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Overcoming Obstacles

Suggested title: Overcoming Obstacles (Romans 2:12; Jhn 8:7-11); Garments from under the throne
Info-box: Credit Card Fraud
Yesterday I was just piddling around the house so I decided to go to my Capital One account and see if I could find out what percentage of interest I’m paying on my credit cards. I signed in and when the page loaded I noticed I had a very low available credit. It didn’t look right so I clicked on the transaction accordion and found that there had been a charge made on the 11th of January.
I knew that was wrong because I had stopped borrowing money last month. The details showed that it was paid to some kind of auto business so I called the fraud line to find out who’d used my card. A representative came on and the first thing she did was change my credit card number and told me she would send a replacement.
When she asked which charge I wanted to dispute I told her it was the one for $341. She said based on the name, the business looked like an auto parts store so I told her I don’t even own a car. She told me to go ahead and call the number and try to find out what was going on. I called and I think he told us the company was a credit union that makes auto loans, not an auto parts store.
Because of what happened the last time someone made an unauthorized charge I figured he wouldn’t release the name on the account but I asked anyway and sure enough he told me to give him my name and my account number.
The Capital One rep was on the line and heard everything so after we hung up I told her I think I know who made the charge. She asked if this person had used my card lately so I called her attention to the transaction Gab made here a month or so ago for $260 (our ‘play with my boobies for five minutes’ deal). She didn’t come right out and say it but I think she believed it was probably the same person which suggested to me that she had obtained the account information from the merchant.
She must have had me on a remote access because suddenly the screen changed. I thought she had credited my account but I went back and looked after we spoke and decided that’s not what made it flicker. Now I’m guessing the screen refreshed when she changed the account number.
I thanked her profusely and we said, “Goodbye” and, “Have a nice rest of the day!” then hung up.

Mon 😃
This morning I walked to HEB again so I could get the food items listed in my munchies category for the month. When I got back I sat down to compose an outline before I made breakfast but I wanted to check my credit card balances first. I opened my account online and it looks like Capital One reversed the disputed charge.
On the 16th I know I told MM I was going to call Olga but I didn’t because I wanted to be sure I got my SS check first. I wasn’t really worried about getting the check I was more afraid they were going to start taking out $135 for an insurance premium based on a letter I got from them the other day. I checked and was relieved that the usual amount had been deposited but by that time I’d already pumped myself up to walk to the store.
I did my morning routine half expecting Olga to call or text ‘omw’ but I haven’t heard from her yet. I kind of want to do an experiment to find out if I can carry a month’s worth of groceries if I walk a day for each category.
Yesterday for instance I was supposed to get the stuff from my coffee category (coffee, coffee-mate, sugar, filters). Today I would have got my breakfast stuff but I decided to walk to watermill instead since I need water for the Sabbath and tomorrow, because it’s Friday, I plan to get stuff for the weekend.
The other day I got another statement from Granbury. It’s a copy of the one I got last month but this one had a handwritten note scribbled on it. Someone wrote and told me I need to send them a copy of my bank statement from the month I sent them the check they claim they didn’t cash.
“What’s she doing”, I asked myself, “blaming me for allowing someone to cash the check that I sent to pay my maintenance fees?”
I also wondered why they didn’t email and I guessed that they don’t want to leave a paper trail. Whoever wrote it had not credited my account with the $26 I sent last month as per our verbal monthly payment agreement either.
She wrote and told me to call them again claiming they tried to call me but got a “calls not accepted” message.
I don’t plan to answer or email them anymore. I’m going to wait because I believe the burden is on them now to prove that they did not cash the check. I just looked at the front of the check and it is definately made out to them not only that but the numbers match the numbers on the statement. They haven’t cashed the $26 check I sent this month.

Tue 😃
There’s a news story being reported lately about a 13 year old girl from Wisconsin who went missing then turned up alive a couple of weeks ago. After she was found they arrested her kidnapper and it came out that he’d seen her getting on a school bus one day and had decided she was “the one.”
It started me thinking about writing a story based on what may have happened that morning. Aver.
Like the girls who grew up in my house she was probably getting ready for school while listening to Lil Wayne. She would of course be checking her Facebook account the whole time while applying make-up and it would cause her to start running late.
“The bus is here, Jayme!” I can hear her parents screaming.
Meanwhile her kidnapper, on his way to work or somewhere, was stuck behind the bus waiting for her to come out. He would be seething when the girl didn’t appear right away so by the time he did see her he probably became obsessed and decided he wanted to take her.
He held her for about three months I think then one day she managed to escape. The news began reporting that she was back with relatives and showed pictures of her smiling. When I saw those I thought they were from before she was kidnapped but then they told us what happened the day she got away.
It was reported that she went to a nearby home to get help but there was no one there so she went back to the street or road and approached a woman walking her dog. She was very fortunate because her rescuer happened to be a counsellor. As soon as I heard that I knew why she was able to smile and I rejoiced with the rest of the country.
Hephzibah said, “Key.”
I don’t know if I wrote about it the last time I talked to my lawyer but he told me I have until October of this year to sue the other driver if I want to. Awhile back I heard the word “sue” so I thought I’d find another lawyer and try suing the other driver like Olga told me to do right after it happened. I started monitoring all the lawsuit ads on television and heard one use the word ‘honor’ which is a word I associate with claims that have scientific facts to back them up.
After I saw the commercial I didn’t try to contact the attorney because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get anyone to take my case until the suit is resolved.

Wed 😃
I didn’t want to just start dialing “all fours” or “777-7777” so I wondered if I could get on the internet and contact the guy who’d used the word ‘honor’ in his commercial. Yesterday which was Jan17 I remembered the name of the firm so I Googled it. I was doing it under the assumption that they offer a ‘no fees unless you win’ deal but I’m not sure.
Online, the first thing that popped up was a phone number and an email but there was also a live chat button. I clicked on it and started talking to a representative named Vanessa who asked for my name, phone number and/or email. I typed my name and email address then she asked for a brief description of the case.
I told her that my accident happened more than a year ago but I was informed by my insurance company’s attorney that I have until October of this year to file a counter suit. I also told her that the case is still open but the guy failed to show up for our court date.
“I think I can prove he was negligent based on his dash cam video.”, I asserted.
She had me give her my phone number and after only about a minute I received a call. I gave my name then told the person on the phone the same thing I told Vanessa but all she said was they only handle recent cases.
I think I said something stupid like, “What about the dash cam?” but she connected me to another lawyer and hung up.
When I’d repeated my arguments the next one said the exact same thing as the first one. I began to see a pattern so I thanked her and hung up. I decided that even though I had a sign from God it doesn’t guarantee anyone would take my case.
Evening before last (still Jan the 17th) I had already started editing during the six o’clock hour when Squirrel gate opened suddenly. Gab, I think, was trying to scare me when she popped her head in but I’d heard the door opening this time.
“Hey, Gab!”, I said as she came in and sat down.
She had her phone in one hand as usual and asked me what I’d been doing. We began to chat and I remember her saying her tummy hurt but didn’t say why. Next we agreed that it was cold in here. She must have anticipated it would be uncomfortable because she came prepared this time with a sweater.

After she was snuggled into the green chair she noticed my coat and I told her my mother bought it for me back in the eighties when I lived at home while attending college. Eventually she stated that she was here to smoke. I started thinking real hard and decided to offer her my 6:45 j so she could get high while I rolled a couple of blunts. I got the joint from the Fossil Tin then went up to Headquarters and set it in the green ashtray. Afterwards I brought it up and set it next to her on the coffee table. I also took a package from Olga’s jewelry drawer but forgot to put it in the sand bucket which is where the fragrant Swisher tobacco goes after the wrappers have been sliced open. I carried them back to my bedroom, got my pressboard then sat at the dining room table to roll. I had a lot of shake but I had not chopped it yet since it wasn’t Friday so I did that first then put all the powder in the John Wayne tin. I didn’t need any more joints right then so I decided to roll the blunts and that’s when I had to get back up and go fetch the sand bucket. On the way to Headquarters I noticed Gab had her hair up in a bun but I didn’t say anything except, “Forgot my bucket!” No sooner had I sat back down to slice the wrappers than my third cuppa cuppa alarm sounded. I started to get up and shut it off but I heard her say she would do it. I wanted to continue our chat so I told her how my family has a history of stomach problems. I asked her if she remembered the year I was in the hospital and when she nodded I told her how my doctor made me start drinking cranberry juice and 64 ounces of water everyday. I was hinting about how I stay hydrated now and am able to eat just about anything without it upsetting my stomach. I guess she couldn’t relate though because she mentioned a couple more times that hers was still hurting. I finished rolling the blunts then came back to the recliner so I could write in real time.

Fri 😃 😁
When I asked her if she’d just got off work she surprised me when she made a joke. I think she said she has to keep working since she doesn’t have a Sugar Daddy. I asked her if she likes her job and I think she said she does. She turned towards me then and told me she needed to bounce. She asked for a blunt to take with her so I put the laptop back on Monsieur Frog’s table and got up to get her the one I’d left on the kitchen table. We started saying our goodbyes as I returned and sat in the recliner. I was reaching for the Acer again when she asked if I still had the empty package so she could carry the blunt in it. I found it, blew in the top to open it and handed it to her. Before I could sit again she started having trouble opening Squirrel Gate just like the time before. I went over and showed her how the little lock in the doorknob had to be turned to the one o’clock position for the door to open. She said, “Oh.” then carefully stepped out. I stood in the door so she’d have a little light to find her way down the rickety old steps. We both said, “Peace out.” at 6:44. She came in again the next night (the eighteenth) while I was watching the news and this time she did scare the crap out of me. She walked around the green chair and plopped in my recliner before I could even get up. She seemed very hyper and told me she’d just spoken to her sister at work and said she’d called her while she was shitting. I wondered if she had called to let Sondra know she would be at my house. This time the first thing she said was she wanted to smoke. I got up and brought her one of the j’s I’d rolled earlier then continued watching the news while she toked up. There was a story about some students giving the NAZI salute in front of their school in some other state so I told her I was a fan of WWII and use to wear my German helmet to class when I was in high school. She said when she was in high school some of the kids would paint graffiti and they sometimes sprayed swastikas.

Sat 😃 😁
I remember there was a big thing about cleaning up graffiti a few years ago but never heard or saw anything involving swastikas down here. Wait what am I talking about? There’s one on the door of the middle bedroom that Olga must have drawn when she was in high school. President Trump was on the TV while we were talking and she asked me about body language. “The media claims he tells at least 5 lies per day.” I said. I told her I could tell he was lying to the reporter about Stormy Daniels because he got that “deer in the headlights” look on his face when he was asked. The book Gab gave me refers to this sort of behavior as a tell. Turned out later that he did know about the payment his lawyer had made to keep her quiet. I asked her about her tummy and she said that it still hurts. She grew quiet for a second and looked at her phone then asked for a blunt. I got up and fetched the second one I rolled the night before. She said, “Thank you.” as she prepared to leave. I watched her at Squirrel Gate and this time she turned the little doorknob lock to the one o’clock position and got the door open. She smiled and I said, “Peace out” at 6:12. Hephzibah said to open it (2Cor 8:13-15). After she was gone I hurried to check the mail thinking I could make it back before the 6:15 editing alarm sounded. On the way to the mail box I had to admire the beautiful sunset and then on the way back I saw the moon peeking through the clouds. I returned to start editing and noticed Gabby’s scent still lingering in the air above the recliner. Last evening I’d gotten up to use the restroom when I heard a knock at the door. I was still over the toilet so I finished, zipped my pants then came into the kitchen to wash my hands. The water was still running when I heard a second knock. After I was dry I hurried and opened the door but no one was there so I started to stick my head out when I heard MM say something. She came up the steps and as she stomped towards the door she said she’d come to check up on me for Olga. I told her about the text messages I got the day before and we laughed about not needing Life Alert yet then sat down.

Sun 😃 😁
Suggested title: Garments from under the throne; The Moon Under Her Feet
Info-box: More unauthorized credit card activity
Jan23 MM comes to check on me
She began telling me she’s very worried because of the government shut-down that she wouldn’t be getting food stamps or housing after this month. I told her I seriously doubt the food stamp and housing programs would be affected. She had a tear in her eye but still managed to ask for a roachie. While she was toking up I asked her if she knows how to cook rice since I been thinking about making that my next project. It’s because I heard or maybe I researched calories and found out a person can survive on just rice and beans. She told me she makes a mean bowl of rice and added that everybody that has tried it says hers is the best. I got up and went to the cupboard where she’d left a shelf full of food when she moved out. I wanted her to tell me how to make the rice but actually she’d only left a little bit in one of my plastic containers. I told her I’d get a box of Uncle Bens next time I walk to HEB but she said no and told me which brand she uses. She promised to make some for me if I do get it and I promised to roll her a joint if she does. She said she’d do it for a blunt then told me what else to buy. I thought one of the ingredients might be chicken broth but she said no, buy the cubes not the can. I told her I remember my mother use to cook with those cubes when we were growing up. She googled what she’s going to need then sent me pics. I asked her to wait until next month since I’ve pretty much got everything I need for this month. She agreed then got up to leave saying she wanted to visit her folks. I got up too and told her I needed to check the mail. She said, “Goodbye” as I was putting on my shoes and was already across the street by the time I stepped out onto the porch. Yesterday which was Jan22 I went online when I got back from HEB so I could check my bank account and once again was surprised by the amount my balance had shrunk. I looked at the transactions and it was showing an additional payment to my Merkle card. I thought that if they’d taken an additional payment then maybe they’d credited my account with the $100 I gave them on the first but they had not.

2c gave them $147
2d took $47 when minimum payment was zero
2e called number on back of card
2f talked to rep
2g asked about $47 charge
2h said I signed up for auto-pay in 2017
2i could not tell why $47 was taken when minimum payment was $0
2j cancelled auto pay over the phone
2k was upset but said thank you and hung up
2l Jan23
2li went to check account
2m found recurring amazon prime charge
2n called to dispute
2nii told rep it must have been Olga
2niii when she ordered last month
2niv must have asked for free shipping
2o rep would not close account
2oi offered new card
2p told me to call Amazon
2q concerned they would not do it
2qi unless I have name on the account
2r advised me to have Olga cancel
2s got hold of Olga
2t said they would re-imburse
2u was still very upset
2v bye was all I could choke out

