d leave a different light on every night then on Thursday I’d turn on the one in the utility room. On Friday and Saturday I’d fire up the party lamp. Then Sunday, before I cashed, I’d turn on the light over the sink in my bathroom and on subsequent nights I’d work my way out until Thursday when I’d leave the light on in the utility room again. Those days are long gone but it was nice to see all the lights in the house come on, even if it was only for one day.
Later while I was still looking back I remembered writing about ‘the end of an era’ the night Olga’s Christmas lights didn’t come on. I probably started leaving her ceiling light on every other Tuesday after that.
Dude, I think that string of lights is still in the middle bedroom closet. I wonder what would happen if I plugged them in right now?
Okay, I tried them and none of them came on but I looked up the price on my Walmart account and they’re very cheap. I’m not going to order any though I just wondered why they didn’t last very long.
Today is Jun05. I’m way ahead in my journal but since it’s Friday and last week’s post is in the can I will probably have plenty of time to edit whatever I get done towards the next two weeks’ quotas. I’ll try to keep it short though.
Because today is Friday, I had to give my milk the sniff test and the jug I got last Thursday from Walmart did not pass. I been kind of wanting to go to Stripes to see if they have Cheese Puffs so when the 8:30 walking alarm sounded I grabbed my hat and my mask and took off.
I walked up the back alley and it felt like half of March, all of April and May, and the first 4 days in June never even happened. I haven’t been practicing any coping strategies but when confronted with hostility, I didn’t feel my face turn red. Yay!
I got to the store and saw that some of the patrons were wearing masks but not everybody. There was a UPS driver coming out when I reached the door so he held it open for me but before I went in, I asked him if we had to wear a mask. He wasn’t wearing one so all he did was shrug. I thanked him and once inside I saw that the cashiers were wearing masks but not all the customers had theirs on.
I walked around the aisles to the chips and they had lots of bags of Cheese Puffs so I grabbed two thinking that would give me enough to last hopefully, until at least Jun20. It’s because I like to alternate between potato chips and Cheese Puffs when I have my second snack at 7:40.
I continued on to the back coolers and saw they were stocked up on milk, too so I grabbed another bottle of Bordens. When I had everything I walked towards the registers, stood on the social distance mat, and started scoping out the displays.

Wed 😃😞😁
They’ve put pies out in front of the register again so when the friendly cashier motioned me over I grabbed a lemon and a cherry. After exiting I didn’t walk to the turnaround tree. I think I’ll go back to my regular routes next week.
Monday I’ll walk to the ATM and get some cash then try to make an appointment at Cedar Hut. If they tell me I have to wear a mask though I may have to wait until I can score one. Olga offered me three surgical masks the last time she was here but I didn’t take her up on it. I’m hoping my barber won’t make me wear one next time I have to go in for a haircut but we shall see.
Today is Jun08. I’ve been hearing a bird all day. It sounds like it’s in the bread tree but I’ve been sitting outside waiting for the alarms to sound and have yet to locate it. It sounds very close so I’ve been trying to identify what kind it is. Sometimes I think it’s a nightingale but it doesn’t make the three repetitive chirps like a nightingale does.
I went to check the mail during the six o’clock hour and thought about looking around the yard and Olga’s swing tree on my way back up the driveway but when I returned I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t get any mail either so I came back inside to grab my glasses and that’s when I started hearing it again.
When I stepped back onto the porch I found out why I couldn’t spot it. It’s on the ground and it looks injured. Wow, I say that every year don’t I?
This one has yellow feathers but I can’t identify it because I don’t recall seeing one before. I turned on the camera and tried to get close enough to take a picture but it hopped off the edge of the porch and hobbled along the bottom of the skirting. I left it alone hoping it would come back and hide again and after I sat down it actually did turn around.
When the 6:15 editing alarm sounded I could see it’s head when I looked over the Director’s chair but I’m still going to leave it alone. I think it’s best to let nature take it’s course when an injured bird takes refuge in and around the porch. I just hope I don’t find it’s body or see it get eaten by the grey cat.
This one is very noisy and I’ve never seen any like that. Usually they’ll remain quiet and try to stay out of sight like the baby mockingbird did last year.
Dude, I only need 13 more words and I’ll have Wednesday’s quota. Yay!

Thu 😃😞😁
I can still hear the bird so I went and looked out the kitchen window. Now I’m wondering if it’s a whippoorwill. It kind of sounds like one and it has a mask. Hold on. It’s not a whippoorwill I looked it up and it’s called a Yellow-breasted Chat.
I also found a video and it must get it’s name from the way it chatters. That’s exactly what the bird on my porch has been doing all day.
Yellow-breasted Chat
Today is Jun09. I didn’t get up and walk after all. I stayed in bed until 8:00. I slept real good last night though.
I had a vivid dream but all I remember about it was getting startled by my dead brother Billy. He poked his head into the doorway and scared the crap out of me. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.
The oscilating fan makes weird noises at night. Last night wasn’t the first time I’d been awakened by strange voices. The last time it happened I laid awake and listened and it was creepy. I could almost make out what they were saying.
Later I dreamed Bill gave me some kind of box that I could watch TV on.
Dude, I just got hit by another wave of nostalgia.
We use to live in the same seedy hotel in Fort Worth back in the seventies. He had a steady job so he put a television in his room. While he was out getting drunk at night and seeing women he let me go in his room and watch TV. That’s when I got hooked on Battlestar Galactica and I think I first started watching it when the name changed to Battlestar Galactica 78.
The TV box he gave me in the dream was about the size of a jack in the box and I’m remembering that it might have had more than four sides like Tetrahedral Dice. Bill signed me up and then when I wanted to watch something I had to tell whoever was listening to put it on for me.
The voice asked what I wanted so I said, “Battlestar Galactica” and the last thing I remember is hearing the person telling someone to crank it up for me.
I didn’t drink my two cups of coffee this morning. As soon as I brushed my teeth and put on clothes I started breakfast. As a result, I’ve been falling asleep a lot.

Fri 😃😞😁
I didn’t want to go looking for the injured bird I wrote about. I was afraid I’d find him laying on his back with ants all over him. I didn’t even look out the kitchen window but when I did go to sit outside I’m pretty sure I heard a Chat.
Today is Jun10. When I checked my phone this morning I was surprised to see a text message. I opened it and it was from Sqrl. She said MM’s grandmother passed away last night then went on to say she’s in charge of the funeral (you go, Girl!) and they’re taking cash donations.
It made me feel sad so I told her I would contribute fifty but right now I don’t have any cash. She texted again a few minutes later and asked if I need her to stop by later.
I took her up on it and said “Please stop by if you can.”