3 Jan23 aroused

[It’s Jan16, Post Fabreze. They shall be thrust through with the sword (Is 13:15). I can’t believe I’m here thinking I gotta come up with a topic tomorrow similar to how I came up with today’s. You know how I did it? I kept asking myself what happened? What happened? Then I remembered the thing with the credit card. I had no idea I would get 430 words from that outline but I had set the goal of coming up with topics all the way from 1 to 1bb because I think that’s how many I need to meet the minimum number of sentences required for the day’s quota. They’re starting to show Match Game this season and it’s on tonight. Last week’s was funny but the final round was kind of tragic. I’ll scarf down me munchies, cocoon up and watch it again this week, thank You, Jesus. Grace; Post-fabreze Jan17. Just out of Headquarters, Mate. I have to do an outline and I’m going to but I just wanted to note that I almost started reading this week’s post on Word Press before writing and was going to let the outline go until tomorrow when I get back from HEB but no that’s not going to happen. I doubt I will want to do an outline when I get back from my four mile walk. Right now I’m waiting for the third cuppa cuppa sip alarm to sound and remembering Gab reaching over and turning it off the night before. It’s 7:29, still sippin third cuppa cuppa and just finishing the outline. Guess I’ll put stupid stuff on the internet now until Page Six comes on. I just closed the privacy door and checked the thermostat and it read 70°. First time it’s been that high in days. It was 58° for two days in a row this past week. Post-fabreze Jan18. Dude I just now remembered that my pants have a broken zipper and I’m wondering if maybe that could be the reason Gab got so quiet this evening. Or she might have just wanted me to listen to a song I’m not sure what caused the long period of silence. It’s probably just the way she is. In fact I’ve mentioned before that she sometimes grows quiet. Actually I think she’s more the managerial feet paddling like ‘ell type. Dude, I walked to HEB like I said and Dude, I had to carry nine cans of fruit cocktail, a gallon practically of whole milk, 50 hash brown patties and ten boxed dinners.]
[As I trudged back I had to keep stopping at every traffic light so I could set the bags down and rest. My shoulders are starting to feel a little sore but I’m a’ight. Still Jan18. Oh, no. I remembered I forgot my 9 cans of chicken breast a while ago. I still got one left from last month that I’ll eat tomorrow during snack time. Jan19 The Sabbath. I woke up with an erection this morning so I put my hand around it and went back to sleep. When I woke up I still had a stiff, full erection. I played with it and now I’m thinking that wasn’t such a good idea. Post-Febreze; Jan20. This morning I didn’t even smoke my blunt. I was feeling kind of bummed I guess. I came on to write something but I forgot what it was. Ok, now I remember part of what I was going to write. Olga texted and asked how I am. I told her I’m good and asked about her. She said her and the girls are good. I’m happy to report that I got plenty of money left this month. I should have around $200 at the end of the month after groceries. Don’t worry, I’m not going to send money to Granbury. Just gonna put stupid stuff on the internet maybe cocoon up for a few minutes then rool up the sidewalks Laddie and call it a night. The fat of the land and wagons to carry your little ones Dude, it’s 10:08 and I remembered there’s an eclipse tonight and the skies are clear. brb. The shadow of the earth looks so cool on the moon but the shadow isn’t shaped like a disk it looks more like a cloud. Today is the 21st of Jan. I walked to HEB this morning and I’ll make one more trip tomorrow then see if I got enough munchies to last me till the third Wednesday of next month. The church keeps talking about how in the last days the army of the south is going to do this and the army of the east is going to do that but they don’t know what’s going to trigger it. I know what would change human history I think. What if the tombs of the Old Testament kings were found? That would trigger some religious wars I’d wager. So I been planning to ask God to let me buy lottery tickets for the major drawings and win all of them. I call it my “God of the Odds” experiment.]
[Still the 21st of Jan. A few weeks ago I was pooping and heard “Imma make it RAIN up in here” so I bought a ticket the next time I went to Stripes but it was worthless. So now I was thinking what if I did win? I’d move to Jerusalem, Dude, try to gather the kings and priests together then dig up those graves. I know He’s heard me but so far He ain’t on board. Merde… Hephzibah said, “Quack” That doesn’t mean I can’t buy the numbers though, right? She said it again and just now she said, “Guilty.” Today is the 22 and my humburber patty on blueberry waffles is on a plate next to me. I came back on to note what happened a few minutes ago when I was checking the word count for this week’s post. I plugged it into Word Counter to edit but they started showing ads and reducing the size of the text area so I copied it again and pasted it into my Word Press window and guess what? it was exactly 3,010 words or 430/day X 7/days=3010wds. That’s a sign so I’m thinking about buying lottery tickets. Next week’s title (Week of Jan27)will be”…and the moon under her feet”. I was struck by the reference to “under her feet.” I feel nostalgic right now it’s like there’s a benefit inside but like always I think, “Oaf, there are no such things as the Good ‘Ol Days” I was still toking up and remembered asking Sugar Bowl if I could hold her before I even saw Boo-Boo for the first time and she say yes. She say yes.]


My Fearful Premonition

Sun 😃
Suggested title: My Fearful Premonition
Info-box: Paint shed and repair steps contract; AT&T Tech is called
Last evening which was Sunday the sixth I was scarfing down my scalloped potatoes and watching Bob’s Burgers when I thought I heard a voice coming from the doorway. I looked over and saw Gab’s head sticking in and she appeared to be trying to get my attention. When I turned my head I heard her laugh about me not being able to hear. She closed Squirrel Gate then came into the living room and sat down.
I told her the reason I didn’t hear her when she opened the door was because my right ear is plugged up and she said the same thing has happened to her. I told her I think I got sinusitis but don’t think I have a fever. When I told her I read that swallowing phlegm is fine I remembered to move the wastebasket full of used tissue covered with yellow phlegm away from her feet.
As she watched TV I continued eating.
The children on the cartoon started talking about smoking in the bathroom so I asked Gab if she ever smoked in the bathroom at school and she said, “Of course”.
She was sitting looking at her phone as usual but kept laughing when they said something funny on TV. Those shows aren’t as funny as they use to be; not to me anyway.
Finally she asked for weed so I got up and fetched her the blunt I’d been saving. I also went and got the green ashtray and lighter for her. She said she wanted to smoke with me but I told her I’d already smoked a blunt and just wanted to finish pigging out on my potatoes.
I became engrossed in the cartoon after that and didn’t really notice if she was smoking or not although I suspected at one point from the way she started talking that she was getting high. I was thinking that she would do what she usually does which is smoke part of the blunt then put it out and save the roach for later.
We continued watching until Family Guy came on and it felt a little like back in the day when there was an elephant in the room. I even thought about asking her to pose in the green chair with her phone so I could use the picture to begin drawing my first ATITN cartoon of the week. I didn’t though because I remembered last time I tried to take a picture of her in the green chair she flipped me off.
Next she told me she was going to take some roachies since I was out of shake. While she went up to Headquarters I got out of the recliner and put the empty scalloped potato dish in the sink to let it soak.
She came back out and started messing with the front door next. She had trouble getting the doorknob lock in the correct position so I got up to help her. As I moved closer to where she was standing I hoped she wouldn’t get a whiff of me because I hadn’t showered in several days.
We got it open and I said, “Peace out.” at 8:09.

I began hiding the evidence right after she left and when I picked up the green ashtray I discovered that she had indeed smoked the blunt by herself.
Later on I needed to rool up the sidewalks so I plugged the tablet and phone in to charge then turned off the 4:20 clock and was just starting to lock Squirrel gate when I discovered to my chagrin that I’d left the director’s chair outside. Remembering to bring it in everyday before dark is necessary now since it gives me extra security at night. Putting it on the floor between the privacy door and Squirrel gate enhances the inside safety.
I had to unlock the doorknob again and turn on the porch light so I’d be able to see if I’d left it out on the porch or wherever. I wasn’t able to see under the Deacon Tree so I put on my shoes and went out there but I was even more dismayed when I realized I’d left it in front of the shed. I’d totally forgotten that I’d sat out there and soaked up sunlight that day.
I had to walk around the backside of the shed and when I got to the other side I passed through a giant spider web. I started swatting the air in an attempt to get it off my face and shoulders so my lips wouldn’t get eaten by a spider but since I couldn’t see anything I doubt I got any of it off.
I grabbed the chair and continued walking around to the front of the porch hoping I wouldn’t run into any more bugs. Back inside I couldn’t feel anything crawling on me and I didn’t want to get in my bed until I was sure there were no spiders so I sat back in the recliner and composed an outline for the “spider web” episode I’d just experienced.

Tue 😃
Yesterday, which was the seventh, I had my hat on and had picked up the chair and was on my way outside to soak up more sun when I noticed another piece of paper lying on the floor of the porch.
It’s too early in the month for the rent statements to be distributed so I wondered where it had come from. Even though my hands were full I went ahead and picked it up and brought it back inside to see what it said. I set the chair down and opened it and it looked like another notice from the office.
It was another notice and it said my shed is “an eyesore” and the back steps need to be repaired. I folded it up and put it on the perch with the mail and other junk after deciding to wait a while before doing anything about it.
I went to Stripes the next day to see if they had a loaf of bread and they did so when I got back I walked all the way up to the park entrance to see if Margie was in. Her car was there so I went to the office to find out what we could do about the stuff she’d listed on the paper.
We said, “Hello” then I told her I wasn’t able to get rid of the old steps and she asked why I couldn’t just throw them in the shed. I told her it’s full and wondered if I could maybe push them to the side of the street and let the yardman haul them away.
She said I would have to wait until what she called “Spring cleanup” to do that. Spring cleanup is when she brings a dumpster into the park for people to throw their unwanted junk in.
She asked if maybe we could repair them but I told her I think they would need to be welded since they’re made of metal. She said if they only needed to be tightened they have a screw gun for that. I told her I’d have to look then asked if I could use the screw gun to tighten the rickety old steps she gave me when Emily moved out and she said yes to that.
We agreed then that when the steps in the back are discarded we would tighten Emily’s, move them to the back door then replace the 2X6 boards on the ones with Athena’s leash tied around them and go back to using those in the front.

Wed 😃
Next she told me the yardman thinks the shed needed to be primed before it could be painted. I agreed and said that when I was growing up I use to work with my dad and he would make me rub the rust off whatever needed to be painted with steel wool or sandpaper then he would apply the primer. She said I was right and informed me that as a matter of fact they just happen to have a grinder.
I didn’t want to take any more of her time so I turned to leave. On my way to the door, she promised to send the yardman over with the screw gun so we could try to repair the back steps if I wanted.
The next day I called to ask if the yardman could give me a bid and when she returned my call she said that would be fine. I asked her if she would break up the payments and add them to the rent and she agreed to do that as well. That was day before yesterday and I’m still waiting for them to come give me a bid.
I also started getting texts from Gabby that day. I let her know that I don’t want to make anymore deals so she said if I give her $300 she would swear to never ask for money again. I was working on my W3Cschool lesson at that time so I answered and told her to hold on.
Since she expressed a desire to do something nasty I thought about it and the nastiest thing I could come up with was a glazed donut. I finished my lesson then took off my clothes and made a video of me attempting to give myself an erection with the intention of sending it to her. I wanted to ask her that if I could get it to a certain stiffness would she take a picture of it touching her back spider.
It’s because I seem to remember that one time she promised I could “put the tip in.”
When I tried to attach the video to an email however I got an “exceeds length limit” error. I went to the front bathroom after that and tried to make myself hard again believing I could do it in a shorter amount of time but alas, that didn’t go so well.
I ended up rubbing myself to what I call “The point of no return” and after I came I lost any interest whatsoever in making a deal.

I thought about it and I know my friend Gabby and I don’t think she’s going to want to stay on my mattress (or on the divan) on all fours while this old geeze rubs, peels strokes and stimulates himself long enough to get a good picture. I’d probably be disappointed again like I was with the Boo Boo in Monkey’s mouth deal. I finally told her I’m not going to borrow any more money which is what I would have had to do if I want her to make anymore nasty videos.
It’s because when Olga lost that $1500 dollars last month it really scared me.
Gabby continued to text but I didn’t answer and I haven’t heard from her since that day.
On the ninth I sat down to edit but soon realized that I wasn’t getting a wifi signal. I restarted the laptop but it never connected. I needed to go to my AT&T account and try to talk to someone about the error messages but all my attempts to connect failed.
After running the troubleshooter program several times without success I turned on the hotspot and was able to get connected right away. I logged into my account, clicked on the support link and the ‘talk to a live agent’ balloon popped up.
I typed in that my service was becoming erratic and described the errors that were occurring when I ran the troubleshooter. I asked what a DNS error could mean but she either didn’t know or wouldn’t tell me. Finally she scheduled a technician to come out and told me to expect him the next day at around 1:00 in the afternoon. After that I was able to put stupid stuff on the internet without interruption.
The next morning when I tried to logon however it started acting erratically again. Then while I was eating the double yoked egg I’d fried for breakfast I heard a knock at the door. I didn’t recognize that knock so I kind of suspected it would either be the yardman or the AT&T tech I was expecting and sure enough when I looked out there was a tech standing next to the steps.
I opened the door and when he came in he asked what kind of problems I was having so I told him briefly what I’d been experiencing. I guess he must not have thought it was the router itself because he turned it off then went right back out saying he was going to check the box. He came in a little later and said he’d checked outside and didn’t find anything so he was going to look at the ‘main’ box next.

Fri 😃
I asked him about moving the router around and right now it’s laying on its side on top of the end table with all my CD’s after he assured me that it would be okay for it to lie flat.
While we were talking I asked him about ‘throttling’ and showed him how my AT&T account takes a long time to load and is in fact the one site on the Acer that takes the longest. He didn’t think throttling was the problem though, he says it’s probably AT&T’s forty year-old cable system and added that his AT&T app runs slow as well.
He showed me a speed test on the AT&T website I could use and when we ran it we could see that my connection is very slow. I told him that I was good though since I do have the hotspot if I need something to fall back on.
The next time he came in to check the router it was still showing a red light. He reset it and we talked about the Air Force while we waited for the green lights to re-appear.
After that he pulled out a device that measures signal strength at various locations. Upon completion he told me the signal is pretty consistent throughout the entire trailer. I told him I’m also able to work outside under the porch too.
He started doing his final wrap and asked if I had any more questions. I did ask him about watching Netflix on the tablet and he said it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s because I’d kind of like to know if Ave would be able to stream shows on it sometime.
I also made him come over next to me while I tried to log onto my account and of course it loaded faster when he was watching but I have no idea why.
Before he gave me the paper he told me the reason my service became erratic might be because there was a short in the wiring and added that the old system is not immune to changes in the weather.
He handed me the paper and told me his phone number is on it and said to give him a call anytime if I have more problems. Before he left he said he was going to give me a follow up call later.
The next day which was January 11, I was walking to HEB to get some cranberry juice and coffee when I heard my phone going off. When I got inside the store I looked and saw a text from AT&T wanting me to take a survey which I did but after I got back home.

Sat 😃
Yesterday which was Jan14 I had the TV on but I was cocooned up when I heard someone knocking. I crawled out from under the mattress cover and answered and saw MM standing there. She was talking on the phone but was looking towards her grandmother’s house. For a second I thought she was going to leave but she pushed the door open and came in.
She looked very pretty all bundled up for winter and made a joke about the racoon scarf she was wearing around her neck. She spied the container of potato chips I had placed on the coffee table and grabbed one without asking.
As soon as she was seated in the green chair she started talking about the president’s recent visit.
She asked if I’d seen him but I had not so I told her, “No.”
She said she saw Air Force One when it was landing and claimed to have video but didn’t offer to show it.
She seemed quieter than usual and I wondered if she’d been drinking. I didn’t ask and after a minute or so she jumped up and announced that she was going to grab some roachies. She brought the green ashtray and lighter and set them on the table then sat and sparked up.
She told me she had come to speak to her uncle again. She says he never helps her grandma and sometimes they fight. She started talking about the next door neighbor and asked if they play their music real loud. I told her they get loud sometimes but lately I haven’t heard them. She said the guy was about to be evicted because another neighbor had complained. I told her I can hear them talking and laughing real loud when I sit outside and mentioned that I sometimes hear Tio laughing and talking with them. She said Tio is mad at them now but said it was over drugs not noise.
I said, “Wow, I thought they were getting along very well.”
After she took a few hits she got up to use the bathroom and while she was closing the door I heard her ask about Olga. I told her I’m suppose to call her today and she said she talks to her all the time.
She came out and left saying she was going to speak to Tio again and we told each other “Goodnight.”
I finished watching the news then put on my mother’s coat and checked the mail.

Suggested title: and Be Gracious Unto You
Infobox: I See La La
By the time I got around to the shed I saw that the yardman was already just about done cutting and removing the fallen limbs. I picked up some of the twigs and continued carrying stuff to his trailer until he was ready to leave.
I remembered to ask about the broken branch that was still hanging off the Deacon Tree. He looked at it and said he would bring a ‘pole’ saw later and cut it down. I also asked him about the limbs that are growing close to the telephone wires because I kind of wanted to know if those were his responsibility or the electric company’s. He said they have cherry pickers for that kind of tree-trimming so he doesn’t do it. We finished picking up the limbs that had blown across the trailer the night before then I thanked him and he left.
I was starting to feel a little hungry by then but remembered I was out of bread. I stayed in bed the rest of the day except for the times I crawled out and sat in front of the shed to soak up the sunshine.
The headache I still had behind my eyeballs kept me from getting into my normal routine.
Sometimes the pain would go away and I wondered about that so I asked Cortana “Why does the back of my eyeballs throb?”.
I crashed and slept through the six o’clock hour then woke up at 7:03. My throat was tickly and I was developing a cough but I decided I felt well enough to smo’. Post Fabreze I drank my third cuppa cuppa and put stupid stuff on R&S until it was time to watch TV.
The next morning which was the 28th of December I got up, did my usual stuff then decided to take the button route. Nothing out of the ordinary happened except that it was a little colder than I’d expected. I was very sensitive to it and when I started breathing the cold air again I cringed remembering how sick I got after being out on that last cold and windy day. When I returned to the park I checked the mailbox then waved at the yardman who was parked in front of the office at that time.
I made breakfast and had just sat down to poke hash browns into my pie hole when I heard voices coming from under the porch. I decided the yardman had come with his pole saw to take down more broken limbs but I didn’t go out to see. I figured based on what happened last time that they would be done before I could even put my shoes on.