Sat 😃😞😁
Jun10 Hephzibah said to open it (2Tim 3:12)
I haven’t heard from her since.
I’m glad she’s going to stop by because she can pick up my card and withdraw a hunnert. That way I can donate the $50 and get $20 for a hair cut. I have to try to remember to ask her for the surgical mask she offered as well.
While I was watching the News on CBS about Newark I kind of wondered if anybody was going to start a memorial in the grandmother’s yard. I wanted to set the Winnie the Pooh bear La La left here when MM and her were staying with me under one of her trees. Now that I think about it the grandmother might have brought it over because I remember her bringing a toy once. I wanted to set it under the rubber tree plant next to her porch when I passed by on my way to the pedestrian symbol intersection but I was afraid I’d run into Tio.
At 8:30 I grabbed the hat they gave me and my phone. This morning I kind of wanted to know how far towards HEB I can get in fifteen minutes so I set the timer and took off. I didn’t even look over as I passed the Grandmother’s trailer but I did notice the same two cars under her carport.
When I got to the drainage ditch I remembered I’d forgotten to put my robber’s mask in my back pocket. I’m pretty sure we’re no longer required to wear one in public but I still think it’s a good idea to carry it. You never know what the cops are going to do.
As I neared the tracks I looked over towards the motel I use to stay at during the Feast to see what kind of railroad cars were parked there. This time I saw both hopper and tank cars. I remember there’s always some kind of cars lined up but I don’t recall ever seeing a combination of both.
I walked up to the pole and hit the south crossing button with my elbow then when the pedestrian symbol lit up I crossed and hit the one pointing west.

Sun 😃😞😁
Suggested title: Kissed by the Rain and Warmed by the Sun; Hold On
the Rain
I walked at a steady pace like I always do but I don’t think I made it to the motel, I think the alarm went off just as I was passing the ATM sign. I don’t use that bank by the way, it always looks empty and kind of creepy.
I reset the timer as I was turning around then headed back to the house. You aren’t going to believe this but it sounded again just as I’d stepped through Squirrel Gate. I hadn’t even taken my hat off.
Dude, I’m getting way too far ahead in my journal again. I’ve already got all of next week’s done and I really don’t even have to write anything until Saturday the 13th.
I got two new episodes I need to write about though, so I’ll try to keep it short. In fact, I’m thinking I’ll do 215 words right now and then try to write the other 215 tonight after the 6:15 editing alarm goes off like I’m supposed to. I shouldn’t be writing right now as a matter fact. It’s 2:05 and I should be editing. It’s just that I’m afraid I might leave something out which, unfortunately I’m quite famous for doing.
Anywho, I got another letter from Spectrum begging me to sign up for cable. They’re starting to wear me down, especially since I keep having to change channels a lot in an attempt to find one that doesn’t turn all fuzzy at exactly the wrong time.
The latest offer was to bundle internet and TV for 45.99 each per month. Since I can’t find anybody to put in an air antenna, I decided to take them up on it.
I called the number on the card but they told me there was a long line and I should speak to a representative through my account. I got in and opened the chat box and the first thing I asked was if I take the 45.99 bundle guarantee for one year can I pre-pay. The lady never did answer my question and I ended up with a $145 per month plan.
She did promise to send me a card and told me to keep it in a safe place for when I need to return the equipment. What does that tell me?
It suggests that they’re going to go all “Frog in a frying pan” on me again.
Well, I ended up writing 334 words which means I’ll have to try to keep the second episode down to approximately 100 words.
Olga texted me while I was putting stupid stuff on the internet and said she was on her way. I had not showered so I asked her to take the green card and get the cash herself. Before she got here I straightened the mattress cover on the green chair and set the Winnie the Pooh bear, a candle MM left here, my green card and a sticky note with my PIN number on the seat cushion.

Mon 😃😞😁
She knocked then came in and we greeted each other. She walked over towards the chair and asked about the ceiling fan lights. I told her I keep banging my head on them then started to explain why I’d chosen the toy and the candle.
She informed me MM had to go to another funeral home due to the fact that the place she works at raised the price for cremation. She said she’s still going to try and raise funds for the family though.
She asked me if I was interested in attending the viewing but I declined. I’m afraid they’ll try to get more money from me which is all right but I happen to know that MM’s grandmother had a boyfriend. When I told Olga, she commented that he’s probably an alcoholic and broke.
“Yep.”, I said although I really have no idea.
She was in a hurry to get back to her job and asked about returning the card. I told her to withdraw a hundred and try to get tens so I could give MM’s family fifty and Olga ten then maybe get a haircut with what’s left over.
I also remembered to ask for a mask and she promised she would bring me one after work when she returns the card and the change.
The last editing alarm is about to sound and I can hear the rain starting again.
Now it’s the six o’clock hour. I came on to update the latest Sqrl episode.
Well first of all let me tell you what happened after I wrote earlier about hearing rain hitting the roof. A terrible lightning storm passed overhead and blew the lights out. Believe it or not I sensed that it was going to happen so I jumped up and started microwaving my hamburger patty while I still had electricity but it didn’t even get halfway done.
I tried sitting on the porch to catch the cool wind but the rain was blowing sideways so I had to come back in. When it subsided, the wind died down too so I went back outside. Dude, the humidity is really really bad plus I got attacked by swarms and swarms of mosquitos.
I remained in my directors chair until about 5:45 when I noticed that the party lamp was lit. I came back in and watched the last of the news while I stuffed the hamburger meat on waffle sandwich in my mouth.
While I was resetting my Dad’s digital clock Olga called. She said she was going to stay at work late and asked if it would be all right to drop the card off tomorrow.
I told her, “Sure, whenever you want.”
She informed me that she’d given the fifty to MM through Facebook but that’s all she said. Maybe she’ll tell me more tomorrow. She said she’s going to try to drop the card off before she goes to work. Right now I better check my bank account. brb. Well that little episode cost me $103.
When I turned the TV off I went back out to feed the mosquitos.