Mon 😃
I’m not sure why they were under my porch in the first place because I didn’t hear any sawing or anything and I didn’t even hear when they left. Later though when I went to sit outside I saw that the remaining broken branches that were hanging from the Deacon Tree had been removed.
Later I started getting texts from Gab again saying she needed to pay her car. She told me that if I gave her $200 she would come over, remove her clothes, and let me touch her wherever I wanted. I didn’t tell her I had less than twenty bucks left in my checking account I just texted back that I’m broke. She blew me up again after that and asked if I could give her a hundred and this time I answered that I don’t have any money.
Yesterday which was New Year’s Eve it was cold when I got up but I really wanted to get out of the house so I bundled up and took the trash to the dumpster. Again, it was warmer outside than in and the sun even peeked out a couple of times along the way.
When I got back I was setting the trash can next to the steps when I heard Tío talking to me. He came up and shook my hand and after a minute or so said he wanted some weed. I told him I was out but I guess he didn’t believe me because he kept talking. I tried to be my usual friendly self but I was wishing he’d accept that I don’t want to furnish weed for him and just leave me alone. He said he was going to call MM but I told him I had to wait until later because I needed to get the money out first.
We started talking about my mother’s aloe vera next and I told him how I destroyed it the other day when I was trying to clear the broken limbs. It’s a mess now and he offered to help me clean it up but I know that’s a lie so I told him I’d do it when the weather got better. He’s always saying he’ll help but as far as I know he’s never lifted a finger. Eventually after saying he would contact MM a couple more times he gave up, shook my hand then left.

Tue 😃
I was editing later when I heard a knock. I suspected it was MM and sure enough when I opened Squirrel Gate she was standing there speaking to someone on the phone. She said she was talking with her mechanic trying to get a headlamp replacement.
She came in and sat in the green chair and I couldn’t believe what she did next. She waved her hands over her private area and started telling me about a condition she has. She described in vivid detail what was going on with her pubic hair, panties and sweat glands. I asked her if she shaves down there and she said she use to.
I asked her what she’s been diagnosed with and she said, “HS” so we looked it up and when she saw the picture she said that’s what she has. The picture was of someone’s underarm though not their private area.
She went on to say that she’s being treated for it and needs to have her follicles removed because she has ingrown hair. She wants to have it done with laser but the cost is prohibitive and Medicaid won’t cover the procedure.
When she paused I asked her about taking me to the ATM because I’d already gotten paid that day. She got up and said she wanted to smoke first so I took the opportunity to run to the bathroom. While she smoked, she said she was going to pick up La La from her mother’s so MMM could get her nails done and she needed her to do that before she took me to the bank. When MM finished puffing on the roach we loaded up and took off.
She took the route we drove all the years the girls were growing up and it brought back memories of when I use to drive to MMM’s for my lids. MM had a country song playing on the radio and when I asked who the artist was she said it was Tim McGraw. Just like in the old days I waited in the car while she went up to the house to fetch the baby. When they came out, La La opened the back door, looked in and asked her mother who I was.
“You don’t remember G?” we asked her.
She didn’t and it became apparent that she doesn’t remember anything about the time she lived here. When everyone was buckled in, MM turned onto the street and headed north. I thought she was going to find an auto store but then we passed the barber shop, McDonald’s and HEB and she pulled into the driveway where I had the car accident.
She’s taken me to Wells Fargo before so I told her the reason I have to go to another bank is because Capital One isn’t open anymore.

She actually drove through the old bank lanes and that brought back a lot of memories, too. She turned, got onto the street and commented that at least we’d had a nice drive over.
On the way back to the other bank, I asked La La if she liked school and she said she does but she likes daycare even better. I wanted to know if she was reading yet so I asked her what her favorite book is. She finally remembered and told me the title so next I asked her how she was doing in math.
Her mother told me she’s doing subtraction already and asked La La how much 17-0 is.
“Seventeen.” La La answered.
I asked MM how high she can count thinking it would be to fifty at the most but she started counting and went all the way up to a hundred. MM had to make her shut up when she got to 108 so we could talk and that’s when I felt La La poking me. I was going to reach around and tickle her foot like I use to do when Olga was a baby but couldn’t get my hand back far enough.
La La is also articulate and has a very good vocabulary.
I didn’t remember that she’d just had her sixth birthday party so I asked her if she’s in the second grade.
“She’s still in Kindergarten!” MM exclaimed.
By then we were back on this side of town and as we approached Las Tres Palmas intersection we saw that there were long lines of cars at the machines. It didn’t take very long for it to be our turn though so I hopped out, inserted my green card and withdrew $80. I turned and separated the twenties then handed her sixty as I climbed back into the car.
On the way out we passed the bar and then made it into the middle lane with little delay.
I continued to ask La La about what she’s learning and found out she’s not really that much into writing. I’d like to get one of the girls to tell me about their day and maybe get her interested in keeping a journal.
Back in the driveway we started saying our goodbyes and MM told me she would try to have my lid by the next day.

Thu 😃
I was already editing during the six o’clock hour when I heard a knock. I got up thinking it might be MM but I wasn’t really expecting her back so soon. When I opened the door she was reaching inside her coat so I smiled and asked what happened. She said she went to the car wash after dropping me off and got stranded when the car wouldn’t start. Her boyfriend came to give her a jump and brought my lid along with him.
I asked her if she’d replaced the headlight and she told me to look outside. I stuck my head out and saw that both headlights were on but one of them was very yellow. I asked her if it was legal and she said as far as she knew it was.
I wasn’t sure but during the lull I figured La La might still be in the car and since MM didn’t seem to want to come in I said, “Thank you.”
She said “Enjoy!” then got back in the car and left.
I wanted to wave bye but I couldn’t see anything through her dark windows.
On the first I was cocooned up in the recliner waiting for the TV alarm to sound when Squirrel Gate opened suddenly. Gab stuck her head in and asked what I was doing then before I could reply guessed that I was “just chillin.'” I told her I was just trying to keep warm. She came in and sat in the green chair.
I was kind of surprised when I saw that she was carrying a drink in her hand. I noticed the glass had a gold ring around the top and it reminded me of the one Sam mixed my drink in at the ugly sweater party.
I asked her about it and she said she was drinking “a fruity” wine.
She was also listening to a country song on her phone and when I heard the words “Best Shot” I asked her if that was the title.
She said it was and acted surprised that I’d guessed correctly. She sat and wagged her foot listening to the rest of the song then before another one started playing she asked for weed. I got up and brought her the wato I’d been saving for her in the Fossil tin.
She thanked me and left at 8:51 after saying “Have fun!” although a few minutes later I heard her coming back.
I stuck my head out from underneath the mattress cover and she enquired about a lighter. When she needs a lighter I always worry she’s going to take mine so I asked if she planned to do that this time. She said no she just wanted to light whatever she was smoking.
When she re-emerged from Headquarters I could tell she’d just taken a hit because when she said, “Ok, I’ll see you.” she was trying not to exhale.
I said “Peace out” for the second time at 8:54.

Fri 😃
On the third of January I got a statement from my POA showing how much I owed for Maintenance Fees. This most recent one still shows that I didn’t pay the $31 last year that I know I did pay because someone cashed the check.
I decided to eat breakfast first then try to call and get it straightened out. I got a real person on the line and after I explained why I was calling she said she would have someone call back and also promised they would be in touch in just a few minutes. The person who returned my call did not return it in a few minutes as promised it was actually a few hours later.
I explained how I’m a retired teacher on a fixed income and had decided to send my fees in monthly payments last year when TRS began deducting $135 for my insurance premium. She understood I think and said it was fine if I wanted to break the $308 yearly maintenance fees down into payments. I did the math on my computer and we agreed on $26 per month. She warned me though that if they didn’t get the checks by the 8th there would be a late fee. She told me to send her copies of the check I claim they cashed so she can investigate and after I promised I would we said goodbye and hung up.
I had a problem though because I do my banking on the new Acer but I don’t send and receive emails on it because I hate Google. That meant I had to upload the copies of the check to the laptop, put them in my Word Press media library, download them to the tablet then attach them to an email addressed to myself so I could forward a copy to her.
After uploading the images to my Word Press library though I kind of got worried because anybody would be able to view them just like the others I’ve been posting to my webpages lately. I didn’t want to take that chance so I deleted the copies from the media library.
Afterwards I called Granbury again and finally got one of the ladies back on the line. I was kind of upset but I managed to get an address to send front and back copies of the check to.
As soon as I hung up I forwarded the pictures to the lady. She has not replied yet so I guess I won’t know if the charges have been reversed or not until I get my next statement.

Sat 😃
Jan06 But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.
Once I got the ball rolling on that bill I decided to see what I could do about the ATITN charges that are coming due next month. I logged in to my Freehostia account and clicked on the renew plan link and it says I’m going to need about $70 again this year to keep my domain name.
That would be a lot of money to take out of next month’s budget so I opened the wallet link to see if I could split the payment. It doesn’t say specifically that you can use the wallet money to renew your domain but I went ahead and stuck $36 in it anyway. I’ll add the rest after I get paid this month then worry about using it for renewing my plan when I have to take care of the bill.
A week or two ago, December the twenty-second I think it was, I began getting texts from Olga. She said she thought she had a kidney stone and asked what they feel like. I told her I just remember pain on one side that does not go away. I told her to start drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day and maybe it would pass.
Although she promised to keep in touch I never heard from her again but I did hear from Sammie. She sent me one of the pictures they took of me wearing Ave’s dinosaur mask at the party. She also said she would tell Olga to send the one she has but I didn’t hear from her until yesterday.
She texted in the morning and asked if I was ok. I told her I’m fine and asked if she’s ok and she said she is. She wanted to know if I needed anything so I thanked her and told her I plan to go back to HEB when I get my SS check like we did last month. She said okay and then we told each other goodnight.

God Patience Command

Sun ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Suggested title: God Patience Command
Infobox: Ugly Sweater Party; Destroy My Mother’s Aloe Vera Patch
The bill was unusually high this month so I’m wondering if it was because of all those main heater experiments I conducted last month. I hope it’s not the space heater causing it to go up so drastically because I’ve stopped using the house heater altogether.
I gotta remember to pay that thing the day after Christmas. I already went on the website again and clicked on the “Pay My Bill” button so I could see if they warn you about charging a fee but I wasn’t able to find anything. If there are no fees then I probably will be left with about $15 this month. Olga and I started saying goodbye after talking about the party and I promised I would text her Friday.
She left but came back later while I was sitting in front of the shed. She got out of the car and said she needed to order something online for Ave. She quickly added that she had reimbursement so I turned on the laptop and got her on the internet.
I used the Merrick card again after she promised that it wasn’t going to be very much. She completed the transaction then handed me a twenty dollar bill. I told her I would use it to help pay for my next lid but after she left I thought about possibly getting a haircut before I go to the Ugly Sweater Party.
The other day the forecast was saying we were going to get heavy gusts of wind again. I wasn’t really worried at first though so I was piddling around here in the living room when I heard it start to pick up.
While I was working on the W3C lesson I was surprised to hear stuff striking the roof. I set the laptop down and went out to check but couldn’t see anything so I thought it must have just been more beans falling. I went back to working on the computer and then something hit the roof that just about made me jump out of my skin. I got up and ran out to look and saw that there was another broken limb lying on the roof of the porch.
I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before but the Deacon who planted the tree is the same person who built the roof over the porch.
I dragged the steps to the shed and this time I had to stand on the rail to reach the branch. I heaved myself up onto the sheets of tin, pulled my feet up under me then rolled over onto my back. Still facing upwards I made my way to the fallen branch on all fours. I threw it over the side then looked up and saw that there was another broken branch hanging from the tree. I wasn’t able to get it untangled though. Actually it’s literally hooked over a limb that’s still attached to the Deacon Tree.

Mon ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
December 22nd was another gorgeous day and since it was the Sabbath I put off doing my outlines until after sunset.
The night before, I heard Olga knocking on Squirrel Gate and when I opened it she announced that she was here. Since I wasn’t sure when I would be back I turned on the bathroom lights. I left, locked the front door then looked in the back seat of Olga’s car and this time I saw two babies.
While I was buckling up I heard Ave say something about chips so I asked Olga if she wanted me to get her some but she said, “No.”
Autumn spoke to me too but I only understood, “Grandpa.”
Ave actually offered to translate but I didn’t say anything I played like I could understand everything she was saying like Olga was doing.
On the way to the town where the university is, Ave kept falling asleep so her mother had to keep her awake by talking to her. I asked her what she did on her last day of school but she didn’t seem to want to talk. After a little urging though she finally told me that her class had played Secret Santa this year and told me the name of hers. I think I’ve heard her mention that little friend’s name before but I’m not sure.
As we approached Olga’s house she told me to wait at Sammi’s while she put Ave and Aum to bed. She parked in front of her door then unbuckled the babies from their car seats. The door I thought was Sammi’s had a wreath on it which made me wonder if I was mistaken about which apartment was hers. When I asked Olga if it was the right one she told Ave to go up and knock. She knocked real loud then came back and gave me a hug.
Sam opened the door and we greeted each other. Inside, I told her I needed to carve out a spot for me to sit in during the party and she told me to go ahead while she finished getting ready.
First though she asked me what I wanted to drink. She made me a whiskey and Sprite then discovered she had no ice in the freezer. She found some frozen stones her friend had given her and put those in the glass to cool my drink. While she was climbing the stairs one of her cats came down to see what was going on.

Tue ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
It’s friendly and came right up to my chair prompting me to pat the cushion a couple of times. Eventually it hopped up next to me. I began petting it and playing with it so it climbed up onto the armrest and stretched out on its side. It started pawing my hand every time I tried to rub it’s head and I found out real quick that it has a very sharp claw which he kept sticking me with.
After a bit Sammi came back downstairs and asked me what I thought of her ‘ugly sweater.’ She wasn’t wearing the type of sweater we call ugly like with reindeer antlers and stuff all she had on her sweater was a mirror. I kind of laughed when I got the gag but she explained why it was called ‘ugly’ anyway. As the evening wore on I saw the same reaction from everyone she made look at it.
After a few minutes she received a text message then announced she needed to go pick up one of the guests and since Olga wasn’t ready for us she asked me to tag along.
“I’ll stop and get some ice, too.” she promised.
We passed the university and I showed her where I use to park while I was getting my degree. She told me her friend is “a nerd” but I’m not sure why she thinks that unless it’s because he works for the university.
On the way back Sammi did pass a store so she stopped like she promised but she made her nerdy friend get down and get the bag of ice.
When we got back to the townhouses Olga was ready for us to come in. The sweater she was wearing needed batteries so I didn’t really get how it was supposed to be ugly. I guess she thought it would have been really ugly if it actually lit up and flashed on and off all night.
I started looking for someplace to park my butt for the evening but she herded us all into the kitchen where she had set out a table and had decked it with goodies. She had cheese, crackers, deviled eggs, cakes and lots of chocolate sweets.
We kind of sat and passed the time while we waited for more guests to arrive and after awhile two more people showed up. One was Sammi’s closest friend and another was the one Olga calls her neighbor. He got a beer from the fridge and when everyone was seated we dug into the goodies.

Wed โ˜น
Dec26 But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity.
I tried to stay away from the sugar but I did pig out on the cheese, crackers, deviled eggs and green tortilla-wrapped turkey treats.
While we were eating, one of the females said the word “Dick” so I did an experiment to see if I could make her think about mine without getting embarrassed.
I thought I’d done it but a few minutes later I had to put on the dinosaur mask Olga bought Ave to cover my red face. Come to think of it they all got pictures of me wearing that mask so maybe I could have them send me a copy to put on the internet. The reason I got embarrassed was because one of the women kept looking at me when anyone said something suggestive.
After awhile Olga and Sammi said that there probably wouldn’t be any more guests coming so we started taking shots and toasting each other. Next we talked about what activities we might engage in and someone came up with a card game.
Sam has one called “Cards Against Humanity” so we unfolded the table, moved our chairs around it and sat down to play.
The game is rather ribald but we had fun picking funny answers and deciding which response was the best. Sammie’s friend won most of the hands at the beginning then Olga started winning.
We accused her of cheating because her neighbor kept picking her card as the funniest. I noticed that Sam and her friend who is also a teacher kept picking each other’s answers too. They speculated that it was due to them being teachers not because they were cheating so I went along with that.
After I won about seven hands I started wondering how late it was getting. I caught Olga’s eye a couple of times but everybody continued playing so I kept taking shots and trying to come up with the funniest answer.
Later Olga actually got up and moved away from her neighbor which was okay but I noticed she kept looking at her phone. Although I was quite drunk by then I also noticed others doing the same thing. To me that meant we were getting tired of playing so I told Olga I was ready to be taken home. She still wanted to call me a ride though because she didn’t want to leave the babies but we talked her into letting Tรญa stay.
Before we left I told them I didn’t want Olga out alone so they talked the neighbor into accompanying us. We started bidding each other fond farewell then and after I’d shaken everybody’s hand we were ready to climb into Olga’s car.