Tue 😃😞😁
I saw two Yellow-Breasted Chats flying around above me in the telephone wires but they weren’t making any noise. Next I heard the mockingbirds fussing so I started looking for something to throw. Usually when I hear them squawking like that I know they’re signalling the presence of a cat. When I stood up however, I didn’t see any.
I heard something on the roof of the porch though and when I looked up I saw a squirrel’s tail hanging over the edge of one of the sheets of tin. The two mockingbirds kept flying towards it and I watched the squirrel climb down the post that holds up the north end of the porch. He didn’t come all the way to the concrete floor though he stopped about midway then turned around and scurried back up onto the roof.
Today’s Jun11. I was throwing my usual three fistfuls of diced potatoes into the skillet when I heard a knock.
I knew it would be Olga and I’d already opened the window over the sink so I yelled, “Come on in.”
I didn’t hear the door open so I covered the potatoes and hurried through the living room. When I opened Squirrel Gate, Olga was standing there with a handful of bills. She also had the green card and a couple of masks.
She gave me two twenties and the card then held up the masks.
“Which one do you want?”, she inquired.
She was offering a grey and a rather flowery one. The colored mask looked kind of like the one she wears so I pointed to the plain one.
“I knew you’d choose that one.”, she said handing it to me.
“I just need it to get a haircut.”, I replied.
She told me she needed to get to work so I thanked her but after she turned to go to her car I remembered to talk to her about the groceries. I still don’t like using her food stamps so I’m thinking maybe I start walking to HEB again and bringing my stuff back home in a Lyft.
“I’ll let you know about the groceries.”, I quickly told her.
She smiled and said she got a $900 credit on her EBT this month.
“Wow!” I exclaimed, “How come they keep giving you food stamps?”

Wed 😃😞😁
She said she didn’t know but it’s probably because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
“Ah!”, I exclaimed.
She said I can use $300 if I want so I told her again that I’d let her know. I’ll probably let her pick up my order but if I have to give her that much cash then I hope she’s willing to make two trips like I have to do every month.
It’s because right now I only got one more dispenser of water plus I’m about to run out of Land O’ lakes margarine and blueberry waffles. Anyway, I’ll talk to her about it.

I was snoozing waiting for the 2:05 editing alarm to sound when another knock woke me. I opened the door to see MM standing there. She looked really upset and told me she wanted a hug so I put my arms around her and she started bawling. My school tee shirt is still wet from her tears.
She told me she had just come from the funeral service. She sobbed as she talked about holding her grandma’s hand while she was taking her last breath. She showed me a picture and said she saw a tear fall from her eye.
She also mentioned that the grandmother had always planned to be cremated.
Apparently her family was about to get together at don Pepe’s. She didn’t invite me she thanked me for the donation then turned to leave. She remembered something so she stopped, turned back around, and said she was going to be visiting more often because she really misses her grandmother.
“I understand.”, I answered.
I started getting equipment from Spectrum later. Fedex delivered an envelope first and inside was a cable card. I called the Samsung help line to find out where I was supposed to plug it in at and was informed that nowadays the cable provider puts a plug on the modem.
Later when I was going to check the mail I found a box on the step. I set it inside then after editing I tore it open and started reading up on how to do the self installation. After I unpacked everything I discovered the new modem they sent and the old one I been using are exactly the same. I hooked the old one back up then turned on the TV to make sure the Spectrum app still works. When Andy Griffeth came on I called the help line.
The person I spoke to said he doesn’t know why they sent me a new one. He did a check and said the old one is completely up to date. He told me to just return the new equipment so I had him email me the address to the nearest store.

Thu 😃😞😁
I guess I’ll have someone drive me there one of these days.
He also told me that the reason my monthly bill went up to $145 is because I signed up for the streaming ‘Silver Package.’ I’ll look online when I get a chance to see what extra stations I’m supposed to be getting.
I found the TV guide on the laptop. The agent mentioned HBO and I saw a lot of their channels but I haven’t seen anything else different from the old schedule.
I did see that they’ll be showing new episodes of House Hunters and now I know what I’ll be watching when I turn the TV on at 9:00.

Yay! I only need 8 more words to have my next two weeks posts completed so I’m going to end by announcing that the AC turned off at exactly 10:00 last night.
It’s May28. I turned on the AC and took a shower like I said I was going to do then I got the email from Walmart that the order’s ready. I texted Olga and asked if I had the right email address to forward it to but she didn’t answer, she just said she’s leaving work at 5:00. I’ll punch the On My Way button for her when it’s time.
I went ahead and checked in since she was able to pick it up so quickly last month. Right now it’s 4:56. She texted when she left work then I texted that I’d already alerted the store.
She sent another message when she had the groceries. I told her to honk when she gets here and heard it go off a few minutes later. I ran out and started hauling in the water while she grabbed some of the bags. When everything was inside I checked the beef patties they sent. Just as I feared they’re frozen but raw. Olga heard me complaining and asked if she could take them to throw on the grill.
I told her sure since there is no way I’m going to want to fry thirty patties this month. In return she offered to find frozen, ready to eat hamburger meat for me tomorrow during her lunch.
She had sat in my chair at the dining room table while I was putting the stuff away. I asked if she knew whether Sam had got my frog pic or not. She said she didn’t know and explained that they’re fighting right now. I showed her the picture I was talking about. She wasn’t able to find the frog so I blew it up and pointed it out to her. She wanted a copy so she can have the kids look for it.
edit: Later I got a ‘failed’ error just like I did when I tried to send it on my phone to her sister.
I started telling her about wanting to get out of the house and asked if there are still lines at Walmart and she said, “No! It’s back to normal.”
I threw my hands up and said, “Yay! I can walk to HEB again.”
She said she would go to the store for me so I opened the laptop, went to my account and showed her what kind of protein I like. She took pictures of the package to help her remember.
Right now it is the six o’clock hour. She’s sitting in the green chair watching The Big Bang Theory. She’s trying to talk me out of walking to HEB saying I’m old and should stay inside.
While we were chilling, Walmart sent me the receipt so I went to look to see how much they’d withdrawn from my account. At that time they had not taken the full amount out yet, however, according to the receipt, I owe $180.52.
When Olga got up to leave she told me to let her know if I needed anything. I told her I’m serious about walking but added that if I get to the store and see a line like I did last time then I’ll let her know. She told me her job is real close to an H.E.B. so it wouldn’t be any problem if I need her to pick up some stuff.
While we were saying our goodbyes I kept talking about getting out and she said if I’m bored I could go hang with her this weekend adding that Faron has the kids. When I asked who was going to grill the hamburger patties, she hesitated. I was thinking Sam would do the cooking but commented that since they are fighting it might be awkward.
She thought about it and said they might call a truce. I still want to get away from the trailer so I promised I would let her know if I’m unable to score the meat tomorrow. She stuck to her argument that I shouldn’t leave the house. I told her I’ll carry my mask but won’t put it on until and if I get inside the store. She was at the door by then and I saw her face light up.
“It’s supposed to rain tomorrow.”, she remembered and laughed.
She was right. I heard them mention it during the news so I still might have to stay cooped up tomorrow morning after all.
We promised to keep in touch then said, “Goodbye” and she left.
I plan to walk to Home Depot one day real soon because I need light bulbs. I want to be able to replace the ones that are burned out once the electrician gets all the switches working again.
olga brings patties
Today is May29. It’s been a very nice, cool day.
Olga came to bring me my hamburger and chicken so right now we’re sitting on the porch and I’m writing in real time. She’s in the Director’s chair and I’m on the steps.
She texted while I was watching TV to tell me she was at HEB. She had messaged to inform me that there were two kinds of lemon chicken.
I told her it doesn’t matter then asked if they had hamburger patties. She said yes then said she’d be here in a few minutes.
Before she arrived though it started raining. I told her to honk and I would run out and get the stuff. I grabbed my mother’s jacket to cover my head and as I was putting it on I heard her car pull up. I looked out the door and signaled for her to wait while I sacked up the raw frozen patties and lollipops I’d promised to give her, then I ran to the fridge.
When I opened Squirrel Gate she was waiting at the bottom of the steps. She had an H-E-B bag and when I reached for it she told me that in addition to my protein she’d also scored me some Mac and Cheese. I was glad because now I have 8 boxes and that should last me until Jun28.
After we exchanged food bags, she asked if I wanted to sit outside in the cool weather. On my way to the freezer I threw my jacket on the blue chair then went back and sat on the steps.
I asked her if she paid for my groceries last night with her food stamps. I told her I was asking because I hadn’t been charged yet. She looked puzzled and said it wasn’t her.
This morning I heard on the news that grocery stores are going to accept food stamps if their customers want to use them to pay for online orders so I made a deal with her. I told her that if she picks up my groceries and pays with her E,B,T card, I’ll give her the cash. She agreed but first she called Walmart to make sure we can do that.
She wanted to set it up while she was here so I grabbed the laptop and went to my online account. I had no idea how to add her card information so she did it herself. It looks like we’re all set. I told her she could order again exactly one month from now.
She reminisced a little about when she was growing up here and even walked around towards the back of the trailer. I wondered if she was looking for the Squirrel Tree stump.
After a bit she said she needed to go home and check on the dog. She made a move towards me like she was going to give me a hug but paused and we maintained our social distance. I waved at her as she was driving away and she waved back.
The mosquitoes have come out with a vengeance so I’m going to have to go back inside and wait for the 6:15 editing alarm to sound.
Today is May30. Last night I slept real well and I remember parts of two vivid dreams. The first was about me competing one on one against a sports star and the second one involved a red wagon being used for revenge.
In the first dream I was competing against Michael Jordan as a matter of fact and we were playing with what I thought was a basketball. I say that because sometimes the ball would appear huge. I remember positioning myself in front of it no matter how big it was. I did it because the whole point of the competition was to stop the ball then kick it past my opponent.
The game ended on top of what first looked like bleachers but they may have been stairs, I’m not sure. Michael kicked the ball up onto whatever they were and I saw it stop rolling so I remember thinking he won. I wasn’t sure though so I tried to roll it over the side with a stick. The dream ended before the ball hit the floor.
In the second dream I saw a red wagon being pushed into the front left fender of my car. This time I wasn’t in the car I only remember standing outside and seeing the wagon. I could tell that whoever was doing it intended to cause damage.
Later I was at work and found out who was trying to get revenge. It was some fellow who didn’t get promoted to counselor. I don’t think I recognized him but somehow I knew he’d been passed over. I think I was the school counselor but I can’t imagine where that idea came from. I do remember the obvious hatred the wannabe counselor had towards me.
My boss, who I didn’t recognize either, eventually got rid of him.
I know it happened at work because in another part of the dream I was trying to leave a faculty meeting and the teachers aides wouldn’t move out of the way. I looked to my right where there was another row of chairs and saw that they had cleared a path so I went around.
I also dreamed at one point that I was naked.
When they started accusing me I said, “I’m wearing a towel”.
Right after that, I saw myself in a towel.
I looked up “seeing yourself in a dream” and found this quote. Aver
“Seeing or meeting your doppelganger could mean you should stop doing something, and there will be consequences if you don’t.”
homed depot route
Today is Jun01. I took the Home Depot route during my regular walking time. It wasn’t fun but I did get LEDs for the party lamp, bulbs for the fixtures that aren’t working and one for the piano lamp on my mother’s desk.
Dude, they have thugs waiting at the store exit to intimidate walk-ins.
I also stepped on some nice crunchy berries laying on the sidewalk on the way over but in order to get to the parking lot I had to wade through a puddle of water.
Today is Jun 3. I was putting stupid stuff on the internet when the electrician knocked on the door.
He came in and after saying, “Hello” he told me he was going to show his helper what needs to be done.
They’re in the back bathroom right now and I expect they’re looking at the light switches. The time is 9:56.
They’re going in and out of the back door which I named the original Squirrel Gate. I told him I couldn’t believe they’d got it open. He said all they did was turn the knob.
Dude, that means it hasn’t been locked since I don’t know when. The lead electrician promised to spray it with WD-40 for me before they leave. I hope I can get the key to work. Actually though I’m not even sure the same key opens both Squirrel Gates.
It’s 10:27 and I think they’re ‘changing the boxes’ here in the living room.
Now he says he needs to turn the AC on for the ‘house load’ whatever that means.
They just fired up the ceiling fan at 10:51. That made me smile. I told him I saw ceiling fans on sale Monday when I went to Home Depot and had thought about getting one but I wasn’t sure if I really need the 54 inch blade.
They’re going to lunch now but he says they’ll replace the jangly old fan here in the living room with a 52 incher and add the price to the final bill.
They also wanted the AC on so I let them fire it up before they left so the trailer would cool down.
They’re back and they brought another guy with them. He’s an apprentice and right now he’s in the middle bedroom but I’m not sure what he’s doing. The time is 11:40.
The boss came over and showed me some ceiling fans on his iPad and let me select the one I liked. We found one with three lights for $74. I asked his opinion and he said it will be fine and should only increase what I owe by about $100. He’s only charging for the fan and bulb so I guess the $1600 will cover the labor.
He told me he would also get me a 3 way bulb for Monsieur Frog’s lamp while he’s at it. He hinted that the work should go faster now that there are 3 of them.
They must have just been taking a break earlier because it’s noon and they all left to go to lunch.
It’s 1:14 and I was listening to the radio when the electrician poked his head in. He told me he was on his way to pick up the ceiling fan but the other two guys were going to stay and continue working.
I grabbed him before he could leave and asked if he would be able to replace the light chain on the ceiling fan over my bed. I told him how the girls use to yank on it while they were growing up and had broken it. He didn’t sound real optimistic but said he’d try to find a replacement.
It’s 1:34. The AC cycled through so I got up to shut it off. It’s because the electricians keep leaving the doors open. Before I flipped the switch though I changed my mind because actually it did cycle off even though the back door was left open. They’ve been closing the utility room door when they have to go out so I must not be losing as much cold air as I feared.
Right now both Squirrel Gates are closed.
The boss returned with a replacement ceiling fan and set it under the mirror in the living room. As he was walking past the recliner he pulled a chain out of his shirt pocket and told me he was going to see if he can get it to work.
I told him that would be nice then went outside and fetched the Director’s chair from under the Deacon Tree. I needed to move out of the living room because the helpers were stringing wire plus the lead electrician was about to tear into the ceiling fan. When the 2:05 editing alarm sounded I moved to Headquarters.
It is 3:23. When the third editing alarm sounded I closed the laptop to go to the bathroom and as I walked towards my bedroom, I thought I saw the back door open again. I kind of got upset because I feared the AC would click on. All the workers are outside right now by the way, so they must be taking another break.
While I was passing the utility room I saw that the back door wasn’t open, they’d fixed the light in there and had left it on. I haven’t seen that light working in I don’t know how many years.
It’s 3:51 and I’m done with editing. The workers are still installing the new ceiling fan in the living room. I told the lead electrician how nice the light in the utility room looks and he asked if I like it.
I told him, “Yes”.
“That’s what we want.”, he declared.
I counted the words before I posted to WordPress and I only need about 200 more to have two week’s worth of posts. Guess I’ll drink my 4:00 water then go back and work in Headquarters until I can return to my spot under the party lamp.
While I was passing through the living room, walking behind the recliner, the guy hanging the ceiling fan said, “It’s going to get cold in here!”
“That would be nice.”, I laughed.
“You’re going to have to crawl underneath the (mattress) cover.”, he predicted.
I went in to ask the lead guy if he’d suggested I use yellow bulbs in the ceiling fan because they would look nicer under the dark blades than the white ones, but he’s not here.
It is 4:14 and the apprentice is sweeping the carpet.