Thu ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Olga said she needed gas so I offered ten of the twenty dollar bill she’d given me the other day when she ordered something for Ave online. She stopped at a Stripes I remember going to when Olga was in high school and when we got out of the car I went in to pay. Olga only needed five she said so that’s what I gave the cashier.
The neighbor got out too and when I went back to the car Olga was pumping the gas. I didn’t want to get in the car while it was empty so I stood under the covered area until we saw her friend approaching with a couple of bottles of water. He gave us each one then we climbed back in and took off up the expressway towards the trailer. I forget what we talked about on the way back if anything.
In the driveway I got out and as I was headed towards Squirrel Gate Olga got out too like she sometimes does and gave me a hug. I used her headlights to unlock the door then turned to wave and say thank you one more time.
I came inside and went straight to bed. I didn’t even brush my teeth. I woke up twice during the night to go to the bathroom and when six-thirty came around I really felt bad.
Since it was cold I got up, ran in here and turned on the heater but I kept gagging and my eyeballs felt like they were getting smushed over and over by a steam-roller. My headache was so bad I just went back and crawled under the covers. I kept trying to get up to make coffee but all I could do was gag. Once I even stuck my head over the toilet but nothing came out except a couple of dry heaves.
After a few more attempts I came out, made a cup of coffee and set the wastebasket close to the recliner just in case. As I was taking my first sip, I puked for real. Vomiting always makes me feel better and this time was no exception. I finished my coffee but I still wasn’t hungry.
As the morning wore on I got back on schedule and smoked my 11:00 blunt then put stupid stuff on the internet. The house was cold but the sun was shining so I got to sit outside and that really made me start feeling my old self again. By snack time I was able to poke bananas in monk-monk’s mouth.

Fri ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Today is the 26th. Gab came in during the six o’clock hour and asked me how my Christmas had gone. I reminded her of the other day when I told her I don’t celebrate Christmas.
She asked for a blunt and then while I was in the bedroom I heard her ask for another. I told her I was almost out and it’s true and added that I don’t get paid until Monday. She mumbled something about calling me yesterday when she had some ‘dro which made me wonder if she smoked alone.
I was waiting in the foyer when she came out of Headquarters with a ‘piece’ as she called the two roachies she was holding in her open palm. I placed the blunt next to them then waited to see what she would say.
That was all she wanted so she said, “Thanks!” and, “Have fun” and I said “Peace out” at just after 6:38.
I’m on the new Acer. It’s very windy again and something just went boom on the roof at 8:42. It’s 8:46 now. I went out and looked up at the roof and that broken limb I wrote about that was hooked over the Deacon Tree branch has fallen onto the trailer. Again though it’s two branches or limbs not just one. I hope they stay up there until the morning so I can climb on the steps and attempt to move them to the front of the lot. I gotta go to Stripes and see if they scored any zig-zags maรฑana anyway.
The 8:59 TV alarm just sounded and I came on to write that the limbs have now blown across the trailer and are resting on the porch roof above where I sit. I tried to see if I would be able to pull them off by myself but they didn’t budge.
I crashed after that and had a terrible night with acid reflux. Dang it! I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that last container of potato chips just prior to going to bed. It got so bad that I had to come sleep sitting up in the recliner. I awoke later though and felt well enough to go back to bed.
When it was time to get up I wanted to stay under the covers but I needed to see what was going on around the deacon tree after finding those two fallen limbs the night before.
That was the day my throat started feeling a little sore too so I did what I usually do and gargled with hydrogen peroxide. After that I drank my coffee then watched the news until the 8:30 walking alarm sounded.

Sat ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Next I put on my hat and went outside to see if I could remove the limbs. First I moved the old steps that still has Athena’s leash tied to them over to the edge of the porch. I climbed to the top step but couldn’t get close enough to reach the branch so I dragged the steps back to the middle of the porch and wrestled them under the lattice work.
I got them underneath but in so doing I destroyed my mother’s aloe vera patch. Once I was back on the top step I still couldn’t get my hands far enough up on the limbs to pull them out from between the shed and the roof. I gave up and set the steps back under the porch then got ready to walk.
I headed for the backstreet and couldn’t believe it when I saw the yardman’s pick-up truck coming towards me. I knew it was him because I recognized the trailer he was pulling. I figured he must have come to pick up debris after the windstorm so I waved him down. I told him what had happened and that I couldn’t get the limbs out so he told me he’d be back later with a chainsaw.
I told him, “Thank you” and, “There’s no hurry” then continued on to the store.
I entered and the first thing I did after saying “Good morning” was look across the counter to see if they’d ordered more papers like the cashier had promised the last time I asked and thankfully someone had.
The mnemonic monkey was holding a loaf of bread in his other paw so I went to the bakery aisle and just like last time all they had was buns. I turned around and went to the register but no one was there so I waited.
When the clerk came behind the counter I told her I needed orange papers. She asked if I just wanted one so I found out how much they cost and they’re so cheap I went ahead and scored three. I paid with more of Olga’s reimbursement money, stuck them in my pocket and finished walking the turnaround tree route.
When I got back to the trailer I realized I still didn’t have an appetite so I thought about returning to bed but I needed to sit on the commode first. I barely got my belt unbuckled when I heard the chainsaw being revved up. I wanted to help pick up the limbs so I hitched up my pants and went back outside.

There Is No Need to Panic

Suggested title: There Is No Need to Panic; ‘Alf a Pucker; Here Comes Kitty (Mar 1:23-27)
Infobox: Credit limit increase declined
I told her that I want Olga to always feel like she can come back if she needs to and Gab claimed that she’s forgiven her father. We talked a while longer then she said she was going to bounce.
As she was getting up to leave she reminded me not to forget about the boobies deal (which turned me on) and then as she was exiting she said, “Hit me up.”
After a quick, “Goodbye.”, I said, “Peace out.” at 8:24.
Since I was running late I set the third cuppa cuppa alarm then wrote, “See you on the other side.”
This morning I was all happy (today was gorgeous btw) and took the pedestrian symbol route. I’m thinking a lot about how to better manage my money. I asked for an increase in my Capital One credit limit to $5000 because in January I want to pay off the smallest loan balance. I figure that as long as I have the rent and the OnePain mayment in my checking account when they come due I should be okay.
I can use the new credit available if I run low on cash and have to pay the electric bill or something. By February hopefully I can pay off the second lowest debt. I want to do that until I can start sending a thousand and get those high balances down to zero. I should know pretty quick if I did get approved for the extra credit or not. They said to give them two business days.
I got even happier when I experienced a second wave of positive feelings while on my walk. Several cars blocked me as I trudged towards the RR tracks which was to be expected. My coping strategy became, after crunching olive husks on the sidewalk, to listen to the crunching noise of the cars’ tires and focus on the hostility. The first time I listened it didn’t sound hostile it sounded subtle.
“Like when Lucifer snuck up on Eve.”, I thought.
I will try to re-capture the good feeling next time I take that route but I gotta tell you it’s difficult sometimes. Lucifer knows how to make me feel embarrassed because he acts like my conscious. I am convinced though that it is HE who will be cast into the brimstone of the Lake of Fire.
I notice that I smile sometimes when I have experiences like that and as I’ve said many times, “That’s all Oaf wants.”
I probably won’t turn on the tv this evening, I’ll try to put stupid stuff on R&S for awhile first. There’s nothing good on I don’t think. I should check PBS though to see if they’re showing anything. I’ve started watching Nova because all the History Detective shows on Saturday lately have been re-runs.

Mon 😃
I’m still doing W3C lessons, too. Today was “Images” and I missed one of the review questions. I modified last week’s ATITN post though after I finished. I turned the two images I included in last week’s journal into links like I’d been taught to do in the W3C lesson I’d just completed. I also put a paragraph tag around the links when I edited the file on Freehostia and I think the page looks even better now.
During editing after I’d posted the journal to WordPress I started making next years folders for my website. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I created the ones for 2018. I made the sc2019 and Jan2019 folders then added other files like icons and CSS. I also modified the quarterly webpages that have never displayed the scrollbars correctly while loading.
Today is the twelfth. Gabby popped in earlier while I was trying to put stupid stuff on R&S. She had just got off work she said and was in a very good mood and was looking nice. First she asked for a blunt but while I was at my mother’s desk opening the Fossil tin she asked for some loose weed instead.
I looked at my stash and saw that I had about two blunts worth of shake but I didn’t want to give her all of it because I needed to leave myself enough to roll another blunt Friday when I do my grinding chore.
I returned and handed her a bag with a little wato in the corner and said she could probably get a blunt out of it. She sounded appreciative and turned to leave. I commented on the boots she was wearing and she told me that her mother had given them to her. She looked very business like and we smiled and acted courteous towards each other as we said our goodbyes.
She told me she was locking the doorknob again at 7:25 just as I was saying, “Peace out!”
Today is the thirteenth and it has been a beautiful day. Gab is here. She came in laughing real hard about fooling me with her low voice when she opened the door. She asked if I thought it was Tio. I’ll admit that she did scare the crap out of me as usual but I told her I knew it was her, not Tio.

Tue 😃
Dec18 “Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.”
I figured it wasn’t Tio since Gab’s the one who always comes over around this time. I think she was also laughing about how stoned I was. She was able to scare me because I’ve started unlocking Squirrel Gate when I’m coming out of Headquarters so she can get in. She asked for two blunts but I’m only going to give her the one I rolled for her the other day. She went up to the bathroom while I yoinked the blunt from the Fossil Tin.
I was still sipping me third cuppa cuppa when she popped in by the way.
Here she comes now and I think she’s going to settle for one blunt and some roachies. I can hear her humming at the cadenza and now she’s whistling. I’m going to ask her why she’s always so happy. Aver,
“People ask me that all the time.” she answered. “(To me) it’s Christmas every day.” She suggested that it’s all part of doing business then added that actually she’d had “A shitty day at work.” She continued, “He”, meaning God, “motivates me every morning.”
“He’s your strength?” I asked speculatively.
“Exactly.”, she answered matter of factly.
When she had opened Squirrel gate, we both said, “Peace out”, at 7:28.
Now I’m going to put more stupid stuff on R&S and finish sipping my coffee.
I’ve been noticing that some of the branches that hang over the tin roof of the porch are broken. When the wind blows it causes them to scrape the roof of the trailer and it not only could cause damage it’s also very annoying.
I thought about asking the yardman to lend me his ladder so I could attempt to pull them down but I’m afraid he would want $300 to trim the whole Deacon Tree.
I wondered if God heard my plight and a couple of days later found one of the broken limbs lying on the tin roof as I was leaving to take my walk. I wanted to remove it myself so I dragged the old steps off the edge of the concrete floor onto the dirt and placed them so that the rail would rest against the shed.
The reason I did that was because I needed to climb all the way up onto the hand rail to be able to reach the branch and I didn’t want the steps to fall over. I hung onto the edge of the roof and climbed the rail but the branch was still out of reach which meant I had to get up on top of the porch. I climbed very carefully, well aware that there was a danger of falling.

Wed 😃
When I bellied onto the roof, I kind of crawled on all fours to where the branch was then when I stood to take it down I was very careful not to step on the sheets of tin between the rafters. I threw the branch over the edge of the roof then moved closer to the trailer to see if I could pull down any of the other broken branches.
They appeared to be too tangled up in the tree to come loose however. I pulled on them as hard as I could but they wouldn’t budge so I climbed back down to the ground and hauled the broken one that had fallen onto the roof out to the street.
Later, I saw the yardman working across where Emily’s trailer use to be and he had a ladder with him but I decided not to bother him. I figured if God heard me the first time He might remember me again.
The other day the news was forecasting wind gusts up to 50 MPH so I began to worry about the limb that was still scraping the roof of the trailer. I looked towards the office and saw that Marge was there but I resisted going over and asking her to make a work order to have the broken limb removed.
The wind was bad that night and the branch sounded like it was tearing the roof off. I went out several times to see if there was a danger of it being blown into the street but it looked like it was probably going to continue hanging onto the Deacon Tree so I left it alone.
The next morning I had to go to Stripes. My mnemonic monk was holding milk, cheese puffs and Zig-Zags. It was quite cold and windy but I put on my mother’s coat at 8:30 and braved the outdoors.
When I’d stepped off the porch I looked up and saw another branch lying on the tin roof. All I could see was the end that had been torn from the tree but I couldn’t reach it from the ground. This time though I didn’t have to climb all the way onto the roof, I was able to drag the old steps over, climb to the top step and reach it without having to use the rail. When I’d climbed high enough to where I could see onto the tin roof I noticed that there were actually two branches. When I looked up at the tree I saw that there were no longer any limbs scraping the roof and that was a relief.
I gratefully dragged the branches to the side of the street and told Hephzibah to thank God for me the next time she flew onto His nose.
After that I went to Stripes and got the chips and milk but when I went to the cash register I looked behind the counter and saw that they still had not ordered any orange papers.
“What the heck?”, I wondered to myself, “You mean I sang that duet the other day with the cashier for nothing?”

Thu 😃
Dec20 He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is he.
Dec14 Post Fabreze. Gab arrived during my 6:15 editing time poking her head in to ask for a blunt. I went back, got her one I’d rolled during my Friday grinding chore and brought it out to her. She was sitting in the Green chair by then and after accepting it she decided she would go ahead and spark it up here saying she didn’t want to chance smoking it on the way to wherever she needed to go next.
I went up to Headquarters for her and got the green ashtray and brought it from atop the cadenza. That’s when I told her about seeing La La’s birthday party videos the other day when I started recording in real time. She smoked some of the blunt then jumped up and said she had to bounce.
“Peace”, she said and I said “Peace out.” and, “Bye” at 6:34.
While I was hiding the evidence I noticed my lighter was missing. I returned the green ashtray to Headquarters and also discovered the graveyard tin lid still half off from the night before when she was yoinking roachies. After that I came back into the living room and spotted the lighter lying on the cushion of the green chair and it still felt warm.
Dude, I saw this Civil war guy’s face in the Abby Road poster while I was toking up. I was tripping and then I saw his mouth change into the mouth of a roaring lion.
Night before last (Dec18) I texted Olga and asked her if she would be able to take me to the store.
She asked what time I wanted to go and I said, “The usual.”
I decided to at least make her take me to the store since she wouldn’t be paying back the $1500 I gave her. I did get my SS check yesterday by the way so I figured I would get her to take me but not use the food stamps. She texted back assuring me that she would be here.
When morning came I did my routine and heard her honking at about 8:30 which is the usual time. I opened the windows, locked the door then went out to the driveway and once again there were no babies in the back.
We said our usual, “Hey” then took off.
On the way over I told her to remind me to show her a picture I’d gotten off R&S the night before. I’d downloaded it onto the tablet so I thought I’d show it to her when she went to the perch to check the mail.

Fri 😃
On the way to the store I mentioned the tu-tu episode and she said she’d seen MM the day before and had given her one for La-La’s Christmas play. I asked her if MM had given her any money this time and she said that she had.
She parked in her usual space at the store and got down so she could run in and grab a few things. That’s when I told her I wouldn’t be using the food stamps. She told me that she’d been saving some for me and still had enough for the $150 she owes me this month. I told her I’d use them next time she takes me if necessary.
I pushed my cart around the store like I usually do but this time I picked up four of everything. I remembered to get napkins but forgot the coffee filters.
I ran into Olga once while I was making my rounds and she told me she was buying candy for all the parties she had to attend. I also saw her checking out but she didn’t notice me so I pushed my very heavy cart to the only non-express lane that was open. There was a customer already checking out but she went through very quickly so I didn’t have to wait very long. I had estimated the bill would be about $150 and it came to $148.02. That leaves me with about $9.00 out of my SS check.
When I got to Olga’s car I told her about estimating that my month’s worth of groceries was going to cost $150 and asked her to guess how much it came out to.
“$149!” she guessed.
“Close”, I said, “It was $148.”
She opened the trunk and asked if I needed to put anything in the back seat so I told her that’s where I usually put the water dispensers. She loaded those for me while I started looking for room in the trunk.
On the way back she asked me if I’d heard about the EMS driver who had been killed the other day. I told her it was all over the local news and she said the guy that drove the other vehicle had already killed some people the same way a couple of years ago.
While we were on the subject I asked her if she would be able to find a medical job with just the classes she took and she said no she still needed a certificate to get the one she wants.