Sun 😃
Suggested title: Very Weighty Gratitude
Info-box: electrician_arrives; I_saw_a_frog; milk_goes_sour
May22: about to remove the wall plate next to the new commode
First though I needed to find which circuit it was on so I moved Elsie’s desk out of the way, took the HEB bags off the hook then opened the circuit breaker.
I started flipping the switches willy nilly until the lights in the bathroom went off. When I came back into the living room to get my phone to use for illumination, it dawned on me that the AC was running. I felt a cold shiver run up my spine when I imagined what might have happened had I flipped the breaker off.
Fortunately it was still going as were the refrigerator and stove so I said “Whew!” and went back to the on-off switch in the bathroom.
When I had removed the face plate, I noticed the wires were not connected the way I remember from my younger days when I did odd jobs with me old pappy. I pushed the switch back into the receptacle and gave up.
When I call an electrician I’m going to tell him about the wiring and switches in the middle of the trailer. I’ll tell him they stopped working around the time the water heater sprang a leak. I’m beginning to wonder if the corrosion was caused by the moisture under the floor.
Today is May20. I unplugged the lamp Olga sold me a few years ago and tried it in several of the outlets and it’s weird. When I plugged it into the one on the utility room wall opposite the piano it came on but when I plugged it into the socket behind the TV it didn’t. I carried it to the middle bedroom wall where the thermostat is and it started flashing on and off. I’m wondering if the smoke alarm I had to dismantle behind the privacy door has anything to do with the way it’s acting.
I emailed the electric company that installed the ceiling fan in my bedroom and soon got a reply.
Right now I’m chatting with them. They asked if they’d ever done work at this address before. Wait, why am I telling you this? I can just copy and paste the chat box, right?
electric company chat box
You — Please update your info
My ceiling fan and several electric outlets in the middle of my trailer are acting weird.
Chat started
Customer Care joined the chat
Customer Care
Thank you for choosing Mike’s Plumbing, Electrical, & HVAC. How may i assist you today?

Mon 😞
You — Please update your info
can I have an electrician come out and tell me what’s going on?
Customer Care
Hi, i do apologize for the delay. have we done work for you in the past?
You — Please update your info
Yes many years ago you installed a ceiling fan. It’s still working.
Customer Care
i will have one of my customer service reps contact you in regards.
You — Please update your info
Thank you
A few minutes later they called me and when I was put on hold I started writing in real time. Aver
“She’s trying to pinpoint my address. The time is 11:43.”
“She’s got me on hold again.”
“She said they are paperless and made me give her my debit card number. She promised there would be no charges until the tech has spoken to me.”
I think she said they might only charge $30 for an estimate.
Next she told me that another person is supposed to contact me with what time to expect the electrician.
I noted that “The time is 11:56.”
I already have a six step routine for the electrician when he gets here. I want to show him what I learned when I plugged the lamp into the various outlets.
Now I’m putting stupid stuff on the internet. Olga just texted and asked if I need her to pick up my groceries next Thursday. First, I wondered how she knew which day I like to order groceries on but then it occurred to me that maybe she remembers the last time she picked them up was on a Thursday.
I just got a call from the electric company. She’s sending someone out Monday the 25th after 1:00.
Olga texted again and told me to be sure and schedule the curbside pick-up for between 5-6 after she gets off work. That means I better sign in and start checking which times are available.
Okay then just off to put more stupid stuff on the internet. Toodles!
It’s May24. I was afraid I might not get to schedule Thursday between 5:00 and 6:00 as my pick up time at Walmart so I went online. Thursday is clear so I started looking to see what they have. I was finding everything except lemon chicken, cheese puffs and scrubbing bubbles but I went ahead and loaded up my cart with the other items I need. My total right now is $157.
Oh, no, I just remembered, they’re going to freeze my account.

Tue 😃
May25; Hephzibah just said to open it (1 Pet 1:23).
I texted Olga to see if she wanted me to score something for her. If she says no then I’ll find out what kind of candy I can buy for the grand kids.
Hold on I got to write on Word Counter. Yay! I have my quota.
Tomorrow the electrician is supposed to show up so I’ll probably have plenty to write about. I’m going to edit while I wait to see if my Squirrel answers.
She says she doesn’t need anything so I asked her what can I get for the girls. She said they like lollipops so I asked should I get the Peppa Pig 20ct. She just answered saying it sounds good.
I hate to schedule for Thursday but it’ll be okay I guess. I don’t have to check my account ’til then unless the electrician wants some extravagant amount of money to fix the lights.
I thanked Olga and she said, “Anytime, Dad”
I texted, “Night.”
“Night dad” she replied.
Today is May25. Last night while I was asleep I was awakened by a storm passing directly overhead. There was very loud thunder and it was impossible to go back to sleep. I had already woke up earlier because of the humidity and had kicked both the bedspread and the sheet off of me. When I wiggled out of my tighty-whities and let them drop to the floor a very loud clap of thunder sounded. There was a lot of lightning too and I thought about getting up and watching TV to see what was going on but stayed in bed and tried to go back to sleep.
After the thunder and lightning passed I heard the wind pick up. There were some very strong gusts and the trailer shook. They sounded louder I think than I’ve ever heard before so I got up and looked out the bathroom window. Basically I saw lots of lightning and heard thunder in the distance.
After that I slept until 6:30, jumped up and started my normal routine. When I was watching the news the weather guy said there might be more storms tonight.
edit: Today is the 26th and he was right. Just wanted to note that they announced on the news this morning that drivers should avoid The Pedestrian Symbol intersection because of flooding. I have lived here 27 years and don’t remember ever seeing it flooded.
After breakfast I was in the bathroom when I got a call from the electric company.

Wed 😃
I didn’t make it to the coffee table in time to answer so I had to call back. They told me the tech was on their way so I went outside to wait for his truck.
After about 20 minutes they called again. I found out he’d been looking for my trailer in the wrong park. I apologized and told him I’d probably given them the name of the other park which is the one Mom and Olga use to live in back when Olga was in middle school. I think Margie runs both but I’m not sure.
A little while later I heard a truck and saw the electrician pulling into the driveway. He got down and put on his mask then followed me inside. He asked what was going on so I went through my six point plan and showed him the flashing lamp.
I also got to ask if my smoke alarm theory held water but he dismissed it. I think he said one of the plugs probably has loose wires and I noticed that every time he sticks his little doohickey into an outlet he shakes it vigorously.
He said he would have to do a diagnostic (which he is doing right now) and they would be charging me $120 for the first hour which includes the $30 estimate.
I guess I’ll put stupid stuff on the internet like I did while the plumbers were here.
It is 11:20. The tech thinks its the fixture in the utility room causing the problem. Right now he’s behind Monsieur Frog’s table doing something with the socket so I don’t have internet. He says he will give me an estimate to replace the fixture and the broken on-off switches. He also says he’s going to tell me why the AC/Heater keeps tripping and replace the breaker switch with one that’s supposed to be easier to reset.
It is 11:48. He said he can’t find anything wrong with the wiring. He said whoever was stringing wire probably nicked it at some point. I told him that the AC was put on it’s own box so he is going to check outside to find out if that’s the problem.
He returned and said everything looks okay. I asked him why the ceiling fan use to work sometimes and sometimes it inexplicably stops. He said probably because the trailer moves. Right now he said he’s putting the breaker box back together then he’s going to bill me and give me an estimate on running a new wire under the trailer.

Thu 😃
May27; Oh, Hephzibah keeps saying, “Put foot” so hold on (Song 1:8).
FYI I’m almost two full days ahead in my journal.
He told me I don’t have to go out in the middle of winter anymore to reset the AC/Heater. I asked him how come and he told me to turn on the fan and he would demonstrate. I flipped it on at the thermostat then went back to my bedroom. The fan came on and once it was running he found the breaker and flipped it off. When it died down I pulled the Sharpie out of Aunt Tom’s desk and labeled the two switches that regulate the air conditioner then turned the fan back off.
Right now he is outside doing paperwork. He said it might take twenty minutes. The time is 12:09.
He came in while I was trying to pee of course. I emerged and asked him to join me at the dining room table. When he showed me his iPad screen, it indicated that the charge today would be ninety dollars.
Next he outlined the specifics of his proposal and, bottom line, it looks like it’s going to cost about $1600. I winced and asked if he’d take half today and the rest on a post-dated check. He nodded and said that would be fine with him but he’d have to get it cleared with the office. I told him they can take whatever he was charging me for coming out today straight out of checking.
Then he advised me that the company requires half the proposed cost of the job in advance. I’m pretty sure those two charges are going to show up on my account fairly soon. Before exiting, the tech said he’d be back out next week, after payday, to do the work.
The girl just called. She needed to confirm my card number, the agreed upon amount and the date the tech is supposed to do the work. Looks like she’s going to take out $780 today then the remaining $784.75 when the work is completed. Let’s see, that’s going to come out to 780 + 784.75 = 1564.75.
Wow, I looked in my checking account and she’d already withdrawn 780. That’s half what I owe for the job next week plus $90 for the proposal the tech submitted.
That means my calculation should have been 780 + 90 + 784.75 = $1654.75.
I still got $620.56 left so I don’t have to worry about next month’s rent.

Fri 😃
The balance also reflects what’s left after groceries so I shouldn’t have to worry about food either. I’m good.

Today is May27. I’ve been writing about storms that have passed through here the past couple of weeks. Yesterday I had to sit on the steps because the ground under the Deacon Tree is still kind of wet. I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye and when I glanced over I spotted a frog.
“He doesn’t look like he’s missed any meals.”, was my first observation.
He was hopping around and catching all kinds of bugs and, hopefully, lots of mosquitoes. I started watching him and he began hopping towards the porch. That enabled me to get a good look at the way he feeds himself and one thing I noticed was that his tongue is wider and redder than I thought it would be.
As he approached where I was sitting I thought about taking a picture for this week’s post but figured he’d probably hide when I tried to get up. When he’d reached one of the aloe vera plants I decided to give it a try.
I set the camera then got up slowly. He didn’t hop away so I edged closer, knelt and snapped off two pics before sitting back down to see how they turned out.
The frog is so well camouflaged I had to zoom in to about 1000% in order to find him. I decided not to try and publish any photos this week because the image gets a little blurry when I zoom in.
After the alarm sounded though I came inside and attempted to share it with Sammie. The pic showed up on the text message screen but later I got an alert informing me that the upload had failed. I hit the share button again and sent it in an email.
I told her to show it to the girls and see if they could spot the frog.
Dude, I’m going to go ahead and upload it to WordPress because I know that when you click on the pic on ATITN it will open in another window. If you click on the magnifying glass it zooms in and then you can move it around and look for the frog. I know because I clicked on the one of Squirrel that I published last week and I could see the freckles on her nose. lol
Right now I’m waiting for Walmart to send me the OMW button. When I get it, I’ll email it to Olga then I gotta take a shower and turn on the AC before she arrives.