Sat 😃
She also says she won’t have to pay an additional $1500 for her internship because it will be transferred when she graduates.
When we were back in the driveway I jumped down and unlocked the front door while she grabbed bags from the trunk. I carried the water in again and after I’d stashed them under the counter she told me to double check the trunk.
When I returned she was still looking through the mail so I got the tablet to show her the pic I saw on R&S.
Squiz and Cinnamon
She guessed who I thought the two people in the picture looked like so I’ll try to publish it in this week’s post.
She came in and sat in the green chair next while I put the groceries away. I began to complain that I was running out of space in the freezer so she suggested I take some of the food out of their boxes. I thought that was a good idea so I removed the bags the waffles came in and threw the four boxes into the outside trash can.
Before she left she told me to come to her “Ugly Sweater” Christmas party so I asked her what they were going to do. She mentioned karaoke again so I told her I want her and I to sing Ringo Starr’s “Photograph.” I asked her if she’d heard it and she wasn’t sure so I told Siri to play it for us on the tablet. When it started she said she has heard it before but I like it so I let it finish playing.
I asked her if she was going to bring me back at 10:30 but she said she would be drinking so maybe I should let her call Lyft or Uber. When I objected to the fare she said it would probably be about $12.00 and promised to pay it.
Next she asked me to fire up the hotspot and when she’d signed in she showed me a picture of the green tu-tu she made for La La. I asked her again if MM had paid and surprisingly she said she had.
While she was using the hotspot I jumped on the laptop to look at my checking account. After deducting what I paid for the groceries I barely have enough to pay the electric bill but I’m going to try to wait until the day it’s due, which is the 26th, to pay it. I’m thinking I’ll go online and take care of it on the electricity provider’s website.

Democratic Impulse

Sun ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Suggested title: Democratic Impulse

Infobox: Paws on waist, BooBoo in Monk Monk’s Mouf’


I’m supposed to text Olga tonight and remind her to take me to the store but I’m thinking about not asking for any help taking me places right now.

I also got texts from Gabby. She wanted to tell me that she would be coming by so we could do the $300 deal. She made arrangements for me to pay her on the 17th if I didn’t have the whole $500. I answered and reminded her that we had not made any sort of a deal yet to which she replied that we could negotiate when she got here.

Yesterday which was Dec05 I had just set my hamburger patty on the coffee table when she opened Squirrel Gate and came in. She sat in the blue chair and started watching videos as usual while I scarfed down my protein. After I set the plate in the sink I came back out and put on my shoes thinking she would want to leave.

Before she got up though she asked me what we were going to do. I told her I wanted to kiss her nipples for five minutes but she immediately objected to that saying it was too long. When she asked if she was going to mount facing me that gave me an idea. I asked her if I could rub her private area while I kissed Boo Boo and Shewchi and she nodded yes. Then we agreed on a one minute time period.

We had to go to the bank to withdraw the other half of the money she wanted so we loaded up and drove over to the ATM. Of course the first thing we did was get stuck behind a bus and that was before we even got to the office. It prompted a conversation about all the school bus accidents that have been occurring recently in the US.

On the road there was a lot of traffic just as I had predicted and there was also a long line when we got to the machines. She parked and when it was my turn I went ahead and withdrew $250. As we headed back to Las Tres Palmas intersection she was able to get into the middle lane with no trouble despite all the traffic.

She parked in the backstreet like she did during the Feast then I escorted her into the trailer. I wanted to freshen up so I got her a joint to puff on while I played with myself in an attempt to achieve an erection.

Mon ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


Nothing happened though and I couldn’t believe it because I had been working on getting a hard-on for two or three days prior. I took off my clothes and went and sat in the recliner and she kept hitting the j.

I had noticed when she came in that she was wearing her Darlene look like she did when she was in high school. I saw it when she sat in the blue chair on her old red pillow that’s been sitting there for the last 18 months. I kind of touched myself while she smoked but Dude I couldn’t get beyond a Vienna sausage no matter how hard I tried.

I watched her get up from the green chair and commented on how stoned she looked. She then proceeded up the hallway to remove her clothing. When she came back she was still wearing her black panties and asked if I would play with her through the crotch. I wanted to see if she got wet so I talked her out of them.

She mounted me when we were both naked and I began to drool over Boo Boo. First though I picked up the SIII and she let me take a pic of us between her legs but it came out dark and I couldn’t see my wiener.

She put her knees up on the armrests and I reached underneath and started rubbing her cookie. She was already wet by the time she climbed on me and that made me dive right into her nipples. Those teats of hers are so firm. They were too high when I was trying to get them in my mouth though and after a bit she complained that I was biting her. I didn’t know what to do so I kind of leaned her back and sucked on Shewchi with my lips shut. She said I was still biting her though.

We made it through the minute and as soon as the timer sounded she started to get up.

I said, “MMmmmmm….” and put my paws on her slender waist but she wiggled out of my grasp then hurried to get dressed.

While she was going up the hallway I didn’t look at her I returned to playing with myself until I remembered I had to get up and get the money. I removed the $500, returned the wallet to the basket then came back into the living room all the while playing with myself.

When I got to the recliner I spotted her black panties under the coffee table and thought about putting them somewhere so I could sniff them later.

Tue ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


She came out though picked them up and put them back on.

After she was dressed she asked if I had any “Green”. She meant weed not money so I told her I would give her the two blunts I had rolled. When I handed her the package however she changed her mind and asked for straight bud instead.

“You’ll give me back the blunts?”, I enquired rather incredulously.

She assured me that she would so I gave her the rest of the shake and put the two blunts in the stash drawer to smo’ this weekend. We began saying our goodbyes after that and I kept apologizing for biting boo-boo. She acted like it really hurt her and left to go to the car.

I went to the bathroom for a brief time and when I emerged I saw the front door standing slightly ajar. I thought Gab was sticking her head in but when I got to it, it swung open and there I was standing naked as a jaybird for the whole trailer park to see.

Then I noticed that her phone was still playing music from somewhere on the green chair. When she came in to get it I had not yet achieved an erection. I looked at the time when we began our final farewells but I don’t remember what it said.

I did remember to say, “Peace out.” though and I’m pretty sure it had to be a little after 4:00.

Today before I started watching the news I remembered a report that came out yesterday during the state funeral. Meuller smeared three of the presidents in attendance at the national cathedral. They said Trump had blackmailed him by making him wait for the next news cycle to talk about Clinton and Trump’s trip to the Billionaire pervo’s island. Trump threatened to withhold protection money if they didn’t sit on the news until something else big was going on like the death of a former president. Cheers!

This morning I was working on another HTML lesson when I heard a knock at the door. When I opened it my Squiz was standing there. She came in with a toothbrush in her hand and informed me that she had some very bad news.

After setting it on the coffee table, she asked me if I had heard on TV that her school shut down. She said when she got to class there was a note on the door saying it had been closed. Then she said they weren’t going to reimburse the $1500 cash she’d given them for the internship. I didn’t get upset I just kept my head down and continued working on the colors lesson.

Wed โ˜น


I went ahead and finished the lesson after she left.

Prior to her exiting she reminded me to text her this evening about going to the store but I still haven’t decided whether or not to ask her to take me anywhere yet. It’s because I don’t want to use her food stamps unless she’s living here.

I’m going to be in a bind probably later on in the month if I have to buy my own groceries again because I’ve already spent over $2000 and that’s not counting my lid. If I do ask her to take me to the store I think I’ll go the day I get my SS check. โœ“

This afternoon during editing I started getting texts from Gabby. She asked if I’d be willing to make a $300 deal.

I didn’t like what happened yesterday what with the biting and stuff and I’m very upset about Olga using my card and possibly losing fifteen hundred dollars so I said, “No Gab. Stop coming over.”

She texted right back telling me to “Delete all these texts.”

Today is the seventh of December. I was watching the news when I got Olga’s ‘omw’ message. I finished both cups of coffee, turned off the TV at 8:30 as usual, then waited for her to honk. I had to wait inside today because it’s been raining off and on all morning.

When I heard the horn I got up, locked the front door then went out to see if there were any babies in the back. Both car seats were empty however.

I climbed in and we said, “Hey” but that was about it.

She had the radio on very low so it was kind of a quiet ride to the store. Since it’s wet out Olga dropped me off in front this time then spotted a parking space right across from the entrance.

I found an empty cart with working wheels and pushed it inside the store. I got everything but only enough to last me through the next two weekends and the total came to $77.

After I loaded the bags I got in and told Olga to just go straight to the Dollar store thinking it would only take a couple of minutes to find a suitable pair of glasses. She didn’t take the back way like she use to but we got there and parked then we both went in.

We found the glasses display and I took out my phone so I could use her text messages to see if I would be able to read them.

Thu ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


The first pair I tried on was wire like the ones we got years ago and they were the right magnification but I decided I didn’t want wire frames this time. I tried on another pair and they were fine but Olga told me they looked like ladies’ glasses.

After that I found a pair with thick frames, tried them on then proceeded through the cashiers line to pay. I inserted the green card and put on the new pair of glasses to see if I could read the screen and keypad. After the transaction was approved, I got the receipt and we exited the store.

We didn’t say much on the way back and when Olga parked I hopped out in the drizzle to unlock Squirrel Gate. Olga got out to unload the trunk while I carried the water dispensers in. This time we both checked to make sure I didn’t leave anything after all the bags were unloaded.

When we were done with the final inspection Olga asked for some Cheese Puffs so I opened the bag and set it on the perch while she went through the mail. We started saying goodbye next and talked about going to the store again. I told her I wouldn’t be going this coming Monday Wednesday but maybe the next. We hugged then I said goodbye and she made her way towards the door. I thanked her as she opened it and she told me she was headed uptown to get material for La La’s tu-tu.

I put the groceries away and as far as I know I got everything. When I came to sit back down and do an outline I tossed the old broken pair of glasses in the waste basket but I had to take them out again and set them on the coffee table just in case because these new ones don’t let me read the screen as far away from me as the old ones. I just noticed that I can’t read as well unless I move it closer to my face.

On Dec10 MM popped over again while I was watching the news. When she knocked it sounded kind of unusual so I thought it might be Tio.

I opened the door and saw it was MM and we said, “Hi.”

The first thing she did was ask for a roach so I got out of her way and went back to the bathroom while she headed up front. When I came out she was sitting in the recliner.

Fri ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


I sat back down in the green chair to watch the news but MM wanted to talk. She told me that Olga had not delivered the tu-tus this year in time for La-La’s party. I was surprised and told her about Olga leaving here the other day saying she had to go pick up the material.

She took out her phone and asked if I wanted to see pictures of the party. I told her sure so she handed it to me and told me just to swipe. The first thing I noticed was how big La La has become.

Her sixth birthday party was held at Peter Piper Pizza and I saw that a lot of people attended. They had got her a piรฑata and MM had a bunch of video of kids hitting it but they couldn’t bust it open.

When we came to another video she told me that Gabby had attended and I think I spotted her sitting alone at a table. I didn’t see Salida though. MM said she made a video of herself trying to break the piรฑata so we watched that one next but it just showed her beating it, not busting it open. She said all she did was hurt her finger.

We watched the rest of the videos and I didn’t see anybody getting candy from it. (It’s Dec14: Real time Gabby is smoking a blunt and wagging her foot in the green chair right now. She offered it but I told her to smoke it all, I wanted to finish something. I told her about the piรฑata videos and turns out her two sisters left with all the candy.)

I gave MM the phone back then and she said she was going to say hi to her grandma. I needed to get the Director’s chair from in front of the shed so I followed her out.

She turned to say, “Bye.” as she was crossing the street.

I went and checked the mail after putting the chair back inside the house.

On the 11th of December I was making breakfast when I began getting texts from Gabby. She was in a panic saying her car was about to be repossessed. She was texting from work and told me she was worried they were going to come get it that morning. She said she needed to make a payment of $261 in order for them not to pick it up. Since I’d already asked Capital One to raise my credit limit I told her I’d move some stuff around and let her know if I could help her out.

Sat ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


I texted her and told her I’d be able to make the payment and she said she would come over after work. Later though she asked me to text her my card number so she could pay it that morning. I answered and said I don’t like giving my information over the phone. She said all right so she would come after work and if I paid she would let me play with her boobies for five minutes.

She poked her head in at 7:50 while I was hovering over the space heater. She asked me what I was doing so I told her I was trying to keep warm. She came over and got down on the floor in front of the heater so she could keep warm, too.

I got my computer and started to hand it to her but she told me she could only pay that particular bill over the phone. I went back to my bedroom and got the Capital One card I’m hoping I can get a credit increase on and gave it to her.

She asked for a blunt so I got one and then went up and got the ashtray and lighter for her as well. She began setting up at the dining room table to do the transaction but I didn’t want to sit across from her while she was paying it so I came back and sat in the recliner.

While she was on the phone I turned on the laptop in order to monitor the transaction right on my computer. No sooner had she hung up and brought my card back to me than the payment appeared on the screen. The first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t a car payment though, it was to AT&T but I didn’t say anything.

She sat in the green chair and asked if I wanted to do the booby thing right then but I told her she didn’t have to because I still remember when she mounted me a few days before she had said my paws were cold. She said it was alright and added that she needed a shower.

“Me too.”, I said.

She sat down and sparked up the blunt then began wagging her foot. We talked about her and Olga growing up and she said she remembers her dad being violent towards her mother. I told her that when Mom and I divorced, Olga wanted to live with me. She said she wanted to live with her dad too when her parents split but then he started getting violent towards her.

Suggested title: The US Constitution Makes Brainwashing Profitable
Infobox: Olga borrows 1500 bucks
Okay I’m already too far ahead in my journal right now so I’m going to stop writing. I’ll record the time the heater clicks off then see you chaps in the morning.
Dude, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know why the heater took almost an additional 45 minutes to reach 78 degrees last night. I turned the TV off at 10:00 like I usually do thinking the heater would cut off any minute but when it didn’t I grabbed the Acer and took it up to Headquarters to see if I could embed the Marlene Dietrich video into last week’s post. It was so warm in there that I didn’t really need my extra shirt but I was too lazy to get up and take it off so I worked in the heat.
I tried everything I could think of to make Marlene appear like the “Thunder” video but was unable to find the right code. I thought I’d written it just like I had the ones I was able to embed after the Feast but I couldn’t get it to display the same way those do.
When I heard the heater die down at 10:41 I gave up, turned off the AC and crashed. The only reason I can think of that the 1 degree per quarter hour formula didn’t work is because the temperature had fallen a lot further than I thought after I turned the space heater off. Maybe it had got down to 71.5° or something.
It is Nov 27 and I’m in Headquarters messing around on the laptop some more. The heater is on and I’m just in here where it’s warm. I came in to see if I could configure two images to display as one aligned left and another aligned right with text between them. I found out I could indeed display the AI and Magic Eye art images on my blog with text between them.
I grabbed my chips after that then picked up my tablet and that is what I was doing when I heard someone at the front door. I figured it was Gab because I’ve been expecting her to come get the blunt I rolled the other day with a left over wrapper.
She came in and asked for a blunt just as I’d predicted. I told her I have one but she wanted two. I can’t roll another one right now because I’m down to just un-chopped shake and I still got a whole week before payday. I got the blunt out of the Fossil Tin and thought I heard her going up the hallway to get something from the cadenza.

Mon 😃
When I came out she was perched on the arm of the green chair. I handed her the package then asked if she’d gotten my email about the $300 deal. She had not but she asked me what it was about. I told her I wanted to know if she was willing to do something. She pressed me a little harder but I didn’t want to talk about kissing Boo-Boo and Shewchi.
She then expressed the desire to do a $500 deal so I immediately insisted that we both be naked. She thought I could get the $500 anytime she wanted but I asked her to wait until the seventeenth like we had agreed. I could tell she wanted to do it soon but finally she said she would read my email and let me know the status later.
She turned to leave then and I said, “Peace out.” at 8:24 but all she said was, “Bye.”
When I came to check the front door I saw that she had locked the doorknob again.
The TV and the heater are off now and I’m about to cash but I still need a few more words. Today the sun was out so I sat in front of the shed and absorbed the sunlight for about 40 minutes.
This evening I watched Home Improvement then Hogans Heroes and I think they showed the very first episode from 1965. I was and still am a huge WWII fan so I probably watched it the year it came out.
The other day MM came over unexpectedly during her lunch break to get a roach. She said she was on her way to get a bow or something for La La. As she hurried off, she asked if I needed weed and I told her I do indeed and that I would be in touch with her on payday. She promised she would try to bring me a bag the same day.
Later Olga texted and asked if I’d like for her to bring me a Taco this Friday and I said that would be nice. She promised she would be here and after that we texted goodnight to each other.
The next morning she was kind of late but she did bring me a potato and egg tac’. I noticed she had not brought herself anything so I asked her if she would drop me off at HEB before she goes to class. She said she would but she didn’t get up right away, she continued to sit at the table and talk.