Sat 😃
Today is May28. I been using the milk I bought at Stripes since last month. I kept using it because I couldn’t detect an odor and it didn’t appear lumpy. The sell by date was Apr08 but since it never smelled or got lumpy, I kept using it for my mac and cheese. I’ve been going by an article I read last month that said it was usable if it doesn’t smell.
Today, I’m supposed to get a fresh supply from Walmart so I decided to google “what’s the record for milk staying fresh in the fridge”
I couldn’t find any information about a record and every link that came up said to throw it out at least 7 days after the expiration date.
Finally I read a wiki article and it provided another freshness test. It says to put about a third of a cup in the microwave for 30-60 seconds then swirl it around. If it doesn’t thicken then it’s still okay to use.
I poured some into my Pyrex measuring cup and ran it for 45 seconds then swirled it around and it thickened. I poured the rest of the bottle in the sink and Dude, it still smells bad in here. In addition, my nose has started running.
Earlier I was sitting under the Deacon Tree waiting for the editing alarm to sound when I got an alert on my phone. I looked and just as I expected it was from Walmart. It was to tell me that they’ve started putting my order together but it also said they had to substitute a couple of things. Apparently they’ll be sending me two boxes of a different kind of roach motel and a package of a different kind of beef bologna. The really bad news though is that they don’t have any mac and cheese.
I still need drinking water so I was thinking that if I can’t get everything I need from Walmart I can still try HEB. I went to my account though and found more bad news. HEB doesn’t have mac and cheese either. They do have water dispensers but they’re not the kind I like so I’ll probably wait and check later on in the month.

Sun 😃
Suggested title: Why Does Bender Get to Relax in the Pool?
Info-box: power_outage; parakeet_nest; electrical_circuit_project
May15: Hephzibah said to open it (Acts 3:19) and “harness”
I walked up the back street and saw the traffic was light so I crossed at the car wash again and turned north. As I approached the store parking lot I saw that people were indeed still wearing masks.
I stopped in front of the door and pulled my mask down over my nose and mouth. Once inside I went straight to the bread aisle and was glad to see they had plenty in stock. I grabbed a loaf of white bread then headed for the milk cooler. I was surprised when I saw they carry eggs. In all the years I’ve been going to Stripes I never noticed any eggs.
I pulled out a carton marked ‘one dozen large’ and looked for a sell by date.
It said I had to finish them by June 1st so I closed the door and headed for the register. There was only one customer ahead of me so I took the opportunity to look for cherry pies. The display has been removed and I felt disappointed but I started looking for candy.
When it was my turn to pay I grabbed two Hershey bars then put my stuff on the counter. While the cashier rang everything up I watched the total then slid my debit card into the slot to pay. It came to a little less than ten bucks.
The cashier set the receipt down and after I put my card and wallet away I stuffed it in the bag and told him, “Thank you.”
Again I left my mask on and returned to the trailer. Dude, I started sweating on the way back so I know today is going to be another miserable one.
When I was inside I counted my eggs and now I should have enough to last me until June 5th providing none of them have an odor.
Yay! I have enough words already which means I don’t have to write again until Saturday at 8:30.
Today is May15. I looked and my SS check hasn’t posted. I can’t remember that ever happening but I’ll wait till after breakfast to check again.
edit: umm….Oaf? You got your check last month on the 15th. This month the third Wednesday falls on the 20th. Have a nice day.

Mon 😁
I’m up early because I remember dreaming about a hash brown patty last night and it had writing all over it. I thought people had written their names on it but I couldn’t read any of them. I kind of remember figuring out that they probably weren’t names.
“To see potatoes in your dream, represent your earthiness and simplicity.”
Alternatively, (t)he dream may also be a metaphor that you are being a “couch potato” or that you are being lazy.
To see or eat mashed potatoes in your dream, suggest that you are experiencing concerns over financial matters.”
I saw words all over the patty and I even tried reading to see who might have written on it but in reality this quote better describes what happened. Aver
“Anyway, when I see words in my dreams they seem to be correct for about half a second then the(y) go to gobbly gook… The starting letter remains correct of a second or longer and then the word goes totally wonky. This happens for all the words on the ‘whatever’ that I can see.”
Today is May16. This morning I got up and did my usual Sabbath routine including drinking coffee and watching the news. I was just chillin’ in the green chair when I heard rain hitting the roof. After a bit it got louder and I could hear wind gusts too. I changed the TV to a local channel to see what was going on.
The weather man was standing in front of the radar and it was showing solid red. He said it was raining 3 inches per hour, there were hundreds of lightning strikes and the wind was gusting up to 70 mph. He also said trees were being blown over and people were losing power. In addition, there were several reports of hail.
I jumped up as soon as he said that and started brewing my second cuppa cafe. Although we haven’t experienced an outage in quite awhile I was afraid we might this time because of the severity of the storm.
I drank my second cup and was sitting in the bathroom when the lights went out. They shut off the same time a loud clap of thunder sounded so I figured a transformer had probably been struck by lightning. The electricity came back on less than a minute later though. The storm had passed by around 8:30 so I reset my dad’s digital clock thinking it would be safe.

Tue 😁
Later I was putting stupid stuff on the internet when I remembered to check my email. Sure enough I had received another message from my sister. She wanted to know if I’d ordered a copy of the dream interpretation book she’d told me about. I answered and said I haven’t then explained that I’ve been writing down my dreams and googling what they mean.
“I wrote down another. Would you like me to send it?”, I asked.
She told me to go ahead but she may not be able to respond until the next day.
I didn’t send the dream about the flatcar, I sent the latest one with the hash brown patty. I copied all of it including the interpretations I’d Googled.
When she answered she sounded like she didn’t agree with what I’d come up with. Aver
“Here’s my interpretation (for whatever it’s worth).
Potatoes can be a need for earth minerals in your diet. I don’t know anything about your health (or when the last time you had a blood test done). Some of the minerals in potatoes are: calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. It is also a great source of dietary fiber.
I believe the “words” on your hash browns were probably a list of those minerals and other things that you may be lacking.”
I read it and answered that her interpretation is interesting and offered to send her the earlier dream about the flatcar. She said to send it but I’m waiting until I can edit it a bit more.
Believe it or not I’m kind of tired of mac and Cheese Saturday. Lately I’ve been starting to miss my rice and beans.
Last Monday while I was making breakfast I thought, “Dude, why don’t you add diced potatoes next time you make rice and beans?”
“Genius!” I exclaimed excitedly, “I can’t wait to see what they’re going to taste like!”
After the 6:15 editing alarm sounded I rushed into the kitchen and started heating up the skillet and boiling the water. When the 12 minute hash brown alarm sounded I opened the freezer and threw in the diced potatoes that were left in the second bag. When the water started boiling I tossed in the ‘heat in bag’ rice and set the timer on my phone for 8 minutes.
While the stuff was cooking I took out the bag of re-fried beans and read the heating instructions then waited for the rice to finish boiling so I could use the saucepan.

Wed 😞
The potatoes finished warming first so I turned off the heat and then after a few more minutes the rice was done. I set the bag on a plate, emptied the water then refilled it with the Pyrex measuring cup so I could boil the beans. I can’t believe I threw in 4 and a quarter cups instead of two. I don’t know what I was thinking, I must have assumed it held a single cup.
Anyway when everything was done I mixed it all together and spooned me up a bowl. By then the British Baking show had started so I set my supper on the coffee table to cool.
I kept checking every few seconds but it was still too hot to eat.
When it finally dawned on me that I’d used too much water I got up and returned to the kitchen to drain the excess. I figured since I’d already put half of what I’d made into my bowl I could probably run the remainder through the strainer. Afterwards I put the beans, rice and potatoes in a large plastic container for tomorrow night. I left it on the stove to cool first though.
I came back to the recliner after that so I could eat and finish watching my show. I waited five minutes or so then the food felt cool enough to finish so I scarfed it down.