Tue 😃
I asked if she needed to get to class but she said not really because all they were going to do was take a quiz.
While I was finishing my taco I asked her if she knew where the soldiers from the new army base were clubbing at. She’d heard about the base but didn’t know where they were drinking. She did say though that they probably weren’t going to the strip clubs in the town where I use to teach.
Today when MM brought me my lid she told me a soldier had been hitting on her. I assumed she’d been drinking at a club but she says she was sober. I thought that was interesting because I knew they would be going to a lot of bars like I did when I was in the Air Force but I had no idea one of the girls would actually get hit on by any of them.
Anyway, Olga took me to HEB after I finished eating my taco. I just needed my weekend fare so I got my stuff, paid, got fifty from cash back then returned to the house.
Later I was sitting under the Deacon Tree waiting for the 2:05 editing alarm to go off when a car pulled into the driveway. I couldn’t see who was driving as they were parking but when I saw it was Olga I asked her if she was driving Sammie’s car. She said it’s her car and she’s been driving it for 4 years. We laughed then came inside and Olga sat in the green chair.
She was cracking her knuckles and I started thinking she was acting like she needed money. When she did speak I couldn’t believe how much she had to have. She told me she needed $1500 to pay for her upcoming internship. I couldn’t believe it but decided I’d help her if I could.
I have a card that I got when Gab and I were making a lot of deals that I paid off so I told her to get my wallet from the basket. While she was in the bedroom I tried to log into my account but the page wouldn’t load so I asked her to dial the number on the back of the card.
I was asked for my information and was told by the automated system that I had a credit line of $1800 and all of it could be used for cash. Olga said she would take the card to her bank and try to withdraw the entire amount so she could give the school cash since they wouldn’t take a credit card.

When she went to the bank though the card was rejected so she came back and we had to call and get a representative on the line. Since I was doing my Friday rolling chore, she brought the phone into the kitchen and sat at the table. The rep told Olga she would not be able to draw $500 a day because that would exceed their cash withdrawal limit so she could only get $490. With that information she got up to leave and we started to say our goodbyes.
She wanted me to come to Sammie’s this weekend and do karaoke but when I asked if she was going to sing she scoffed and said of course not. She asked me if I was going to sing when we go to the bar and I said the same thing she did.
She said she would see me Monday then and bring my card back. I warned her not to take out more than $1500 when I remembered that she never withdrew the amount she said she was going to while she was growing up.
As she was headed towards Squirrel Gate I told her I want Sam to sing, “How Did You Love” if we do go to the bar.
I also said I’d think of a song for me and her to do as well.
Later that afternoon, MM stopped by. I heard her knock and after I let her in we headed up the hall to Headquarters to get the sixty. I told her about getting fifty at HEB but I had to get the rest of the weed money from Ave’s piggy bank so there were a lot of quarters. She surprised me when she said she’d let me keep them for the water mill. I insisted that she take them though so she finally did then began looking for roachies in the graveyard tin.
She told me she wanted to get high and drink the beer she brought so I came back to the recliner and waited for her to come and sit down. I had the TV on and continued watching the news but she was talkative as usual. She said she’d gone to Houston with her half-sister to visit their brother who is in prison. She said that visit didn’t go too well because all the family did was fight.
I tried to sound as friendly as I could but actually I was kind of down that day too. I just couldn’t believe I spent $1500. I think MM noticed I didn’t talk much so she decided not to pop the top on her red beer but she did show me another pic or two of La La.

Thu 😃
After that she got up to leave and promised to try to come back with the lid. I went and checked the mail afterwards and the box was empty.
As it turned out I saw all three girls again that day because Gab started texting. She asked for $40 because she was running on fumes again. I agreed but told her I would have to be taken to the ATM.
She showed up here about 7:20 like she’s been doing since starting her new job. She came in and asked me what I was doing so I told her I was taking the HTML course on the W3C school website. She said she’d just gotten off work and proceeded to plop herself in the green chair. I got up and fetched the green ashtray that still had what was left of the roaches MM had been puffing on earlier. Before she sparked up, I went to the Fossil Tin and got one of the joints I’d rolled for the weekend to give to her.
She was looking at her phone of course and I heard her punch up Ariana Grande’s song called, “Thank You, Next.”
While she was toking up I grabbed one of the roachies and actually got a buzz. Gab played a song in Spanish next but I couldn’t understand what it was about. While she was doing that I opened the Acer, went to Youtube and looked for a video about falling off a high wire. I found one and started it but before we could see the guy lose his footing Gab decided it was time to get going.
On the way out, she noticed my old tennies on the vent under the thermostat and suggested I get a new pair. I told her that the reason I’d stopped wearing those was because they actually hurt my feet. I was kind of standing in her way while we looked at the old tennis shoes so I moved and let her open the door while I grabbed my phone.

Fri 😃
She got in her car and turned on her headlights while I locked the front door. As I approached I heard strange noises coming from under the hood. She didn’t act like she knew what they were so we stopped talking and she cranked up the tunes. She loaded T.I. on her Bluetooth but it was a song I don’t remember hearing before.
As we approached the intersection it felt just like it did when we use to go cruising all the time. I remember those days; getting high, driving around, listening to rap. When we arrived at the red light next to Las Tres Palmas I thought about telling her that’s where I turn around at when I walk but I didn’t.
Again, she dropped me off and I walked up to the ATM and pulled out $300. I winced when I realized I’d spent $1900 that day but I took two twenties from the stack of bills and handed them to her when I got back in the car.
As we were leaving, I noticed loud music coming from somewhere. I looked around and saw that a new bar had been opened behind the Wells Fargo bank. We talked about it then she cranked the music back up and set her phone on the radio dials so we could watch a video. We just chilled in silence but as we neared the Stripes I thought about asking her to take me so I could pick up some bread for when I get the munchies.
Next she asked about our $300 deal but I still felt uncomfortable discussing the details. She told me she would send her new email address since she’d forgotten the password to the account we usually do our negotiating on. She parked in the driveway and we began saying goodbye.
She said, “God bless” and “peace out” which surprised me and may account for me not getting the time off her dashboard clock as I was getting down (Psa 18:28).
Dude, the first day of December was so gorgeous I had to write about it. I sat outside every chance I got and absorbed as much of the sun as I could.
On the evening of the fourth when the temperature fell to 72 degrees, I started doing my heater calculations again. Eventually it dropped to 71 so I used the space heater to bring it back up to 72 before initiating my hour and a half run-time experiment and on that trial the blower stopped at 10:02.

I am really, really far ahead in my journal but here I am writing while stoned again. I know I shouldn’t be though so I can’t complain. Sometimes I don’t write stories or episodes all I end up doing is adding fluff. I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately but I come back later and try to write outlines too. That really doesn’t help much though when I’ve got at least four days worth of outlines done already.
MM dashed in on her lunch break again the other day to bring my lid. I was down to my last bit of shake and was planning to roll my 6:45 j with it, like I had to do the day before. When she handed me the bag she said she’d been carrying it around since Saturday and had at one point forgotten that she had it.
She ran to the cadenza and got some roachies then came back into the living room and sparked up. When she first sat down that’s when she told me about the soldier that’s been hitting on her. She said he bought flowers for her and was acting goofy so she finally had to tell him she’s in a relationship. I think she said he’s stationed in Laredo, not at the new army base they’re building here.
When she got up to leave she went to the kitchen sink to get the smell off her fingers and practically used up all my Palmolive dish soap. She also mentioned that she needed to talk to Olga about some more tu-tus for La La. I told her I can’t believe she’s already a year older.
Something else happened on the fourth too, Olga brought the card back. I had just finished processing my new lid and had rolled 4 joints and two blunts in case Gab popped in and was sitting outside waiting for the 2:05 editing alarm to sound when she arrived.
It was sunny so I was parked in front of the shed with my hat on catching rays. She got off and when we were inside she handed me the card. We talked a little bit about the cash and what she’d done with it. I didn’t know where she’d used it because Merrick had not posted all the transactions by the time she showed up. I was mainly just worried about her using it to get stuff I hadn’t given permission for. All she admitted to that day was an extra twenty bucks.
She asked if I needed to go anywhere and I told her to come by Friday and take me to the Dollar Store so I can get another pair of reading glasses. She promised to come in with me, stand there and watch me try some on until I find the lenses I need.

Get Up Get Up

Sun 😃
Suggested title: Get Up Get Up
Infobox: All About Turkey Day
I also got a Happy Thanksgiving text from my sister right after that. I wished them a Happy Thanksgiving as well and told her to have fun.
I turned the heater on at 11:45 in order to warm up the trailer and left the front bathroom door open this time too to see if the heater would continue running with a minor airflow modification.
I started putting stupid stuff on R&S but I got bored and fell asleep thinking I’d wake up and take a shower at 1:30. I woke up at 1:20 and discovered to my horror that the heater had stopped.
I went ahead and took a shower then decided to get as much editing done as I could while I waited. I got about halfway through the day’s post when I heard the knock.
The first thing I noticed when I opened Squirrel Gate was that my Squirrel was wearing a dress. I told her I’d never seen her in a dress before and asked her why she was all dolled up. She said she just wanted to look nice then made me put on some slacks and tuck in my red long-sleeved shirt while she waited in the car.
When I went out I checked the backseat but there were no babies so I climbed in and on the way we started talking about whether or not we should stop and get a bottle of wine like we’d planned. She said we could go to Walmart because she wanted to pick up something herself so we headed for the expressway.
The weather was miserable and there were a lot of people already there when we got to the store.
Once inside we saw the mess and said, “Forget it.” and went back to the car.
She needed to pick up Ave and Aum from Faron’s apartment so we drove there next. He lives in a gated apartment complex but Olga had the combination and soon we were parked in front of his building and she was texting for him to bring the kids down.
When he came out we spoke to each other then shook hands like we always do. Olga put the car seats then the babies in the back and then we took off for the city where the university is. On the way, I asked Ave about school and she said she is liking it so far. After that we just listened to the radio and I got Aum and everybody to participate by clapping along.

Mon 😃
I saw Ave moving to the music out of the corner of my eye so I turned in the seat and she told me that she was doing a “dance move.”
I showed her how to do the Cabbage Patch doll and she copied my move and did a very good rendition.
We drove to Sammie’s but Olga parked in front of her own townhouse first in order to get the babies dressed for Thanksgiving. While Olga was putting Aum into her jacket Ave showed me the Christmas tree. The only decoration it had was a star on top so I asked her who hung it and she said Olga had.
I asked Ave if she had her own bedroom and she told me no. She offered to show me her ‘treehouse’ bed but Olga told us she did not want me to go upstairs.
When they were ready I picked up Aum and we headed for “Tia’s”. Olga went through the back then through her patio gate and onto her sister’s patio where we could see Sammie cooking over the stove through the sliding glass door.
Inside we all greeted each other then I looked for some place to sit down. I was going to sit at the table but decided to take the babies into the living room instead so the girls could finish getting everything ready.
I sat on one of the couches next to the exercise machine and Ave started asking me what I call it. I told her it was a treadmill and after she repeated the word, she climbed on it. I reached around the arm of the couch and picked up the large ball Sammie keeps next to her treadmill and asked Ave to play catch with me.
Meanwhile Aum had wandered into the kitchen and that’s when Sam came out and got after us for messing with her stuff. Ave and Aum played catch a few times then we had to move away from the treadmill.
I asked for cards next so I could play with Ave to see if she knew her numbers and Sammie told me where she keeps her Uno deck. I would make Ave pick a card then me then we would hold it up to our forehead so we could tell each other which card we had. After that I would ask her which of us had the bigger number. She was able to identify most of the numbers until she drew a zero. I had to tell her it represented nothing and showed her how to hold up no fingers.

Tue 😃
Aum stayed in the living room with us after we got in trouble for messing with the treadmill and participated by repeating the numbers after her sister told me what I was holding.
It was about that time when some of the other guests began to arrive. Olga introduced the first guy as her neighbor then Sammie’s friend came in with food he’d prepared. After he set the pies in the kitchen he came back into the living room, sat next to me and we talked about a mutual friend from my hometown.
I asked him if he’d started his own church yet and he said he had not but later Sammie said he had formed a group that was meeting together that included his ex-wife. Her friend had to go back before the meal he said because of the bad weather and he didn’t want to drive after dark because of all the drunks out on the road.
We got called to the table right after that. Sammie had it set up buffet style again but before I could find the paper plates she asked me to carve the turkey. I told her I would but I wanted to get a pic of Ave holding a drumstick because I remember Olga’s first Thanksgiving here in ’93 when she grabbed the drumstick and we laughed because it looked bigger than she was. Ave didn’t want any meat so I took it back from her and began gnawing at it then complimented the chef on how tender it was.
I’m not a dark-meat guy myself but I ate a few bites then picked up the carving knife and cut me some of the white meat and it was delicious.
After that episode I got up to see what else she had and took a bite or two of everything. While we were all seated at the table I made Olga dig out the wishbone. I wanted a picture of her and Sissy breaking it but they didn’t wait for me to get the camera ready. I’m not sure but I think Sammie was left holding the big piece.
Ave never sat down at the table after I got the drumstick pic she kept playing with the cards. She brought them to me a few at a time so I had her stack them neatly and turn them face down so we could put them away.
I finished my plate except for the drumstick then Sammie offered us dessert. I got up and went over to the counter with the pies to decide which one to try first.

Wed 😃
Nov27 Can you tell which is AI and which is Magic Eye?
I spotted a pie with two crusts and asked Sam what kind it was. She told me it was Apple Caramel so I took a slice and it tasted very good. The rest of the pies had chocolate and pumpkin so I didn’t take any of those. I’m scared of too much sugar plus I already have a pumpkin pie in the fridge that I got from the park.
After we ate, Sammie started talking about cleanup so me and Olga’s neighbor began picking up the dirty plates. When we’d disposed of those I headed towards the sink to wash dishes but Sammie told me I didn’t have to do that this time.
Ave kept bringing cards and eventually she brought the empty Uno box in and we put the two decks back where we got them from. We retired to the living room next and Sam asked me to sit by her on the couch.
Magic EyeArtificial Intelligence
While she was looking at her phone we tried to think of stuff to talk about so I told her to Google AI art. We found some cool examples but I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of them looked not only very eclectic but also very reminiscent of Magic Eye art.
Around 5:00 I started reminding Olga that we needed to get on the road. She said okay so we began thanking the host. We talked about doing the karaoke thing next month when Sammie goes on her Christmas break.
While we said our goodbyes Olga was putting the coats on the babies. She gave Ave her coat and handed Aum hers then started buttoning Ave up. She told me to help Aum and when she did the baby raised her arms so I could get her hands through the sleeves. I carried her out to the car but had to have Olga buckle her in again because I still have problems working those little latches.
On the trip back to Faron’s apartment we just listened to the radio. The girls were quiet and when I wondered why no one was clapping along with the song, Olga said Aum had zonked out.
At Faron’s apartment Olga went through the gate again and parked then Faron came down to get the babies. When he opened the back door we spoke and shook hands like the first time but this trip all we said was hello and goodbye.

Once back on the expressway Olga was telling me something about her car I think and that gave me an excuse to ask her about some unpaid tickets I’d heard her and her sister mention a couple of times. She said she got a ticket at the beach that she hasn’t paid.
I asked her if she was driving the Ol’ Flivver when it happened and she said, “No.”
She went on to say that since she didn’t show up in court they suspended her license. I wondered why they haven’t put her in jail and she said she’s been pulled over more than once but the cop just let her go. I asked her if it was because she had the babies with her and she told me that as a matter of fact she was pulled over at a daycare once. I told her I’m not going to worry about her anymore then.
While we were driving back up onto the expressway she got behind a slow driver who was weaving across into her lane reinforcing Sammie’s friend’s fear of driving on Thanksgiving. She had y104 playing on the radio which is the station her and MM always listened to growing up.
They played hip-hop and I asked Olga if she remembers driving around Fort Worth listening to Gangsta Rap. She does so I asked her if she remembered the rapper with a very low voice and a football player’s name and she was able to come up with snippets of the lyrics but we still can’t remember the artist’s name.
By then we were back in town so I reminded her to stop at Stripes. She parked and I ran in and scored a loaf of bread and some chips. On the short ride back to the trailer we started saying our goodbyes.
She asked about taking me to HEB but I told her I probably won’t need to go until after payday which should be next Monday. She said to text her if I needed to go anywhere before then. As I was exiting the car we agreed once again to try to get together for karaoke next month.
I appreciated her leaving her headlights on as I climbed the steps and unlocked Squirrel Gate. When I was inside, I picked up the tablet and set the editing alarm since it was already the six o’clock hour and it went off about a minute later. After I set the third cuppa cuppa alarm I went up to Headquarters and smoked my last blunt. I had to because I hadn’t been able to roll myself a joint that day.

Fri 😃
I did some research on another Bible topic. I wondered why God had shut up Sarah’s womb and the only thing I can come up with is because her and Abraham were related. You can lick it I think I have some evidence that Sarah did not want to have sex with Abraham (Gen 16:2; 18:12).
I wondered if people sniff each other and mate with the ones who have a compatible odor. Here’s the article that got me wondering about smells. Notice that he keeps saying, “Anal.”
Nov26 Just up and I’m about to take a sip of my first cup of coffee. I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning but I finally managed to throw the sheets off, run to the living room and turn on the space heater.
After I set the first cuppa cuppa alarm I checked the thermostat and it was reading 65 degrees. I thought about taking the chill off with the main heater but I know from experience that if the sun is out it’s going to be a lot warmer outside than it will be in here which means that when I come back from my walk I’ll regret turning it on.
Last night when I crashed I knew it would be cold this morning because I heard the wind howl in from the north at 7:00 just like the weather report had predicted. That’s not really what kept me under the covers though. It’s because I know I have to get water today for one thing and the other thing is the newscasts.
They will be banished to darkness and there they will fall.
These days I know that when I turn on the TV it’s just going to be the same hateful spewing from the liberal press so I think I’ll leave it off, drink my coffee, put on the coat my mother bought me and brave the cold.
I keep copying this paragraph into the word counter but sadly I’m not going to be able to use that website much longer. They’re running ads and every time a new one pops up it makes the window I have to type in smaller and smaller but that’s okay. I’ll probably start using the WordPress editor exclusively from now on although they keep changing their format as well.
Okay I just got back from the Watermill and its a lot warmer inside the trailer this time than outside. The wind coming out of the north is very cold. I hope I can stay out of it now that I got enough water to last me a couple of days.

Sat 😃
It is my six o’clock editing time right now so if I finish my quota I won’t have to insert a new heading with the same date in the middle of my paragraph. I’ve been trying to write exactly 430 words lately for each day’s post so I’m monitoring closely and the paragraphs that are ready for the can have been coming out to just about the right amount. In fact, this week’s post is averaging about 439 words.
I’ve also been hovering over the space heater all day except during editing when I turned it off because I knew I’d be moving around doing my chore and that would warm me up.
It’s Nov26 Post Fabreze and I’m waiting for the TV alarm to sound. I thought Frontline comes out on Monday but I found the local listings and it comes out on Tuesday at 9:00. Last week’s show was excellent as always.
I also turned the main heater on to see if it will shut off in two hours and 8 minutes like it has been doing the last two times.
Today was warm enough that I not only got to go out and get water I also went out and checked the mail.
I really wanted to sit in front of the shed and absorb that nice sunshine but it gets dark a lot earlier these days so dusk is at like 6:00 to 6:15. I tried sitting out last night during the six o’clock hour but nothing of note happened.
Today I did a writing experiment. I started thinking of stuff while I was lying in bed and with that new strategy I was able to write a lot after I came back from my walk. I also timed it so I wouldn’t have to write when I was stoned like I’m doing right now. I got my 430 words and the session went pretty much as planned.
I’m typing in the word counter window while looking at the outline in a split screen with WordPad minimized and positioned so I can keep an eye on the number of words. I’ve been finishing earlier during editing because of the new format so I’m able to write about half of what I need before the last editing alarm sounds. I’ve been re-reading and correcting the paragraphs a lot more times lately too because editing drastically changes the word count.

Sun 😃
Suggested title: She Comes Here and Warms Her Feet
Infobox: Main heater experiment; First full week of 430 words quota
Nov17 Getting Gabby a blunt
When I gave MM the blunt she asked for I had gone ahead and rolled another with the second wrapper that was left in the package. I also told her that when I did roll the second one I knew she would hit me up later. She thanked me as she prepared to leave. While she was hurrying out I heard her muttering something about ‘dro again so I made a joke about scoring it so her and her friends could party over the weekend.
As she was closing the door she remembered to say, “Peace out.” and I repeated it at 7:53.
It is Nov14 now and also editing time. The third cuppa cuppa alarm is sounding but I should note that Sugar Bowl is texting wanting to make another deal. Hold on.
“Come live here and sit on Monk-Monk everyday and put your spider in ‘is face, Kitten.”
We made a three hundred dollar deal for Dec17. I gotta try to remember to paste that date into my post the day it’s supposed to happen and trust me it’s going to be here sooner than I think. I’m tinking we both get naked, I lay on the divan and she puts Boo-Boo and Shewchi in her monkey’s mouth and I suck on her nipples and play with myself.
I took the SIII into Headquarters at 6:45 because like I said Gab was texting and I actually got to answer her while I was toking up. How kewl is that?
Now though I’m cocooned up. It’s not because I don’t have heat it’s purely for old times’ sake. I may never have to cocoon up again now that I’m learning how to use the main heater more efficiently. It’s supposed to get down into the thirties again tonight but right now it’s pretty warm in here.
Dude I just pasted this paragraph online and the word counter said 600. I’m aiming to post fewer words from now on because I want to use less words in my story telling. In other words, no more stretchy-wetchy for this guy. Dude, I need a number of ‘outline topics per quota’ formula.
“Of course you do, Old Boy”.
It’s Nov15 now and this morning when I woke up the outside temperature was about 37 degrees. I jumped out of bed at five something, went to the bathroom then trotted out into the living room to turn on the space heater.

Nov18 Warming the trailer
I’m an idiot though and forgot to close the privacy door. Even so when I got up to make coffee the thermostat read 63 just like yesterday morning. I closed the door and it almost immediately started getting warmer here in the living room.
The sun was shining by the time the walk alarm sounded so I turned off the space heater opened the privacy and bedroom doors, turned on the main heater and took Las Tres Palmas. I wanted to do an experiment to see if the house warmed up quicker with the bedroom door open or closed and I think it warms up faster when it’s closed because it only took two hours to get from 65 to 75.
It was warm enough to sit outside after my shower but I wanted to see if I needed my jacket so I sat on the old steps before carrying the director’s chair outside.
I kept hearing a noise coming from somewhere on the other side of the shed but I couldn’t tell if it was something on the wall that faces away from the trailer or if it was coming from the roof. I didn’t want to walk around in the yard so I waited on the steps and after a minute I saw the baby grackle’s head appear over the edge. I nodded at it then came in and grabbed the Director’s chair.
I didn’t see him/her as I was sitting down but (s)he did look over the side of the roof again a few seconds later. I started playing peek a boo with it (I think it’s a female) but it soon went back to pecking around in the dead leaves and twigs. It sounded like she was scratching for bugs and then I began to see large bits of debris being brushed vigorously off the side of the roof. She would pause every once in awhile and look at me but then go back to scratching like a rooster. At one point there was so much debris being flung into the air I thought it might get blown on me but it didn’t and eventually she flew away.
Dude I was tripping just now. I was looking at the Afghan on the divan and I saw Mr. Magoo’s face in one of the patterns. I took another hit but all I inhaled was air so I thought my j had turned off. It took me like twenty minutes to figure out that the roach had fallen out of my grasp and onto the floor next to the aromatic sand bucket. I hadn’t even put it in my mouth! It would be ironic if I would have had to call the fire department right?

I can’t decide whether to turn on the heater at 8 or when. I wanted to see if it will cycle off at 10:00 but I haven’t made up my mind yet.
I don’t know how much longer my LG tablet’s gonna last, Dude. I’ll have to put stupid stuff on the internet on the new laptop if it does go kaput and I was hoping I could get another one if and when that ever happened.
You know what I dread the most? People coming over and asking for stuff- however, I’m painfully aware that having company around is my lifeblood. Hey, who needs company anyway? Why don’t I just start making up my own conversations?
“Okay, Oaf! Best of luck to ya!”
It’s 8:21 and the temperature is climbing more rapidly than expected. It’s up two degrees already in just 16 minutes but according to my formula it’s only supposed to go up 1 degree every quarter hour.
It’s 10:19 now and I’m aboot ta rool up the sidewalk, Lad. Okay, the heater just cycled off so see yez lata. DUDE! It’s Friday Nov16 now and the main heater clicked off at 9:59 then the blower stopped at 10:00. Yay!
Okay let’s see… it was 72 Degrees at 8:40 and 77 when it shut down. I had to make one adjustment though. My goal was to warm the trailer from 72 to 78 but I lowered the thermostat to 77 when I discovered I’d miscalculated by one 15 minute period.
On the 17th it was warm enough to sit outside so I took the director’s chair and set it under the Deacon Tree to wait for the editing alarm. When I was sat down I noticed two birds under the bread tree but as soon as I saw them, one flew away. The one that stayed must have been the same one I observed atop the shed the other day because he (or she) behaved exactly the way they had on the previous occasion. The only difference was that this time I could see what was going on since it was on the ground in plain sight. It was very close too by the way. I guesstimate that it was only about 5 feet from my chair vigorously moving leaves, twigs and other debris and pecking the ground. As I watched I wondered how come it appeared to be feeding but I never actually saw anything in its beak.

Nov20 Bird watching: Grackle sisters?
Maybe it was feeding on ants or other very small insects. It stayed pretty much at the same distance the whole time I was out there and eventually the second bird reappeared. It landed on the other side of my mother’s aloe vera plants and hopped up onto the porch like I’ve seen the Mockingbirds and Grackles do.
I wondered what was going to happen when the alarm sounded so I kept an eye on the tablet but when it did sound they both continued to ignore me until I shut it off and stood up.
Saturday I remembered I had wanted to make an outline of stuff that I call speculation such as my take on topics I read in the Bible. I did that A LOT when I began keeping my journal on the Palm Pilot in 2000 and in most cases I still can’t make heads nor tales out of any of the stuff I wrote back then.
I watched CBS This Morning….Saturday and heard a song about hell.
“A drinking song about being thirsty in hell is weird.”, I thought when I was finally able to make out what he was saying.
Maybe I should open a bar and call it the “Fiery Pitstop.” and make the slogan “Come all ye who thirst.”
After that I started thinking about Christ on the cross and how He told the thief hanging next to Him that He would see him in paradise that very same day. (While I’m thinking of names maybe I should name my second bar “Paradise”.)
Now to make the connection; Jesus called Himself a thief in the night in Revelation and it doesn’t talk about ‘looking for love’ like club goers do but He does say He’s going to drink the “new wine” with those who have been invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb and who are wearing their wedding garments.
One of the so-called Beatitudes declares, “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness (Matt 5:6; 1Pet 3:8-10; 2 Cor 6:14; Klink).”
It suggests that they will be made clean and be given blessings like the New Testament promises. They may be obtained along with the gospel of our ‘salvation by grace.’
Does anybody see the connection between the bar and the Wedding Supper? Jesus will be leaving the supper with His Bride not some Schlampe He picked up while she was waiting to use the restroom.
The next day I saw a question on R&S about why God isn’t married so I quoted that verse in my answer. I read the other responses too because I wanted to use the best ones to help fill my quota.

When I came up with my R&S strategy I intended to copy and paste the ones that agreed with me into whatever I was writing about. Alas though there weren’t any good ones on that occasion.
I never came across any that I thought fit my criteria at all but the next day someone quoted the verse about Christ as “a fountain of living water.”
That verse also happens to contain my favorite phrase which is, “They will be my people and I will be their God.”
When I read “my people” I thought of us behaving the way God meant for us to behave but not as slaves.
When I hear, “My people” I think about Sugar Bowl’s body of course and how God made monkeys want to multiply and included the instructions on how to do that in our physiology.
It is Nov18 and I got to sit outside today but I didn’t sit under the Deacon Tree I sat on the old steps. I saw a whole bunch of birds I’d never seen before come and land in the back yard. These were very tiny birds and many of them were smaller than sparrows. At first I thought they were sparrow babies but I don’t think so now because there were some with yellow breasts and two of them appeared to have a red tinge. Yes, one of them landed in the bread tree and played peek a boo with me. This one was so small though that when I moved my head to hide my eyeball the whole bird would disappear. Woody flew down from the swing tree too and pecked around. Compared to the other birds he looked like a pterodactyl.
Today’s the 19th and I’m still tripping. Dude I decided to run the heater 4 hours a day like I do the AC but without first turning on the space heater to raise the temperature. I’m using my formula again tonight so I turned on the main heater at 7:42. I think it was still at 70 when I turned it on but I forgot to check. I’ve been monitoring it all day though. I watched closely as I said and it looked like the temperature on the thermostat dropped about one degree per hour with the heater off. When I turned it on it shut off again at 12:18 which is why I had set the alarm at 7:42 this evening (8:00 – the 18 minute difference in degree change) to begin my experiment. I’m still going to record the time when the AC snaps off and when the blower dies down tonight after applying my formula (10:01, merde).

Dude, I think I’m going through my outlines a little too quickly. I’m surprised though that they’re still giving me so many words towards my quota. That’s from habit I guess which means I must have been on the path to achieving my original goal.
The last time I went to check the mail I actually got a confirmation from TRS that the $135 would not be taken out of my retirement check any more. Like the one they said they notified me with when they were going to start deducting it they gave no explanation.
When I got my SS check I had a little over $500 in my checking account but I’d already decided I was going to pay my end of year bills. Yesterday before breakfast I sat down with the property taxes and paid those online but I’m going to hold off on my Maintenance fees until I get their statement. The last time I got a statement from them it said I still owed $31 so I went back through my account and found where they had cashed that check so I’m seriously thinking about not sending any more money until they get it straightened out.
I researched what could happen if I stop paying the fees and found out they can report me to the credit bureau or continue to try and collect for years before foreclosing.
I have almost $300 now but I still need to pay Freehostia so I’m going to need all of it if I do decide to pay the rest of the bills.
It’s post Fabreze Nov21 now and I had to take my phone into Headquarters with me again tonight. It’s because the thermostat read 78 after I’d set the twenty minute coffee alarm and had gone up to smo’.
I turned the heater on at 4:20 like I do during the summer so that gave me 8, 15 minute periods for the 8 degrees I needed plus two more to raise the temperature a total of 10 degrees and that comes out to a two and a half hour run-time. So 4:20, 5:20, 6:20 and two more 15 minute periods would give the heater a 6:50 click off time according to my calculations.
As it turns out though the click off time was about halfway through my 6:45 attitude adjustment. When I heard the blower die down I looked at the time on the SIII and it said 6:49 but that’s okay because I actually turned it on about two minutes after 4:20. I forgot why but it may account for the one or two minute discrepancy in the shut down time.