Today is May17. It’s Sunday and I’m supposed to be posting last week’s journal onto ATITN but something happened earlier while I was waiting for the 10:15 fruit cocktail alarm to sound.
I’ve been hearing quite a few parrot noises these past few weeks. They’re kind of hard to spot because most of the time they fly over at very high speeds. They’re noisy but even when they’re screeching and I’m able to hear them I can’t always see them. They fly low over the trees and rooftops and frequently change direction.
I call the noise they make, “screeching” but actually they sound a lot like seagulls.
I was sitting in the Directors chair when I began hearing them. That’s unusual because they hardly ever stay in one area for extended periods of time. Just then I was able to look up in time to see two fly over to the phone wires where the transformer is.

Thu 😃
They looked like typical birds chasing each other all over the place but seconds later it sounded like they were messing around right above me in the Deacon Tree. I looked up and caught a glimpse of two green parrots fussing at each other then dipping up and down crazily through the backyards.
“Hmm….” I thought to myself, “They’re acting like they’re either in the process of building or are about to build a nest.”
I looked directly above me and saw one doing exactly that. I wanted to take video but I’m afraid that at this stage the pair might get spooked and move if I try to interact with them. I thought about how cool it would be to see their fledglings under the bread tree though.
Dude, I googled “green parrots in south texas” and a video from a nearby location came up. They aren’t parrots though, they’re parakeets.
Today is May18. Friday, I think it was, I walked to check my mail and along with a nine cent check from Capital One I found a postcard. I started reading it then noticed that it wasn’t for me. I thought it probably had come for the next door neighbor so before I went to sit on the steps I took a trip around the trailer. The lady wasn’t outside so when I came inside I threw it back on the dining room table.
Later I was glad I did because I realized the address couldn’t be hers. We both have odd numbered trailers. That meant it was probably sent to the neighbor across the street. I thought about waiting and maybe catching one of them outside but then decided against it because if I did ask someone to give it to the owner they might try to read it.
I figured I’d wait until the weekend was over so at 12:43 after I put stupid stuff on the internet, I walked to the office. I was kind of surprised to see Margie’s car in the parking lot since it was still the lunch hour. I considered letting her pass it along to my neighbor but feared it may be against the law. Again, whoever it was addressed to might not appreciate having it delivered by someone else. I dropped it in the mail then went to my box to see what I had but it was empty.
Also I promised Ruth I would send her my description of the dream I named Oriental_flatcar. After I posted last week’s journal I copied what I’d written and pasted it into a gmail.

Fri 😃
She answered a short time later. Aver
Well, here we go –
just remember this is a only my interpretation, so take it with a “grain of salt”.
The “spoon” represents a tool.
This particular tool is used for eating.
The “flatcar” represents “staying on track”.
The “Chinese guy” represents you (forget the “Chinese” part – it could have been a French Man or an Irishman – what matters is that it wasn’t anyone you know.
This shows that you are having trouble trying to “stay on track” with your eating habits.
By not paying to get the spoon back, it shows you think it isn’t “worth the price” you have to pay to get it back. This is an inward conflict you are having – but, leaving without the spoon is a good sign.
“Sitting in the Chair” is a sign of “support”. It seems you are slowly losing “support” (as people left) for your “cause” and are unable to find the answer you are looking for.”
“After reading what you ate before you went to bed, may have had a lot to do with why you had this dream.”
I liked it so I thanked her. Since she mentioned my diet I also informed her that my doctor had given me a clean bill of health the last time I saw her. Before ending I asked how she’s doing.
“Glad to hear you are doing well – I am too.”, she replied.
Dude, I’m way ahead in my journal this week but it’s all right. That means I get to edit more. Right now I only need about 800 words.
Today is May19. I been sleeping in of late but I make myself get up in time to at least drink two cups of coffee. This morning I stayed in bed until after 8:00 though. I thought about adjusting my schedule but all I did was turn on the TV, set the 8:30 walking alarm then waited until it was time to make breakfast.
I’ve kind of given up on the Milestones project. It’s hard for me to read but it’s not because I’m going blind. It’s because I can’t believe the way I was behaving back in 2016. Last night I tried reading a post from December but had to stop before I even got halfway through.
I actually said, “I love you, Sugar Bowl” then proceeded to give her hundreds of dollars. It’s embarrassing but if you notice, she tried to tell me I was acting stupid.
There weren’t any interesting questions on R&S last night either so I turned off the laptop, got up and began working on my Electrical Circuit project.

Sat 😃
The other day I unscrewed a couple of the light bulbs from the inoperable ceiling fan so I could test some of the light sockets in other parts of the trailer. The first place I tried was the utility room but quickly learned that the switch in there doesn’t work.
I moved to my bathroom next. I’ve been using only two of the fixtures over the sink for several years but I don’t remember why. Maybe after the girls were gone I figured I didn’t need all that lighting.
I tried the bulbs and they both came on so I’ll leave them there for now. There’s also a ceiling light in that part of the bathroom that I haven’t been using either so I got another bulb, removed the glass globe and installed it. It didn’t come on so I moved to the next one.
The switch for the light over the commode doesn’t work but I wondered what would happen if I tried changing the bulb. Since I already know the one from the hallway doesn’t work I took it out and used it to test with.
When I screwed it in over the new toilet it came on which confirms that the switch is broken.
I was on a roll so after that I went out and grabbed the surge protector from the old computer desk by my bed. I wanted to plug it into some of the outlets in the middle of the trailer to see if there is any power.
First I tried the one on the utility room wall opposite the piano mirror. When I flipped the switch on the surge protector the LED light came on. I went into the living room and plugged it into the socket where I use to plug the TV and once again it came on.
I unplugged the TV and plugged it into the socket thinking it might be working now but it didn’t come on. It appears some of the outlets are not getting enough electricity.
“Does that mean the circuit running through the middle of the house is almost dead?”, I wondered.
I googled, “why are the lights in my house dim” and what I found out was that the old wiring may be corroded.
I still had a few minutes before the 8:59 TV alarm so I ran up to the front and got the brand new on-off switch I bought to replace the one in the front bathroom that the girls ruined many years ago. On my way through the kitchen I dug around and came up with a couple of screwdrivers too while I was at it. I carried them back to the switch next to the new commode to see if I could remove the wall plate.