Sat 😁
I’m thinking about writing one hundred word paragraphs or posts I guess I should call them from now on whenever I can. That’s kind of why I still write when I’m stoned. It’s just that Straight Pat doesn’t get it and that’s kind of a bummer and cramps my style.
“Wist ye not, Lad?”
Yeah, you try making any sense of what you’re writing about when you’re just out of Headquarters, Mate, it’s mostly an editor’s nightmare.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’m post to go to my daughters’ townhouses for turkey. Sammie told me during the Feast that she was going to be doing the cooking. Olga and I already have plans to stop somewhere and pick up some vino on the way.
When I write that outline I should have enough to get me through Sunday as far as the number of words go. Even if I don’t see them I prolly got enough outlines to get me through to sunset Saturday at least.
Lately I’ve been sleeping longer and I’ve noticed I’m sleeping better too. I’m just not as eager to jump out of bed like I was all those years I watched Morning Joe from 5-8:00 on weekdays. I try to watch the news on all the channels since retiring but nowadays it’s like they all use the same source (state run media) and after seeing the same video three or four times I kind of get tired of it. It’s basically Republican bashing and refraining from saying anything bad about a Democrat; coff! Avanatti coff!
I have to admit though that when I first open my eyes I want to get up and have coffee despite whatever crap I know is going to be spewed out at me from my telly.
The morning I made the outline for this paragraph it was miserable out so I couldn’t walk but there was a problem, I’d run out of bread. I ate my last two waffles (sniff) then decided I would ask Olga to stop at Stripes on the way back from Thanksgiving dinner and pick up a loaf.
Today is Nov23 so yesterday was Thanksgiving and I got out of bed around 6:00 and started brewing my first cup then waited to hear from the girls. Around 9:30 my phone was about to die so I texted Sammie and asked her what was going to happen. She texted back a few minutes later and wished me a happy Thanksgiving and said Olga would let me know when she was going to pick me up. After I’d plugged the phone in I got a text saying she will pick me up between 2:30 and 3:00.

and Reap the Whirlwind

Sun 😃
Suggested title: and Reap the Whirlwind
Nov10 Rolling Blunts
I went ahead and took out the bag I’d been grinding all week and separated enough out with the brush for a blunt. It didn’t look right for some reason and then I remembered I had not chopped it yet which is what I do to make powder. Discovering that did nothing to improve how I felt.
While I was measuring she decided to try to get me to talk but this time it was I who didn’t feel like talking. I tried to respond normally but could tell I was a little too upset. When I emerged from the bedroom she was standing in the doorway with the plastic bag open ready to have her weed poured into it.
She closed the bag, turned and started saying “Thanks, G” and “Goodbye” and finally we both said, “Peace out” right at 6:00 as she was bolting out Squirrel Gate.
The first thing I did after that of course was go up to Headquarters to assess the damage. When I looked in Olga’s jewelry drawer I saw she’d taken a package of wrappers.
Right after Gab left I heard another knock. I kind of suspected it would be MM based on what Gab had just told me and when I opened the door there she was. She had her phone up to her ear and didn’t look at me but she did come in. I didn’t say anything and neither did she until she wanted me to do her a favor.
She said that since it was Thursday and La La was with her father, she needed a blunt to smoke with “Sondra”. I was very reluctant to roll another one though considering what had happened less than 10 minutes before but I got the stuff, sat down at the dining room table and began the process all over again. I decided to make her wait until I finished so I took my time.
She sat down across from me and started talking about how La La’s dad takes her for three hours every Thursday which frees her up to party. While she was showing me pictures on her phone I forgot I was still rolling with unchopped shake but finally it dawned on me when I began noticing the big pieces of bud.
I had to get a package of wrappers from the cadenza so I decided I’d finish rolling the blunt then chop the remaining ground up weed so I’d have at least enough powder for my weekend joints. MM continued to chat and show me pics including one of the friend she says doesn’t smoke with her any more when La La is with her dad.
“Oh, so that means you smoke with Sondra now…” I thought bitterly.
That didn’t make me feel better either. In my mind it just meant they probably hoped I was going to furnish their Thursday weed from now on. After she showed me her “I voted” sticker pics I handed her the blunt then turned around and grabbed the chopper off the top of the piano. She continued to sit there a while longer but when I began banging the top of the chopper she eventually got up to leave. I went ahead and rolled a blunt with the second wrapper then put the powder I’d just sifted into the John Wayne tin.
When she left and after the evidence had been hid I went and checked the mail then continued with my normal routine. I smoked and went outside and immediately started hearing weird noises. I couldn’t tell where they were coming from until I remembered seeing an appliance propped up against the neighbor’s trailer the day before. After a bit I realized I was hearing a stackable washer and dryer running.

Mon 😃
Nov11 entertaining myself Post Febreze
I put my head in my hands again and cried, “MAKE IT STOP!” but it wasn’t as funny as the first time.
As the minutes passed I thought about jumping on R&S but that doesn’t seem as fun anymore since I don’t have the Old Acer. Dude, I been thinking and did you know that I might have started using that laptop as far back as 2007 while Olga lived here?
Now after the time change, sunset comes like at 5:50 so by evening editing time on Friday the Sabbath has already begun. I was aware of that this afternoon when I wrote 300 words but I messed around the last 15 minutes of regular editing time and didn’t get the rest done before the Sabbath started.
Today I finished my writing quota (all 900 words) then the first sip alarm sounded so I read questions on the tablet while I drank my coffee. After that I just chilled.
Dude, it’s already like 54 degrees outside. The room temperature was fairly bearable and I didn’t start getting cold until late in the afternoon. I know it’s going to be extremely cold when I try to get up in the morning and I remember how warm it got a few weeks ago when I ran the heater and left the vents open in my bedroom so I plan to do the same thing this cold spell as well.
I went ahead and turned it on a few minutes ago when the temperature read 72 degrees. I actually like when I can close up the house and not worry too much about what’s going on outside in the miserable cold and right now I feel very comfortable. I will hook up the space heater and put it out far enough in the middle of the living room floor before rooling up the sidewalk so it can warm up the place when I hop out of bed in the morning.
This morning I got up and watched Tomorrow’s World like I’ve been doing since switching to antenna. They talked about the seven churches of Revelation. He mentioned the “duality” of prophecy but I’m not totally convinced applying that teaching to the seven churches is correct. He read the verse about ’10 days of persecution’ and said it could mean 10 years but doesn’t the verse about days and years say ‘a day is the same as a thousand years to the Lord?’
They still teach that Herbert W. Armstrong was the angel of the church of Philadelphia too and it may be true but since reading about him taking his daughter around the country when he travelled I’m not so sure anymore. However, I’ll be the first parent to admit that what he is accused of doing is common and to me it sounds like a curse on our generation.
I consider that way of thinking and that kind of behavior imprudent now so “Thank you, Judge Moore”.
After that I watched Beakman’s World then CBS Sunday Morning. They had a piece about a WWII veteran who fought with Patton’s army in Europe. He was a member of a tank crew when the Americans went into Cologne and this guy says he thought he saw a German Panzer moving around on the next block so the crew fired at it. He doesn’t say they hit the target he says the next thing he saw was a car come out onto the street so he fired at it with the machine gun. Turns out, there was someone in the car, a woman, and she was wounded.
A war correspondent actually got footage of a woman being treated but I don’t know if it was after that particular incident or not. The story went on to say that she died though and now the veteran returns to the spot and places a flower on her grave.
I’m not sure, it was kind of confusing but I think they said later he met the gunner of the German tank and they don’t know which one of them hit the car. I think that story is so cool.

Nov12 Again?
Dude I just came out of Headquarters and I’m high.
Got bad news. I didn’t reach my quota today. I worried a lot about the 300 words I still needed to come up with until like 5:00 or 6:00 then I started getting serious about an outline. I know I can easily write when I do have one and that’s why I’m not worried about it. I finally did come up with a short outline but after looking at it I realize I may have got at least one of my facts wrong so now I’m starting to wonder how often I do that? I know I’ll be able to correct it and still get my quota though.
It’s Sunday night, I’m still trying to get the heater to click off at 10:00 but I’m no where near that goal yet.
Right now, I’m waiting for the third cuppa cuppa alarm to sound then I’ll go check out the pic I was supposed to put in next week’s post but dropped in last week’s so I could see what it was going to look like. It might be a little long so when I move it to this weeks I’ll adjust the height.
Yesterday when I got up the thermostat was reading 68 degrees and since I’d already decided what I was going to do to warm the house I shut my bedroom and the privacy doors and turned on the space heater.
It didn’t take very long for the temperature to climb up to 70 which was my target so I went ahead and turned on the main heater. I turned off the space heater, opened the privacy door and it started raising the temperature about 1 degree every 15 minutes.
I was able to putter around comfortably in my Tee shirt and turns out it warmed up a lot quicker than I’d anticipated cycling off at around 11:30. I monitored the temp the rest of the afternoon and it never dropped below 72 degrees despite the fact that the temperature on the outside was down in the fifties.
At 7:30 while I was watching TV I began to feel cold again and since I had no idea how long it would take to get the reading back up to 78 I turned the main heater on.
Today I kind of waited for Olga to text because she’d said she would check to see if I needed to go to the store again but I haven’t heard from her.
The temperature was in the sixties this morning and the sun had not come out but I still intended on walking so I took the Pedestrian symbol route. I wanted to take that route because another cold front is supposed to move through and it might be the last chance I get to check the mail before we’re socked in. It was windy but I didn’t really feel it until I turned around at the intersection and got smacked in the face by the north wind.
Nothing of note happened and I did pick up the mail so when I returned I got back into my regular schedule and started making breakfast. Then when it was time to put bread in the toaster I discovered to my utter dismay that I was out. I went ahead and ate waffles but I like to save those for nighttime when I get the munchies so I decided to go out again and walk to Stripes for a loaf of bread. I knew I’d better go this morning because if the weather reports are correct I’m probably not going to be able to go tomorrow.

Wed 😃
Nov13 Preparing for Jack Frost
I ate breakfast and then after I set my cranberry juice on the coffee table I grabbed my wallet and headed out into the cold. I went ahead and took the alley because sometimes when I jaywalk I have to wait for the traffic to clear in both directions anyway. I ran to the light as it was changing, trotted across the intersection then went into Stripes.
I heard, “Hello!” from one of the cashiers as usual so I said, “Hi…” then went around the back of the store to the bread aisle.
Dude, I couldn’t believe it when I saw that the bread shelf was empty! I’d never seen that before. It was sad because all they had left was one package of Mrs. Baird’s buns. I was disappointed and left without buying anything hoping I would be able to take the turnaround tree route in the morning and check the shelf again on the way back.
From now on I’m going to concentrate on three 200 word sessions in order to fulfill my quota. I usually start an outline when I come back from my walk so that could qualify as my first session. The second would be during the last part of editing when I try to write as much of an outline as I can in order to complete my quota before the final alarm. Finally I could attempt to come up with the last 200 words Post Fabreeze if necessary.
Today is Nov12 Post Fabreze and so far I don’t have any material to make an outline with. I kind of came up with something to research though so I asked Cortana “Dr. Ruth and modesty.” The little bit I read affirmed that she is very modest but I didn’t really try to dig any deeper than that after reading a testimonial from her peers.
Dude, I’m thinking about taking the new Acer now and working on it in my bedroom. Remember a few years ago when I had to turn on the space heater in there and work on the Dell? I can’t believe what a difference having the whole trailer the same temperature makes. It means I get to work in any room I want to now. I also remember working in the middle bedroom that one winter a few years ago. I should dig out that picture one of these days and post it.
I’m looking at some of the articles on the Word Counter website and the one I’m reading right now says a chapter should be between 3 and 5,000 words which means I’m posting a chapter per week on the internet with my 600 words per day quota. According to their numbers it also means I’m writing the equivalent of a book every 6 months. Oh, by the way, I wrote 200 words Post Fabreze this evening so I may now officially declare that my mission to write three times a day has been accomplished.
I just got back from sitting in my room like I use to with only the space heater and my tablet. All I did was turn off the ceiling fan light and listen to the cold sleet striking the roof. I felt so grateful because it’s 85 degrees in there and it feels very comfortable.
It is the morning of the 13th and I’m waiting for my hash brown patties to finish cooking. As expected it was very cold when I got up. The thermostat read 63 degrees again but I didn’t turn on the main heater I wanted to see how long it would take the space heater to elevate the temperature to 70 here in the living room.

Thu 😃
Nov14 Get ready for a word quota change…
I turned it on at 7:00 and it is 9:24 right now but so far it’s only gotten 3-4 degrees warmer. I’m going to leave it running since there’s no reason to be in any of the other rooms.
It’s a couple minutes before 11:00 now and I went ahead and turned on the main heater. It’s because I kept checking the temperature with just the space heater running and it had only warmed up the living room to 66 degrees. It’s 46 degrees outside and it may actually be getting colder so I’m wondering if that might affect the inside temperature or I wonder if the temperature is barely holding steady because the trailer is so drafty.
I found Olga’s yellow slicker in the book shelf from when she went to church camp years ago and pushed it up against the bottom of Squirrel Gate and I think it’s actually keeping some of the draft out.
Speaking of Olga, yesterday I got a text from her rather unexpectedly. It was in the afternoon so when I saw that it was from her I figured she was just getting out of class. She wanted to know if I’d give her the hundred for the food stamps even though I don’t need to go to the store and I told her yes. The sun had come out in the afternoon so I started planning to go with her to the ATM since I kind of wanted to get out of the house anyway. It wasn’t very long before I heard the knock at the door.
Since the wind was still howling I only opened Squirrel Gate a crack so I wouldn’t let too much heat out. She thought I was just going to give her the green card like I usually do but when I didn’t she asked if I wanted to go with. I told her I would like to go and asked if she’d take me to Stripes to see if they have any bread. She said yes then told me she would wait in the car while I got my wallet and shoes.
I slid her slicker out of the way and opened the door then stepped out into the cold wind. I was still wearing just my long-sleeved shirt because I had no idea the wind would be blowing like that. I thought it would be warmer out because I could see that the sun was shining. I hurriedly locked the door then ran and jumped in the car after quickly glancing in the backseat. There were no babies and I didn’t have to ask why because I knew she’d just come out of class and that meant Aum would still be in daycare.
We backed out and headed for the ATM to get the cash.

Fri 😃
Nov15 We’re at the ATM
She pulled up to the machine and I handed her the card. She remembered the PIN this time and we got the cash then headed back out onto the street.
On the way to Stripes she told me she may be starting her internship in a few months. I think that’s great and I told her to be careful because she was going to be under a lot scrutiny at first. I also told her not to miss work.
We got to Stripes and I went inside and believe it or not they were still out of bread. One of the workers was in the aisle and I thought she might be stocking the shelves so I asked her about bread and she said they didn’t have any.
I went back to the car and told Olga and she said she would take me to HEB since she was in no hurry. We went to the one I walk to and she dropped me off in front since the wind was still very cold and she didn’t need to go in. She said she would park in the A section to wait for me then took off.
I grabbed a basket and headed for the bread aisle first but that wasn’t the only item my mnemonic monkey was holding. I got Cheetos as well then went to the front to check out. I started to put the items on the conveyer belt but then I spotted a banana in a basket someone had left underneath the counter. That made me pick up my own basket again and head for the produce aisle. When I had my bunch I went back to the register and checked out.
I paid with the cash I had left from the hundred I got at the beginning of the month then went to look for Olga’s car. She was waiting for me in the “A” row like she said so I put the bag in the trunk and we took off.
We talked and she told me her and Sammie found a karaoke bar and said we need to go sometime. I agreed but we decided to wait until after Thanksgiving. She said Sammie has her own karaoke machine and we could play after we ate.
I asked her to have me home before 9:00 so I can smo’ and then she remembered she would have to leave after we eat also because she has to take the babies to their Father’s relatives’ houses. I told her to just text when she’s going to pick me up Thursday.

Nov 16
After that we started saying our thank you’s and our goodbyes. I came inside, put the stuff away, went to the bathroom and then when I came out I could hear the 2:05 editing alarm sounding from the top of the coffee table. I’d forgotten that I had set it before going to the ATM thinking we would be back before editing time.
The other night I was putting my opinions on R&S. I had just answered a question about California being on fire with Gab Saying “Seems Babes Aren’t Safe Anymore Bitches.” and had jumped up to go to the bathroom when I started hearing some very fervent knocking.
I may not have ever mentioned it before but I usually lock the front door on my way to Headquarters these days but anyway Gab was standing on the steps. She said she was freezing so I rushed in and turned on the space heater for her. While she was sitting on the ottoman I started to go to the back but paused in front of the utility room door to find out why she was here. She didn’t tell me to roll a blunt but she did start talking. She mentioned that it’s still slow at work then said she’s barely able to make her car payments.
It’s none of my business but I was kind of curious to know if she’s still selling insurance and she said she is but with a different company. I told her about Olga and urged her to go back to school like she had. I told her about how I started taking classes (in 1980) loved it then took ten years to graduate. She said she wants to go too because she needs more money. I suggested she change jobs because I know she would do well in just about any position and she said that’s what her mother tells her.
Then she started talking about something in the back and I wasn’t sure what until she said, “Phone.”
I gathered that she had tried to call earlier but I hadn’t answered. She knows now that when that happens it means my phone is on the charger. She was signaling that she wanted me to get her some weed so I went to my mother’s desk and took out a blunt. I thought she still wanted to talk so I told her why I already had one rolled. I explained that after she left the day MM was supposed to come over she knocked very soon after Gab had gone out the door.